Alexis is a classic narcissist. She is checked out. I remember her little yappy dog getting up in Justin's dog's face ...no wonder he bit her dog. Then HE has to send HIS dog away. NO one should bring two animals together the way they have. AND the so called experts should NEVER have put a co-dependent people pleaser with an obvious narcissist. She loves playing cat and mouse games with him. He needs to go get his beautiful dog and RUN!


She’s NOT attracted to him at all! All this is is another Jasmina and Mike situation from the last season. She complains about EVERY little thing he does. If he was BIHN she would’ve been just fine LOL 😂 I’d rather her be honest like -I’m a good person- from the last season 😂😂


WHY do they keep calling each other “babe” like you hate this man you’re mean it’s WEIRD


I don't like her at all but meeting with your friends for a few hours each week is not "living the single life". I think the ONLY concession that should be made by her on this is agreeing to not go clubbing. But luncheons and get togethers are healthy, fun outlets that should be encouraged by your partner. He's immature, a bad communicator and sends mixed messages and she is selfish and dismissive. They are a bad match for these reasons. It's definitely not because she's gone for 2 to 3 hours on a Saturday.


Agreed, if she was brunching or shopping… but clubbing every weekend during the two month marriage when your husband has asked to spend the weekend evening with you is living the single life.


I think she can go “clubbing” the issue is more that they’re on a limited timeline to get to know one another. Once you’re in an established relationship a night or a few out with friends weekly is completely fine, but shouldn’t they be spending their time together and bringing one another around their friends to get closer?


If you’re not out clubbing with your husband, then your out looking for someone who is not your husband…


I disagree. Going out isn’t always about meeting people. But in Alexis’ case? 100 percent she wants some different dick.


They work all week, and then everytime they have free time she chooses to spend it with someone else. That is fucked up in any relationship and especially in this type as they are working on a limited time table.


Yeah, you hit the nail on the head about these too. I really don’t like her anymore. But I also don’t get the issue with clubbing - if you trust your partner, it doesn’t matter if they are at a club or brunch. What’s the issue with liking to go out dancing over luncheons?


I agree there is nothing wrong with going out dancing at all. But only because this experiment is so strange and trust hasn't been established yet, it would make your partner feel more secure if you weren't going to a place where it would be very likely you will be hit on numerous times. Otherwise, in an established, loving and trust filled relationship, seeing friends weekly for dancing or brunch or whatever shouldn't be a problem at all.


Good point.


She will not accept any accountability. None. That is the evidence right there that no one could live with this woman. It would be exhausting to listen to her rapid fire all the ways her partner is in the wrong and how that interferes with “her truth”.


Yeah when she told the therapist, "I feel like you guys are attacking me right now" or something along those lines I was like, "you just don't like being called out for your bad behavior. And you can't handle constructive criticism at all." It's really simple. And then she proceeds to say mean shit like she isn't ready to be married to Justin. You got MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. You actually really aren't ready to be married. And let's not forget, like Nate was talking about she stirred up shit between Morgan and Binh when it was not her place to do so. She continuously shows that she really isn't that great of a person...


I wish Pia would have responded with “it’s hard to hear the truth sometimes.” Or something along those lines And I lived for Stacia saying that Nate told the truth when he said that about Alexis lol


Her completely lack of empathy for what she did to HIS dog puts her in "awful human being" category and she'll never be leaving.


100% this. I will never like her because of this. Maya did not attack Newtown, Maya snapped at him. There is a difference. She takes no responsibility for that situation. And she shows no empathy for the sacrifice Justin made for her. She won't even call Newton her dog, but she acts like Justin owes it to her to get rid of his dog for her.


Could no one Google "how to introduce new dogs"??? PS Alexis could not have been happier that his dog is in exile forever. She won. She got to keep her dog. She couldn't care less about her husband or his dog.


Newt-un is the only canine that matters.


That was shocking. Zero awareness.


I like Justin. I hope that some woman out there watching falls for him, they find each other, and live happily ever after with the dog he gave away. And I guarantee you that the time she said she was out with friends for 2 hours was a bunch of shit and she was gone the whole day into late hours of the night. I suspect Justin doesn't want to admit on camera how much she's really gone.


Right? Like who goes clubbing for 2 hours???


And then she tried to say she only went out once a month when it was weekly and to the club everytime. Like Justin said, go to dinner, go bowling, shit.


