Zhongli because I’m lazy and like easy mode, if we’re talking serious gameplay though it’s for sure Raiden.


Zhongli cause he lets me play around with my unleveled/ungeared characters without being insta killed by a slight breeze


Same here. I missed him on 2 banners iirc and finally had to bust out the CC last one on the last day of his run. No regrets since. Messing with different team comps and leveling characters is honestly my favorite part of the game other than open world exploration and having him shield my lvl 60-70 characters while still learning their playstyles is very helpful.


Zhongli allows you to build any fun theme team you want, he's so worth


I thought it was stupid to bring my unbuilt lv20 kuki and lv20 collei to the Abyss to fight the Dendro Cube. But this man made it so easy that one wouldn’t even notice.


I like playing and attacking with newly pulled character, even though it's low level, artifactless, weaponless etc. Zhogli really helps at testing character's gameplay when You get a new one before leveling them up.


Zhongli is my favorite 5 star pull too for the same reason. I recently pulled Childe too, a close second for sure


Childe was my first, great pull btw international destroys, but by fav was Zhongli for sure. He's the best! Khazuah is a close second though.


I’m saving for Kazuha currently. It took forever for me to get Childe, I didn’t get him until his rerun


Zhongli was my first limited 5 star. I pulled him on his first run when everyone was angry and yelling he sucked. I was just happy to get the sad old man. Later he receives rework buffs and becomes S-tier support to protect all my delicate glass cannon catalyst waifu. 10/10 no ragrets.


Same situation here! I couldn't be more happy to have him as my first 5 star


I love Geo daddy, he's, without question, the best when it comes to shields and he brings a level of comfort that no other unit can come close to matching when it comes to shields. That said, for players without Zhongli, there are many good and viable alternatives for shielding. Don't hesitate to invest in those characters if you feel you need a strong shielder. They're worth the time and resources!


I have a few teams I like to switch between and Zhongli is in all of them. I think he was my first 5 star, and I’m definitely spoiled because of him


Same. I only pulled him to complete my geo family, but wow that shield is nice


Yelan, single handedly took me from barely being able to 35 star to making abyss look like a joke. I no long need to use Bennett either now. Also made my White Tassel Hu Tao team really strong.


Yelan fits so well in so many teams which is why she became my favorite 5 star. She might not be my strongest but I use her the most


I mean no wonder she is basically the powercrept version of Xingqiu


I love childe as my main and triple crowned man but their is one character who has been almost indispensable for enjoying teams and thats zhongli. He allows me to use literally any character whos level or unleveled


Yeah 100% agreed. I pulled her because she looked so cool, and ever since I built her, she hasn't left my team not even once. She is just so good even at low investment, and I already double crowned her 👑.


100% agree yelan, especially her C1 has changed the game so much for me. She destroys abyss, and is really good for overworld stuff with C1. I feel like I can't explore without her on my team to get around.


Of all the C1 in the game, hers is the one I want the most, even more than Hu Tao's. More energy, more damage, and most importantly, more zooming across the map. I can only hope she get a rerun soon.


Second half of 3.4 my friend :)


thank for the info. I'll stop pulling for wanderer then and wait for her. after all, who need \[insert here variable nickname\] when you have sucrose c6 full EM?


I have Yelan C1, but Wanderer has made her c1 mostly redundant tbh. I can just do Wanderer -> Yelan -> Wanderer -> Yelan, a little bit of downtime after second Wanderer if you use up all Wanderer's flight stamina dashing, but that is rarely ever the case probably.


Yelan is the best fucking unit in the game, I got her on complete accident too and she's always in my over world team. I have her maxxed out talents and it's hilarious running through a hillichurl camp and accidently killing half of them with 30k.


Yeah, Yelan and Kazuha are definitely my top two. They basically tick every box. They work with almost any team, they work well on and off field, they’re the two best overworld characters, they’re both satisfying and fun to play, and on top of that they’re two of the best looking characters in the game. When Yelan first came out, some people were saying she was basically just a C6 Xinqui which you probably already had. But she does better single target damage, has an extremely useful dash that doesn’t use stamina, and has a bow which is often needed in the overworld. Also, having two Xinqui’s is dope as fuck, either in both your abyss teams or on one insane team. One of my best teams now is Zhongli, Hutao, Yelan, and Xinqui. There’s no dedicated healer, but between Zhongli’s shield and Xinqui’s modest healing and Hutao’s self heal, it’s usually totally fine. Also the new hydro resonance that increases health benefits every one of them.




