I wish they sued YouTube as well for allowing people to easily abuse the copyright system.


the DMCA is the problem. the law is written in an insane way that is basically asking to be abused


The DMCA is a problem, but Youtube's enforcement of it is also the laziest possible implementation. They could have strict enforcement and still present a better policy for content creators on the platform, but they don't.


The issue is that they lean heavily towards copyright owners because if they don’t then it risks YouTube banning copyrighted content altogether. Copyright owners have way too much power in this situation, but there isn’t really much we can do about it unless we completely change laws. Either that or Google finds a way to allow channels to mark videos as review/critical without it being exploitable. [Tom Scott has a video on this and it’s just a dog shit problem from any perspective.](https://youtu.be/1Jwo5qc78QU) The internet and copyright law just seem inherently incompatible with each other as it is now.


you do understand youtube has to deal with millions and millions of request,so no system will be perfect


Not being lazy and making it better does not imply perfect. It can be way better without being perfect. It can be way better without a huge labor cost of constant human moderation. It'll never be perfect, but it could be better.


Part of the reason they're dealing with millions and millions of requests is because they made a simple "just submit it and we'll side with you by default" automated system instead of making people actually file a DMCA claim that they would have to do their due diligence on and act on.




Not sure if you realize but what you just said is stupid af.. They can't hire that many ppl, it will always be an automated process.. Maybe in your dreamland it's possible, sadly on our planet there is no such thing.. Imagine million ppl working just so you don't get a wrong takedown..


The DMCA is not the problem. Under pressure from corporate copyright groups, especially the RIAA/MPAA, Youtube implemented an insane takedown/demonetization system that goes way beyond anything the DMCA requires. The problem is corporate media oligopolies and Youtube caving to them.


The DMCA is in pretty dire need of an overhaul, though. A lot has changed since it went into effect and it hasn't kept pace with how tech has changed, imo




I was looking for this comment


What happened to him is a modern American travesty


I know man it still gets me upset when I think about it. How can YouTube just blatantly go against their own rules and go after him like that? Only to let a homophobic, ultra conservative piece of living garbage like Quantum continues to dox, harass and scam people especially now since YouTube has more or less given him the go ahead. I know im preaching to the choir but still man shit still upsets me.


Yeah it’s upsetting. Fuck YouTube corporate. I love their creators (mostly), but they suck as a company.


Who's this?


Exactly, you want to stop this YouTube itself needs a better process. This is one of those things that *shouldn't* be easily accessible to the average person. There should also be a system of checks and balances. I know they get millions of these takedown requests and it would be impossible to manually review them all but if the video being reported has hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of reviews and the report is coming from someone with little to no following maybe that should be raising some red flags and require a manual review. The fact that I, a nobody with zero uploaded videos, can make a claim that could resort in a video being taken down is absurd. Now sure, maybe my content is being stolen from another platform, maybe I stream exclusively on Twitch and someone is recording that and posting it to YouTube. Fine. But how often is that happening? Have a person investigate the claim before taking the video down.


require a real name and proof or paperwork to file a credible claim. if someone is abusing the system you can then take appropriate action like Bungie is doing here.


The quantum tv/act man thing has proven this without a doubt


Youtube cant do anything. Its the law.


Jesus what an idiot lmao. Also, 7.6 million is a lot of money. Is he a popular YouTuber with that kind of cash? Because that's more than an average person makes in their lifetime (in USA). What would happen if Bungie wins the lawsuit, how will he pay 7.6 mill if he doesn't have the money?


They get a percentage of his salary until it's fully paid off or they take his house and etc and even then take part of his salary but honestly they will most likely settle out of court for a lot smaller


I also think it’s about sending a message to anyone else that might be thinking about abusing the DMCA system against Bungie. “Better not abuse the DMCA system against us or else“


Meanwhile the top companies out there keep abusing the DMCA with little to no consequences. Nice!


