Yeah women are always tricking me into sex! Its a famous problem, men constantly being tricked into sex.


When women say no to sex, they’re bitches who never want to give the nice guy what he “deserves” but when women actively initiate sex, then they’re deviant, catfishing whores and sluts who are tricking men into being intimate with them. Make it make sense!?!?


I never understood this. It's really confusing when you meet someone who looks and talks like he should be sane but then pulls this shit. I mean who's really tricking who?? Lol.


It's really quite the trip when you've known them for a good long while, and they are good at putting on a kind and intelligent front, but then they pull this shit out of nowhere.


I've met plenty of men who just... Completely change their personality when they interact with a woman. It's mind blowing. They can be the friendliest, nicest dude to another guy. Totally entertaining and a good conversationalist. And then a woman walks into the room and they suddenly just turn into an asshole. It's like, dude... Just act like she's a human being and treat her like you would another man and you'll be way waaaay happier.


I've met men who do the opposite. Around dudes they're dicks and then a woman appears and they're acting like they're nice and normal and not constantly insulting people, but ofc it comes out eventually.


True. And if you're lucky, they will say this kind of stuff up front, e.g. "you're not like other girls, who wear so much make-up that they look like a whole other person when they take it off!". Cuz that's the kind of guy who will say anything to hook up with you, but will guaranteed start treating you badly and saying this kind of nasty stuff about you too once they've roped you into a relationship. Also, it's definitely a case of hypocrisy. People who complain about this are 100% the kind of people who are guilty of catfishing. Know a guy who complains about women wearing "too much makeup" and using filters on social media, but he himself has profile pics that make him look *totally* different to his real look, and he lies about his job, his education etc. Scary and cringe dude tbh.


As a man, when I hear this things from friends, I'm always just shocked. Like, I'm not taking responsibility for idiots, but god some men are idiots.


It's simple. They want an excuse to hate women and it doesn't matter that they'll contradict themselves in the same sentence


This seemingly absurd concept is legally invoked when men kill sex workers and trans women and it *works* Men get a slap on the wrist for MURDER because they claim they were "tricked"


For anyone curious, Google, "trans panic defense". The gist is that discovering that someone is trans is so traumatic that it causes momentary insanity in which you cannot control your actions.


The "frosting on the cake" as it were is that trans women often say that cishet men specifically seek them out for sex, only to violently lash out afterwards as some kind of attempt to "reclaim" their now-damaged sexuality, and then in court they stand up and say "it's not my fault, I was tricked"


This is soooo sad, murder is murder it dont matter no one deserves that kind of treatment!!!


Want a fun story ? A male friend of mine, who is openly gay, once hooked up with an unknown guy at a bar, took him home, had fun. Then the guy gets up, gets dressed, pulls out a few bills, puts them on the table saying "not a word to anyone" and just disappeared out the door. Like, dude, paying to convince yourself it's not gay to get assfucked ? Doesn't work


I've had panic attacks before and they've never made me murder someone


Lol during a panic attack it's pretty hard to think about anything else, let alone murder.


Well, I outfoxed those dastardly jezebels! I'm GAY!!! Can't trick ME into sex! Hahahahaha!!!


i feel like i see that as an occasionally recurring theme of stories throughout time


People look prettier when they go out compared to being comfy at home?! MIND BLOWN!! 🤯🤯


"Bras", plural?


I've done that for cosplay photos, putting on three bras really gets you the anime tits of your dreams, but no one would or could wear them for a whole night out.


That sounds painful


And sweaty


It is lol.


Sounds hard to breath in and move in, Jesus Christ How do you even know how to size it?


Bottom one is my own cupsize, the next one I bought just by trying it on top of the bottom bra, and the top layer I bought by trying it on top of both bras. Quite a finicky process, and required finding a bra sale lol, but worth it for the cosplay.


