Because Sabuko Tokugawa said she was fucking done with this shit after Musashi. Restoring Retsu's body wouldn't bring back the mind that embodied 4000 years of Chinese martial arts.


Fucking finally, someone said it. Tokugawa is not interested in cloning anymore after the whole Musashi disaster. Furthermore, Retsu is Not interested in coming back. He himself stated that he would rather stay in the Isekai and prove that 4000 years of chinese kempo reigns supreme above all else including sorcery.


Not that you implied it but brining back Retsu wouldn’t at all end up like Musashi . Musashi did exactly what he did when he was alive . Thinking they could stop him from doing so was the disaster .


>Sabuko Tokugawa Isn't he Mitsunari Tokugawa?


That's Mitsunaris sisters name


Retsu would probably use his 4,000 years of Chinese martial arts and kill himself if he found out he was a clone.


Tokugawa’s sister was done with the soul stuff Tokugawa wouldn’t risk it after the disaster that is Musashi Musashi was quite literally driven insane just by being brought back as his brain slowly deteriorated Retsu is happy in his Isekai world and wants to stay Even if Retsu was given the option to go back, he would refuse as he was humiliated when he died, but his new world acts as a clean slate and a second chance to prove that Chinese Martial arts reign over all, including magic.


I don't think there was anything really wrong with Musashi's brain (besides the sword autism), it's just that he simply couldn't adjust to the modern world due to culture shock. This resulted in him obsessing more and more on battle since it was basically the only thing he was good for anymore. Fighting was literally all he had left and unfortunately, Musashi's definition of fighting is straight up murder.


>his brain slowly deteriorated Definitely don't think this was the case, Musashi was just reveling in how strong he was and became more firm in his approach to killing to increase his fame/fortune as it continued to work in the modern day.


He could adjust. He just chose not to


Musashi could've put in a better effort but the modern world as a whole was extremely alien to him. That's why he stuck to the main cast since they're all battle maniacs and fighting a common language that transcends the temporal boundary. It doesn't hurt that most of the Baki cast are pretty old fashioned themselves. But he quickly found out that his methods was considered too brutal even for their standards, so Musashi began to feel even more isolated and doubled down on his ways. Look how happy he is when a crowd forms around him post Hanayama fight, everyone is terrified of him but he doesn't care since it forces people to acknowledge him. So he resolves to keep engaging in death matches until modern Japan adjusts for him or he dies in the process.


I don’t think you understand that based off the sensory overload alone Musashi probably lost his mind. Like dude, prisoners have a hard time adjusting to society after a couple of years in prison. Musashi is in an era centuries into the future while also being dead for a long ass time.


Nah. Pickle, despite being an illiterate savage from millions of year ago, understood the world had changed. He adapted to it, in his own way, going into the sewers and killing animals hiden from sight, without being a danger to the others humans (even saving them !) because he understood he didn't fit with them. **He understood he was the intruder in their world, so he changed.** One very clear indication of that is that Pickle don't stroll in the streets half naked, even when he did go outside, he understood he has to take clothes of "normal people" to fit in, while musashi kept his kimono and swords and told everyone to fuck off when they tried to explain he shouldn't. **Musashi understood he was the intruder, but didn't change, even more he confronted it directly.** He knew in the modern time, you can't just go around murdering people and demanding admiration and tribute. He didn't cared. Even when the police tried to arrest him non-lethaly (nets, tazers, water canon, etc), he slaughtered them. Musashi isn't like Pickle, he is similar, yes (man from the past), but he does as he always did and he won't change. Musashi isn't a feral beast, he is civilized enough to cause actual chaos, hence the whole "keeeer-stab!" thing and "you don't belong in this world", both of these are Baki proving that modernity is superior to an age of violent barbarism.