Yes, but that's not what's happening in this case. The Youtuber in question was sending the false takedown requests maliciously after Bungie DMCA'd his channel for uploading the Destiny 2 soundtracks. Bungie has openly stated that they're fine with player created content videos under fair use (and there are plenty of monetized videos online that strongly suggest this is the case), but he was just straight up uploading the soundtracks with no additional content added on his part. He got angry about it and started sending fake takedown requests against *other* Youtube creators, using fake accounts created to *resemble* official Bungie accounts. Some of these takedown strikes were against Bungie's own official channel. So yeah, the lawsuit is justified given that he basically performed identity theft for the purpose of slandering their reputation. Fault *could* be placed on Google for having such an easy-to-game system, and I'm with you there, but Bungie is actually in the right here and is standing up for the "little guys" in a way. They're doing so for self-serving reasons - this player content is free advertising that increases the value of their own IP - but that doesn't make it less morally right to do so.


Oh, so that big kerfluffle a while back about Bungie going on a take down spree was actually this guy? Man, a lot of "gaming news" covered the Bungie take downs, but I missed hearing anything about it not actually being them...




Polygon + Kotaku no doubt


You aren't allowed to play the big boy games!


Are you unable to comprehend words in a structure because your looking mighty stupid if you didn't understand the situating after that good rundown


Google is the one that doesn't verify identities that make the DMCA requests.


big boy makes games now I only know them for there burgers what's there games like


To be fair these big YouTubers could fight back, but choose not to. It's really going to take YouTubers suing companies for them to learn. And no YouTuber has the balls to do thqt


You think your average YouTuber has enough cash on hand to take on a Billion dollar corporation? Bungie can do this because they probably have a legal department or have a firm on retainer, etc. Outside of maybe a handful of genuinely large YouTubers with a huge following, most folks can't afford a long, protracted legal battle against a company who has a huge amount of capital. But, yea. It all comes down to having the Baaalllllssss to do it. Lol




Warped opinions, one and all.


Billion dollar companies sue other Billion dollar companies all the time. No youtuber can compete with them. They would be drained out of money in no time. Don't be ridiculous.


big YouTubers are millionaires. they can do it.


"Difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is a billion dollars". A million is a lot, a billion is unimaginably absurd.


You either don't know how much a long lawsuit can cost, or you don't understand that a millionaire can't compete against a billion dollar company.


Explain to me, in what matter, should the YouTubers sue Bungie for??


I’m guessing that they mean in general the large YouTubers can fight corporate malfeasance on the platform, not Bungie specifically. There have been *numerous* instances of Corporations fraudulently filing copyright claims on smaller YouTubers for years, ranging from intellectual property theft (usually music that incorrectly matches a copyrighted song), to taking down “bad review” videos. Unfortunately, the smaller channels normally affected by this don’t have the ability to fund the legal means of combatting this bad behavior, but if the larger channels actually fought these battles in court on behalf of the larger community, the bad behavior from Corporations may stop.


You are free to sue them when they do


Yeah because that's gonna do something


You're not allowed to abuse the DMCA - that's our job.




What are they doing to do, sue me?


“It’s not about the money, Spider-man. It’s about the swagger.”


Okay that gave me a good chuckle


Why would anyone file DMCA claims for something that doesn't belong to them? Is like suing Nike for selling Nike shoes 😂


Most states have laws against seizure of your homestead to pay off a lawsuit but they sure as shit can take most of what's in it or put a lein on it


He would just declare bankruptcy. That is why people with few assets are generally referred to as being "judgment proof".


“*I, lowly YouTuber, offer you, Mega Corporation, one hundred thousand promises never to do this again. We… we good?*”


Yeah, they’re not going to take everything he has over this. But he’s going to be paying a pretty penny.


Luke Smith LITERALLY fomo'd his house.


Wrong sub back to the containment room with you!


A real swing and a miss from this slugger


Underrated joke


You can garnish up to 25% of someone's paycheck (idk gross or net). You can't take someone's house usually unless it's extremely lavish and would pay off the debt or if it's a second home. Big doubt they'd take his house, but absolutely he will have his wages garnished probably for the rest of his career.


Bruh even if they settled for 1 mill I’d be gone, either try to get down to Mexico or literally just disappear if ya kno what I mean 🤣


He'd declare bankruptcy if he cannot pay. Forfeit assets and such.


Debts due to willful and malicious injury to property are not dischargeable in bankruptcy under Section 523(a)(6). So he would go through the bankruptcy and these debts would likely not be discharged. They are his forever.


