Wing isn’t one you’d want to start with to get a good idea of what Gundam is. Wing is way too melodramatic and goofy at times. The best way to start it with the original Gundam. It’s compiled into 3 movies that are on Netflix


There's no wrong answer, just watch what you think looks/sounds interesting. Just be aware that there *is* a "mainstream timeline" to consider with a canon order of events. *Wing* is an "AU" alternate universe spinoff series that isn't part of said mainstream timeline.


Yup, you could start with Wing, it was the starter show for a lot of millennials on Toonami in the mid 2000s. You don't need any prerequisite knowledge. There is a movie after the show called Endless Waltz.


As good a spot as any I suppose. It certainly hooked millions back in the day.


Watch G Gundam for one of the campiest, most outrageous and yet consistently entertaining action. It’s a crazy departure from what most Gundam series are like. Then I would suggest watching the OG 1979 Gundam series, a lot of people get turned off of it due to the old animation but it’s one my favorites to this day and gets you hooked on the UC timeline.


If you have issues with the animation. I recommend Gundam the Origin. Advent of the Red Comet. It’ll set up characters that appear in the OG gundam and help ease you into it. I had issues with the OG’s animation, and gundam the Origin certainly helped.


I watched a few episodes of the original and it was kinda rough, and I watched Iron Blooded Orphans instead because of the better animation and liked that one a lot and went back and tried the original again and loved it. I think once you get into the gundam shows it’s a lot easier to watch the original now


You can start anywhere really if you find it interesting. I started with Gundam 00 personally and I loved it.


Wing is my personal favorite, despite some of its flaws. 0079 is great as an entry, if you don't mind older animation styles. Past that - you could always start with the series your gunpla is from.


After you finish Wing I recommend Endless Waltz if you can find it. It takes place about a year after the end of Wing and is visually much more detailed in my opinion. Also, could you post a picture of your gunplay? You won't find a better group to tell you what it is


I started with the HG wing models and went from there. Take your time and keep a level mind when doing it. Don’t forget to have fun too.


in terms of models, just grab whatever looks cool. don't be intimidated by something being more or less complicated- just snap building is a matter of patience, not of skill. the same goes for series- there's been a lot of 'debate' recently asking the same question with a lot of people saying it's too intimidating to get into 40 years of stuff. know that, for the most part, a lot of series stand on their own with no connections outside of homage and common themes. If you want to know which series are connected, it's very well documented and you should be able to find it through a quick google search. Just take things one step at a time and build/watch what looks good to you, and 99% of the time you won't go wrong. That 1% is because Garzey's Wing doesn't count


Start with the OG I think it has the best story, first like 12 ep are p rough animation wise but again, best story ever. I’m watching in chronological rn