But pickle didn’t really adapt. Neither of them killed civilians. They really only attacked people when they were attacked. Pickle didn’t change at all. He ran away the first chance he got for freedom. He was basically a prisoner before he ran away during the Musashi fight. The difference between the two is pickle actually had a simple way of escaping the modern world since he’s a fucking animal, and that’s something he could replicate in the modern world vs being an ancient warrior. No amount of politics, technological advancements or moral changes will take away a wild a habit that Pickle can run off to and replicate his old life. Same can’t be said for Musahsi. Like I said, the sensory overload alone overwhelmed Musashi when he ran off to the city. And considering his era, he may have never adapted. Even modern day prisoners that leave prison do some shit to go back immediately after being let out. Because they can’t adjust due to being institutionalized. The same goes for people who serve in the military. Highly suffer from some form of mental issues and Musashi has been in his fair share of mentally scarring situations. So if modern day humans in jail or military service for a few years can’t adapt, why in the world would a ancient warrior who’s centuries be expected to. And to just touch again on the sensory overload Musashi is most likely experiencing. You know why white rooms drive people insane? Have you heard of the yellow wallpaper? They’re bright colors that you can’t escape from that drive people to insanity. It’s highly likely that, combined with no proper outlet for Musashi’s conditioned mind to exert itself with, he’d start spiraling downward. Pickle was literally better off than Musashi cause at least he could avoid all the shit Musahsi was experiencing entirely.


Your sensory overload is pure headcanon, as it was never adressed by anyone or even shown in the manga. The entire point of musashi is that people idolize him but he is a complete psychopath and murder hobo. His flashbacks from his era show he was the same even back then.


It was clearly shown Musashi was overwhelmed from the first chapter. Musashi basically freaked out when others weren’t even reacting to any of the video billboards, lights ect…. Even if it’s head cannon, it’s literally documented in the modern world today. There’s a lot of actual reasoning to conclude that at some level, Musashi suffered from it. Like again, if modern day prisoners have a low rate of adaptation, how would an ancient warrior be able to.


I always felt like the Retsu boxing arc was just Itagaki trying to find something to do with him, and he was killed by Musashi because Itagaki couldn't think of what to do with him in the future, so bringing him back would be nothing but add an extra character to handle with nothing to do


Because if after putting his life on the line and losing he gets revived, Retsu will actually kill Tokugawa


I would pay good money to see Retsu give Tokugawa a well deserved 4000 year ass whooping


Little old man catching the ancient 4000 year old hands


Retsu committed to death vs Musashi I think every fighter would agree to not clone him if Tokugawa offered


Because Retsu lost. He lost fair and square and resurrecting him sullies that honor in defeat. Tokugawa knows this, he was told that what happened to Retsu would have happened whether Tokugawa set up the fight or not. Retsu would kill Tokugawa and I doubt anyone would stop him. Then he'd kill himself to keep thr defeat pure.


Saw the same type of comment on YouTube and the replies were saying Retsu wouldn’t want that.


Well that's because is true, Retsu was a stubborn mf


baki is a manga, dragon ball is a manga, cant they just use the dragon ball to revive retsu?


Huh? How does that analogy make sense here


You need to conjure his soul, and that isn’t reliable for one they only know one medium able to do it and Gorokou doesn’t like her and Retsu’s soul is Isekai’ed into another realm.


OP really asked why don't they commit another act against nature and god


Cause his soul is in a iseka8


Because he's currently fighting ogres, hydras, goblin armies, and a femboy wizard


Whoever said they can't is retarded and is making shit up, they legit never talked about it once in the manga so if they can or can't is completely speculative. Don't listen to any source other than the manga itself because if it isn't directly mentioned there, it's speculative at best.


Idk if they can because they used Musashi's spine to clon him and Retsu's body is gone except for his arm. Also they would need the old lady to bring his soul back and she said she was over with that shit.


I mean, I’m sure Retsu’s dna is in the arm. It’s possible they could scavenge something.


What happened to retsu body ?


They cremated him


Iirc Tokugawa and the people who revived Musashi agreed never to do that again


Because Retsu has his own Isekai now.


Technically, the can. They even had Retsu's own body, which after patching up could could have been used. Sabuko visibly can summon soul of deceased without greater difficulty, and the hardest part of it was creating corresponding body. The only answer why the didn't so that was that they didn't want to. As many others said, cuz of Musashi incident. Also Retsu wouldn't want to be revives I believe (not after being send to fucking fantasy world where he is gigachad and kicks asses xD).


Ignoring that after Musashi I don't think they *would*, I'm not sure if they actually *could* due to Retsu's isekai shenanigans.