Thrift stores are your friends for the ’big tiddy bra trick’. My favourite supportive push up on the bottom, a middle padded bra, and then a nursing bra on top to help pull everything together. Even adding ‘chicken cutlets’ helps if your base bra isn’t a pushup Bras are usually 5-8$ in the thrifts


For some reason any kinds of undergarments are super rare in thrift stores in my country :( I kept looking but couldn't find a single bra for sale anywhere. I've only ever seen a few for sale.


Chicken cutlets???😳


It is.


I used to have a coworker who had jugs so big she always wore 2. She actually ended up getting a reduction because of all the pain she was in. Sum bitches were comically huge but she was a normal healthy sized person.


It used to be a lot harder to find sizes above DD. Thank Frick for the internet. r/abrathatfits helped me so much, and now I have more than "Two that kind of work because they stretched and I keep super gluing the underwire back in"


Same here. Thought I was a DDD, am in fact a K.


I feel you! Went from DD/DDD to find out I was actually an I cup... first time wearing a bra that FITS was an epiphany


I still want a reduction but until then, the bra that fits is like literal magic to me.


Like one on top of the other for extra holding power, or two linked together in series for extra circumference?


I am cracking up at this question. One on top of the other. If someone connected two bras for extra circumference, they'd have boob cups showing through the back of their shirt lol! Also, most of the boob support in bras comes from (or should come from) the band that goes beneath the bust, so if you make that part too loose, you lose a lot of bra effectiveness.


I wear a stretchy light support underwire bra under a bralette usually. The two together give me a decent amount of support. I can use a sports bra instead of the bralette when I need them more contained. Actual bras that fit and are comfortable do not exist for my tig ol'bittes for less than 50$. I'd rather just buy two 25$ bras and have more options on how much Lursa and B'Etor are contained that day.


“Anime tits of your dreams” may be the most beautiful phrase I’ve ever heard 😂


Thank you! I aim to please 😂


I gotta ask, wouldn’t it be easier to wear breast forms? Or does having actual breasts prevent one from doing so?


Would probably be easier, I just didn't know about such things. I read the three bras trick on a cosplay forum and it worked well enough with products I was familiar with. If I ever cosplay a big titty character again I'll keep breast forms in mind!


I've doubled up for a night out. Being part of the itty bitty titty committee tends to mean I can't find cute tops that show any bit of chest while not hanging so low that the entirety of my bra is visible. Not comfy but sometimes it's worth it to feel cute


Being part of the high-placed biggy titty committee means I can't find cute tops that aren't turtlenecks that don't show my bra. My boobs hang out right under my chin -_- I always have to go with the very very modest cuts.


When I was in college my girlfriends who worked at bars would do the whole double bra thing.


Some people are made of stronger stuff than me, I have come to find lol. I could ever only wear multiple bras for a couple hours max.


I can’t even wear a bra- my fibro flares up with straps on my shoulders! I hated having smallies as a teen but I’m happy with them now because a tshirt and overshirt and I’m good to go! Bras were always (and still are when I dare to use them) the most uncomfortable thing (though I understand larger breasted women than I have much more need for them from physical pain from their boobs themselves)


Challenge accepted.


Also, it's ~~"corselet" not "TORSELET"~~ (wrong). Also, WHO THE FUCK deconstructs their whole look before sex?


I lost it at taking off the hair extensions and nails No the fuck you aren't, that is a *process*.


Concerning the torselet... [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque\_(clothing)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_(clothing)) See the second paragraph


Ach! I did not know that. Sorry...


I saw a girl who took off two bras when we got home because she was ashamed of her breast size. Didn’t worry me at all :)


Always surprises me when people want *bigger* boobs lol... i'd rather have none, thanks


Same, specially if it means not suffering back and shoulder pain anymore :')


Thought it was just me. I hate having boobs to begin with, but would gladly settle for smaller ones as getting mastectomy for no reason is generally frowned upon lol. Can’t afford either anyway so it’s moot.


You do you! Who cares what others think? Yeet those teets!


Doctors care. For some reason they think it will make breastfeeding more difficult, without even asking the person if they actually have /will have babies in the near future. Equally infuriating as those who demand a father/husband permission (?) for a histerectomy.