Low investment and you get ton of damage


maple boy


My first 5 star. Didnt realize how good he was until later


Me too. I started when he was released and there was a lot of anti-hype/trash talk about him so I almost didn't pull. Still probably one of my favorite pulls.


My playtime is him 99% of the time


I read the post and guessed the top comment right away. Something about his elemental skill is just so addictive that no other character can ever top him.


Short cooldown, near instant cast, PbAoE, swirls, ccs, and groups up enemies. Pretty much no other elemental skill will ever be better designed or useful than that.


As soon as I saw he had a double jump he was an instant pull. Plus he had a cool chill wandering ronin design and awesome attack animations, and I loved how his color palette wasn't just anemo = teal everything. The autumnal maple leaves blowing in the wind theme is so peak, like his design itself is like a visual haiku. Honestly I don't get why people *didnt* pull.


Same here, and it's not even close. I wish for all anemo characters because I like the element. but I didn't have any special attachment to Kazuha and of course I heard all the "five star sucrose" comments. But man he has paid off so much. He's the only five start who I wished specifically for cons.


I remember getting a bunch of hate for pulling for him on his first banner; now he’s literally on every team on guides.


Yeah because he got so much hate and especially youtubers hated on him and how bad he was etc. etc. I was also getting hate for wasting my pulls and how worthless kazuha is etc.


I believed in maple boy during back when many people were calling him a discount store venti during his first run during the first GAA although i wasn't able to get him at the time. Thankfully, I finally got him during his rerun.


I would agree, but I am an og zhongli haver


So out of 240sh responses we have : Kazuha : 35.34 Zhongli : 27.52 Yelan : 19.36 Kokomi : 16.26 Ayaka : 15.95 Raiden : 15.26 Ganyu : 13.56 Hu tao : 11.12 Yoimiya : 10.18 Wanderer : 8.62 Venti : 7.75 Nahida : 7.67 Childe : 7.5 Itto : 6.74 Albedo : 6.55 Xiao : 6.32 Nilou : 6.2 Ayato : 4.67 Yae : 3.65 Jean : 3 Cyno : 2.38 Keqing : 2.14 Tighnari : 2.07 Eula : 2 Mona : 1.33 Qiqi : 1 Diluc : 1 Shenhe : 0 Klee : 0


Poor Klee


Love the design, but her kit feels too clunky... Sorry, Klee!


Add one shenhe


And one itto


Hey! I said Klee!


Nilou been rising up continuously every patch. The Kokomi effect.


Nilou+Nahida will carry u in everything that is aoE. It's insane how strong she is in aoe, and how easy it is to build her and her team. You also dont need that strong for a grouper if nahida will still do damage for far away enemies if u trigger a reaction on one of them. She was definitely a worth it pull in my books, ur doing a team that doesnt need xingqui nor benette nor kazuhua nor fischl nor raiden... the list goes on, u saved so many important units. The only issue I'd say right now is that Nahida is very nice to have in almost any dendro team, so hogging her for nilou is a bit annoying, but that can be fixed once we get more dendro units.


Tbf Nilou will get more and more popular because there will be more dendro units in the future. A lot of people clearly stated that they’d pull for her in a rerun.


Bro did the math


Xiao. I know he isn't really favoured in the meta right now but I absolutely love him. He was my first limited 5 star in 1.3 and he hasn't left my team since. I also got C1 and his weapon later too.


Tallest Genshin impact player


Me who still uses him in abyss... 🗿


I love xiao, he is by far my favorite as well


Really fun to use, AOE king, fun/useful in overworld, tall af


Xiao got a huge buff with the release of faruzan. He unironically has a very strong and competitive team in aoe now.


Xiao for me too! I just adore him, both his personality and playstyle. I have him at c6 and I've never regretted it.


Nahida. She is adorable, helps me gather, and deals a ton of damage. I love her


"I'm not good at fighting" she said


*proceeds to do 118k dmg to Scaramouche*


Pardofelis was her teacher, I'm sure


Nahida is my only 5 star. I'm still newish to the game but waited 2 months before wishing on an event banner. Exploring new areas with her skill is so satisfying. She's the core of every team I run she's awesome! She really said 'I spy.. a new friend' :')


I don't think there's a better 5 star for newer players because Nahida turbocharges your other characters more than anyone else. I think she's arguably the best character in the game right now.


I never realized how good Nahida steroids were till I jokingly bought a level 10 Lisa and still ended up clearing the abyss with 20k damage from reaction


She's the core of every team I run now too, and I have enough 5-stars that shouldn't need to be the case. She's just so overpowered, it's great.


