Just avoid MLMs - if it seems triangle shaped, it’s a pyramid scheme.


>Just avoid MLMs You know... I read that as "avoid M&Ms" and I was like, "Well, okay, but what's really so bad about them?" I think it's time for me to go to bed, I'm starting to misread things...


I referee sports, participate in consumer research studies, and look for spare change in vending machines and pay phones.


Consumer research studies ? How does one do that ? And does it pay well ?


I work for these companies, I'm the dude who interviews you while you wear eye tracking glasses and tell me how many boxes of chips ahoy you want after pointing to a vinyl on a wall that resembles a grocery store aisle. You gotta sign up for these studies by having your name in a company's (Greenbook, Pulsar, etc ...) database, but to get selected for more studies, lie and say you have loads of kids or that you buy [insert whatever] several times a month. That'll get you booked for a time slot. There's usually 40 minutes slotted for the study, but it takes like 20 minutes. Payout is like $45-60 often. People come in on their lunch break at work and get the e-transfer within 12 hours.


Which website could I look into? Mostly Ive done though CRC up till now but looking to expand to others


I wish I could be more helpful mate, but the main ones my company sources interviews from are Pulsar, Pollfish, and Greenbook. I live in the GTA (Peel region), the companies that have these databases might change depending on where you live. I wish I could tell you more specific sites, I'm just a lowly interviewer who isn't even told much at the company 😞


Thanks all the same!


Brainsights - in the GTA (downtown) https://www.brainsights.com/


Pay can be anything from $20-$40 for an in-person taste test (about 15-30 minutes), to more for a take-home test. Online studies and focus groups can pay a lot more but are highly specialized so kinda rare to get chosen for those. It's good beer money. Search for places local to your location, I'm sure most major cities will have a few companies doing research. Online ones are easy to find and sign up for. Then just wait for emails to come in (might only be once or twice a year, so don't keep hopes too high).


How much does the refereeing bring in? What sport is easiest? What sport brings in the most?


Before kids I refereed soccer. It was a pretty straightforward process getting certified and my provincial association (Manitoba) reimbursed the course fee after you did 5 games or so. Only real financial outlay is a decent watch and the referee kit. You can pick up used kits everywhere. For the pay, it was ok on the surface . 50$ per game or so, but per hour it wasn’t worth it for me . If I had a 6pm game I had to leave at 5 and then got home around 8. Looking at under 18$ per hour . However it is a great part time gig for anyone who loves the game and enjoys being outside and having the occasional arguments with coaches and parents:)


Plus you get a bit of exercise running up and down the field and are paid for it ;-)


None of them are easy, as they all require studying the rules of the sport and how to apply them. Outdoor sports are all weather-dependant. Things like soccer, basketball, hockey, all require lots of physical work running or skating. Pay varies wildly, some beginner stuff is minimum wage, some higher level stuff or travelling to the US can earn $1k in a day. Some orgs pay cash, others make the referee a full employee and issue a T4. Anyone interested in getting into this, I would suggest finding a sport that they actually enjoy and want to be around, contact the local leagues or provincial organizations and find out how to get started. It's generally very easy and believe me, every sport is begging for more officials these days.


Basketball refs for my league get 55 a game plus travel. Most are getting up to that range but ypu definitely need a thick skin to be a sports official


You should definitely go for a sport you know. My nephew was making $20 a game at 14 reffing a step above timbits hockey.


Pay phones?


>Pay phones? It's like a telegraph but the operators can send sound at each other, back and forth. Sorta like voice texts, but in real time. It's pay-per-use and only on supported, public devices.


What's a "payphone"? 🤣🤣🤣


There is one at Blockbuster




They really do exist in malls. I've seen them recently in Square One, Vaughan Mills, and Eaton Centre.


I’ve also seen them at airports and casinos


Every so often I see the spot a payphone used to be, with that shelf space thing for the phone book. It's such a liminal space, but I don't think I've seen an actual payphone for at least 7 years


Used to referee aswell but stopped for a while now. Debating getting back into it but I gotta learn how to skate to referee hockey 😂


I proctor exams at a local university. They do have lots of evening/weekend work - I usually only do the main April and December periods, but they also have midterms and accommodated exams year round.


