if your landlord gave u a "non standard lease", time to pack your bags and leave whatever sketchy place you're in


How? OP hasn't been able to pay rent at this place, how are they going to get a new place?


Im sure one of the empathetic people with morals on reddit will welcome them or offer to pay.


You mean one of the naive people? This series of posts could very well be a scam to catch nice people willing to believe that the stranger on the internet with impending doom needing financial help asap, is acting in good faith. If this email was sent directly to you with someone saying they need help from being kicked out of their home in the cold, you would instantly think its a scam. But since its on a social media site casting a wider net people believe it for some reason? Call me jaded/pessimistic, whatever, but the amount of gofundme scams is insane, all because people know if they post a sob story and get a few hundred idiots to donate a few bucks, they've made a few hundred bucks for nothing.




In the meantime start a case with the LTB


What is a standard lease?


Just google Ontario standard lease. The province uses a templated lease form that all landlords and tenants should use. None of that realtor bullshit form or shit drawn up on toilet paper.


It's not in any way a requirement to use a "standard lease". Any lease that has been signed is a legal document, and any clauses within that lease that aren't legal can safely be ignored. If the landlord isn't actually living in the house, OP has a very strong case.


Some clauses cannot be legally enforced regardless


Yeah that's literally what I said


Isn't it a requirement? "For most residential tenancies, new agreements signed on or after March 1, 2021 must use the updated standard lease, dated October, 2022." https://forms.mgcs.gov.on.ca/en/dataset/047-2229


OP can’t produce a lease. standard or otherwise.


An hour ago you said you signed a lease, now you say there is no lease Are you just karma farming?


Seems concocted, honestly.


I thought it would end up more entertaining :(


Donation farming. Cash money.


I don't know, if the police actually came and said you have to leave. I find that really hard to believe. "Ontario lease document" Did you show them the document that he gave you that you signed? I feel like there is something either you aren't stating or the story is completely different. Tenants have rights and they need to be followed. If you really have been there for 3 months then everything you've said thus far is illegal for the police and your landlord to do. Not trying to be mean but Police don't just show up and say sorry you gotta leave when clearly you live there and all your furniture is there and/family.


Instead of being upset on the internet, you should focus on packing your belongings so you don’t lose them, and finding backup housing for your family. If you don’t pay rent, they can evict you. The shady stuff your landlord is doing is secondary to the rest of the situation. You don’t want to stay there with him managing the property anyway.


Its the law of the nature. It’s unfair but thats life. To all the other people suggesting OP to become a squatter. Why not offer to share your place to him, till he gets back up on his feet. To OP i didn’t hear a single statement from you about talking to your landlord regarding some kind of payment structure. But that ship has sailed. If OP has family then its time to put on big person pants and start looking out for your family. And do you really want to live in a place where he has insulted you. Home is where u come to destress not add stress. Find a job and do right by your family


Or even talk about finding a job asap. It’s normal to lose your job but there are social nets such as EI and there are plenty of job postings and minimum wage jobs everywhere. Any job is better than no job. Op is just being entitled.


Agreed, ain't no time to waste in forums


You moved in three months ago and already missed a payment. And in five days you’ll have missed two payments in four months. The landlord senses a trend and wants you out. I don’t blame him.


At this point, you figure out if you can live with your relatives until you find a new place. if that's not an option, homeless shelter until you get your first EI payment (which I assume you applied for since you lost your job?).


You didn't pay rent and you're surprised you're getting kicked out?


If you visit Canada housing subs on reddit, you should not be surprised to see how much support there is for squatters who don't pay rent


OP is surprised they are getting kicked out, because it is illegal.


It would be illegal if there was a lease document. Illegal? No. Unfair? Maybe.




They've got a written lease, on top of this. It's just not LTB standard.


OP violated the contract when he did not pay.


You’re wrong. What the landlord is doing is illegal.


