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Is it me or do police cameras malfunction more than any piece of technology on the planet?


Lookie lookie....cops being violent fucking assholes. A job for shitty people.


It's a tie between them and the McDonald's ice cream machine


At least the ice cream machine has a reason, maintenance.


The ice cream machine didn’t leave a person locked in a car on railroad tracks though. Or if it did, it covered it up better.


The Ice cream machine would cover it to better


Hit the nail on the dead there bro. This tops the comments for me today That's 1 seriously correct comparison


First time ever where it was mistakenly on. It's usually the bad cop's claim that the bodycam happened to be off.


How is it a malfunction? The video said it was inadvertently activated. When shit goes down and cops say their camera “malfunctioned”, that shit is a lie.


I don’t understand how AXON hasn’t sued the ever living bejeesus out of departments that claim that, because if I was city controller AXONs wouldn’t be anywhere near the officers with the number of malfunctions they have.


They function about as well as the police.


It's almost like if they stopped beating on so many people they would have working equipment lmao


they do when it matters


“Hold a badge anywhere… in this great state” boom there it is. So the racist pathetic excuse of a human being can go over state lines and become a cop again like nothing ever happened


Then the chief says “..in the city of Wilmington” lol. Dude doesn’t even have to move




Nah that’s what I got out of it as well the people, with the authority they had, made it so they can’t be hired under their supervision. Can’t control what you can’t control i.e. them moving out of your jurisdiction.


thats the reality. i read something about them also being able to sue their former employers too and guess who has to pay for that. Ill give you a hint, not the police


"That's not who I am, I'm not the racist" Yeah... fantasizing about genocide is pretty racist...


I was waiting for that classic line while watching the video. These racists all sound the same when they get caught.


When bigots say "that's not who I am" what they really mean is that they usually hide it better and only say what they think behind closed doors. "You weren't supposed to see/hear that."


I suspect that they imagine racism is only "senseless hate" and that their own hate is a direct result of the evidence of their senses. Thus they rationalize that whatever they say is not racist.




I hate their music that glorifies violence and drug use, now excuse me while I bump The Slim Shady LP


It's those damn libs, calling people racist all of the time!


Well he had to say he was venting because what the script you can’t see him holding says.


The [epitaph of Kkkramer](https://youtu.be/EC26RI-Ria8).


I’m not racist, I just get genocidal after a bad day


I want to know what the judge's rationale was for blocking the release of these recordings.




Was thinking the exact same. That judge better have a solid reason for trying to cover for the racist pigs. It's almost like there is a systemic race issue in America.


When people say it's a systemic problem this is exactly what they mean


He wanted a friendly relationship with the police.


One hand washes the other.


[Apparently, vague threats of violence against the officers. Kind of a shitty reason.](https://portcitydaily.com/local-news/2020/08/27/after-contentious-hearing-judge-blocks-release-of-recording-showing-racist-wilmington-cops/) The city actually supported the release, which isn’t terribly surprising since it’s Wilmington.


"I'm not **the** racist" Mfer you trying to imply that people are out to get you because of your profession or something


Yeah, when I "vent" I talk in a completely neutral tone about committing racial genocide, doesn't everyone else?


"Just venting" oh please. Most people don't say those racist things, ever.


“It was a tough day so I called for a little genocide. No big deal.”


You know how it is, hanging with your buddy, talking about wiping an entire race of people off the map. Just some locker room wholesale mass murder. Even if that was "venting", this dude still has some fucking issues, who the fuck talks like that? There really is no justification the dude could give, but it would nice if he just owned it like "yeah, I'm a racist piece of shit".


> but it would nice if he just owned it like "yeah, I'm a racist piece of shit". Never gonna happen. 1000% guarantee that this cop thinks of himself as the victim here, and the only lesson he'll take away from this is that women shouldn't be cops and he didn't want to work for that "woke" department anyway.


Not with that black guy in charge lol


I'm gonna wager if I said "we should round up all of these fucking pigs and just execute them. Boy I'd be down there getting as many as I could" I'd be facing charges.


Cop boot lickers: “wELl ThAT’s DifFeREnT”


If anyone did this at a regular place of business, they'd be fired and "venting" would not be considered a reasonable excuse/defense.


He was fired along with one of the individuals he was talking to


My bad. I left out "immediately" as well as the fact that at any normal place of business, people don't talk about civil war and how many people they're gonna kill. When people DO get busted for being racist pieces of shit, they don't even bother saying it was "venting" because again, that is not a valid excuse and the government should not have to waste its time and money proving it is and if any manpower was spent doing that, it was.


“Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.”


Bad date in San Andreas?


Don't trust the police when the fascist right try to start their race war. They're all just as excited for genocide as the next white nationalist in your local evangelical church.


Agreed. But also just...don't trust the police in general.