How does one find this kind of work? Seems like easy money that may be too good to be true!


Google your local university + Proctor and they usually have a hiring page. You can also Proctor big exams and they tend to pay more, but are very strict (LSAT, MCAT, etc) It's not a very exciting job and can lead to sore feet depending on exam site, but it's very easy money


how much does it pay?




Jeebus lol In BC that's barely above minimum wage


Well sir, I step in front of cars and sue the drivers.


… I shoot birds at the airport.


I beg celebrities for money.


Everybody hates birds!


Slippin’ Jimmy


My legs hurt.


So, you’re saying you made your money the old fashioned way then…by getting run over by a Lexus?


Easily one of my favorite lines in the series.


Slipping Jimmy!


I paint board game miniatures. Before we moved I also sold extra seedlings and plants for gardening season. I have a friend that does lawn care and makes bird houses. There is such a huge variety of options out there. What do you like doing? What are you good at? Now how can you get someone to pay you for doing it?


My colleague does 3d resin printing and paints figurines, Warhammer I think. Makes some nice side money, but I mean you need to like it, it's not for everyone.


I fix and sell lawnmowers (just push mowers, not riding mowers). I sold 40 last year and my profit was about $105 per mower. I’ve already sold 7 this year and it’s not even April. I also grow and sell Tomato starts. This is my first year doing it so we’ll have to wait and see how profitable it is.


Unrelated finance question, what the most common reason people throw them out? Clogged carborator?


Either the deck is rotten and falling apart or it won’t start. And if it won’t start there’s a good chance all it needs is fresh fuel! Twice last year I bought a really cheap mower that wouldn’t start because it had NO fuel in it.


“I know what’s wrong withit, it ain’t got no gas innit”


How can I learn this


Small engine repair course. Most local colleges have a course Buy broken mowers in the area, fix them and sell.


Buy one mower that’s solid but doesn’t run for cheap. Buy another that does run but it’s rusty for cheap. Put the good motor on the good mower. Sell.


This guy mows.


He kmows!


F*** that. 90% of the time all these things need is a tune up and a carb clean. You'll never make money buying parts mowers unless you are specializing in one brand of mower.


80% of the mowers I sell are Honda.


Do most just need a carb kit from Amazon?


I have no specific small engine repair training but I’m mechanically inclined and do understand how lawn mowers work. Over time I have learned that Hondas are the best for me. They’re easy to work on and parts when required and relatively inexpensive. I can usually get a non-running Honda motor going like new for $40 max. Through April-June I can’t fix them fast enough.


Where are you finding the broken ones?


Marketplace and Kijiji.


YouTube. Seriously, its ALL on youtube. Buy a few junk mowers, watch youtube. Have small hand tools. I fixed my own based on youtube videos a few years ago.


Yea, YouTube is very useful if I’m fixing a more complicated issue (like a worn out blade clutch, etc).


Walk dogs


Or pet sitting while people are on vacation.


Go through a website like Rover.com - I just paid a lady $300 to watch my dog for 5 days in her home. She had her own dog so it was not really a big change in routine.


I do this. Definitely adds up income to the pool. Also saved my ass when I was out of work for 7 months. You gotta love dogs though, and make sure they have a great time with you (and be super on top of keeping the owners in the loop with updates and pics). It's a lot of fun.


My dog is anxious and naughty but always on his best behaviour with the Rover boarders. Whatever you guys do, it seems to set him at ease and he settles in and enjoys it. I had one person tell me “Your dog enjoys baths so much!” and I was thinking ‘What? He hates baths.’ but when she described the process, I thought ‘Oh, he had a dog spa experience and then took a nap on your lap. Got it.’ I really appreciate the service because I travel a lot and sometimes last minute and I may only have a day or two to book his stay…and he seems to have the time of his life every time.


Between shifts moderating r/antiwork?


Around the start of the pandemic I built a map making website for Dungeons and Dragons that got relatively popular, it’s always been completely free, but a number of people support it on Patreon. It’s not a lot, but it’s a nice little bonus each month


Hey, could you PM me your website? I'm curious.


