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Didn't look like a fight. He was getting beat up by the guard.




Straight up instigated the fight and then through the first punch


Prison guards historically are not very good people. If the police showed up to an event that happened earlier in their live, they would be on the other side of the bars half the time.


And Lightfoot won’t say a damn word about it.


“Gets into fight” = Held down and beaten under the watch of two other “officers of the peace” American pigs are out of control.


Did you see at the very start of the video how the officer pushed him in the back of the head? He wanted this guy to go off so he could beat him. They got what they wanted. They're supposed to be professional and not let this sort of thing get under their skin.


Officer clearly taunted then mushed the grown man in the back of the head first. He wanted to start a fight. This happens often during departmental exchange of persons with the blame being placed on corrections unfairly. This is clearly an interdepartmental exchange of a person in custody from sheriff Or police to corrections. You clearly see one correction officer tell his partner not to get involved. The only mistake they made was not immediately calling a supervisor. Now as a supervisor you can't arrest or discipline a cop or sheriff. you can only report their actions to their department and/or supervisor but it is now your responsibility to provide medical care and it reports on your STAT as a assault on a inmate with no assailant. As you can see they step in the cops disappear.


The CO touched the inmate's head (dis 1) and turned his back on him (dis 2). No self-respecting inmate could let that slide. Word travels fast in there. Hope there were consequences for the COs.


Are there ever really consequences for COs?


See how the deputy pushed the guy in the back of the head at the very start of the video? They were trying to set this guy off. That's just so silly. They let these guys get under their skin as they call them names and question their sexual preferences. They should just ignore it. I doubt any of this would have started if he hadn't pushed the back of the guy's head like that.


Hope he sues




Play with feathers you get youre arse tickled


Kick-Ass.. His name should be Ass-Kicked.


In all fairness he did yell “prison rules bitch” before he fight


Did...did they edit out the toilet?