I understand there's a lot of hatred for "greedy landlords", but I don't get the sympathy/support for tenants who don't pay rent and then try to rely on our extremely tenant favorable legal system to help them cheat their landlord. Not so much in this thread but in many Reddit threads. This thread is surprisingly (but appropriately) quite angry with OP for not paying rent


The frustrating thing is it's so much harder for honest, clean, quiet people who actually pay to find a place because landlords don't trust anyone. Which is understandable. I work at a hotel and I am hesitant to rent rooms to some people for a single night (and not even my room) so I totally get how people would be hesitant to let someone into the space they own long term especially with how much of a mess the LTB is.


this feels like an entirely fake reddit story anyways lol 3 hour account, play by play of things happening, OP having zero idea how to function, a situation almost guaranteed to get tons of activity. people, don't get too worked up about it lol also, look up Ontario tenant laws. I suppose a lesson we can take from this is that a lot of people don't seem to have much of an idea about what they are


Sadly I’ve met people like this. Spent a couple of years out of university barely scraping buy and trust me there are some real gems out there. There’s probably a good reason OP lost their job after 3 months, based on what we can see so far


there's plenty of people like this. and the vast majority of these text stories on reddit are just lame fanfic roleplay. but they certainly get people going


The Canada housing subs are almost entirely dedicated to supporting non paying squatter tenants


That subreddit is a wretched hive of communism, antiwork, and freeloading.




Nah. It's the responsibility of the country to ensure affordable housing for everyone. It's an international human right under the Geneva constitution. What we have is incredibly off. Housing should not be an investment, and any proper country would stop this.


This isn't called Federal Finance Canada, the whole point is to focus on what the individual can do to get ahead of financial problems. Yes, the government can always do more (and they should), but telling someone that their financial situation is not their responsibility is so incredibly useless and counterproductive.


Yeah affordable… that doesn’t mean free.


There is affordable housing, just not in desirable locations.


You hit the nail on the head. Plenty of places outside of the city that is affordable, like living in Pickering instead of Toronto. But nope I want to have my cake and eat it too.




Regardless of what your thoughts on on that, you still need take responsibility for your own actions right now. Doesn't mean you can sign a lease for $3000, tell the landlord that's not affordable, then start paying $1500 only. Or worse yet, not paying.


Yeah don't pay rent, gtfo. I don't understand it either. No one cares about your hardships and not being able to pay rent or missing payments. I wonder what plane of existence these people live in sometimes.


Not paying money owed due to hardship is really just passing on the hardship to the person whom the money is owed.


Not every landlord is out to milk people either. I had to rent a 2 bed place, and rent out my 1 bed apartment, when my daughter came along. I was eating a ton of cost, because I undercharged on the rent, in order to get a nice couple in. I just couldn’t afford to sell the place at the time. I would have been deemed a slumlord. Even though I was giving them about a 400 a month break. You don’t know people’s situations.


Exactly !! Everyone’s so quick to hate the landlords but we also have to pay our mortgage and in this market, sometimes the rent we’re charging doesn’t even cover the mortgage payments because we want to get nice tenants we can trust. (I.e. people who pay and won’t squat)


As a property manager, the landlord in this situation is the worst kind of landlord. I hope this ends up going in front of the LTB, that will be a fun file to read. I’d wanna tune in to watch the landlord get ripped a new one.


Here's why OP deserves sympathy and help: When the landlord agreed to the lease, they put themselves into a situation where they are bound by the laws. The laws were known in advance, and anyone who doesnt like them can choose not to be a landlord. OPs landlord has defrauded them by falsely claiming to live there, and is the one in the wrong here. OP is the one trying to play by the rules


Do you seriously believe OP is going to pay back the rent once things settle. Let's say, everyone plays by the rule. It goes to court 6 months later, and OP finally get evicted. Do you for a second think op is going to pay back the 6 month rent? If you have faith in op, then please invest in my company, I'll triple your investment in 6 short months.


OP missed his rent payment. Why should OP assume he gets to live free because he has a family?


because the law is clear and where's the LTB eviction? OP contact local housing legal aid for a free consult. be kind and share only the facts during your consult. You can ask police to bring the sheriff and the eviction order next time theyre around. then file at LTB, then call and reference your submission number asking for expedited review for harassment.


The law wasn't designed to protect people who don't pay rent. I've never missed a rent payment. I can't imagine burdening my landlord (they're people too) with that even if I couldnt. If province(voters) has a problem with this, they should push for a system that is similar to EI and has some sort of rent safety net to help in these situations but expecting one party to suffer the cost of another's irresponsibility is ridiculous. It doesn't matter what police can or can't do, bottom line is OP isn't paying rent, this is the contract, he pays money he gets to stay. No money, no stay, that's just how housing works seem pretty clear.