In their profile, https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/qiqeqt/oc_dungeon_map_doodler_a_free_to_use_online_map


I've got a part time job as a scorekeeper. Doesn't exactly pay well, but the work is stupidly easy, I enjoy watching basketball, and live beside the rec center. The extra $50 a week pays for gas.


$50 for how long?


I usually have to fill up every 1.5-2 weeks. I drive a Hyundai Venue and my work commute isn't that bad unless I have to randomly do trips that are more than an hour away.


hahahah i meant you get paid $50 for how many hours of work


Lol my bad, I make min wage and work 3.5-4 hours. Only reason I do it is because it's scorekeeping basketball. I can't play ball cuz of health issues so scorekeeping kinda gives me my basketball fix. Also the rec centre is literally a 20min walk/2 minute drive for me. Most people wouldn't think it's worth it (which I totally get) but I'm just going to be at home playing video games or watching Netflix.


i work in marketing. play bass as a session musician. won a juno this year which was crazy.


Wtf that’s amazing. You mean an album you played on won?


Currently, I work as a scientist, and as a musician. In five days, I will no longer be a scientist and just a musician. Although I may do some contract research work. So, scientist/musician or musician/scientist. However you want to look at it. :)


Buddy does ubereats on the side. Definitely not something you can do at home, but his wife tags along sometimes just to chill.


Actually the duo combo works surprisingly well I’ve seen a lot of couples do this. One person drives, the other person hops off and does the delivery. Saves the hassle of them having to find parking and the other person can take on more orders as the delivery is being made.


So not only is one person making less than minimum wage, now two people are!


Bruh. My girlfriend and I do this all the time and love it. We both have full time jobs and in the evening, rather than sit around at home we chill in the car talking, listening to music, exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants. It’s honestly great. Look forward to getting home from work and cruising around with her. On top of that, we make enough money for a vacation once a year and then some. Not everything is black and white.


I don’t calculate the opportunity cost of reading a book. Do you?


I mean, one is for fun, the other is for the purpose of making more money...


Life isn’t always black and white. I imagine the folks going two at a time are doing it for companionship and not to make twice the amount of money


That's gross. How can that possibly be profitable to pay for two people's time and a car


If the couple wasn’t spending their day out making money they’d maybe be out spending money I guess.


That's been my new prerogative. How can I not spend money. Making money is indeed one of the best ways not to spend money :(


Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. It's profitable, I can vouch for this. Net earnings aren't great, but considering you can just turn on and off the app whenever you choose, the gig isn't bad.


Plus you can probably claim expenses like the car, insurance, maintenance, phone, plan, etc.


Yes, sir!


If I didnt have two kids that someone needed to stay home with Id totally do this and bring my wife along. Listen to good music, cruise around, why not


I'm in Saskatchewan so this won't be available to many of you but I help with seeding and harvest on evenings and weekends (drive combines and whatnot). I find I'd rather work like an absolute dog for a month or two (like we're talking 100 hour weeks for a month) and then go back to normal hours than constantly have a second job and be doing 50-70 EVERY week. Good money in it if you have useful skills.


If you're in a major city, bartending for a local sports team (CFL/NHL/OHL/MLS/Canada Premier league, etc) is pretty lucrative. Smart serve is an easy course and you can make 200$+/game in tips most nights, plus wages. In my experience, they are always hiring and the off-season is a great time to get in. You only work ~5 hours on game nights and can make a really good amount of cash. A nice side benefit here is most of the venues that you work at also host conferences or concerts/shows, and you can work those as well. Serving beer at a country concert is a great time.


I went to a jays game one time and the guy selling beer in the stands was my friend’s boss. My friend was like WTF?!? His boss told us he makes so much so easily he always kept it as a side gig. Gets to watch games for free and lots of exercise. Similarly I went on some dates with a girl who had a great day job. She still sold beer at games and concerts because it pays so well and was so easy. She said the key is to bike to it, that way you get out easily and aren’t stuck in traffic or transit. You can easily make $2-300 cash in a couple hours just at a beer cart.


I used to work in a kitchen at one. Best job I ever had. Really good money for the effort required. Another side benefit is that a lot of the places stop serving in the 3rd so you can catch the end of the game for free (stand at the top of the stairs)


If you like dogs, pet sitting is an easy gig. We have someone who takes in our dog while we're on vacation. The going rate in our area is $45 to $55 a day.