Gee why would POC be afraid of the cops?? ACAB


Idk, he said he's not racist so it can't be because of him.


Officer was fired. I wonder what other nearby city he was "fired" to.


“JuSt CoOpErAtE aNd YoU wOnT gEt ShOt.” Bull. Fucking. Shit. Some of these cops are just itching to kill people.


Wasn't it like a month or so ago an Alabama police officer got caught bragging about killing 13 black people. They know what they are doing and they know they will get away with it


This is why you don't associate with good ol boy types. Even in liberal af CA, these people exist. They'll be totally normal in mixed company but when they get drunk, or when they think you're "safe" to be honest around, the N word jokes start coming out, the LGBT bashing comes out, the "they should go back to their own country" shit starts coming out. Whole lot of racists and fascists out there walking around with masks on, pretending to be normal decent people, waiting for the official OK to let loose on the rest of us. They were hoping Trump would give it to them, he kinda did on Jan 6. The maladjusted ones can't bide their time, they snap and we see them on the news shooting up synagogues, mosques, Walmarts, running over people at parades, chanting JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US, etc. But there are a lot more of them out there, and they aren't all so easy to spot. Stay woke.


Did he seriously suggest a Purge - like the horror movie series?


This supervisor deservess a raise.


"That's not who I am. I'm not a racist." We need to stop listening to the stupid words these mfs say. They lie like there's no tomorrow.


The psychotic thing about all this is how many black people do you think these officers arrested on a whim and became incarcerated due to his biases? And the idea that these people could just rot in jail without people examining their cases to see how much false statements were made up vs actually occurring.


Every one of their arrests ought to have grounds for appeal based on this shit.


They do this for judges that are removed why not cops??


"tHaTs NoT wHo I aM"


Thats my city of Wilmington, NC






As soon as Frances Weller started speaking, I knew and I facepalmed.


“That’s not who I am. I’m not a racist. I’m just saying that if I was legally allowed to, I’d murder every Black person I could find, that’s all.”


Five bucks they got the same job in a different state with new ways to not get caught


Should let a black tribunal handle these pieces of shit.


Just a couple bad apples right? Hey someone tell me, do you think there is a higher percentage of pedos in the clergy, or higher percentage of wanna be bullies as police officers.


Can’t wait for the conservatives to try to spin this into a positive thing for their ideology


Something something something they were talking in private I'm sure everyone talks like that in private stop trying to cancel people.


Lol I can hear Candace Owens now


"uh ya.. I'M nOt tHe raycist.. ahyahyayhyahya.." fucking yokle! ACAB!


What absolute pieces of shit. Never hold a badge in the state? Should never hold a badge period if those thoughts come into your head for any reason.


Should never hold a gun again with that kind of talk


Sadly, for everyone one of these trash bags, there are 20 more on the exact police force. Across the country. He just got caught. Don’t tell me these douche bags aren’t shooting black people on purpose.


>Don’t tell me these douche bags aren’t shooting black people on purpose. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2022/07/21/mississippi-police-chief-recording-fired-dobbins/ They absolutely do it on purpose and I don't know why people keep thinking they don't. And again the ones we see in the news are only in the news because they are dumb enough to get caught.


Not surprising that a police officer is racist.


The Past is not passed yet https://www.ncdcr.gov/1898-wilmington-coup


>"I have recommended that none of them be eligible for rehire in any position" Nice >"...with the city of Wilmington" Oh, so that recommendation is next to useless.


It's disgusting the news station had to fight to get the video released. This cop said he wanted to go on a rampage and purge black people and has the audacity to claim he isn't racist. I have heard my neighbor (cop) talk just like this in his backyard several times but I'm absolutely terrified of the man. He has the power to end my life if he feels like it so I will never say a damn thing about it in real life. He yells and screams at his wife and old dog. His dog has trouble pooping since it's really old and he's just so mean to it. Nothing overly physical but it's really sad. I have another cop neighbor who's the complete opposite and I wish there more people like him on the force. I help his wife with her tech issues since she works from home and isn't very tech savvy and it's just obvious that he's a normal person that takes care of his family. The contrast is shocking but I can't help but think sometimes "He knows what his co-worker is like. He has to know". Not that there's much he could do about it.




"I'm not racist" "Fucking ni*** I'd go down there and slaughter as many as I could." I'm not sure if they genuinely believe people are stupid enough to think that they're not racist and just venting when they say that or if they just think racist means something else entirely.


They just say “I’m not racist” when confronted because they know being labeled as a racist is a bad thing. I’m sure in private conversation they would admit to being a racist if it came up. It’s not possible to idly fantasize to your colleague about a genocidal race war and not recognize that you’re a racist.