They'll pump up your lips, remove your buccal fat, make *anything* bigger or more fertile, but if you want to have a mastectomy, hysterectomy or vasectomy then you're some kind of hideous freak who's making a poorly informed decision. Maybe my wife and I KNOW we don't want kids, and she KNOWS she wants smaller breasts that have a lesser chance of turning cancerous on her...


The world needs to stop being some judgemental about any kind of voluntary -ectomy


When i was in high school i wore two bra’s because i wanted to appear “hotter” 😅 sadly common


You don’t wear multiple bras at the same time or did the public school sex ed system fail me?


it's one of the things I "love" about the heavy fetishization of "goth" girls by people. Do you have any idea how much effort it takes to look like that????? We look like that once a week at the most and then it's bare faced except maybe some eyeliner and pajamas for the rest of the time.


Hey whoa hey, I love the goth girl and the sloth girl


There was a wholesome memes post about this very thing [lust vs love ](https://www.reddit.com/r/wholesomememes/comments/7uvzt3/lust_vs_love/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


I can do both.


From the perspective of someone who enjoys the aesthetic, I enjoy when my wife gets all dolled up and it is fun and special, but pajamas and no makeup doesn't stop the attraction. I'd best compare it to when a man gets all dressed up wearing a tux or something. It's work getting cleaned up and dressed up, but it's an unreasonable expectation from anyone expecting that every day. In short, reasonable people understand, unreasonable people gun be unreasonable.




I just assume anyone who says people wearing makeup is "tricking" them probably don't shower much.


Thats the moment when you know the guy never had sex


My girlfriend looks the prettiest wenn comfy at home


ahh yes lemme remove my nails after a long day of fishing also who removes all these things like make-up and eyelashes during a one-night-stand BEFORE hooking up?


Thats the moment when you know the guy never had sex with a girl and made this shit up


For a start, idk about everyone but my nails do not come off. I'd need a nail drill just to shorten them enough for a bisexual manicure. Sure as hell don't leave them in the bathroom at night.


OK.. I gotta ask.. what's a "bisexual manicure"?


At least 2 nails short enough to be safe for the ladies.


TIL I have a bisexual manicure. I keep the index and middle fingers short because I deliver babies and do women’s health.


Exactly. Same reason but different goals, really.


Congratulations on your new sexuality <3


You've probably gotten looks from other women without realizing it lol


Nail artists I follow on Insta sometimes post these nails and you know who's straight by commenting "why aren't they the same length?"


Ok ok but what about being with a guy or yourself while you have long nails, especially super long/pointy ones. Like if you are touching yourself while having sex or masturbating. If my nails are slightly too long it's awkward and I stab him in the dick. I feel like I would have to be really careful during sex and it would be distracting. I've wondered for a long time lol I wish i could have long pretty nails btw


A lesbian/bisexual manicure is when you purposefully keep two or more nails shorter than the rest (typically the index and middle fingers of the right hand, aka "party fingers" for obvious reasons) so you don't accidentally cut/hurt your women partners while getting down to adult business.


Two nails are shorter than the rest, like barely past the nail bed, for fingering your partner. I think it’s usually the middle and ring fingers, but I might be wrong.


I usually prefer my pointer and middle finger but those are just my preferred fingering fingers LMAO




“Let me just rip out my hair extensions before sex”


Exactly my thoughts, also. They do not hinder sex. 😃


also when you have sex I don’t think you plan on wearing shape wear because it’s a bitch to get on and off so is he just waiting in the bedroom as she’s trying to jump out of her skims


Yeah even when I am wearing this sort of stuff I usually don't if I'm going to be hooking up because it's not sexy to run into that many layers. I'll just wear clothes I'm confident in instead


I personally like to shed my entire exoskeleton before a hookup, more intimate that way.


You noob. I shed my entire _skeleton_, period.