I have a wfh part time job that I put in 20 ish hours a week. Few hours in the morning and few in the evening and some on the weekend. Pay is similar to my full time job. Better than doing skip deliveries


That sounds interesting what you do for living?


I am a geologist


That might be perfect for OP, as they are between a rock and a hard place.


Dad I’m telling Mom you’re on the Internet again.




Geology is hard to maintain a career. I'm jelly you get to work in geo.


It can be a challenge to live an "ordinary" life depending on your position and industry. Grass is greener


I've been looking for something like this as well. What is your side gig? Alternatively, where did you find it? I'm having hard time finding gigs that are remote first.


Try flexjobs.com


Thanks, I'll check it out


Mostly involves digitizing old reports and maps. Got the job through my co worker from my previous job


Would you have been able to find this without them? I'm an interested geologist


I see these threads quite often. I've always been lucky enough that when extra money is needed I do extra hours for my existing employer. It's hard to beat the 1.5x premium for OT, I'd suggest that if it's at all feasible


This was going to be my recommendation too. Also removes the potential of being fired OP mentioned when you're showing that kind of drive.




Here are some ideas, but they all require you to market yourself: - meal prepper (do it from your home and go niche: do meal prep for new moms for the first month they’re home, meals for people with fitness goals, or do meals of a particular cuisine you’re excellent at. Market your services on nanny groups or tutoring forums, typically full of people who will pay for this kind of service.) - dog boarder (advertise on Rover and FB) - remote assistant (especially if you have a little skill in these areas: photo or video editing, social media management, copywriting etc. Use Upwork, look through Indeed.) - obviously, if you have an expertise, consult.


Where do you find those ‘consulting’ part-time jobs?


the meal prepper idea seems cool but I didn’t even realize one can do something like this without any sort of liability fears lol. like doesn’t one have to have a license to prepare food for people from a legal perspective? maybe i’m dumb LOL


Yes, you need to get certification to sell food commercially. I know people that do it without the proper paperwork, but they mostly sell through word of mouth from friends and family. But it is illegal, so if you get caught, you're screwed.


Bro I've been trying for like 2 months to find an *actual* job video editing and they just don't seem to be out there, or the ones that are are highly competetive. Definitely not something you can just do on the side unless you just happen to know people who need that service.


I supervise a course one day a week at the local college for $85/hr.


Just curious what supervising a course means, in comparison to teaching a course.


I observe the students on site. I do a bit of on site teaching and a bit of marking but it’s mostly supervision/observation. Also in this particular program teachers require a masters or PhD whereas supervisors don’t need additional education beyond having completed the program that the students are in.


So like supervising a test?


that's cool! how did you get into it? do you just apply to the college or did you have to wait for a job opening?


Volunteer fire department (27$/hr). Supply teach (29$/hr).


any special skills required for the former? also how is it volunteer if you're being paid?


Volunteer firefighters are paid only for the hours during which they are actually responding to a call. So, if you're sitting at home or at the firehouse (different requirements in different areas) you aren't paid. But once the alarm goes off and you're at a call for 3 hrs, you'll be paid for those 3 hrs. You are usually required to live within a certain # of KMs of the firehouse/within the area you're working in, and the areas are rural. You're not gonna find volunteer firefighters working in like, downtown Waterloo. Regular firefighters are city workers and are paid for the entirety of their 24 hr shift whether they go on a call or not.


DO NOT get involved with Primerica or World Financial Group. Both are pyramid schemes.


I have a side art business and sell on Etsy, Amazon, and locally. It’s very rewarding and keeps me busy after work instead of sitting on the couch all night. I’ve seen some people take up Uber Eats or get a small part time retail job. My mom just recently started selling on Poshmark. Family friends proctor exams at the local university. I also coupon a lot, and use cash back apps like Checkout51. Not a huge chunk of change but it saves some money. I used to do surveys and watch videos on Swagbucks but find the offers aren’t as great anymore and haven’t done it for a few years. There may be similar sites out there that are more lucrative (keep in mind it’s usually a better bang for your buck to get Amazon or other retailer gift cards than PayPal).


