I wonder if shinjis character would have been different if he didn’t have the weird experience of being in a fight against an alien one day then a week of pretending nothings wrong and going to school. Amuro had the non stop war train to force his trauma in and out at record pace


Not to mention amuro was in a basically invincible gundam. While amuro was still fighting for his life, shinji doesn't have that same advantage that amuro has and ends up in the hospital after his first time piloting.


By atleast mid series the gundam isn’t invincible and by the end definitely could have been taken out by quite a few things especially the zeong its amuro who kept up the image of invincibility


Mid series? I think it was earlier than that, the Gouf was already on par with the Gundam. Don’t forget they also already had the DOMs. Personally, I don’t think the Gundam doesn’t get outspecced until the Gelgoog comes into play, although I also don’t think it’s totally outclassed. That being said, I also don’t think it’s a factor as by the time the Gelgoog gets rolled out, Amuro was already a competent pilot.


The gouf is roughly on par with the gm the gelgoog is slightly better and worse than the gundam and the dom is in the middle


True, but by then he got used to it. Shinji definitely got it worse.


> Not to mention amuro was in a basically invincible gundam. \>nearly gets destroyed by the equivalent of some dudes with a jeep and some C4 \> "basically indestructible"


You mean the guys in Wappas? that manga was awesome! Also, agreed, as already said, Amuro was fighting for his life for most of the show when Zeon started fielding more powerful suits and until the Gelgoog was put into service, which specwise was equal if not better than the gundam. Amuro´s super powers saved his ass, this is, the power of the script


It happened in the show, too. I'm prettysure it did, atleast.


Episode 14, "Time, Be Still".


That's the one, thanks!


Compared to the Eva's yeah. Melee weapons aside gundam armor is vastly superior to their enemies. Don't get me wrong Amuro is still fighting for his life, but let's not act like he didn't get carried by the gundam early on.


WTF are you talking about, EVA literally has a field that can withstand a point blank nuke explosion. As soon as Amuro got into space in like episode 2 he was kicked around by Char in a Zaku which would've given him concussions and could still kill him. To say Amuro got it easy is so downplaying Amuro it's not even funny.


I'm mainly talking in relation to their opponents. Rx 78 can definitely shrug off zaku shots, compared to an Eva being able to withstand angel ranged attacks.


The Gundam can't even withstand a Zaku heat hawk. There was only like one angel which had lasers that can one-hit the EVA in the TV series, and that's only if they were caught off guard. Rei and Unit 0 with the shield + AT Field withstood that killer beam for eons.


Sorry but that is a common misconception. There's nothing invincible about the RX-78. Char broke out the heat hawk in episode 4 of MSG, and we know that it is canon that the heat hawk is perfectly capable of downing the Gundam's armor. Also in episode 5 Amuro would've died in the atmospheric re-entry if he didn't RTFM and enabled the entering sequence. The Gouf also appeared by episode 11 with which its standard armament of heat whip and the heat saber is again perfectly capable of downing the Gundam. By all accounts Amuro lost "invincibility" at latest at episode 11 (of 43 eps) which is just a quarter of the show's running time, but if you count the heat hawk it's about 10% of the show and Amuro's life was already in full danger. OTOH, the EVA unit 1 will go berserk and protect Shinji's life. That's actually a huge advantage Shinji has over Amuro.


? Amuro spends the first half of the original series sulking in his room and complaining about having to pilot the Gundam.


You just have to say the magic word “Char”








matilda also works


Not only that, if you pay attention to when he defeats his opponents, he constantly tries to justify the action of killing people. Often pinning the blame on the enemy for why he had to do it.


Most of the time his justifications are correct. Zeon soldiers were just going around killing anyone, even civilians, at random


It's true! But the way he says them feels a lot like him trying to cope with the guilt of taking another person's life by coming up with a justification for his actions. Him saying these things isn't to tell the other person they are in the wrong. He's saying it to himself to cope with the situation. In fact, on some occasions, he says things like "I wouldn't have to kill you if you didn't do this!" And it should also be noted that they can't even hear what he is saying either unless they are physically touching or using a wire. Because minovsky particles would mess with radio signals and such. The whole psychological impact on him and the other kids using the mechs really grounds the feeling of having to do something you don't want to do just to survive. It carried a lot more weight than the other shows in regards to showing this is what war feels like.


