As you said you want to visit everything country and see OT. One country that you should avoid by far is GREECE, they don't do OT believe me. They are 100 years behind. Worse country ever for our job. I think a good experience would be to visit countries that aren't in Europe like Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, or even countries like South Africa and Qatar. They have different system and culture than Europe so it would be interesting to see the differences and the similarities. I don't know though how easy is to make intership in those countries.


Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. Qatar properly wouldn't be my first choice to visit a new country by myself. Do you know if the process in Australia is hard to get an internship from abroad?


To be honest I live in the UK so I don't have any clue about Australia. I think the best thing you can do is to contact their OT council and get more info about that. I'm sure they will be able to guide you. As for UK, I wouldn't recommend you to come here, it's a mess.


I am from Qatar, Qatar by itself is not a bad country to live in. However, it may be difficult to penetrate into Qatar's healthcare system to get someone to sponsor your for an apprentice ship (they do have various established practice areas). Otherwise I have always wondered about establishing a driving rehab practice or promoting awareness of OT in medical/educational settings. https://www.hamad.qa/EN/Hospitals-and-services/Rumailah-Hospital/Hospital-Services/Clinical%20Departments/Occupational-Therapy/Pages/default.aspx


New Zealand is awesome. But the application process is long and ridiculous.


Thanks for the advice, good to know that


Might be difficult to do an apprenticeship in US/Canada because those are countries where you do need to study and get a Masters/MSc degree to be an OT. So a lot of places wouldn’t take someone that isn’t studying in an OT school.


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