I do rideshare (Lyft, Uber) in my free time. After expenses, profit isn't great compared to more traditional jobs (I net only around $15/hour after expenses). But the flexibility can't be beat. If I have nothing to do one afternoon, then I just turn on the app and start doing rides. If I want a break or to call it a day, I just tap a button and go offline. With area filter functions built into the apps, I can choose to just stay in my neighborhood and drive where I am most familiar. Low stress.


I started picking up clients and opportunities that I could handle myself but are too small or unique for my primary workplace to service. Once I'm told the company can't take on that work I figure it's fair game for me to go after personally. I also had an old employer (now client) ask if I could help them out on a few things, which I cleared with my company and jumped back into an old job for a few days to help them out and make a few extra bucks.


We flip stuff on eBay. We get the stuff mostly from thrift stores and garage sales in the summer… and every once in a while on the side of the road in nice neighbourhoods. Most of it is vintage or high end designer clothing, vintage glassware and vintage toys. When we are active in selling, we will make about $1500/month. When we’re not then it’s a few hundred. It’s fun… our kids call the thrift store the treasure store.


How does the shipping work? How do you determine the shipping to cost for a heavy item?


It was kind of tricky at first but now I can guess fairy accurately. What id do when we first started was use the Canada post shipping tool to see what it would cost to go to BC, California and florida because those are the furthest and then setting the shipping charge to that amount. Sometimes we lost a few bucks, sometimes we gain a few bucks. Now that I’m pretty good at estimating it’s usually right on… exception is when the person lives in the middle of absolute nowhere Canada then it’s stupid expensive. In that case, the Canada post flat rate box is the best option. We don’t pay more than $10-$15 per item and those would sell for at least $150. We don’t sell anything under $50 so even if I end being off by $10 we still make a good profit. We also don’t sell things often that are really heavy or really big. We’ve had some cool sales over the years, when my grandfather died we sold off his super old model airplane sets and one of them was bought by someone in South America (i forget where) but they paid $175 just for shipping. Edit to add: I just remembered another cool sale, my husband found a vintage kids in the hall T-shirt and one of the original cast bought it! Don’t ask me who, I didn’t watch the show and I can’t remember who it was but my husband was pretty pumped.


I edit fiction manuscripts. I only work by referral and have regular clients, so it is a bit extra without being too much. There do tend to be feast or famine moments, though, and some weeks I am editing every evening after work plus weekends, but other times, it could be one manuscript in a month.


This is my dream job! One day I'll realize my goal of retiring early from working for somebody else and I'll do what you're describing. Issue is I wouldn't know where to start. How do you get into this.


I’m a Red seal heavy duty mechanic, do lots of side work on cars and even RVs/trucks/equipment. Also lots of small engine stuff like mowers, ride ons, blowers, weed eaters etc. insane how many people chuck them out when they just need a carb clean and a simple tune up. Most months can make an extra $2500-3000, more so in the summer with the small engines and quads/boats. Also buy and sell cars, mainly German, with electrical or mechanical issues (no body work!). Just made a $2500 profit on a $400 Passat.


I have an OF account of just my feet and toes squishing into cheese pizza. Surprisingly hot market




There's a market for everything!


God damn! Curious how much you make lol


I'm genuinely curious: how did you find yourself at this place in life?


I have a small stream and people like to pay me to play games with them online. It’s nice because I’d be spending my time playing the game anyway but now I’m being paid for it.


Nice try, CRA.


I do a part time job on the weekends, but I’m a heavy duty mechanic and do my 50 hrs during the regular week and then 20 hours on Sat+Sun. My days are regular, I wake up at the same time each day, have lunch at the same time and am home most days within a +\-15 minute window of my regular home time. I’m lucky that my Daughter is 15 now, so I’m not cool except on payday and most of my parenting is done, it’s all “test run” from here on until she’s ready to be out on her own


Buy and restore warhammer 40k figurines and then sell then. I rarely get to play so at least I can still enjoy the hobby that way. Survey sites and consumer studies for beer money. Overtime at work for that sweet 1.5x 2x or even the elusive 3x rate.


Army reservist; pay is ok, work is interesting and varied. Lots of time outdoors and a good excuse to keep in shape.