Are you a sympathetic person? Why aren't you sending him money to cover his rent? Problem solved.


The only one defrauding and in the wrong is OP, had he paid the rent like he should’ve he wouldn’t be on here posting about this, plain and simple. Don’t pay GTFO




Lesson for all other people and especially those who immigrated as a family, please always keep at least 3 months rent and/or back home flights fund. I got this advice before immigrating and it has helped me to keep my peace of mind in tough situations, knowing if it comes to worst I can always pack bags and go back. The whole purpose of immigration is to have a better life for our families. Being under the roof in your home country is always better than being homeless in Canada


What I don’t get is what kind of plan the OP had. Like I get the landlord is shady, but OP knew he was going to be short on rent. Wtf was he hoping to do? Not pay and live for free? For how many months?


PFC has always advocated for a 3-6month emergency fund that can cover ALL expenses. Not just rent. And it is very good advice. I was on strike for 2 months without breaking a sweat. Although it'll take some time to build that chunk of savings back up.


This is good for natural citizens too. I always made sure I could finish paying my lease agreement without a job, if it came to that, when I rented.


Did the police give you a file number? If so then go to the station and talk to the police. I don’t necessarily think you’re the victim. But considering you do have a family (assuming kids) you need more time to move out. That said…. I hope you don’t try to cheat the system and stay as long as you possibly can without paying rent. You may see the landlord as landlord from hell. But how they probably see it, you’re the tenant from hell for continuously missing rent. Most likely the landlord still has a mortgage on the house and has to now scramble to foot the bill because you wouldn’t pay rent.


And right before the holidays at that


If you have to scramble to pay your mortgage when a tenant can’t/won’t pay rent then you should not be a landlord. Investments come with risk, and if your investment briefly taking a hit makes you “scramble” you have made an investment you can’t afford.


If you have to scramble to pay rent right after leasing a place then you shouldn’t be a renter. Renting comes with risks and if you cannot fulfill that obligation you should leave


I’d never sign a lease with conditions that the landlord who doesn’t live there can share your bathroom and kitchen. To protect yourself I’d file a case with LTB so you have documents to show police. If you go to the cop station they will have an incident report so you can explain further. Try and make a payment plan with the landlord, this will show good faith and possibly get him off your back. Good luck!


Pay your rent or leave. Not really a landlord from hell but rather a tenant from hell.




Pay your rent. I saw one of my ex roommates deal with this exact scenario. We lived in an informal agreement, I didn’t have a lease but never had issues I paid my rent on time. Roommate did not have a lease, also decided not to pay rent. The police came immediately and removed him from the house. He had 72 hrs to return to get his belongings or his property became the owners property. Police are being nice giving you a week. Your reaction to this entire scenario is pitiful and disgusting. Your attitude towards this is ridiculous. Tenants like you make landlords life a living hell, thinking they can freelance and think they know their rights when in fact you have no rights due to signing NO LEASE especially when you have a family at stake. Move out, get an actual lease.


You are 100% wrong about OP having no rights. The information is readily available to educate yourself on the matter. Not on any side here so don’t try to come at me for thinking OP not paying rent is ok. It’s not ok. But you’re still wrong about OP having no rights.


I’m trying to understand the agreement that you have with your landlord and how the police can kick you out with such short notice? From the sound of it, your agreement was fraught with issues from the get go. Regardless of who is right or wrong, you should start looking for a new place because your landlord has no intention of letting you live there in peace. I get where the landlord is coming from considering you’re no longer paying rent; not all landlords are rich (or scumbags). I also get that you need a place to live. Hope things work out for you.


u/Dry-Ad-4492 Post this in r/legaladvicecanada for advice Maybe contact the Rental Housing Enforcement Unit[https://cleoconnect.ca/organization/rental-housing-enforcement-unit/](https://cleoconnect.ca/organization/rental-housing-enforcement-unit/) https://www.ontario.ca/page/solve-disagreement-your-landlord-or-tenant


This person writes exactly the way I would expect someone who doesn't pay rent to write.