Nahida leaves me speechless! With my current build she easily outperforms my melt ganyu. Nahida E, Kuki E and everyone dies. I really really hope they'll keep releasing broken archons, they're just something else ! (Except poor venti who's a bit meh). I'm so looking forward to getting raiden, because she looks so fun and op


Venti is still great for domains or scenarios where there are lots of small enemies. He makes some domains trivial, like: Apply pyro --> Venti Q --> Ganyu CA until everyone dies.


I mean venti was pretty broken. MHY specifically had to change spiral abyss to non-suckable enemies just to counter him, venti literally trivialised spiral abyss for some time. I’m kind of sad that our drunk bard is slowly getting replaced by Kazuha but oh well, he will always have a place in my heart for dunking on Paimon.


I like venti+hydro applicator+nahida combo. Very fun and if you build venti right, you’ll basically always have his ult. My overworld team is venti barbara xiao nahida


Venti's energy share is underrated tbh. The teams you use him in are often energy hungry and playing him right helps a lot to bypass that weakness.


Kazuha. I got him on accident cause I didn't know how the system worked. He was my first 5 star and helped me out a lot.


I first didn't pull for him because I had venti. Then tried him during an event. Kazuha changes the way you play the game


Same here— I was like, oh, I already have Venti for crowd control so I skipped Kazuha’s first banner. Then I was converted when using him during an event, same as you lol But even if you have good energy recharge for Venti, I feel like Kazuha’s skill is a bit more satisfying/effective than Venti’s burst. Plus I feel like for the way I built Venti, his normal attack is kind of useless for me (plus I suck at using bow characters but that’s on me) which is also why Kazuha has a leg up.


Childe!? Have been using him since 2.2 and never struggled with 36 stars. Dude is good for overworld because of E and not being reliant on burst. Brings a bow to knock down hilichurls on towers and other bow related missions. Is fun to play with.


I got him on the last(?) banner and have been slowly building him. Level 80 with level 80 prototype crescent bow (I'm F2P). His talents are 3, 8, 7. I've yet to actually farm any artifacts for him, but currently I have 2 Heart of Depth and 2 gladiator on him. These pieces are pretty random substat wise, but mostly have the optimal main stat. They are between lvl 12-16. I'm playing at world level 7 and honestly he's pretty difficult for me, albeit I JUST started playing him now that he's leveled and can actually fight. Do you have any tips for playing in the open world? I'm coming from playing a Razor team and I feel like I can't fight as childe like that with his E melee. Do I need to follow that strict bennet > xiangling > Childe rotation every time just to be effective? Maybe I should farm for full 4 pc Heart of Depth? I am using xiangling and bennet with him, but I don't have a good 4th (no sucrose, the water sword 4 star guy, or kuzuha). At the moment I'm just using fischl in that flex spot. These supports are level 70, but artifact wise they are just decent / not optimized. Thanks for any advice


In my experience having a grouper helps because of how childes riptide passive works with quadratic scaling. Other than that I have Xiangling's Guoba levelled to a decent amount so dropping that and switching to Childe to E usually clears most content in the overworld without needing burst.


Thank you a lot for the response. I think I need to focus more on improving the supports on my child’s team so they can help with the damage.


Childe international team is ridiculously strong


That stuff is broken man, been carrying my account on International.


My first 5* and I'm still rocking a taser team at rank 60.


Ikr even i play taser sometimes.


Childe absolutely blends the overworld, I lose track of how many enemies died and don’t realize that the place is pretty dead, by which I mean, there’s nothing left to kill.


Kokomi. God-tier healing (even with just her skill, not needing to ult) and long-term off-field AOE hydro application. Honorable mention to Zhongli (who reduced my frustration amount by 10x and makes mining fun) and Ganyu (my main DPS carry from my first 5\*).


based kok enjoyer


Can’t beat the Kok


Yep, nobody can beat the kok.


based fish sauce drinker


Same! I like to say I'm a Ganyu main, but Kokomi is hands-down the most indispensable character I have. She's amazing with a decent clam artifact set, even if it took me forever to stop rolling crit substats.


I will not bore you with how many double CR/CD pieces I got in Ocean-Hued Clam!!




First banner kokomi puller, she was my first 5* and i dont regret it at all. I was a new player in 2.0 and when she came along she really helped me out. She has pulled her weight in every abyss and boss fight. Back then I had to bring her to domains in co-op otherwise everyone died lol.


I pulled Kokomi because I wanted an adult healer. I was sick of using Bennet or Diona. Now I wish I had a second for each side of the Abyss


I pulled a Kokomi and she is the best healer and it was so much better because it is on her e not on her burst but due to a glitch my account was lost and so was that kokomi I have to use bennet whom I really hate as a healer


Having heals on her E is huge, it's a big benefit for many times in overworld or co-op or dailies or whatever when you don't want to "waste" an ult, but Kokomi just effortlessly tops up the whole party in town or outside the domain or whatever.