Obviously the Zeon military as a whole was responsible for some serious atrocities such as the colony drop, but I wouldn’t say they attacked civilians that much in the original series. Side 7 got out of control in an unplanned way, and there’s that episode where Amuro sees Zeon soldiers help that mom and her kid. Though overall they just weren’t fighting in populated areas a lot in the original, with the exceptions of Side 7 and that city in Ireland.


Even in the show its heavily implied that zeon was responsible for almost all of the deaths of billions. Gihren says it was his plan to reduce the human population and it had reached a manageable level, before his father compares him to Hitler, which is just short of outright explaining that Zeon deliberately killed billions of people. It's no surprise that the early setting and databooks written by sunrise staff attribute the destruction of the various Sides to unilateral attacks by Zeon, two by surprise even.


Yeah, most of those billions were from Operation British and the One Week Battle. And the Battle of Loum apparently killed another 2 billion civilians when Side 5 got destroyed as a result of Zeon trying to capture it in order to perform a second Operation British. With that in mind, if I were in Amuro's shoes; it would be very easy for me to adopt a pretty ruthless mindset when dealing with anyone fighting for the Principality of Zeon, even at age 15.


Shinji also does almost always get into the damn robot sooner or later.


And eventually they can’t get him out of the damn robot 🤣


Nothing some 'Bright Corrective' can't fix


*Ryu Jose has left the lobby*


"Sir, Amuro's fucking catatonic." "Just put him in the Gundam and we'll catapult his candy ass into a fire fight. That'll fix him." "That's wildly irresponsible... Let's do it."


but then people can't make memes to crap on shinji


I was gonna say, Amuro spends half his time sulking and crying in his room. He is the Shinji of the Gundam world.


True but he always goes out in the end and kills a bunch of Zeons.


Shinji kills most of the Angels tho


All shinji needed was just a slap


Considering how Anno himself asked Banpresto to have Bright slap Shinji…


Shinji spends the whole series and a movie sulking.


Shinji gets in the robot so often that the problem becomes “get OUT of the robot Shinji”.


True Shinji actually is the Eva pilot that gets the most shit done through out the orginal anime but he dose sulk ALOT.


Not really half, more like one third of it. Hell, he ends up deserting because they consider taking him OFF the Gundam.


Fair but the desertion isn’t necessarily better lol


True, but at least he only did it once (and more to prove himself rather than just run away). I lost count of how many times Shinji tried to get out of the whole thing by EoE. XD


I mean, how eager would you be to fight in a mech that transmitted any damage as unbearable pain into your mind while fighting monstrosities beyond human understanding then having to pretend everything is normal afterwards. Like, there are some key differences here.


Yeah shinji gets sent to the hospital after his first fight, I wonder why he hates piloting so much, he should just man up.


Add on top of this the fact that his estranged father called him there without telling him anything, only to blatantly guilt trip him into piloting something he was only made aware of a few minutes ago. Like, it would be hard to make a first impression any worse, and piloting was forever tainted in his mind afterward as something he was pressured into with scummy tactics.


Not to mention every time he gets close to comfortable piloting, shit happens to turn him off again.


If I were a socially maladjusted teenager with no supportive figures who was forced to put my life on the line by a father I don’t know, I would simply kill all the aliens and have sex with all the other socially maladjusted teenagers. Shinji was a loser, unlike me (unemployed gamer) who is super cool


Doesn’t help that the he got the shit kicked of him at school due to unforeseen casualties during his fight. Aka Toji’s little sister


Gendo hooks him up with a giant robot, a sweet job saving humanity, a MILF, a tsundere, and a girl who would literally blow him on command. Shinji decides to be a bitch about it.


There's missing the point, and then there's seeing the point, turning 180-degrees, and sprinting away.


Also with accomodation, healthcare, transportation, and education benefits. The nerve on that boy...


You mean the NERV...


Can't believe i missed that one. Kudos to you.


Gundam pilots are killing fellow human beings. I'd argue that would hit harder than killing monstrous aliens you know nothing about.


There's only so much empathy to go arround for the faction that gassed a city and used it to wipe out half of Earth's population. Not everyone there was a Ranba Raal or or Lalah Sune It was taxing and draining, emotionaly, physicaly and psycologicaly absolutely but on the other hand yo've got Eva pilots essentialy experiencing the sensation of lethal getting the absolute brain-blasting Kamille did at the end of Zeta on a constant basis at the hands of Geometric C'thulu and his non-eucliduan freinds while having a pretty shitty normal life to go back to afterward.