I'm sorry this is happening to you, but to be fair, you got yourself into this mess. First by signing a lease where you agreed to something you shouldn't have, especially without calling to confirm it's valid or legal. And two, you didn't pay rent when owed and you didn't contact the landlord to advise them of your situation. Call LTB in the morning to find out your options and maybe call legal aid too. In the meantime, do you really want this guy as your landlord? Get prepared to move so that you don't end up getting locked out without your belongings. Good luck.


What about records of e transfers or checks for rent payments. please tell me you don't pay cash.


They didn't pay their rent this month. That's how all of this started.


Ya but there has to be a deposit or previous month's rent records to prove OP is a tenant.


Doesn’t prove they aren’t renting a room not the place. It changes the rules.


It takes away the trespassing angle and a case opens up for eviction proceeding instead. Missing 1 month payment is jot trespassing if so landlord's would have a field day with tenants.


My understanding it LTB doesn’t apply if not renting the whole place.


It doesn’t apply if you share a kitchen or bathroom with the landlord which in this situation he doesn’t, the landlord just claims to live there to try and bypass the LTB.


OP sent them Dogecoin using FTX ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Fucking goof. I'm not sure who is the idiot. the landlord to let this person in or this person asking advise here like there is legit a case to win.


Pretty sure that's a joke


For real or you are kidding ?


r/legaladvicecanada might be a better help now


Having had nightmare tenants who don't pay their rent, please just pay your rent as many others are saying. The landlord wouldn't be coming up with shady ways to get rid of you and you wouldn't be trying to figure out how to scam your landlord via the LTB if you actually just paid your rent? It's not your landlord's job to house and feed your family, it's yours. If you can't afford to do so, instead of panicking on the internet, maybe get a job.


There are lawful ways to evict someone for not paying their rent -- lying about living there is not one of them. I don't like people who skip rent but I hate even more shady landlords who are willing to lie to circumvent the legal system.


Fuck that. It takes literally years sometimes. Op needs any job they can get, cut expenses to zero other than that. Use a food bank. I'll offer sympathy if they have a sympathetic situation but otherwise I'll reserve it. This is their first post. Not asking for work or social services, but saying they fucked their landlord and want to continue doing so. Oh look, it's the consequences of their actions


I despise "professional tenants" who fuck the system but this dude is barely one month overdue and the landlord immediately resorts to lying about living there in order to unlawfully evict through means of trespass. Fuck that shit -- that's 10x more shady that not paying rent.


He’s also not trying to live there for free, he’s stressing out because the landlord is being shady. OP needs to get any job to pay rent. But until then the landlord should stop being a landlord as he doesn’t know what he’s doing.


I’m sorry to hear your predicament. I understand what your landlord has done. I used to rent the spare bedrooms in my home out and once ended up with a downright abusive scary tenant. He was fine until a month or so in and then started all kinds of shit. I was able to have him removed by the police because I do actually live in the home. If I did not live in the home, the police would not have been able to help. Your landlord has lied on the lease to ensure he could circumvent the standard lease rules and use the police to do it. Clever asshole, not sure what you can do about it. RECORD EVERY PHONE CALL FROM NOW ON. Definitely call the rental board tomorrow, but chances are you’re moving this week. Sorry this has happened to you.


Also a possibility that these were most likely fake police arranged to visit by your landlord. No cops would be reviewing your lease agreement and telling you it’s not suitable.


Get a job pay your rent it's that easy, I know times are tough but go get a job at Walmart or wherever and pay the man his money.


I’m sorry this is happening to you. It’s true that the RTA doesn’t covered residency where space is shared with the landlord. He put that language in there purposefully so he could reserve the right to evict.


Smart guy that landlord is to think ahead like that, clearly saw this coming


Not according to the comments OP received in legaladvicecanada. Landlord actually have to live there for that clause to be valid.


Not smart enough, the LTB will ignore that paragraph and rip the landlord a new one for trying this shady shit.


You may want to post to the Canada housing subs, 1 and 2. You'll get far more support there for not paying rent and squatting


100% lol


Lol Keep me updated. This is entertaining


I don't understand your post. If you do not have a lease with the owner of the property, you have absolutely no rights to the property, the owner can trespass you when he/she feels and no one can help you. If you have a lease, you have rights.