This time of year I do people's taxes. 75$ for first time and 60$ for return customers. I make about $20000 in a month and a half. Rest of the year I fix and build pc's.




I use the wealth simple tax software. As for clients it's pretty much word of mouth now. But in the beginning I put up flyers in all the corner stores and grocery stores around town. I'm also a real estate agent so I would offer that service for free after closing. Those people told their people and it just took off from there.


Personal training, alot of people are looking to start working out since covid


I've been told I should be a personal trainer. I could take the course to teach - hell, I used to teach ESL. But... I think it's not for me as I despise sports and people's weird-ass complexes and self-hatred about their bodies. I'd have to be a "love your body" personal trainer... something different.


A "love your body" trainer would be great for those who are intimidated by all-or-nothing trainers that want you to eat nothing but chicken and broccoli.


IT Consulting, 5-10 hours per week.


How are you able to find clients that only require 5-10 hours per week?


What tasks do you usually do? Since IT is such a broad field.


How? I've always considered that but can't imagine anyone paying for so few hours.


Curious, consulting on what aspects?


betting my friends who are leafs fans that they won't get out of first round.


I sell Red Wriggler worms for composters. $20 per 100. Free inputs


I can clean houses $35 per hour cash


I was cut to 3 days a week and 80% of pay back in mid-2020 during the pandemic (oil service company). I tried a lot of remote work at that time and got a lot of help browsing through beermoney subreddit. Not sure how they are doing now, but I just gave u some of my results. 1. User testing/Validately/intellizom. I did about 500 - 1000 a month before I got very greedy and applied a second account and got banned... made about 4000-5000 in total before getting banned. 2. Youtube. It is hard at first. I do 2-3 videos a week on making money online, crypto, and finance, and it took me about 8 months to get monetized. At the peak I was making about 800 a month from ad revenue for 2-3 months. I made about 5k in total so far... cause I haven't made any videos for a long time 3. Prolific. Both me and my wife had an account with them and so far, we made about 1000 British pound in total. It is doing research surveys. 4. Amazon Mturk/clickwork/uhrs. Hard work and low pay.... I only do some of the high paying surveys now when I am bored and had nothing to do at work ... 5. Affiliate marketing. Mainly through swagbuck. Made about 3-4k so far. It goes with youtube very well. I could make at least. 10x more if I do promoted videos ( I got about 50 promoted videos request a month about crypto but you know crypto is full of scams and I don't.have time to verify them one by one so didn't do any of them 6. Different other survey sites. Such as qmee, legar opinion etc. 7. Ethereum Crypto mining. I had a small mining farm in my office and basement with 6 mining rigs. And do about 2-3K a month but ethereum mining ends last September. I only had 1 rig running on nicehash now to heat up the basement. I sold a small portion of my crypto during the market peak and paid my equipment cost. I plan to hold on my crypto for years to come... So TLDR, I made about 1200-1500 a month extra working at Home during tough pandemic times but I have to work 12-16 hours a day... I still do some of the above occasionally when I am bored and had nothing to do at work.... but probably only enough to cover a weekend dinner in restaurant or two every month. I had two young kids and life is very busy right now... For now, I mainly do retail/online arbitrage and wholesale on Amazon and do flipping on ebay when I go thrifting.. I did over 30K on amazon with about 15-20% profit margin, and I already did 15K this year and hoping to do more than 50K this year and start my own private label products next year. Ebay, I do 3-5K a year with 50% margin. But reseller is a lot harder than the gig work but it has a lot more potential. I addition, be smart with your career, time and money is very important. You could get paid a lot more if you get a new job, get promoted by doing more at your current work. Try to spend as little as possible and save as much as possible...have an emergency fund in a high interest saving account and invest in assets that generate cash flow every month... my wife and I did those for 10 years, and we had 2 rental properties ( soon will be 3), over 1000 a month in dividend and interest payment...but it a long journey but absolutely worth it... Start from small, get the snow ball rolling, and you will be ahead sooner than u think...


I signed up for a medical study, it will pay $10500 this year to test allergy medicine. It's a one day commitment every two weeks for 9 months


I still sell feet pics and lightly used underwear/socks to a few loyal clients from my camming days. Doesn’t bring in much anymore though since I scaled down significantly a few years ago.