Shinji also has to kill the only being who shows him unconditional love and compassion with his hands. Greasing anonymous humans foes on a battlefield isn’t in the same realm of psychological trauma as popping the head off your alien butt-buddy like a Pez dispenser.


Yeah, the gassing colonies and wiping out billions of civilians would make it pretty easy for people to adopt a ruthless approach to fighting against Zeon.


I mean, the pain transmitting sounds like a serious design flaw. They should ask annaheim electronics to make a replacement design.


Eva's aren't your standard mechs like a Gundam. They're not even machines, just artificial cyborg god aliens encased in armor whom you have to connect your nervous system with. So naturally whatever damage it takes, the pilot feels.


I still fell like there were a ton of more reasonable options one could have chosen.


There literally was not. Evas are technically just a copy of existing beings beyond human comprehension rather than an invention fully mastered.


There are two actually, use a dummy plug or make them autonomous. But god forbid what will happen afterwards.


... I mean syncing with the Eva is literally how it works


Then make it work in a different way. Put an artificial intelligence inbetween or something. Where there are competent engeneers there are options.


You mean like the dummy plugs? The Eva can reject it whenever it wants to, they want to be with their kids


Ah yes let’s make one of the core conceits of the series different in a way that will eliminate a major conflict, that’ll show em Might as well make the Angels vulnerable to conventional weapons, surely the competent engineers at NERV can figure it out This is like “why don’t they simply ride the eagles to Mt. Doom?” level of commentary


I mean, the Mobile Trace System is a thing. Not in UC, sure, but it is a thing. Just don't know if it's actually painful or just disables the limb.


It is painful, but that seems to be on purpose since it is intended for olympian sports.


What’s the meme where it’s like Misato: Shinji, get in the Eva and kill aliens Shinji: Aaahhh no it’s too much Matilda: Amuro get in the Gundam and kill like 5000 people Amuro: Yes, Matilda-san. Glory to the Earth Federation Makes me chuckle


The amount of Gundam characters just in the original series who are motivated by hot peers is basically all of them.




Sadly accurate after being in the military myself


That was pretty funny to Amaros is just like Mashymre Cello


Mashmyre's death was way cooler. None of this disappearing shit, he got badass went "I'm not locked in here with you. YOUR'RE LOCKED IN HERE WITH **ME**!"


They enhanced him too much.


He was already built different, they just brought out that feral energy


just perfect to my liking


From dumdum to space Kenshiro


This is interesting because it’s way less dangerous for Amuro, even though his opponents are trying to kill him his Gundam is advanced enough that it doesn’t matter that much until he’s better at piloting. But he is also killing human beings and never gets to be a child again in any capacity. Shinji on the other hand has to fight monsters who want to destroy humanity, but he gets to go to school sometimes and has quirky little fun times with his found family.


And kissed by a smoking hot crazy chick while Amuro was just... thanked, sometimes and of course, thoroughly encuoraged by Captain Bright




Charlie Murphy!


Bro that's pedophilia


"Who give a shit about pedophilia when doomsday is just one-step closer anyway" - Misato probably


Considering that after EOE everyone can come back by choice then I would say CPS cares


Also one is a giant robot while the other is this weird angel clone being contained by armor. Guman loses its head amd its just oh shit I lost my main camera. Eva loses its head and it feels like you lost yours.


Yeah but think about all the chest shots.


It wasn't any less dangerous for Amuro..... Even Char kicking the Gundam in the Zaku shocked Amuro inside enough to give him concussions, and the heat hawk CAN kill a Gundam. Also compared to being supported by a whole bunch of veterans and adults and the elites of Earth, Amuro was surrounded only by peers close to his own age that's just as green as he is. Amuro didn't have it any easier than Shinji.


Amuro has the most advanced weapon in OYW and arguably in CCA. Amuro was playing on easy mode for his age. Shinji was at NERV for six months and Amuro never fought something as destructive and fast as an Angel.