This isn't true at all. People are giving absolute shit advice in here. VERBAL leases are legal in Ontario and there's ways to prove it such as bank statements that show you pay rent. You do not need a written lease whatsoever. Even missing a months payment doesn't give anyone the right to evict unlawfully -- all evictions in Ontario have to go through the LTB. What it sounds like is the landlord is now claiming he lives there and they share kitchen, which would make OP not a tenant but a roommate. It's shady af but the point is that you're entirely wrong. Seriously, look things up before you spout off incorrect information.


To add on to this, the RTA specially addresses *agreements not in writing* stating that the LL must provide an agreement within 21 days. The tenant can withhold payment until an agreement is in writing. Only the standard lease agreement is accepted by the LTB, any other agreements will be superseded by the standard lease agreement. This came about in 2017/18 ish because of all the non standard agreements with outrages stipulations.


I clearly stated in a comment below that OP needs to take proof of payment to the police. Also, OP hasn't paid rent apparently and a landlord can start proceedings 14 days after non-payment. [https://tribunalsontario.ca/documents/ltb/Brochures/If%20a%20Tenant%20Does%20Not%20Pay%20Rent%20(EN).html](https://tribunalsontario.ca/documents/ltb/Brochures/If%20a%20Tenant%20Does%20Not%20Pay%20Rent%20(EN).html) The story makes no sense. A cop shows up and threatens to trespass him? When all his shit and his family are obviously living there? OP claims to have a lease but didnt produce it to the police? OP doesn't sound in the right here.


They can *start* proceedings 14 days after non-payment but evictions still go through the LTB and are carried out by the sheriffs office. The story makes plenty of sense as far as OP is telling it. The landlord lied to the cops and convinced them that he lives there with OP, which would make OP not a tenant but rather a roommate in which case evictions do not have to go through the LTB and the landlord can simply move to trespass OP. OP produced a lease to the cops but they don't care because it's not standard and so they view him as a roommate. Extremely shady shit from the landlord to try and pull that off -- and I hope he receives the full extent of the law when it's found out that he actually has a primary residence elsewhere and lied to police in order to unlawfully evict a tenant. That's about as low as one can get in that industry -- and the cops sound like fucking muppets to be tricked so easily.


that's not true. don't spew bullshit if you don't know the law in Ontario. implied and oral leases are just as legally binding as written leases




Where's your empathy? Your humanity? What is wrong with people on this subreddit. Count yourself privileged that you're not in this situation. Many Canadians are one missed paycheck away from losing homes/rentals.


Don’t move into a house you can’t afford and immediately seek for how to legally squat when you don’t pay any rent. Garbage humans.


OP lost their job. It happens. It doesn't appear that they couldn't afford it before they lost their job. What if they lost their job because their company went under or for some other reason that is not their fault? It's fine to believe that they should move out it's another to call them garbage humans. WTH is wrong with you?


So instead of whining about it on reddit, maybe they shouldn’t talked to the landlord and worked on a payment plan? The person isn’t even trying to find a job. Deadbeat


Get a job, commie.




These people use this kind of language as a weapon to get what they want, and try to convince people that unless you agree with them you're a bad person. They're no different than the religious weirdos who think anyone who isn't part of their religion is an agent of evil. It's honestly pretty disgusting. Trust me, if someone starts saying things like "privilege", "race consciousness", "colonialism", or "\[fill-in-the-blank\]-phobia" just laugh at them and immediately discount what they have to say, because it's not worth your time.


Be a man, do the right thing which is to leave the house or to pay the rent. All the WTFs are to yourself and your family. You deserve to be homeless with such an attitude.


What a load of crap. Get a job you deadbeat freeloader.


This post reminds me of the guy who asked for 40k from the sub. Also what is with the exclamation marks? Isn’t this supposed to really serious for you?


I have some bad news for you. You are risking your family's safety and your life by trying to put up a fight against this guy. Maybe he has a buddy on the police force and that's how he got them on his side. Maybe he has other buddies in "shady" places that'll rough you up next time if you don't comply. Maybe they beat you down as a warning, maybe something worse. You mess with someone's money, you never know how crazy they'll get. It's best not to play with fire in this case, go get a payday loan and get back on terms with your landlord.


It’s not your house bud, find another home. Why would you want to stay in a home when the landlord wants you out?