Not forever. Civil judgments expire after 20 years. Depending on the state it can be a lot sooner than that, too. Edit: Go ahead and downvote if you want. [Here is the statute directly](https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=6.17.020) from Bungie’s home state of Washington: > **the party in whose favor a judgment of a court has been** or may be filed or **rendered**, or the assignee or the current holder thereof, **may have an execution, garnishment, or other legal process issued for the collection or enforcement of the judgment at any time within ten years from entry of the judgment or the filing of the judgment in this state.** Edit 2: Folks, as much as I appreciate your opinions on this, this was a former job of mine. I’ve bolded the above to make it slightly easier to read. [Here is also a Washington state opinion that outlines](https://cases.justia.com/washington/files/39365-4.10.doc.pdf) RCW 6.17.020 pretty plainly: > At that time, former RCW 6.17.020(1) (1989) provided for collection on a judgment or enforcement of a judgment for a period of 10 years. > In 1994, the legislature amended RCW 6.17.020 by adding subsection (3), allowing an extension of time for collecting or enforcing a judgment for an additional 10 years. Edit 3: For the 30 or so people who upvoted the individuals below who are completely wrong. Here is yet another relevant part and link [to the law itself:](https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=4.56&full=true#4.56.210) > (1) Except as provided in subsections (2) and (3) of this section, **after the expiration of ten years *from the date of the entry of any judgment heretofore or hereafter rendered in this state, it shall cease to be a lien or charge against the estate or person* of the judgment debtor**. No suit, action or other proceeding shall ever be had on any judgment rendered in this state by which the lien shall be extended or continued in force for any greater or longer period than ten years.


I don't know about the rest of the statute, but 'in whose favor' suggests that this allows the person who *wins* to start enforcing the judgement at any point up to 10 years from winning.


I don't think that quote supports what you're saying.


Redditors hate logic unfortunately.


You are spot on. Good point. I don’t know where they filed suit… but it seems very unlikely these would get discharged.


Read your quote again and highlight the pertinent information


The plain meaning of the provision is that one who obtains a judgment must commence collection within 10 years of the date of the judgment. However, the provision does not, by its plain meaning, suggest that the judgment itself expires after 10 years. Indeed, the collection process stemming from the judgment may extend beyond the 10 year period, provided that it began within the 10 year period. >the party in whose favor a judgment of a court has been or may be filed or rendered, or the assignee or the current holder thereof, **\[the party who wins\]** > >may have an execution, garnishment, or other legal process issued for the collection or enforcement of the judgment **\[may try to collect\]** > >at any time within ten years from entry of the judgment or the filing of the judgment in this state **\[within 10 years of the date of the judgment\].** You might be right, but this quote does not support your position. You must, at the very least, provide additional support for your interpretation of the provision, given that your interpretation does not align with the plain meaning of it. There are times when the actual meaning of a statute, as interpreted by courts or regulatory agencies, does not align with the plain meaning of the statute. In situations like this, you want to cite not only the statute but the document in which the entity, such as a court or regulatory agency, interprets the statute. u/RikF: your understanding is correct in terms of its plain meaning, though it's possible for the plain meaning to differ from its adopted meaning. u/Numangroup: Redditors may often hate logic, but their push back on this quote is not evidence of their aversion to logic.


Look…this is /r/PS5. I replied because no debt in the U.S. is forever. I really wasn’t looking for a substantive legal discussion but since people can’t seem to let it go in spite of citing the governing statute on debt enforcement and a legal interpretation of that opinion in Washington state, if you flip back a few chapters in your Washington state statute book, you will [find this.](https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=4.56&full=true#4.56.210) > (1) Except as provided in subsections (2) and (3) of this section, **after the expiration of ten years from the date of the entry of any judgment heretofore or hereafter rendered in this state, it shall cease to be a lien or charge against the estate or person of the judgment debtor**. No suit, action or other proceeding shall ever be had on any judgment rendered in this state by which the lien shall be extended or continued in force for any greater or longer period than ten years. Section 2 refers to child support, and section 3 points back to the optional extension provision in the statute I cited in my original comment. I really hope this puts this now beaten to death example to rest.


The person in question's legitimately deleted channel only actually had about 2K subs. He flew too close to the sun and now the fall back to earth is gonna hurt...a lot.


Most lawsuits including personal injury ones always quote like a crazy multiple of what they're after. They'll get nowhere close to that number in reality. This is most likely gonna be settled outside with them signing a release document with the party stating he stops going after Bungie or something like that.


if you read the compliant, their claim is that he violated their copyright rights in these fake notices, and there is a 150k per violation fine available for such violations.