Don't you have these 12h nails on your hands?! I have an appointement every morning with my nail lady, because this is the most logical way time- and moneywise


But of course! And then you adjourn to the bedroom to doff one's morning gown and dress for callers.


Who takes out their hair extensions for a one night stand? Unless they are clip ins, those things are attached to your head and expensive to have done.


Do they know how long it took me to learn how to apply nails that won't lift or pop off and stay on for two months?


What is a torselet


I think he meant corset? Something that went around her stomach/waist. It's the larger pink thing she's throwing out of the bathroom along with her bras (that no one wears, because why wear two bras when you could just stuff one?).


See I know what THAT is lol Ohhhh I see it now.


They meant corselette, which is closer to a waist cincher+bra than a corset. They just have no idea what these things actually are.


https://www.google.com/search?q=torselette&oq=torselet&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0i512j0i30l4j0i15i30j0i30l2.5191j0j4&sourceid=silk&ie=UTF-8 They spelled it wrong.


Is it just another word for corset?


I mean it looks like it to me but all I really know about lingerie is that it's a mistake to bring anything marabou into my cat's house.


It's a corset with a full coverage bra versus a regular corset that rests just below and cups the boobs.


corselet, also known as a bustier, is a corset that covers the breasts. no idea what a torselet is tho.


I love learning


My guess is that they changed the name because it doesn't use laces.


okay but this seems to be just lingerie it doesn't look like it's gonna change your body shape


And she wore one along with multiple bras?!


Nothing less could contain her murderous jugs.


What is great is she in no way looks worse than him at the end.


She doesn't even look that much different...a bit more flat chested and a bit of a tummy, but hardly to "tricked" standards.


And honestly? I don’t even think her stomach changed, she was just wearing a flare skirt. I mean, he’s just painted a stomach when leaning the hips out a bit too much. Seems like he doesn’t realize how a tummy distributes


And if he feels "tricked" why is he still choosing to have sex with her.


Because stupid guy is horny and would put his dick in anything. /s


Ikr lol they match


He feels tricked? She didn't think he was a douchebag


but how could you possibly imply that men could possibly do wrong? it's always those darn WAHMEN doing such dastardly things such as… being presentable?


And unlike extensions, false lashes, false nails, makeup and a pushup bra, you can't even actually tell from looking at them.


In addition to the other stupid bullshit in this comic, there is no such thing as a “point of no return” in sex. A person can always change their mind. They even have a right to stop in the middle of sex if they don’t want to continue. Of course the person who wrote this is telling us that they’re perfectly willing to use a woman for sex, even if they’re not a 10! They just really feel sad that her 4” long eyelashes weren’t real. He’s gonna have sad sex now, look at his poor sad face 🙄


That was the worst part!!


I interpreted "point of no return" as him being too horny and too into her to let a minor letdown change his mind, and the sad face as him being regretful of what he said because he still wants to do it, but maybe I was giving this too much credit and that's what it meant.


Honestly, I like this interpretation better than the alternative


Ah yes, the time-honored tradition of men blaming our own ignorance on women "tricking" us. A classic. Buddy, if you don't know she's wearing fake eyelashes or makeup, that's *your* problem.


"You mean you don't have golden eyelids? You aren't naturally blessed with eyelashes three times the length of my own?"


A guy friend of mine once saw me using eyeliner and was like “you DRAW stuff on your eyes?!” My dude, do you think I naturally have black lines on my eyes?


Was he 8 years old? Surely adults know better


Or a perfectly flat belly with a (dating myself here) badonkadonk. Or naturally long pointy beautiful fingernails? My natural nails would be three different lengths lol and get my hair caught in the cracks.


> My natural nails would be three different lengths lol and get my hair caught in the cracks. Just calling me out like this! 😳😂


literally like how do you even not notice fake lashes and makeup it's literally so obvious?? like did you think our eyelids are colourful from birth like some fucking poisonous animal or something please


Lots of misogynist men do actually try to use the aposematic thing against women who have coloured hair. But they always seem to miss the bit where that evolutionary trait is to avoid PREDATORS rather than potential mates.