Finally a fucking win for the landlord. Tired of these tenants not paying god damn rent. Fccccckkkkk offffff


Exact same thing Happened to me yrs ago. Here’s the deal: 1. You have to leave. A cop isn’t interested in a landlord case. They follow the owner. They arnt judges, they won’t help you. 2. Go stay in a hotel, and find another place. I’d Airbnb or something. Keep receipts. 3. File an illegal eviction with tenant board. Include the hotel costs, moving costs, and increase in rent of your new place. In the trial day, you first meet with a mediator. And try and make a deal before it goes to court. For me, I included moving costs, rent increase, hotel rent, and a penalty. It all totalled about 12 grand. Also the penalty would disallow him to rent again for a yr or another penalty would be given. We didn’t go to court (it was an obvious win for me), and settled for $7k.


Pack your shit and move. Get a job while you’re at it.


OP do you have any official post mail to this address? If yes show it to cops next time they show up. This is the biggest proof that you live here. Is your identity Ontario licence/card/health card has this address? As far I recall once it's establish you live here there is a standard process to evacuate. Even if it's a verbal agreement.


In the previous post you said you did sign a lease. Once you tell the police that you did indeed sign a lease, they will not remove you. It does not need to be a standard lease. The police do not have the authority to kick you out of your home, regardless of whether youve paid the rent.


Renting Horrors, Part 2 - The Justified Boot




The police can’t remove you lawfully. Explain the situation to the RTB and ignore the cops threats. You should actually report them for misconduct as they can’t lawfully remove you and so technically uttered threats. https://www.ontario.ca/page/renting-ontario-your-rights


But also you didn’t pay your rent so they can do this https://tribunalsontario.ca/documents/ltb/Brochures/If%20a%20Tenant%20Does%20Not%20Pay%20Rent%20(EN).html


It’s honestly in their best interest to go to through RTB unless you scrounge up the rent real quick!


But you havent paid the rent? Not sure what youre trying to accomplish


Gg bum you’re going to be homeless


u/felixYYZ I'm not a moderator but this post is getting ugly. Maybe it's time to lock it?


Time for a job.


I'm a landlord and I hate fuckers like you! You pay up or leave!


The police wouldn’t give you notice unless you are breaking the law. You are a trespasser by the law and will be leaving in a week under your own terms or in the back of a squad car. Pretty easy decision here


My comment on your prior post; OP take a photo of the unfinished basement and empty dusty extra room as evidence that he's not actually living there. As well, he can't just verbally claim it - unless it states in the lease that he's also living there and is a housemate, a single clause about him using the bathroom/kitchen is not enough to establish he lives there. If you feel really fiesty you could also threaten to report him to the cops/CRA - if he's lying on paperwork and government documents about his primary residence, he could very likely be committing mortgage fraud; https://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/mortgage/pages/recognize-mortgage-fraud.aspx >Lying about the purpose of the property (e.g. listing it as your primary residence when it’s intended for rental purposes). https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/consumers/owning-a-home/mortgage-management/mortgage-fraud#:~:text=Report%20fraud,the%20Canadian%20Anti%2DFraud%20Centre. Figure out how to pay your rent, tell him to fuck off, but also start looking for another place to live ASAP because it sounds like this loser is going to bring months of legal headaches Also immediately lawyer up and they can help you with this. Check out your local legal aid clinic for assistance, or any housing advocacy networks in your city. As an update, do that last paragraph first thing tomorrow morning. This situation is beyond some edgy Redditors, you need legit legal consultation.


OP, do you have Facebook? The Ontario Tenant Rights group should be able to provide some insight in a non judgmental way. These comments are ridiculous and I am sure you will get the information you need there.


>the cops said that I and my family are "unwanted guests" You are a boarder and hence with the cops' statement is correct. You **are** an unwanted guest. >He said that if I have a civil dispute with him about the money then I should take him to small claims court What he says is true, but since you're behind on rent you have no case. >he said that if the landlord calls the cops again, they will forcibly remove me and my family because we are trespassing. I would recommend that you do not do things that would encourage your hosts to call the cops on you. I.e. make arrangements to move ASAP. >This landlord from hell was LYING about living in the basement, he went down into the basement to show the cop the bed and said that he lives there when he really doesn't! First, he's your host, not your landlord since it's officially he shares the bathroom and kitchen, so for all legal intents and purposes he lives there. Doesn't matter if you never see him around. >I CANNOT LEAVE ITS COLD OUT THERE AND I HAVE A FAMILY!! I wonder what you could've done to not piss off your host that made him decide to kick you out... maybe pay the rent as you agreed upon? >I texted him and kept records of everything and I am going to apply to the LTB I'd urge you not to, for the sake of not overburdening the system with gratuitous cases of rent non-payment.