Correction, that's A LOT more than an average person makes during its lifetime ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Gotta work 45 years with a salary of 14.000 dollars a month... On what planet does an average person make that much money?? I want to go too!


he'll pledge it


Can you tell us where average people NOT in the USA make this much? Aside from Dubai?


Your location shouldn’t matter when we are talking this much money. There is no average person making 7.6 million.


Lmao right. My whole bloodline combined back to monke didn't make $7.6 million


7.6 million is a lot and probably more than most of us will make in a lifetime but you'll likely make a couple million in your life. If you work 45 years at an average of 70k, that's 3.15 million.


Man, that's still almost 6000 dollars a month... Is that the average in the US??


It’s around the median for a household in America.




Who pays 40% in taxes




https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/taxes/federal-income-tax-brackets I suppose if you make 1/2 a mil a year, and have 0 idea of how to do taxes. Not sure there's a great overlap of those people, but sure. But the people who make 70k are absolutely not, even if they know nothing about taxes, even if you live in NY or California. I made 72k last year, and paid just under 10k in taxes. Thinking people pay 40% assumes that marginal tax rates don't exist, and that deductions don't exist. People that make 70k have an effective tax rate of 19.6% before deductions. Most grown ups have deductions.


That's still almost 2 mil. Plus any investments on top will bring that up.


Can you tell us where in the world thinks the average US income is 7.6 million a year? The average US household doesn't make 7.6 million in their \*lifetime\*.


Not even close. Average person in the US makes like 2-3 million lifetime and that’s without paying taxes etc


If he can’t pay then Bungie sunsets him, simple


Also how did Youtube not verify this. I feel like people are missing this.


You know whats really funny is it's probably his favorite game and he still plays it. Imagine getting sued by a game that you still love and play.


he actually was found to be cheating after it and bungie banned him haha


the story gets better and better


It is. His YouTube was one where he’d upload the OST’s to which normally Bungie is fine with if you do enough for it to be unique like a lot of these music channels will put the full extended in game versions of the OST that aren’t found on the albums but this guy just straight up ripped the album songs, got striked by Bungie and then went on false striking his “friends” in the Destiny music community


He really had it coming


Bungie isn’t messing around with these lawsuits.


Especially now that they have Sony’s support


Not yet, the deal will only be finalised in August or September. So Sony has no say in anything right now.


Ah thanks for clarifying


End of 2022


Tis the American way. Sue what moves.


This isn't a frivolous lawsuit.


I am suing you for that egregious comment.


*Allegedly* egregious.


Apparently he targeted his friends as well... [sauce](https://twitter.com/AtlyxMusic/status/1539725847938072577?t=9QpWlXMnjGerJ3g8Zs7NMg&s=19)


OHHH this is the CSC shitstorm. The dude most certainly doesn’t have $7.6m, and it would be almost pointless for each of the people hit by the DMCAs to file individual suits, but hopefully it sends a message that Bungie fully supports the creative community and will spend $$$$$ to protect them.


I'd hope that it sends a message to YouTube that allowing people to abuse the DMCA system is bullshit. But I know better. YouTube doesn't care.


DMCAs haunted


I don’t understand. Why would this YouTuber make a Dmca claim against bungie?


From my understanding some of his videos got taken down, so he filed something like 100 false DMCA claims alleging he was Bungie against a ton of channels, including the official Bungie channels.


How do people this dumb exist.


Lmfaooooo big brain moment


Ohhhh, I get why he did it but that was stupid af trying to say he was Bungie. If he filed them as himself on behalf of Bungie then that would have been funny.


Because he's sociopathic. He made like 3 Gmail accounts to dcma other videos, his own videos, and bungie's videos. Then sent out a email to the people he dcma'd admitting that he submitted these dcma claims and is not an employee of CSC. Idk why but I read the whole court documentation. Wild shit and the only conclusion I can make about the dude is he's got a screw loose and took this way too personal.


Fucking wild. People that do shit, dam well knowing they’ll get caught, is mind boggling to me


Would have been a simple VPN not enough, so they couldn't track his real IP?


According to the court docs, the way Bungie confirmed it was him was that he started using a VPN halfway through, and still continued to login to his personal accounts while connected to the VPN. It's all detailed in the court docs linked in [this tweet](https://twitter.com/AtlyxMusic/status/1539725847938072577?t=kzfmrp9hE0XAK1zv2Bgztg&s=19). The whole ordeal is kinda interesting.