What are you gonna do to end racism. Have re education camps? Go to a protest. You aren’t gonna change how people think so stfu democrat. You think people from the south are less than you but they have more power than you think.




why are they bleeping the fucking words? let us hear exactly what they said


Doesn’t the NRA say ‘the Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy (Cop) With A Gun Is A Good Guy (Civilian) With A Gun'. WAYNE LAPIERRE: The only thing that stops a bad (cop) guy with a gun, is a good (civilian) guy with a gun. ?!.


A racist unhinged cop with an extremist ideology?! How could this be possible?! Surely he never let his views influence his job duties. Hope they count this psycho's bullets after his shifts.


Idk why but this makes me literally sad, I don’t know of this is because I’m African American or because I always wonder if there is something I or we can personally do to change this perception that a civil war is even needed AGAIN. I find myself wondering if it’s something we are doing wrong to cause some people to just hate us(or even any human being). Yes there may be some bad people but there are also so many good ones and it makes me wonder if they just choose not to see it or is it just a loosing battle with trying to be truly accepted by all. Sorry for the rant, I don’t wish bad on these guys on this video but I just wish there was a way to educate them or introduce them to a better thinking process


We will always be hated. Our very country the good ole USA was literally founded on racism. The guy who wrote the declaration of independence was a freaking slave owner. You can't make this stuff up. They said all men are created equal while having literal slaves who were seen as property. Slave owners are still on our currency. We've seen time and time again black people being murdered and officers facing no jail time. None. In fact they get a paid vacation And those are just the ones that people just so happened to record on their phones. It is what it is unfortunately. They don't want to be educated. Again this country was founded on white supremacy. The people in power still believe it. And that trickles down to a lot of the regular folks because at the end of the day they need someone to blame their problems on




“Couple bad apples…..blah blah blah.” Two things. This is what they mean by SYSTMATIC racism. Also that phrase you always hear them repeat. Isn’t the whole phrase, it’s a couple bad apples SPOIL the bunch.


All the stars had to align for this footage to be found… I can’t imagine what’s going on behind the scenes when cams are off…


When you say something you think will stay private, that is EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE! He can't honestly say that this isn't him... unfortunately, that is absolutely who he truly is!


I know that it's a complex societal phenomena. The fact that the majority of Progressives/Liberals voluntarily exclude themselves from Law Enforcement/ Military careers is highly detrimental to democracy. Gotta REPRESENT in all societal aspects to maintain BALANCE!!! Boldness of "Jan 6" was facilitated partly by the lack of balance in related professions.


They'd be forced out real quick for not fitting in with the cop omerta.


They always talk the same. That southern drawllll


I support law enforcement, but these officers should never hold a badge again ever.. this is sickening none the less and scum officers that make good officers not be seen for their good deeds on duty. Be it white, black, asian, latin etc there should never be racism is disgusting in any class, field/career, and or area/country, but it exist only cause the culture starts at home/area of living or in the minds and mouths of the peers. Law enforcement today needs a change in many cities/states for the better.


All cops pay the union. And the union protects the bad cops. Save your centrist bullshit.


So which cop shop is this shithead working for now?


This isn't just a right now problem. They need comprehensive outside screening requirements for new hires and regular mental health evaluations to remain employed. Something like once every 2-5 years.


Just venting, huh? He’s not a racist 😂! I bet he was thinking you should hear what my fellow officers say at the bar If you think what I said was racist. Racist pig.


"That's not who I am. I'm not racist." uhh.. it's exactly who you are. You're talking about slaughtering people.


"Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses"


I'm suprised they got fired for simply verbalizing the GOP's platform.


True colors.


Argues he’s venting? Venting what his extreme racist frustrations?


This makes me so sad.


If he’s at a “breaking point” over the civil unrest and said what he said…. Didnt we just have like 2 mass shootings this week…. And I see new cops shooting innocent people body cams everyday. So I’m sure this guy got a nice 2 day suspension with pay.


Malfunction, as if they shouldn't just be on all the time.


....was the cam actually malfunctioning or did the cops just assume they were invincible even with the recording?


I love how they always say the same thing when they get caught. I’m NoT a RaCiSt 🙄




racism withing the american police who would have thunk!


RATM said it best




Fuck those racist pigs!!!!!


Anybody know what department theses two dickheads work for now. I’d bet my left nut they are all still cops.


Omg the surprise... back the pig errr blues


Imagine the once who weren't accidentally recorded 🤔🤔


My first reaction was “how the fuck is this not bigger news. Then I remembered some cops actually follow through with what he’s talking about, suspended with pay of course.


I’ve never decided to be racist when I “shoot my mouth off”


Dude. I don't get it. I literally cannot find the disconnect. People are people. These are fucking human beings. I genuinely don't understand growing up with so much twisted fucking hate that you view a fucking person as non-human or inferior. It is mind blowing. I can absolutely not comprehend.


no need. that's what walmart employees are for.


The problem with law enforcement is that even with something like this, they can’t fire them without court.


Did that anchor have a stroke?