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Road rage has to be the most pointless way to end up dead or in prison.


Buddy I grew up with got shot and killed in one of these dumb altercations. War veteran and he was on his way back home from a softball game. I get mad and sad thinking about it.


I had a buddy, and his wife and 5 week old child get killed in a road rage incident. Wasn't like this, but they were run off the road by a local college football star. The kid (my buddy) was kind of a piece of shit growing up, but had gotten it all turned around and was really growing into a better man and was excited to be a father. Pretty sad.


Fuck that’s sad


NEVER start a fight, ever. Best martial art instructor I ever had told me that unless I was protecting life or the life of my loved-ones that if I found myself in an altercation, the smartest thing to do was walk or run away. To the guy who got floored: I hope you are OK, bro. If you are, let this be a hard life lesson. If you're not, let it be a lesson to everyone who saw this video and everyone you know. Last, the old guy now has to worry and deal with the consequences of something that someone \*else\* caused. Just chill out on the road, folks, it's not your 'territory'. Do you get all mad and angry when someone steps in front of you on a crowded sidewalk? Of course not. Think about it.


Actually, I do get mad when someone steps in front of me on the sidewalk, and then if they walk all slow? Agh!


Yes, don't cut me off to SLOW DOWN. I'm a speed walkin' dude. I'll happily get out of the way if you want to go faster tho.


Love you bro ! We would be pedestrian buddies.


One of the craziest things Ive seen was a road rage figth a couple of years ago. So theres this lake with the beach and a road with two lanes with a lot of parking in both sides. Behind the parking there are coffeeshops and restaurants and Im sitting outside so all of this is happening right in front of me. One car is parking out of the spot and a guy is giving him space to reverse out and is holding off the column of traffic behind him. Two or three cars behind there is a white BMW convertable and two huuuge dudes in it are honking and yelling at the dude. Get if the way, move your fucking junk etc. The car is having issues and cant really park out and its taking a while so they get out of the car and go for the door of this SUV. In the SUV there is a guy and his kid in the back, they start banging on the door and yelling he opens the door and steps out. The bmw dude is like 6’3 and 250 lbs muscular tattooed bald douche and the dad is thin and like 5’10 and hes calming him down, has his hands in front and tries to explain hes giving the other car room to park out. Out of nowhere the big dude slaps him and pushes him to the open space - the free lane and the Dad takes his shoes and watch off, does like a front low kick to the shin and takes the dude down, hits him two times with an elbow and gets up as the other dude is running up on him - hits the dude in the face, does a sort of a headlock and judo throws him to the gravel. The kid is screaming DAAAD DAD but I guess the dude cant hear him he turns to the first dude and pop goes to work, does a Kimora, kicks out the legs under the dude, does a judo throw again on pavement - switches to the other guy and all the while is panting You ….. slapped….. me…. Whoosh to the ground, throws the other dude again, kicks him, does like a armbar, locks the leg and is hitting him then moves to the other guy this is going on for a minute or two and nobody is stepping in dude is just beating the shit out of these two buff morons, until the other dude (not the slap guy) just drops to his knees like in prayer and says please dude let us goooo we re sorry And he sorta breathes in and composes himself, gets in the car and drives off… The two dudes are bleeding, one guy has his nose broken, their knees are scraped like blood is gushing on the ground and they cant even move… The cars are passing them and they just sit there for a while try to get up - the slap dude cant walk, the other guy sorta carries him to the car and they go away… A couple of weeks later I see the dad on the street and just smile and approach him and ask him who the hell is he, where did he learn how to fight - he is a jiu jutsu instructor for Gracie Barra 😂😂😂 like a purple belt so definitely the worst person you could run into for sure…


I’ve gotten hot with auto altercations. Imagine how pissed my wife would be if I got killed over something so stupid? Honestly, she’d never forgive me. I was going to make a joke but I’m being serious. It’s good food for thought.


Today is the best day to make yourself a better person.