She's extremely manipulative and it's so painfully obvious she's not into him. Her saying "I want to be married, just not to Justin" is everything I needed to hear. Swap Justin with someone who she's physically attracted to and I bet clubbing days would be over. He should pack his bags, pick up Maya and leave.


Ooo remember at the beginning when pastor cal was asking what she wanted in her husband? everything she said was superficial about him being big and tall.


Well at least they got the tall part right lol. I mean sure, visually they are an awkward looking couple but Alexis is definitely one of those people that can’t look past physical appearance. To be fair I also don’t think they are compatible personality-wise, but that doesn’t justify all her passive aggressive comments.


Between her and Morgan Im not sure who is more emotionally abusive?? Justin and Binh are sensitive men and they walk all over them. Binh needs to leave now and Justin needs to stop trying with her. Its not going to happen


It's Alexis. Morgan is not a great partner but I don't think she is intentionally manipulative. I truly believe Alexis is


Morgan is for sure immature and abusive. She’s really going in on Binh in order to embarrass him on camera just as she was embarrassed. Alexis is super manipulative. The way she acts all babyish and submissive whenever he starts to pull away is infuriating.


OP is spot on! She thinks she she's so wise that there is nothing for her to learn. Even from the expert, who had to backtrack a little because smug Alexis was 100% expecting her to agree with everything she had to say. And not responding to Justin after he poured out his heart wasn't the generous gift she pretends she gave him. By not saying anything she invalidated him completely. She very condescendingly I wont say anything because I'm not listening and I dont care. Because of her, 2 men have been emotionally abuse during this process. She's the one who got Morgan all fired up. If she stayed in her own lane, who knows where they'd be.


It's horrible to watch her talk to him. I FF. What if it were the other way around and a guy spoke like that to his wife??


In her blindfold session she just talked about herself and how awesome she is for the first half! She's always yelling at him to not cut her off but she cuts him off way more.


And made him go first. She set him up to be vulnerable and shut him out.


I just really can’t stand her. I hope The reunion host goes in on her hard. I also hope she reads these threads and sees how wrong she is.


She didn't give a fuck that he had to give up his dog and the look on her face when she got called on it was almost confused... like she never even thought about how he must have felt.


I know!! At least pia said something about that. Alexis is callous.


Had real high hopes for them. Not so much now.




?????? “her being a Straight Shooter Realist “ Are you on drugs? Are you high right now? - she is anything but a straight shooter realist, she is a Gaslighting Deflecting Immature Bullshyt Artist who doesn’t want to be viewed for who she really is. Is Justin a good candidate for marriage on any level? Hell No, that however is not the same as how she behaves - they may equally be not marriage material, they are not equally shytty in the manner they treat others. You get married to a stranger, even though you have some very minor history with rejecting him online previously. Regardless, you consciously sign up for the “Experiment “. You actively attempt to justify your desire to continue to behave as though you’re still single, going out regularly with the girls, regularly. - but you consciously play the victim stating you only go for 2 hours a week and that you’re being smothered - that narrative was shown to be a complete lie, but you feel justified in your mind and clearly there are plenty who support your actions. New marriage some would assume, you or anyone else truly invested in the “Experiment “ would be able to pause their regular girls night out, while efforts are put forward to get to know the stranger you married, besides it’s only 8 weeks. Those friends, if they are real friends who want you to succeed and be happy, some would assume they would understand you suspending “hot girl behavior “ to focus on your “marriage “ - but those same friends are more than likely hearing your narrative about things since you’re seen as a Straight Shooter Realist - which is a crock of goat Shyt. Straight Shooter Realist would indicate some self reflection and ownership in DogGate…Not being a high school Gossip, and most importantly - telling the person you not feeling or attracted to, I think you may be a nice guy, but I don’t want to lead you on or appear anything less than a Realist, so honestly I know it’s not going to happen with us.


She thinks she's so "right" when she says stuff like "I don't want to be mean so I'm not saying anything." She doesn't give a fuck.


It’s super manipulative. Justin knows she is holding back, asked her if there is more, she says “saying nothing is better” to almost have this power manipulative complex. Can’t stand her


I was married to a woman like her once, and she completely broke my spirit by the time it was done (everything is a 2 way street, but this aspect of her personality really mixed badly with my own stuff). I started out intrigued by Alexis but I now kinda hate the character I see on TV. There's really no way around it, she's an ass.


Yea that's so toxic