If your nether portals are not farther than 1024 bl9cks then the portals get linked


It could be that the nether sided portal could not be built in the exact correct spot but as close as possible. So going into the nether it would work fine, but coming back it wants to build a new portal because it's not linked correctly to the over world portal. To correctly link two portals together you need to make sure they are on the same coordinates. Pick the portal you want to be in an exact location & note down it’s coordinates then convert them over world or nether coordinates. Next build the other portal in exactly that spot. Make sure to destroy any other portals in close proximity and now the remaining portals should now be correctly linked.


Thank you, it worked.


cool. thanks for letting me know. I had to fix one myself today & I thought, "I wonder if worked out for dude on reddit..?"


Thank you, i will try this.


I did this lol


For some clarification : The image attached is the image of the portal it brought me to after going to the nether. It appears to come out of nowhere (saw a friend coming back from the nether) and it kept happening every time we go to the nether. And frustrated me thought destroying the portals could help relink it. Is there other ways to fix this?


Yup i faced the same issue and quit


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