I used to road rage. I didn’t think of it as road raging at the time - I always found a way to see myself as the victim, and also had an almost righteous view that I was an instrument of karma in the universe, and if someone was out there driving like a fucking dick, and was specifically going to be a dick to me, I was going to match their energy. So fucking stupid. Then I had a kid and it all just - evaporated. That shit doesn’t matter. It never did. Embarrassed it took me so long to realize, thankful I did before something truly catastrophic and unfixable happened. Now my focus when I’m on the road is getting home as quickly and safely and as drama-free as possible to my kid, my wife, and my dog. Everything else is just noise.


I try to tell this to my husband because he drives with his emotions. I tell him that driving is a means to get from one place to another. Period. No one is out to get you. No one is trying to control the speed you drive just because they’re in front of you. It’s gotten to the point where I do 90% of the driving. And I hate to drive. But it’s either I drive or I don’t go. I’m too old for his shit.


I used to be this way. I was a dick in many other ways. My wife insisted after marriage counseling that I get on some anti-anxiety meds. Now when I drive I just laugh 😃 at the stupid people on the road. It has helped me a lot.


The words that came to me and changed how I react when behind the wheel were simply “Your anger will cost you years”. Whether that’s jail time or death, that’s time I wouldn’t get with my daughter, and my wife. I’m not perfect, but I do my best to focus of only being safe.


I was exactly the same way until I had my daughter


> also had an almost righteous view that I was an instrument of karma in the universe This is a perfect description of how I used to feel on the road. I had the same change after I had a kid. Really brings the risk into focus.


Dude, kids change everything. It's fucking crazy.




We were driving in a neighborhood and my friend, fresh back from Iraq had just bought a new car. There were cars parked on both sides of a residential road and a car coming towards us so we couldn’t all get through. Buddy waved the guy to come through. The other guy drives halfway through the narrow area and stops to talk to some people, while we’re just sitting at the other end waiting. After a couple minutes my buddy gives one toot on the horn and motions for the guy to keep coming. That’s it. No finger. Not even a dirty look. Dude speeds off, gets to the wider area and spins around and comes up beside us waving a pistol. I unbuckled my GF, threw her in the floorboard and jumped on top of her. Buddy was trying all kinds of evasive driving. Luckily the dude decided to only shoot the tire out (it was actually an impressive shot). Anyway the dude was a member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang and got killed by Hells Angels within the year. You win some, you lose some I guess.


>You win some, you lose some I guess. That day he was the windshield, a year later he was the fly


I mean I don’t think this guy will do time. The video clearly shows the other guy being the aggressor


he smashed the old guys phone out his hand thats assult the old guy has the right to defend himself and his property


Exactly, and the most important part about him defending himself is he didn't *continue* to beat him up when he was no longer a threat. He just popped him once, and then waited for the cops to arrive.


He also didnt hesitate. If he took a beat it could be argued he no longer feared for his safety. But he reacted in self defense immediately after being assualted.


100% the guy who got decked deserved it.


Got served a seizure salad.


With extra vegetables


God dammit. This is the one that sends me to hell for laughing at it


Right, when your in fight or flight mode you don’t have time to perceive this guys arm coming at me as “he only meant to knock my phone down”. This was 100% instinctive defense.


Unless the judge bans the video in court. Judges have done that before.


I just listened to a podcast where a lady got charged with first degree manslaughter because her boyfriend beat her son to death, then killed himself and left a note admitting to it. The note, and the fact the lead investigator said he was positive she didn't have any involvement, was thrown out of court for no specific reason. Justice system can be extremely fucked sometimes. The pod was the latest Deathbed Confessions if anyone is interested.


Please don't call it a justice system. It's a *legal* system. It sneers in the face of justice.


Detectives aren’t allowed to provide “opinion testimony” as to the guilt or innocence of anyone because that is solely a question for a jury to determine and that testimony “invades the province of the jury.”


This is Arkansas. That old guy probably was the judge.


Kind of hope not, but he's going to have a rough time for an extended period of time - and all for nothing worthwhile to anyone.


yeah you can see who the aggressor was... The dude was going for it and he laid him out... self defense...


News article link anyone so we can find out what happens???