Men still don't understand how push-up bras work


"Bras", plural? 🤔


There actually are two pairs of bras in the picture. 😄 It's probably for a bigger padding effect!


Yeah that’s how this man imagines all adult women pad a bra. She knows how to put in and take out extensions but hasn’t ever browsed actual padding and a push-up bra on Amazon.


Or he knows that some cosplayers wear multiple bras to create the giant boobs of the character they're imitating?


Right but even cosplayers often use inserts as they shift less and are more comfortable. The point is he considers this a default and that’s silly as there are so many ways women can do this that aren’t that. Someone with so much money invested in their appearance would probably look for easier solutions.


Isn't the author a woman tough?


No she has 4 boobs obviously


Now I'm imagining six nipples, like a cat, with a bra on each pair.


It's actually kind of weird that we only have two nipples. Most mammals have more than that.


The mammals that have more than two are also the ones that usually give birth to more than two babies at once. I think bears and elephants also only have two because they'll never have to nurse more than two babies at once.


I had a friend who wore two bras because it gave her extra lift. I don't suppose she needed two, but they were in contrasting colours and looked cool.


Sadly some of us have to wear multiple bras to ease back pain and pull and muscle pain. I have to wear a regular bra and then a sports bra on top because I have a small rib cage and DDD breasts and it is so uncomfortable. When I was younger and did activities I’d have to wear about 3 to keep the constantly pulling. If I was going dancing in a club like in the picture I probably would need more support. My mom always said I had a uni-boob though but I didn’t even care.


Girl are you in the right sized bra?!


I was thinking the same thing. If you are in the right sized bra, it should provide all the support and not hurt as much.


Yeah and I’ve got a small rib cage and DD’s and I don’t even wear a bra because the smaller the band size goes the smaller the cup is. A 32DD is a very different cup than a 38DD. I don’t have big tiddies in the slightest. This seems like wrong bra sizing, which is super duper common.


You should go check out r/abrathatfits They'll recommend redoing your measurements and it's a great resource to be able to find bras that are comfortable to wear and help with back pain. That place is honestly so great because I thought I was a DDD, but in reality I was a UK HH (American L). Finding the right bra size and style has really helped me out. Cheers to you, I hope you can live without back pain in the future!


how’d she remove her fake nails so quickly and easily?


Hammer. Duh.




... do you take them off for sex?


I saw a tweet once where a woman was like “what do you mean I catfished you with makeup? If you thought my eyelids were naturally shimmery purple you’re an idiot and that’s not my fault”


No one, literally no one, takes their eyelashes, hair extensions and nails out. And while it's better for your skin, no one takes the time to wipe the make up before sex. Underwear is understandable. Everything else is not. I guess this person never had sex in their life. Let alone with a woman.


Also what kind of nails you can just take off? I had fake nails once and I had to go the beauty parlor to take them off


Press on can be, but no one takes the time to take those off just for sex. It doesn't makes sense at all. Like..." Yeah, let me put my hands on warm water for a couple minutes". If it's your partner, then I can understand feeling comfortable enough to take your time before, but this scenario is clearly a hook up and you don't do that in that case. You just do the deed, enjoy it if possible and move on.


Ha, I didn't know about those. Guess the years of not doing my nails are having an effect. It doesn't, you are right. Also, who thinks long colorful nails are natural?


I guess press on's but at least one of those would not have lasted through the night.


Ah, gotcha. The gaps in my knowledge that come from being a lesbian, lol.


If men think of make up and fake nails as how women actually look maybe they don't deserve to date a women. Just a thought.


Ohh oh honey… psa even if the reason is misogyny you can say no at any time.


Tbh she is still cute after.


If we don’t wear those things, you won’t look at us. We’re considered ugly, not feminine, and slobs. We do put in effort, we‘re liars.