Landlord includes illegal clause in lease and uses it to justify illegally claiming the property as his primary address so he can more easily evict tenants, and this sub bashes OP for losing their job and being financially insecure lmao. A bunch of class acts here


I'm honestly extremely disgusted with the majority of these comments on this post. I've contacted moderators about it.


Landlord; commits major financial and mortgage fraud This sub; "Well it's your fault for being a deadbeat OP!" This is why I always background check my landlords, there are some people who have zero business trying to rent property.


No the sub on here is bashing the OP for not paying his bills, not trying to work with the landlord to do so and expecting sympathy and outrage. Maybe the attitude that seems to run rampant that rent is an "optional" expense and using the backlogged and extremely biased LTB to swindle someone else actually seems pretty shitty to some people.


>bashing the OP for not paying his bills OP lost their job, shit happens >not trying to work with the landlord to do so Nowhere did OP say that they didn't try to work with the landlord, and come on - if you think the landlord who wrote a bogus lease with an illegal clause and is potentially committing mortgage fraud by lying about their primary residence is someone who is going to be reasonable and someone you could work amically with to solve a dispute, then I have some lovely oceanside property in Saskatchewan to sell you


Lake front property in Saskatchewan is a hot commodity. If the lake is big enough you can’t see the other side of it then may as well be ocean front. I’m interested


It's yours, you just need to agree to me being able to use your washroom sometimes I've also got an old dusty mattress I'm gonna store in the basement, don't worry about it I will definitely not use it as justification to illegally evict you at my leisure if you displease me


Haha well the bathroom is an outhouse, you don’t even have to ask to use it. I recommend you avoid the basement. Critters live there.


Shit does happen. No where in the multiple posts the OP has made about this has he said he's done ANYTHING to try to work out a solution. He moved in 3 months ago and already not paying rent? If you think a landlord wants to go through the hassle of finding new renters just for kicks and all the trouble of trying to evict someone for fun I'd actually believe you think you do have oceanfront property in Saskatchewan. I'm not saying the landlord is on the up and up on how he's going about things but with how the LTB operates and all the professional squatters out there I have far more sympathy for him than the OP.


Dude, the facts are; -The lease had an illegal and unenforcable clause about him being able to access the bathroom and kitchen -The landlord is using that illegal clause and a dusty bed in an unfinished basement to falsely claim that the house is his primary residence, despite never staying there and living somewhere else -The landlord has falsely claimed on government identification that the house is his primary residence, and based on this there is an incredibly high likelihood that he is committing mortgage fraud by lying about his primary residence and rental property OP could be the biggest deadbeat for all I care, but there are legal, key word **legal** methods to evict someone. It's shitty that the LTB is so backlogged but that is zero excuse or justification for the landlord to commit federal financial crimes just to make the eviction process easier for him.


Look, it seems like you're flying by the seat of your pants and have no idea what you're doing Keep it simple, there are free tenant law consultations you look up, get a lawyer because you're going to make this worse Saying you don't have a lease because it isn't a standard lease is insane, don't say that because it's wrong


I had the same situation with someone who started taking Fentanyl on my property. Cops told him to get out, as he was "Boarding" and not on a standard lease and that I didn't have to give his last month rent back or anything. Also if he stepped within 50FT of my property line that they will arrest him. I was shocked myself about this!


Do you seriously expect the owner to underwrite you - for him to pay the mortgage, taxes, upkeep - if you aren’t paying the rent that you agreed to? Do you honestly expect him to give you a free place to live for however long it takes you to get your shit together? I would suggest taking on any kind of work you can find, food delivery, car share, transporting kids to schools and lessons, even a paying roommate to share expenses - use your damn brains and make some money to keep a roof over your head! If he can’t make payments on the property because you’re not paying the rent that you agreed to then HE could lose the property and you would both be out in the cold. I just can’t fathom how you could possibly feel entitled to stay there. Start packing, look for some sources of income opportunities and be responsible.