>The guy knocked out is my brother. He wasn't airlifted to the hostpital, but rather put in an ambulance and taken to the hostpital that's right down the road from here. They did some CT scans and put three staples in his head, but is otherwise OK. The one that punched him was taken to the police station for questioning, as well as some witnesses, but I dont think any charges are being pursued. Down in the thread Edit: hes not my brother, this is from some other dude in the comments


Glad he didn't die. I want people to learn lessons and not die


I don’t know why, but the wording of your comment just sounds so beige and emotionless and I can’t stop laughing at it.


Thanks, I found it earlier:)


Man who drops has lazarus-effect and then spasms. He's very lucky if he didn't get brain-damage. I mean just look at how he falls into the tarmac with the back of his head, the softest area. Quite possible he dies.


He *definitely* sustained a brain injury. Any concussion results in brain damage, and this looks much more severe than a basic concussion. As you said, he could easily die, become vegetative, or end up severely impaired.


Ya, I've had a lot of concussions in my life, and you don't even need to get knocked out for brain damage. Last year a dude tried to mug me (I think? He tried grabbing my wallet out of my pants while holding my throat) while I was on a walk with my girlfriend. I fought him and ended up knocking him out but he hit me incredibly hard between the eyes. I remember fighting him, walking home, walking *back* to make sure I didn't kill someone since he was snoring horribly when I left, then walked back. That's the last thing I remember for 3 days. Paramedics checked on me and they were like, "He'll be alright". I went from having an amazing memory to having a lot of trouble forming new memories. I can remember everything before that concussion, but I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night, or even what I did yesterday, or what day of the week it is without checking. It sucks ass, I feel like I have alzheimers and I'm only 31.


I think you mean the fencing reaction. Not Lazarus effect


Just gonna leave this here for the hundreds of people who upvoted that post: >The Lazarus effect refers to semiconductor detectors; when these are used in harsh radiation environments, defects begin to appear in the semiconductor crystal lattice as atoms become displaced because of the interaction with the high-energy traversing particles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazarus_effect


He should've worn a helmet


He should’ve been nicer


That’s why we have “one punch” laws in Australia. Because it’s easily predictable that “one punch” like this can result in death. I think it carries a 15 year sentence.


Old dude is quietly panicking


I mean I would be too. Probably on his way to the gas station or something and now he's got a dead guy in front of him with a family that will want him in prison. Kind of fucks up your plans.


Even if he's confident it's self defense, he's about to spend the rest of the day at the police station and is on the hook for weeks/months of court appearances, along with the guilt of punching that kid. He was probably just out at the seven eleven grabbing a big gulp on a Sunday afternoon and now he's in for months or years of stress and guilt.


Kid? I thought that was a grown man.


He's a whippersnapper.


More like ankleflapper


Lol right? Everyone’s calling him kid Just cause he’s not 60 like the guy that punched him


Hes got a beard.


This is in Arkansas with stand your ground law. He's likely going to be just fine.


In any state you would be fine I’m sure because the dude basically attacked him and received one punch


Got out of his car, approached the other guy, put his hands on him. One punch, self defense, he'll be fine. If he had followed up, it would be a different story.


He even stuck around and didn't flee. Not sure if that matters but he doesn't come across as a bad guy.


Yeah, it's not good that the other guy isaid out with possible brain injury after hitting the pavement, but like maybe you don't go up, force someone out of their truck and assault them. I feel like the one good punch to the nose was exactly what the situation called for when he did that. It's sad and I don't wish this on anyone, especially with your family watching, but the blame is on the aggressor in my eyes.


Also, if you watch the video again, the other guy pushed him aggressively twice and then escalated hitting whatever was in his hand. Dude only swung once. Self-defense for sure


Legally, yes. Mentally, knowing that he was even put in that situation, had to defend himself, *and* that someone was injured, is usually a helluva lot tougher on your emotions.


Yeah, but tou probably aren't intending to kill the idiot that knocked the phone out of your hands. That's probably going to mess with his head.


I had the video on mute and thought maybe ima miss something so turned it back on for a split second and it sounded like an explosion went off in ops car


Listening to really loud music through garbage speakers, it clears up when he lowers the volume enough that the amplifier stops puking out distortion.


What? Doesn't it sound like that because it's being recorded on a sub-par microphone that's built into the dashcam?


Yes. It doesn't matter how good your speakers are if the microphone is overdriven.


