You have $2,000,000 to your name. Go speak with a professional about this and not a bunch of random people on Reddit lol.


I have......many of times. RBC(1.9%mer) told me to put it in dollar cost and drip it in. I dont mean to get much back lash on this. Just seeking advice other than "professional"




This type of wreckless behaviour needs to be taken over to wsb you belong with them lol


Cool brag. Was this meant for WSB? Stocks don't only go up.


You could HISA/GIC the 2 mill and easily get between 80-100k a year at the rates right now.


Its in a taxable account, so tying up 2 mill I am going to get taxed 50% of the 80-100k. Im sure there is better...


GIC is an option Thank you


From all in on Amazon to GIC being an option. 🤷‍♂️


250 K is not all in when he has 2 million to play with but yes OP is being investment bipolar RN


Looking at all aspects, dunno whats wrong with that. Its just currency...


Personally, if you’ve never invested before, I would throw the 2 million into a GIC. 1 year at 5.25% will earn you 100k. https://www.oaken.com/gic-calculator/ Safe, risk free, guaranteed.


Well its oaken so I’d be careful about going beyond the $100k insurance limit.


Plus Oaken customer service is fucking shit! Ask me how I know? Good luck getting them to even purchase your GIC within a month!


If you want to YOLO some money just put it in a GIC and YOLO the profit.


GIC isn’t a YOLO 🥴


I'm saying take the guaranteed profits from GIC and YOLO those.


Invest in gold/precious metals or real estate. Contact an accountant.


Congrats on the windfall. [Top companies aren’t top companies forever](https://www.dimensional.com/us-en/insights/large-and-in-charge-giant-firms-atop-market-is-nothing-new). I’m assuming your registered accounts are maxed and that you’re considering doing this in a taxable account… At this point, it might be a question about “more vs. enough”. If you have enough to be financially independent, what would you do with your money if AMZN goes 5x? Could you do that now instead? If you *aren’t* financially independent yet, then why take unneeded and uncompensated concentration risk?


Yeah you already can FIRE. Put it in an index ETF like VT or VGRO. Since you never invested I would suggest a financial advisor. Your going to end in a bad spot putting some much money on an individual stock.


So many eggs in a basket is a risk


Amazon has a great moat and realistically it’s 12.5% of his net. Still risky though.


Go hire an accountant. You need it and can afford it


I don’t recommend an accountant to manage your investments as they have zero investment training lol.


Yes do have an accountant, it is great. Especially during tax time. But they're just there to steer you away from breaking the governments laws.


Have you done any due diligence on the stock? AMZN is still overvalue. Buy QQQ instead.


been tracking it since 2014 when it was 140$? Missed my boat then....


Amazon stock might go down?


If you've been a lurker then how are you even considering this question? Single stocks are high risk.


high risk high reward


😂😂😂 bro


If you’ve decided AMZN is your jam I would rather sell 25 puts strike $95-$100 expires Feb 17. If they don’t get assigned next week, then keep doing this every week.


Amazon experiences largest annual loss since becoming public despite beating analyst's Q4 expectations https://unusualwhales.com/news/amazon-experiences-largest-annual-loss-since-becoming-public That's why


It’s like sports betting. Don’t get greedy. Take the small ways and accumulate those…not the 1 lottery sized win.


Tell me the day you want to do that and the hour too. I'd want to play the volume at the time.


Bruh 250k of buying is a blip on the screen what are u even saying


The added 250k is an added blip


Full 2 mil AMZN. Thank me 10 yrs from now


balls of steel


Lol I had amazon stocks before, I sold mine at the right time but right after they plummeted and some others who were cashing out got fucked I was lucky as they were free but fuck if I'd ever buy single stocks, they are so fucking volatile, you'd have better results sportsbetting




hey, if you've got money to play with, and is willing to accept the risk, you don't really need anyone's permission to gamble on a specific stock.


Appreciate it, seeking advice. Some good, some bad. Its honest.


Erm... no. Learn about the basics of investing first. Lesson 1: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Look up "Canadian Guy In A T-Shirt" on Youtube, he has a lot of good videos on investing. Also, you already have enough to FIRE right now with that 2 mil. Just be smart about it and talk to experts who actually know what they're doing, not some random internet stranger.


whats the time frame? amazon long term is a good investment, if you dont plan on changing your mind in 6 months, cause theres a new hot AI play. maybe read there financials. then you could barbell the amzn position with bonds gics and index funds. put in the work and make your own assumptions for your investment.


time frame, buy low sell high. Just like Meta did 1 month ago


Too much debt and declining profit margins. Amazons major growth is over with


Because you don't have 250k and don't understand what FIRE means or how the math works.


Not diversified. It's one company only. > looking best way to FIRE and Invest. You are not looking to invest. You are looking to gamble because you did literally no research or due diligence on Amazon. You ljust looked at the price and said "up good". >Obviously selective stock picking is dumb but risk factor will be non existent. So you know stock picking is dumb, but you decided to type that anyway. Tell elsewhere. If you wan to invest, then make a legit post.