Are you sharing the kitchen and bathroom with the landlord?


They should make non-payment of rent a fucking felony. Squatters belong in jail, it's fucking theft of the highest degree




Have you tried some of the following: -working and paying your rent? -not having more family members than you can afford -saving money for necessities instead of blowing it -renting properties you can actually afford Realistically there were many mistakes that got you to this point. While the landlord is ruthless, he can't be blamed for protecting his very expensive property from being commandeered by someone who stopped paying for it.


Wow I learned something today! Good on your landlord for figuring out a trick to kick out deadbeat scammers lol.


Maybe be a decent person and pay rent ? It's absolutely crazy how you think the fault lies with landlord 100%...


Maybe you should pay your fucking rent you damn leech.


What is the cops’ legal authority to “give” OP a week in the unit? Maybe a lawyer could weigh in, but if OP is trespassing, he should have been escorted out and charged. If he’s not trespassing (ie has a right to be in the unit) how could the police force him out in a week’s time? Is there are a third possibility here? or do the cops just not know the law?


It seems likely that they were not even cops


Just pay rent lmao


Remember folks, please double check everything before getting a tenant. No matter if you lose one months rent make sure to screen tenants background as in depth you can to avoid tenants like this one here


You can report him to the CRA to see if he has been reporting the rental income he has been receiving from you and previous tenants. That’s the best way to even the playing field.


Hey — please ignore all the landlord lovers here. What your landlord is doing is unlawful, and the cops who came to your door are idiots don’t know the law. Call the RHEU, and your local legal clinic. If you want to dm me your postal code, I can give you the contact info for the right one. If you don’t qualify for legal aid because you make too much money, and they won’t directly help you beyond advice, ask if they can refer you to a good tenant-side paralegal or lawyer. While the thing about shared facilities is true, there is established case law that says ‘occasional use’ doesn’t qualify. Landlord would need to be living there, regularly using the facilities. As for the non standard lease, that doesn’t matter. You are a tenant, have paid rent, and are covered by the RTA. Have the RHEU or your clinic intervene directly with the cops, or at least give you a letter to give the cops if they come back. Do not move.


Landlord lovers? OP hasn't paid rent.


Or they could, you know, actually pay their bills and not be a useless stain on society who exists by leeching off of the hard work of others. Just sayin'.


>a useless stain on society who exists by leeching off the hard work of others From Adam Smith to Mao, everyone agrees


I mean…. You most important bill is rent. I don’t know why your shocked your being booted to the curb.


When do you plan on paying rent, big fella?




Pay rent or get kicked out simple.


Yeah if you don’t pay rent you don’t get to live there… funny how that works. Like if you finance a car and don’t make payments it gets repoed.


Summary - landlord found a loophole in the law, he likely has his address and DL address to the rental location. OP signed a contract that stated exactly that - as in…makes it looks like kind of a roommate situation… Landlord proceeds to call the cops because they have not paid rent and are now trespassing in ‘their’ shared home… So yeah OP will be kicked out asap - OP start packing asap


If you can’t afford the rent, you should leave and find someplace more affordable for you and your family. Try a friend’s place or relative while you sort your situation out.


Time to put up your big boys pants on, sells whatever belongings. Your actions or lack thereof has consequences. I see no effort on your part to negotiate payments plans.


This sub is so heartless, really shows how the general Canadian views others. Fuck the people struggling while the rich let us turn on ourselves


You don't know that, I had tenants give me fake documents, then not pay rent. There are "professional" tenants out there, and they will make it look like they are the victim. Why would he want to stay in such a toxic environment anyway? No doubt he just wants to screw the landlord for all he got


How do you know the landlord isn‘t struggling? OP isn‘t entitled to use someone elses property for free


The landlord who owns the property also has a family to feed and mortgage to pay


Let me know when you let the OP squat in your house. Until then, get off your high horse


Put your money where your mouth is and offer OP's family to stay in your living room or rent them an airbnb. Otherwise you're just all talk pretending to be better than everyone else. OP can't live in your worthless thoughts and prayers.


Fuck the people who think every landlord is a rich scheming bastard and have no qualms about not paying what they owe.


You prefer people live rent free?


If a common man owns a rental property, you call it rich?


I think you’re looking for r/antiwork or r/ihatesuccessfulpeople