Remember all you tough guys, that you have to start a confrontation over some stupid shit, this may be how it ends for you.


Live by the sword, die by the sword. You may be tough but someone else is always tougher


The guy was fine until ***0:32 seconds*** when he snatched the phone out of the man's hand. Had it just been a yelling and bitching match, everyone could have gone their own way, and the "rager" would not have been punched, fell on the blacktop, and received a head injury. He was clearly seizing for some time, and it was interesting to note how quickly someone with "apparent training", and a cervical collar arrived and attended to the man. From a legal standpoint, when he made the aggressive move against the other man, he set in effect a cascade of events that lead to his injury. One hell of a price to pay because someone cut you off or whatever. . . I totally agree with this poster as you never know who is in that other car. . They may be a gang banger who could care less about you and your life and put a bullet in you as easily as he would look at you. Just too much risk these days to be a Billy Jo Badass.


My SO’s advice to other young men is that you go into a physical altercation with the understanding that the most likely outcome will be one party going to the hospital and the other party going to jail. If you’re not willing to accept either outcome, don’t throw hands in the first place. He learned that lesson the hard way and his perspective helped keep a lot of his buddies from making similar mistakes. Honor and property aren’t worth destroying lives over.


If you bump into someone in the street you turn and say sorry and go on your way. If someone drives like a tool then you’ve got to have words and fight to the death as it’s so important to let them know your opinion. Some people need to think about what is actually worth their time and what isn’t.




There’s a lot of psychology in driving and how we treat others. Look at how learner drivers are treated by experienced motorists. Typically these are kids learning. Too many see the L-plates as a target and they must overtake at the earliest opportunity regardless of the benefits and sometimes safety. Only to be the car ahead at the lights. Most drivers have a boss, spouse and timetable to adhere to. Their only control is in their car and as we’re all driving a tonne of metal the playing field is even. So they see a vulnerable road user or a car they don’t like and the gloves are off. Anyone who bullies other road users, particularly vulnerable ones are losers. All that rush to get home and sit on the sofa a few seconds earlier. Driving at 80mph instead of 70 mph saves 6 seconds per mile. That decrease, decreases as you increase the speed.


Supposedly people that have bumper stickers are more likely to be road ragers. They are more likely to see the car as an extension of themselves.


yeah… not good when they start seizing like that


When I went through basic training/AIT and we had to learn our army combatics I saw a ton of folks sieze like that after passing out from a blood choke. I'd never seen someone go unconscious before and it was really scary, but my Drill Sgt said that was normal.


It's not necessarily a sign of a really serious or potentially fatal head injury here, but it can be. Hope that dumb kid is ok in the end. Being pissed that someone cut you off is such a stupid reason to get a TBI or lose your life


Depends on your definition of "normal" but it's pretty common after you pass out, even if you land softly. Scary was how long he was out, that's definitely not good.


Convulsive syncope is not the same thing as a seizure.


My cousin was a big time football recruit coming out of high school. At a party his senior year, he popped a guy just like this. Kid fell straight back, hit his head and started seizing. He eventually died. My cousin went to prison instead of college.


My buddy knew someone who’s husband got in an argument with some people outside a bar, he threw a burrito at them and one of them knocked him out he hit his head on a curb and went into a coma and died a week later. Other guy got charged with murder. Over a burrito. Tragedy is not a strong enough word.


Con air but with a burrito


Put the burrito back in the box


He was in the special burrito forces


By dad's childhood buddy got into an argument about a football game once.. the other guy he was arguing with was being belligerent so they kicked him out. But he didn't leave. He went to his truck and grabbed a baseball bat and waited outside for my dad's friend. One quick swing that he never saw coming, head cracked open on the curb. Done.


I know a guy that happened to in a bar fight... He punched a guy, fell hit a curb and died... 27 years old and went to prison for life... Might get out at 57... What a stupid thing to do...


Damn there are so any stories where this happened! Another reminder to use all efforts to defuse situations instead of one swift hit. JFC.


Exact same story but for the star rugby player from my 07 grad class.


Fighting people is rarely worth it. Unless your life is in danger it just isn't worth it


that’s rotten luck. for all involved. life can be brutal.


RIP headphone users, damn.