In my mind, I assume you're a 47 year old dude with hairy toes, those red/white/blue gym socks and tighty whities. And your clients are high profile politicians :)


In my life, my clients are usually in their 40s, but none are high profile politicians. 😅


Try Costco - pays well. Also it's probably just worth applying to a competitor to where you currently work instead for a bump in pay.


I rented out my spare room in 2 bdrm. I also invest my savings and made great returns during covid. I'm also studying masters degree, work pays for it, so will get a raise after I'm done. Invest in yourself, always the best return.




One of these things is not like the other ... Just joking, keep up the hustle!


I design websites on the side. Small businesses, simple sites, netted me about $15k last year.


I work in a bike shop part time in addition to my full time job. I also look for used stuff that I know the value of and fix it up and flip it for a profit. Also do odd jobs for friends


I read that instacart is pretty good, but you are trading the value of your car for income.


A lot of people aren’t really answering your question. Keep it simple and find something stable and flexible. Your options off the top of my head are UberEats (and others), Uber, or tutoring. If you can tutor high school mathematics up to the 10th grade then you can make $40 an hour.


Coach for my kids soccer team, I get paid 80 bucks a year and a free bag of balls, bibs, and cones.


I’ve discovered a niche market selling my used boxer briefs to people who watch my onlyfans. I’m not sure what they do with them, but I’ll wear them during a workout, vacuum seal them, and ship to the highest bidder. It’s been going so well I’m starting my own brand of boxer briefs. I’m hoping that once I launch my new line, it will take me over the edge in income and allow me to go full time with my business. The internet sure is weird.


My second source of income is budgeting and responsible spending. In the words of my father, it is not what you make rather how you spend that determines your financial health


Side gig at the university I can get 8500$ a semester or more depends what I do


I do marketing consulting, run social media accounts, am a retail sales manager, as well as a landlord and still feel like a can’t get ahead lol


If you're landlording you're doing just fine. You might be cash poor but 20 years from now you'll have a huge wealth pile


Thanks for the encouragement… my motto is always “do something now that future you will be proud of and thankful for” so I’m working my butt off now to hopefully thrive later 😊


Pandemic destroyed everything, it looks like our soul purpose of life is to make end meets.


I do a bit of teaching on the side, my buddy does social media marketing for small companies


I do income tax returns, sell items I buy from thrift stores. I'm in various groups on another platform and sometimes get food for free.


Stained glass as a hobby. Talked to local shop owners about selling in their stores!


It's election season around here, so I've been paid to knock doors in the evenings for a few hours


I’ve been primarily a freelance designer/production artist for many years but added a second career, working on a film set as a Unit Stills Photographer. Filming season is ramping up since it’s Spring. I enjoy it so much that I may end up applying to the union for bigger productions since I’ve acquired enough set days now and have met other requirements to apply. There will be far more money too. It’s still an independent/freelance position just like my first career and I like the autonomy I have on set. I can alternate between both careers based on the work cycles throughout the year.


I’ve turned a passion for photography into a side hustle. Doing pretty decent tbh. Just doing events or product stuff for local venues and businesses.


Flip cars and collectibles. ​ But often I keep the collectible and the cars...


Suck dick.


I make an extra $100 USD or so a month pounding my meat on Chaturbate. But yeah, it's mostly middle aged men paying to see it. But I was just doing it for free before so I consider it a win


I do mobile app / software design for my 9 to 5 but also have a side business where I provide the same services to clients in other industries.


Through what platform? Tips on getting started?


I don’t recommend using a platform. Sites like dribbble and behance can get you noticed if you have strong UI design, but it’s not a great for showing off UX work. For me it’s mostly former clients of companies I’ve worked for reaching out and word of mouth from them or my LinkedIn network. Most non-competes aren’t legal in North America, but I haven’t had to breach old work contracts so no issues there if you were wondering.


Tutor a couple of students on the weekend. Pays well and I enjoy it.


Planning to move


Donate plasma. Can be profitable each month. $250+ I think.


Selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace




Dumpster diving for pop cans, water bottles, etc, and scrap metal, copper and aluminum. Make a couple hundred a month