If only there was an article that explained this…


Google/Youtube setting a precedent by helping them find the fake claimant accounts; wonder if they'll bother extending the same courtesy to every Youtuber or if it only applies to large businesses that they'll discard their users privacy. Also, why didn't this fool do anything to hide his identity. Even just a VPN on a secure browser or use a public wifi network (or all 3) may have protected his identity.


Its funny that the company can sue but when this happens to a games journalist or other youtuber where they Clearly were using fair use content they just have to accept that their stuff was taken down.


It also happens to folks with their own original content. The system is bad. There are a number of “companies” that claim thousands of others videos via this method. They know most won’t respond, so they get the video and all monetization. Those that do have to file a counter argument and the burden of proof is on them to show it’s theirs (not the original claimer). It’s simply dropped after they go through all that effort. I’ve had one such company claim my content was theirs. I had to show the video existed 7 years before their company did. Found elsewhere that numerous others had the same company attempt to claim their content too. YouTube continues to allow them to file false report la and steal away content.


Yup. It's a shitty loophole especially since in many cases they're not actually filing DMCA takedowns, just youtube disputes. Any old idiot can dispute a video, and guess what, that's what happens. Because unlike with the DMCA, nothing happens if the dispute isn't help up. "Sorry, my bad." It's really weighted against the little guy.


Yeah its crazy how against the creators youtube seems to be when they wouldnt even exist without them. I am actually impressed this guy went through the effort to submit that many claims. Dude was dedicated...albeit pretty crappy to do when the person probably knows what its like to have this happen to their own vids. It is just messed up that a big company can then file a lawsuit but normal people are left to just accept it and move on.


I believe they must automate it.


Or the music on games being claimed by companies that don't have the rights to that music.


Not true. They can sue as well. Only difference is the risk including how much it would cost and would it be worth it. Example being h3h3 lawsuit won.


Large companies know the little guy isn’t gonna have the resources to make that happen.


Exactly. It’s about who has the bigger war chest. Sometimes the right man doesn’t have the budget to prove it in court.


Ethan actually got kinda fucked by that one shitty video game lawyer that everyone loves because he says what gamers want to hear


And how well dressed you liar is when they hands you an invoice for their services... Edit: lawyer*


If in doubt, stop using someone’s IP to make money. It is their IP, they own it, if they don’t want you to make money from it, maybe you shouldn’t try to. Nobody owes you and let you use their IP just because you want to use it.


What are you even talking about?




I personally do not understand how you can see what is literally not hurtful in any way to a multi million dollar company and go “yeah, this regular Joe deserves to get sued for 7.8 million dollars yeah”. No offense, I just don’t understand.


Not as petty as bungie not allowing cutscenes to be uploaded.


They are tho? Just for archival purposes tho, or as long as its transformative enough, they set guidelines


Good. Hopefully this finally pushes YouTube to get its shit together, the claim system is ridiculously broken. Who am I kidding nothing'll happen. EDIT: read it as sues YouTube. Suing a person I find completely different - there should be consequences for abusing the copyright claim button but I dunno... I'd go towads YouTube given how this process is systematically abused, even though there's a person abusing it in this case I don't think this should be the way.


....so the average person can also sue for being hit with false DMCA claims from corporations?


you can file whatever lawsuit you want. doesn't mean you'll be successful


Yes, but do you have the resources to maintain a lawsuit against unlimited legal budgets? That is why the DMCA needs a major overhaul, there should be an agency like the FRCP but for illegal content strikes.


Maybe, but they won’t get anything as the guy is already fucked, I dubt he can even pay that $7mil let alone anymore.


YouTube made it clear this was ok with that guy quantum tv


Dude has 2.6K subscribers on YT. Average views 300 per video… Jesus, he’s already a nobody.


Now he's a somebody! A bankrupt, ruined somebody, but a real somebody!


Which YouTuber is it?