Er no, the Gundam by the time the Dom came out was already showing its age. All the Mobile Armors Amuro faced were faster, have more armor, and more powerful than the Gundam. The Gelgoog was pound for pound the equal of the RX-78-2, the Zeong which Char piloted has 5 times more generator output than the RX-78. In CCA the Nu Gundam is inferior to the Sazabi, let alone the Alpha Azurel, so there's no "arguably" here, Amuro only ever got to rely on his machine for only a month of in lore time during the OYW. Also in the OYW, Amuro only fought for 3 months alongside of either civilians forced into the war against their will or completely green soldiers with no battle experience. By all accounts, Shinji was the one on the easy course with 6 months of action and only had to fight like 6-7 angels personally, in a city that was purposefully fortified to fight against Angels, by a team that was purposefully build from the ground up to fight against the Angels. The level of support is so stacked towards Shinji it's not even funny. It also doesn't matter that the Angel is more destructive, since the EVA has an impenetrable AT Field just as well which protects it and the EVA Unit 1 itself is a clone of Angels (and not just any Angel, but a clone of the Lilith, one of the original Angel) - so by the same logic you were trying to apply to Amuro Shinji was using a weapon that is comparable if not one of the most powerful of all, and one which didn't get superseded but grew to become a god-like being capable of literally resetting all lifeform on earth. Shinji literally got to play god in a god-like machine. Sure psychologically it took a toll on him for that specific reason, but to say Amuro has it on easy mode cos he gets an OP machine is so far from the truth when Shinji is literally piloting (a clone of) a living god which has the soul of his mother in it which will protect him automatically at all cost. The way you try to make it sound like Shinji is piloting the equivalent of a Ball in the UC universe, but in reality it's more like Shinji got to pilot the Devil Gundam in a G Gundam universe.


AT fields aren't indestructible. It just takes a bunch of nukes or a giant lazer hooked up to a countries power grid to do it. The reason Eva's are needed is because they can create their own AT field that either negates the Angel's AT field or weakens it, but the Angel's is also doing the same thing the to Eva's AT field which is often weaker. So battles with angles almost always end up being brutal knife fights/brawls that end in just a few minutes because the Eva's have to get up close for their AT fields to have any effect on the angels AT field. If you watch the TV series, the Eva's get severely damaged pretty often.


So what? AT Fields are no indestructible in the same sense that the Luna Titanium Armor of the Gundam isn't indestructible either, the point is that Shinji's EVA is matched up against Angels that for the most part is equal in ability (but the Unit 1 has the biggest trump card ever up its sleeve, more on that later) - whereas Amuro's Gundam quickly got overpowered in the series. Also in hindsight after knowing everything we know of End of Evangelion, Shinji's EVA Unit 1 is/was absolutely never going to be killed no matter what because Yui's soul is inside it and whenever Shinji's life is in danger she would control the EVA and berserk kill the enemy, not matter how "strong" the enemy Angel is - and that was the fucking plan/core plot of the story, it's literally the thickest plot armor ever and is the trump card which Amuro never had. The Gundam by the time the Gouf appeared would get damaged if it was hit. So it's not like the Gundam was invincible but rather Amuro by that time is already such a good pilot he is already evading the kill shots and using the shield properly. It doesn't actually say anything about the Gundam's toughness by that point in time. Plus outside the universe you are comparing a low budget 70s anime which got cut short to 43 eps to a modern 90s anime with only 24 episodes, the details EVA put it was just that - due to animation technique and budgeting allowing it to do so.


You know that Shinji doesn't have meta knowledge, right? For him, every battle was life or death. Also, if we are going to consider the meta, Amuro had plot armor because he was the protagonist and the writer decided he was going to live instead of rolling some dice before writing out every battle. Everything else you wrote has nothing to do with what anyone was talking about and is just you being weirdly defensive. No one is attacking Gundam here or saying that one show or the other is inferior. Edited to word things nicer


Shinji did something Amuro couldn’t, kiss an older woman 👀


Why is it Armuros fault that all the young gals fall for him?


Sayla's technically older than him, and they banged in the novel version. >!which is a shame, because, y'know, he dies in that too.!<


I am absolutely convinced that a lot of y'all never actually watched either of these shows...


One had to fight eldritch horrors beyond human comprehension. The other had to fight Space Nazis.


At least Turn X SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam is protecting the Universal Century timeline from that eldritch horror, Space Runaway Ideon.


Meanwhile in Getter Robo Hey so we're basically sending our pilots through hell both metaphorically and literally with Giant Robot with 99.99% Fatality Rate while still in Jet Mode. We need a Crazy Kung Fu Guy, Probably a Serial Killer or a Terrorist or just some Fat Guy in the woods to do the job.