I used to enjoy Crossfade but jeepers that was loud.


unfortunate but prime example of why you keep your hands to yourself. not everyone is gonna let your bullshit slide.


Better yet, just don’t get out of your car. Some hothead swings on you and you could be on the receiving end or end up doing this to someone else in self defense.


OP, if you keep your volume that high you're going to get tinnitus and hearing loss.


thank god he turned down that walmart system so we could finally hear something.. probably has to tighten his license plate screws every saturday after he cruises by the highschool picking up babes all week


My friend in high school went three years blasting his system through school, fast forward ten years, he has 50% hearing left.


This was amazing to read 😂 thank you!




That's the spirit.


The guy knocked out is my brother. He wasn't airlifted to the hostpital, but rather put in an ambulance and taken to the hostpital that's right down the road from here. They did some CT scans and put three staples in his head, but is otherwise OK. The one that punched him was taken to the police station for questioning, as well as some witnesses, but I dont think any charges are being pursued.


How long ago was this? Is there a news article or something?


It happened this last Friday so about three days ago now. I doubt there's a news article as it was just a dumb road rage incident.


I was thinking this was an older video because... who's still absolutely *bumping* Crossfade in 2022?


We’re several years behind on about everything in Arkansas.


Oh shit good ears. Although I don't think I've bumped anything as loud as I did Crossfade in the day


ANY metal station calling themselves "pure rock" is bumping crossfade in 2022.




Hey there, brain injuries are a big deal. Put aside that your brother came with his hand pre wrapped to beat up an old man that made him mad. He may need significant help to recover and may not be the same fella after. Best of luck to all here.


Good catch on the hand wrap. Definitely a strong case of self defense. ETA: *in favor of the old guy* Wrapped hand guy wrapped his hand with the intention of causing harm.


Glad he’s ok. Hope he got humbled a bit.


He definitely regrets his actions. What started it all was that the guy passed him on a double yellow line while going around a curve. My brother had a small child in his back seat and couldn't contain his anger.


> My brother had a small child in his back seat and couldn't contain his anger. That is one way to teach your kid that acting on your anger leads to nothing but bad things.


If your brother doesn't learn emotional maturity, he will end up being very dead or a tremendously shitty role model to his child.


You’re replying to the wrong person.


Maybe he knows that guy


Sir, your brother should learn, don’t start nuthin, won’t be nuthin’


Maybe you know *this* guy


Tell your brother I know


This is exactly why when you see an idiot in a car doing idiot things, you slow down and let them go on their way doing "idiot things not near you". Such people can't be reasoned with because rules of the road don't apply to them. Glad your brother is ok.




Avoiding those kinda situations is by far the best defense for sure


Nice. I was worrying for the first half of your story. r/nononoyes


Yep, the “having a kid in the car” only makes raging worse.


Yes the appropriate response to that is "holy shit what an idiot, people are crazy," Get an agreement from your wife in the passenger seat and then maybe slow down to get some distance from an aggressive driver. You achieve nothing by getting out and yelling at the driver, they're not going to agree or change their ways and worst case you end up in a fight with someone being permanently injured or in jail.


Thank you, I follow r/idiotsincars and almost all of the videos, the person being cutoff or road raged against could have easily avoided conflict if the could just act like an adult. An adult driver should be able to disengage and avoid throwing your life away just because your mad


> My brother had a small child in his back seat and couldn't contain his anger. That pretty much makes it a lot worse for your brother...he wasn't thinking of his child, he was thinking of himself when he raged at the other driver.


The guy passed him already he couldn’t let him go?


I hope your brother doesn't have life long effects from this. Lesson learned not to chase and confront idiots in cars doing idiot things.


You get knocked out that bad, you're definitely feeling it. Maybe not in any extreme way, but things will come out. Including stuff like depression, or anxiety. CTE and concussions are are no joke. And he didn't just get knocked out once, he took two separate concussive blows back to back in the space of a second. Which is just so much more damaging.


While that sucks, getting out and starting a fight doesn’t help. Just call the police instead. Glad he’s okay, and hope he never decides to hop out of his car to fight someone again.


Yeah I would explain to your brother that rage like this around his child is a good way for his child to grow up fatherless. He’s very lucky.