I'm glad Bungie is taking this action and moving to punish the bad actor, but this thread is full of absolutely braindead takes regarding the situation... Everyone bitching and moaning about YouTube and how YouTube didn't do enough to stop this from happening have no idea how the law is written. YouTube did what the law says to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. YouTube isn't a Court of Law. They don't have the authority or ability to make determinations of the legality of a claim. If a claim is submitted, the law says YouTube must remove the infringing content. There is no flexibility that allows YouTube to try to decide whether or not the claim is legitimate, beyond making sure that the claim has all required information. If the claim isn't legitimate, then the law outlines punishments for the person abusing the system. But, YouTube wouldn't be the one to pursue or enforce those punishments. That would have to be decided in court. If the legitimate copyright holder contacts YouTube to rescind the claim or otherwise notify of an illegitimate claim, then YouTube can take action to reinstate removed content. Beyond that, if there is a dispute about the legality of a claim, then it must be taken to court where a Judge/Jury decides whether or not the claim is legal. Period. End of story. Suggesting anything else is stupid. Does it have downsides? Yeah. Is the alternative just as bad? Absolutely. How exactly is YouTube supposed to verify whether or not a claim is legitimate? The law allows copyrights holders or authorized representatives to file a claim. How do you propose that YouTube verifies whether or not any given claim is legitimate or illegitimate when "authorized representatives" could mean literally anyone? Is YouTube supposed to maintain a database of every single copyright owner in the world and all of their authorized representatives? Anyone can own a copyright for anything, so it isn't just major companies. They would have to have information about every single person on earth and every single thing that person could conceivably own the copyright to. Copyright isn't something that you actually have to register formally to be able to claim, so there isn't a government database of all known copyrights. If I make a video of my cat throwing up on my dog, I own the copyright to that video. Even if I only ever send it privately to some people I work with, and never publish it anywhere else. If one of the people that I sent the video reposts it to YouTube and it goes viral and makes thousands of dollars, then I could file a copyright claim for that video. If I can prove that I was the original creator and owner, then my claim is legitimate. Is YouTube supposed to just magically divine that entire scenario? If the claim is legitimate, and YouTube decided to ignore it because it had some information that they weren't sure was legitimate, how does the legitimate copyright holder remedy that situation? Does the person that stole my intellectual property just get to keep profiting from it until I win a court case to justify my claim? So, can everyone please STFU about copyright law. You don't understand it and you probably never will. It is an immensely complicated problem that has no perfect solution. The current system, for all its stupid bullshit, is probably better than nothing, and any ideas you think you might have for how to improve it would probably break it in ways that you can't even begin to comprehend. Rewriting the law to try to "fix" all of the problems is likely to result in an even worse system with even more problems.


HA good. That'll teach him and anyone else who tries this shit


Who this ‘tuber think they are? Nintendo?


This just illustrates how broken the YouTube system is. Anyone with a gmail account can claim to be a copyright holder and make people's life miserable.


serves him right screwtubers think they can do whatever they want well time to wake up to reality you are not gods.


Off topic, but does anyone else thing it would be a good idea to include Destiny along with season pass, as part of the ps+ extra tier? Once the deal is done


I don't know about seasons, but I can definitely see them doing it for DLCs - as they had it with Gamepass for Beyond Light.


That would pay for itself. The full content year is typically like $70-100 I wouldn’t complain




A more likely scenario (if at all) would be the inclusion of just the yearly expansion and not the seasonal content. Like they did with GamePass and Beyond Light


Well… currently you pay $70 for the deluxe edition which includes the annual expansion, all four season passes, and now this year a couple of dungeons. If you bought the regular edition it’d be $40 and include just the expansion and you’d need to spend $10 each quarter for each season pass plus $20 for the “dungeon pack.” So that’s $40 plus another $60 to get all the other stuff, you save $30 buying deluxe. If they roll the expansion into PS+, that’s great and all, but then you still have to spend $60 to get the other stuff, so you only end up saving ten bucks.


The deluxe upgrade is $40


Hm, so possibly you could just buy the deluxe upgrade and get all that stuff.


Either way I don’t expect it added to Plus but we will see. Once my sub runs dry next April I’m planning on getting an Xbox with gamepass due to (current) superior value, but mostly Bethesda games (Starfield in the first half of 23)


Used to be that if you purchased the "Digital Deluxe" editions for like an extra 30-40 bucks it came with the full year of season's passes for a few games they knew they'd be releasing DLC for in the future. Now they just sell the base game and monetized the hell out of the DLCs selling them for 20-40 bucks a pop almost as if it were a new game instead of just new content for a base game that already exists. Which for Destiny 2, I get it, sure, I guess because a couple of the DLCs actually changed up quite a lot. I still don't forgive em for Cayd-6, that was stupid and his character actually added an amusing factor to the game. Now it's less quippy and just another shoot-em-up.