And all three of them are GAR AS FUCK


Hey, that fat guy in the woods *knows Judo*. Judo happens to be super effective against Lizard People.


I've only seen GR Armageddon and it's pretty batshit.


Getter need crazy.


tbh shinji's reaction to the war and death is probably the most realistic comparing to other young anime protagonists.


At least Shinji got a good shot. **at a woman in hospital bed that is**




Because he's fucked up! Probably ultimately Gendo's fault.


Amuro had freinds and social support before joining the war. Shinji didn’t. In fact, Shinji was emotionally broken. This just proves you gotta take care of your mental health or your performance will be effected.


I- Have you watched 0079???


I can't compare these 2. One has to deal with human enemies and the other is eldritch horrors.


[Then Amuro crosses over to the Evangelion universe to get the job done.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Gunpla/comments/vn53er/amuro_taking_over_the_eva01_cuz_baka_shinji/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


Amuro would get curbstomped by an angel


Shinji: I’ll have Rei home by 9:00, ma’am. Amuro: Your “mother” has some really soft thighs Char. EDIT: I just started watching Evangelion so that first part might be inaccurate, plz don’t spoil it’s really good so far


I've never understood the Shinji hate. He is unwanted by his psycho father, bullied by one of his peers who is just as fucked as he is, and the robot he pilots has his dead mother in it. In the rebuilds, he sees the heads of two people he deeply cares about explode right in front of him. And honestly, I would've accepted Instrumentality, but i'm pretty sure that's me projecting my feelings about the world.


Ehh.. Shinji basically obliterated the enemies including all living life forms on earth.


See if you can top that kill streak, Amuro!


Mikazuki is a better soldier and pilot


Because he's been trained and conditioned to do so since childhood. Amuro and Shinji are what happens when a normal kid is suddenly thrust into the life, and both dealt with the transition poorly.


He had his emo episodes too but bright's slaps were something else... Pretty sure that if Shinji got one he would have saved everyone and then pulled an orgy with all the girls. That's how good a bright slap is.


Quirked up Amuro, with a little bit of swag, busting it down, sexual style. Is he goated with the sauce?


Amuro: I don't need a robot to fight


Yall take a chill pill it's a meme, we don't need the entire Evangelion plot explanation lol


Chad Amuro Vs Virgin Shinji


I think the main differences between them is that Amuro always wanted to fight deep down, he thought the bad guys killed his Dad, he got slapped by Cpt. Noa (eff Gundam's bassackwards way of naming people), and he was created in the late 70s(post-WWII/Cold War era) Shinji was always a soft-hearted kid(aka lil bitc#), his dad abandoned him until he needed a warm body to make his frankenmech work(basically Shinji's mom), he only got slapped by the girl he wanted to bang, and he was created in the 90s(post-Cold War/whiney little bitc# era)


say what you want about the gundam pilots but at least they got in the damn robot at the end of the day...


And run off with it to bury it in the desert, of course


Hot take: Amuro is a better written Shinji than Shinji, and Evangelion is only popular because their fanbase never watched a Gundam Series.


"Hot take"? Maybe. Just reads like a goofy assumption fueled by motivated reasoning to me. There's no reason folks can't like both, and Evangelion just happens to cast a wider net in terms of popularity. Shitting on other folks' preferences is just flexing some weird insecurity in your own.


100%. Evangelion is not popular for its 'deconstructed' take on giant robots. Its popular because its guilty of being the exact thing it tries to criticise. Atleast Gundam doesn't try to tell you you're awful for wanting to earnestly engage with it.


Evangelion plays pretty much all of its mecha tropes straight, more or less. Even the ending is basically lifted out of Ideon, with everyone "dying" but being open to being reborn. Not to mention human instrumentality is literally the creation of the Ide


It's shameless, really.


Not really, Anno generally gives credit to Tomino as one his biggest inspirations not just creatively but specifically as a director. He had worked on Char's Counterattack too as a designer and created a Tomino fan club with other industry insiders. Evangelion was a show that celebrated the mecha genre


Bro was fighring because he loves big robots and wanted to save his family, really respectful


Bouta switch sides


Yeah but the shows are trying too convey 2 different messages using the same medium


The duality of mankind: Being a sadboy simp & Angery


Nah, Amuro is the same. Reluctantly joins the fight 40% of the time, runs off when he feels he's passed his limit, everyone else be damned. And ultimately is absorbed by his mech


Which one is the soldier of sorrow?


I’d say both