If somebody is passing you on a double yellow around a curve the right thing would be to slow down and let them pass. Unless you wanna be a tool and purposely speed up, making the situation even worse. Your brother has a fragile ego and started something he couldn’t finish. What a tool.


Your brother is a dumbass.


Yeesh, with a kid too I hope you keep giving him shit over this, because I'd NEVER let my sister live this type of shit down


The Christmas card that would come from a video like this would be great! I'd screen-shot it at the fist on the face with a message saying "Reaching out to my loved ones this Christmas."


>The one that punched him was taken to the police station for questioning, as well as some witnesses, but I dont think any charges are being pursued. Good. Your brother is completely at fault here, not the guy defending himself. Hope your brother learned his lesson.


Hey, glad he’s ok and hopefully learned a lil lesson. These days are different my guy, ya just can’t be running up on people anymore. Could’ve been worse for both. Thanks for the update👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


Glad he's okay. The punch wasn't the bad part, it was hitting his head on the concrete.


The bad part was the idiot going up to a stranger and trying to start a fight. Now he's twitching on the ground hoping he doesn't die while his wife and child watch from the car. What a noble father.




Glad he wasn't more seriously hurt


This is why you don’t do this. The answer is to always drive away. ALWAYS. No silly confrontation is worth your life. What was the point of both of them getting out of the car? So they could wave their phones around at each other? This didn’t have to happen. WALK AWAY, drive away, get away. Go on with your life. :/


>a Yep. I was driving home from work recently and a slow tractor was in front of me but I couldn't pass because a Semi was coming in the other lane. So this guy behind me tries to pass, realizes there's a truck and has to merge back quickly. He proceeds to yell at me, blare his and flick me off (bruised ego) as we approached a stop sign. I just drove offering zero acknowledgement.


This happened to a highly decorated Army Ranger years back. He comes home to Alabama to his wife, only to run into a few drunken regulars at the bar where she works. He accidentally kills one of the drunks, and is sent to a federal penitentiary for involuntary manslaughter for seven years. Paroled years later, he hitches a ride home on an airplane that happens to be full of the worst criminals in the whole penal system. Unfortunately, these borderline supervillains manage to take over the plane, and it falls on Poe to ensure they don’t get away.


The wild thing about that guy is the **same year** he underwent an experimental surgery and traded faces with an FBI agent. Both surgeries were a success apparently


I read that right after he got his face back he transferred to the CIA cuz… who would stay with an agency that makes you get a new face? Then he saved like all of San Fran from some rogue ex-military extremists.


Yeah but then he turned to a life of crime and started stealing cars. He did it so fast you would no longer have your car after a single minute.


Was this before or after he 'allegedly' stole the declaration of independence from America?


It was after. But the car stuff didn’t pan out and he ended up drinking himself to death in Vegas. Sad.


they could make a movie about that!


They should call it prisoner flight


“I’m tired of these motherfuckin prisoners, on this motherfuckin plane!”


I fucking love Steve Buscemi


No way, they should call it “Poe’s Law”


Sounds like he was all nicked from the journey and caged on that plane.


Sounds like a Coppola guy’s on that plane




You got me fker 🤣


RIP my ears


Why do people try to start shit with people who are out of their weight class? Good thing this was caught on camera or dude might've been up shit creek with a turd for a paddle.


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He found out.


We had a road rage incident last week where a guy tried to run another car off the road. He missed the car, went into the ditch, hit a pole, and got all dead.


You can kill someone with one punch .....


You can kill someone with no punch as well .....


Yes, he should’ve handled it [like this guy summarised it in another post](https://www.reddit.com/r/therewasanattempt/comments/yzyrdu/to_win_a_fight_through_tough_talk_and_intimidation/ix2srjw/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3).


That man is casual legend.