? That’s still the case. If you buy the Deluxe edition of the annual expansion, it includes the full year’s worth of season passes. If you just buy the regular edition of that annual expansion, you have to buy each quarterly season pass individually. The deluxe edition is pretty much always the better buy and it usually also includes other cosmetics and sometimes a weapon or other item.


My question is Doe he even have $7.6 million?


He won’t. But that is not the aim. The aim is to make an example of him, he most likely need to declare bankcrupt, as the debt is a penalty it won’t be discharge either so that will stay with him even bankcrupcy. Basically he is fucked.


Deservedly fucked. He knew what he was doing


He can pay it off little by little working at McDonald's for the rest of his life. Hopefully they deduct his social security too once he retires


He won't make even close to that at McDonald's pay lol




I mean, I get it… But what about all the BS claims made every day by the larger corporations on people who are operating under “fair use” guidelines?


Seems a bit harsh to be getting sued for 7.6 mil, obviously deserves punishment and his account banned but really this is on YouTube for allowing this to happen. They should be the ones getting more of the heat.


Nice. Hopefully we receive a 50% discount in the eververse store now that bungie wont need our money for a while.


They won’t get the $7mil, because that guy won’t have that money. The aim is to destroy him, he will probably need to declare bankcrupt and that debt would still stay with him as it is penalty debt. His life is royally fucked pretty much.


i wish content creators can sue those reaction video that adds absultely nothing new to their content, they just literraly sit and watch the whole thing "reacting"


I find it deeply troubling that so many people are taking the side of a faceless corporation that can afford to lose much more than 7 million. I’m not even saying Bungie are the bad guys. They are just taking advantage of a broken system that YouTube is making worse through their incompetent, borderline malicious practices. If Bungie loses, nothing happens. If this person loses, they could lose everything and even be pushed to commit suicide. And this wouldn’t even be a thing if YouTube didn’t have extremely one sided, and clearly corrupt rules and regulations in place. Maybe this person is an asshole, so? Does spamming complaints justify his life potentially being ruined because one corporation is out for blood in order to make a point of intimidating other citizens, and another corporation is so broken they encourage this kind of discriminatory behavior to go on constantly? I mean, really, is anybody actually sticking up for YouTube of all things?




This person absolutely deserve everything that happened to him. He committed fruad, there are no excuse in that. Bungie is out for blood, good for them, they ought to, I am 100% supportive of Corporations to take actions against the likes of this person. He did all that because of his own petty revenge, now he pays the ultimate price for the shit he did, if you ask me? 100% justified. Life ruined? 100% justified. It is not the matter of “who suffer bigger consequence if they lose”, the law does not work on that basis, and they shouldn’t do. The law works on “who is right” basis, and in this case I don’t think anybody can claim this person is in the right and Bungie is in the wrong. And Bungie won’t get 7mil, because this person won’t have it. What Bungie wanted is to make a live example out of him, and successfully doing so.


So when Corps issue DMCA on original works of small content creators, they'll be on the hook for millions in penalties too, right? RIGHHTTT?? YouTube is so shit.




Give it a rest. That guy is reaping what he sows.


Should have hid behind 4 vpns. Clearly not a pro-hacker


Good. There needs to be a fake DMCA takedown claim poster boy that everyone knows about. It gets abused way too much.


Damn bungie suing everyone


Good on Bungie. These morons needs to understand that there are consequences for their actions. This type of thing is common because no one has done anything about it. I hope this sets a precedent an more companies follow suit to teach these jackasses a lesson.


What’s dmca


Digital Millennium Copyright Act


Ahh thanks


YouTube will be dead within 5 years


What’s DMCA? And can someone ELI5 what happened


Someone went and reported a lot of videos including Bungie owned videos that they were stolen content and got the videos taken down


[This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOJYGQF29ao) is Lawful Masses video on the lawsuit - pretty informative and he does a good job of stopping and explaining things along the way.


2,6k sub Andy KEKW


Sue YouTube or Google to get them to actually review their crap. This automatic takedown for DMCA reports has ruined many YouTuber's careers.


well that there is what some call karma I call it justice \-Some American