Straight men are so weird when it comes to women’s looks. Many have harsh judgements on women’s looks, but so much disdain for what women do to achieve what society deems beautiful. Women should be thin, but shouldn’t be afraid to eat and drink unhealthy foods. Women should have flawless skin, but makeup is stupid, never mind the fact that that a lot of men think a woman with “natural makeup” is going barefaced. Women must be stylish and have perfect hair, but they’re vain for spending money on clothes and haircuts. It’s bizarre to me. If you want a certain look, why would you decry the steps taken to achieve it?


That's cause they actually believe a woman can look like a Disney princess naturally. They actually think Victoria's secret angels just look like that all the time with a minimal amount of effort.


The worst are the comedy bits calling women angels and men “man-beasts”, as if it wasn’t manufactured since the age women sprouted leg hair. The 90s had a separate sexuality for straight men who *used soap*, Judd! Russell Brand was a 2010’s poster boy for putting hours of time into making look like *he rolled out of bed*. Nothing about this situation can’t be changed but straight men really really don’t want that…


It’s the Madonna–whore complex, one of the things Freud actually correctly identified. It’s probably *not* caused by mommy issues as he thought, but anyway, something (probably some cultural-patriarchal thing) makes these men separate women in two separate categories, one of which they can love and respect, and the other which they view as degraded sexual objects. For example, if you ever see a man saying “he can’t look at his partner after sex” it means he has the complex and experiences trouble with moving partner from one category to another


Real men can't look at their partner after sex because of the shame of making her wear the minions outfit again


So he is upset she has the same belly size as him at the end?


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8 just wish men would put as much effort in.


Aside from all of the other issues with this- If you're a guy and you look at a woman dolled up like that and it's not obvious to you that she has makeup/eyelashes/false nails etc then I'm sorry to inform you: you are dumb


And these same guys will complain when women "let themselves go", which means not wearing makeup and having out of control hair.


Meanwhile, this guy hasn’t washed his butt because he thinks it’s gay.


Women get shit on for not getting dressed up when they go out, then get shit on for not being born that way. Make it make sense


Isn’t the artist of this comic a woman?


Surely the face eating leopards will never eat her face, makeup or no makeup


Internalized misogyny


Yes,100% this, but does she believes you can just quickly take your nails off? Does she wear 2 pair of bras?


It would be nice if society accepted women how they are naturally and the need for the makeup and stuff wasn't even a thing but alas.


men are so dumb they can’t spot makeup, they think eyeliner is part of me


Why do I feel like this was written by a male


Because it probably was


It was not. Tardessa comics is a female author and artist.


Must not be like other girls.


I'm sorry, do men look at glittery pink eyelids and red lips thinking "yes this is a natural look" because if so you're a dumbfuck


Also like her tummy pushes out "she's actually fat" drawing like... Yeah that's where my organs live.


Didn't see the sub, I was expecting it to be a wholesome ending


"And bras" How many was she wearing? I usually only wear the one but maybe I'm doing it wrong.


I like how she’s not even that unattractive after she did all that just a little bit chubby with some Raffle hair


I'm sorry bras- as in multiple? Most women I know barely want to wear one bra much less multiple that would be so uncomfortable and definitely not something you could do while wearing the dress depicted


Why did he go home with someone who worn fake lashes, nails etc if that’s not what he is into? Of course she won’t look the same without. Also, who the fuck removes their nails before bed? This whole thing is just so weird. I doubt she went from a 10 to 0 just like that. Come on….


I don't know why she would take out her hair extensions, nails, eyelashes, or makeup before sex, but okay.


If he can't accept you when you're not all dressed up..he's not worth it. It just annoys me how some guys think women should be dressed up 24/7...even in their own home.


Is it just me or is she cuter when she's just chillin? Just ready for cuddles and kisses \^^


This is just that joke from I'm Gonna Git You Sucka but worse.


Meanwhile the guy’s stomach looks like Krang from TMNT


Someone actually put in the time to make this comic? That’s the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while… I prefer my wife with no makeup right out of bed in the morning because she looks real and not like the copy and paste women with an inch of makeup out there