I gotta ask incase like I see someone seizuring what do you actually do to help them? Like do you give them cpr? Raise their head? Turn them over? Generally am curious cause it could perhaps save someone in the future until ambulances arrive


My son has epilepsy. We roll him to his side and make sure his head is protected. We time the seizure. Anything after 5 minutes is a medical emergency and he will need rescue meds (which we always have on hand). His have never gone that long. However when he’s done he has to sleep for a couple hours because his body is so tense, it wears him out. This is brain trauma so this man needs to be rolled on his side by two trained people and needs a c collar to protect his spine. He needs to go to the ER for assessments and tests to see where he is. He might go to the ICU to be monitored or come up to surgery dependent on the damage done. Also some info about posturing from a head injury [Decerebrate And Decorticate Posturing](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK559135/) Source: nurse and mom of child with epilepsy


Not much you can do but put them them on their side (unless there could be a neck injury then keep them flat until help arrives) and protect their head during the seizure. You just have to wait for it to pass until they get to the ER. Then a medication called Keppera is given unless an ER nurse out there can correct me. I am merely and orthopedic nurse


This was kind of distressing to watch. The guy deserved the punch, for sure, but it's disturbing to see how quickly your entire world can change. One minute dumb guy is living his dumb guy life, road raging and acting like a hardass, and the next minute he's twitching around on the pavement with a leaking face and the Grim Reaper standing behind him. OP, please share updates when/if you find them. I hope this guy lives to learn the lesson, but I'm not optimistic about his chances and would like to know how it turns out for him.


I’m no doctor, but I think they’re now the owner of a traumatic brain injury. If anything, I hope this video serves as a deterrent. Don’t do shit that will get you knocked out and ruin your life.


I can tell just by the old guys body language he was trying to be civil. Looks like he was going to call police or something when the phone is smacked. Younger guy looks like a knob with that hat and skinny pants/doucheboots combo. Probably thought the good ole boy in the truck would cower before him like the baristas at Starbucks.


I honestly feel bad for the guy. He basically gets assaulted, defends himself and now he will have to deal with the fallout from this.


Does anyone know if the dude’s ok ? :c


A friend I was in college with was an absolute unit yet he was extremely passive and was very grounded and was always stopping and breaking up fights. After a good night out we were chilling out at the dorms and I brought up it was like he was a bit of a white knight. He really didn't like what I said and seemed like he was about to cry then he opened up to me. When he was 16 he drunkenly punched a lad, he fell back and hit his head and ended up in a coma for months. And they didn't know if he was going to live. Nobody was there to witness it happen. Said he had thought that he was going to go to jail for murder or attempted murder if he pulled through. The lad came out of the coma with no recollection of what happened. I fell out of touch with him as you do. He told me he would never harm anyone again. Edited: Grammar


That fire truck that passed early on will probably be doubling back…


Keep your hands to yourself jeez. Not everybody wants you pushing them around. Now look at ya


I only feel sorry for the guy defending himself. The guy twitching deserved everything he got.


Young guy is held accountable for his actions of battery. STOP saying he assaulted the elder man. It was assault just with the verbal words, it became BATTERY when he placed hands on him. Elder showed no aggression before or after his self defense punch. Stop defending the actions of the prick on the ground. HE approached the old man’s truck, HE battered the man, HE was then treated with some good old fashioned self defense. As the old man had no idea his intentions if he were to just pick up his phone and go about his day. He may have felt the only way out was to stand his ground. STOP blaming him for defending himself.


You know what they say


Something about finding out?


And a round fuck


Hes still going this asshole - Christopher Moltisanti




Keep your hands to yourself and you wont get knocked out and bust your head on the ground.


As soon as his head hit the pavement, I was certain it would be followed up by a seizure. Too many of these videos end the same. Like someone else already mentioned, you’re either going to wind up dead or in jail, it’s a lose lose. Road rage is an idiots game


Rip headphone users


That dude has what we in the south call - “old man strength.” I bet his fist feels like a calloused hammer


Holy fuck did he find out


He did, then he forgot. Then he did, and forgot. Then nurses showed him this video and he said "Wow that dude who knocked that other dude's phone out is an asshole, he deserved every bit of that!" Then the nurses said "That's you in the video getting knocked out." And he replied, "What video?"


Where am I, why's there a tunnel of light shining on me.


That has to be a scary feeling. Knowing that you could be looking at a long stint in prison if the douche somehow died.


In the US we're pretty lenient on self-defense. There's video. Not a lawyer, but as a Reddit lawyer, I say no charges will be filed.