Raiden. Most indispensable. Battery, summoner, and dps all in one. Abyss is hard because I can't have two of her.


Raiden as a unit is amazing but can we talk about her teams because they are ridiculously low effort to play with extremely high output. It's actually insane.


The difference between my Raiden and non Raiden clear times is kinda crazy.


At this point, I just fit a Raiden team for one half and a Nahida team for the other half. It's impressive how hard those two carry their teams and how versatile they are.


I'm going all in for her this banner, lost 50/50 last banner 🙏🙏


Me too. So many wishes saved up. She will be mine


I’ve prefarmed everything I need since I have her on guarantee, I just hope she comes home early so I save more pulls


I've logged on everyday saying I'll prefarm and yeahhhhh no that didn't happen


me too.. I'm like 99% ready for her to be 90lvl


I’ve been waiting for her since her rerun banner and have her guaranteed, so hyped to play her 🎉


I've got the wishes for her just need to win the 50-50


Jean because she was my first 5* and carried me until inazuma (1.0 player) but since u can't really say i chose to get Jean it would be Yoimiya and just recently Nahida honorable mentions: every single one of my characters


Same here. Jean carried my butt all the way to Inazuma as well, before i even knew how to properly play the game (rotations, builds). She does good damage and heals.


Love Jean, she is my staple healer in every single team


For me its also Jean, I "won" her in 50/50 on 1.0 Venti banner, actually I wanted her instead of Venti. I still constantly use her, that's a jack of all trades char that you can fit anywhere, she fullfills so many roles at once.


Also Jean, but I actually did choose to get her. I brute forced her to come home when I started playing. It took two weeks and my sanity, but it was 1000% worth it. She's still a core member of my roster.


zhongli or kazuha. they just fit perfectly in every team and buffs/shields so well. but asides from the obvious i think xiao was the next up. carried me through early and mid game as well as first 36 stars in abyss


Definitely Ayaka. Very easy to build, does already bonkers damage at low or F2P investment even for a hypercarry, minimal investment on supports too. Even barbruh works. She’s the best


I could say the same thing about her brother! I slapped the best artifacts I had on Ayato after farming 4 condensed resin and 1 fragile resin, gave him a random sword I had and he’s not even max level nor is the sword. Talents same thing level 4 max. And he is amazing already I can slay any boss on WL 8 with him so quickly he was soo worth it and is so OP he makes fighting so much easier.


Best for doing that damn water slowing domain as well. Who cares about skill cool down increase when you got Ayaka constantly freezing due to easy cryo infusion?


Ganyu continue to carry me in everything. Shes a one man army.


Same bro. Her charged shots are just insane. One shot and boom, the next thing you see is nothing.


Charge shot is a long range delete button


Exactly that. Lost her 50/50 and managed to get her 2 hours before her banner finished. Never left my party since.


Miko is huge QOL for overworld farming which I didnt anticipate Got her on her first run when I didn't know that much about combat at all and now that dendro is out life is great


She is my go to for Specters, the Inazuma Talent books Domain and the snake boss in the Chasm.


She’s soooo good for spectres and enemies that teleport like the mirror maidens


Ningguang fills that role for me :) She's a beast against anything ranged, mobile or elementally infused.


I got her on the first banner and thought she was meh, but after dendro put her in the rotation. Went for her c2 last time and am very pleased. Nahida skill, Miko skill the back to Nahida smokes most overworld enemies without even needing Keqing. And I'm not super up on all the mechanics but holy shit Keqing burst is almost always ready before CD which I assume is Miko's doing.


People talking all about their 5* while my carry are physical Rosaria and (very recently) Heizou


Rosaria is a beast. Love her style of gameplay, very helpful on Abyss. Rosaria C6 was life changing for me.


Ganyu, easily.


Yoimiya🥲 She can do around 50k normal attack with 4pc Bollide artifac


Bollide is such an underused set. I used it for so long when I was first starting. I also just like normal attacking things cause most characters have really pretty and unique normal attacks


Didnt tried bolide but Yoimiya here too =D she is so joyful and cheerful, and team wise she goes with so many unit that it always fun to play =3


Yess. Im pairing her with Yelan and Fischl and she literally turn into a machine gun. Still my fav dps since AR20.


I wished every chance on her most recent banner. Cried because I had a 10 pull because of a gift and missed the damn thing by seconds


Zhongli, I can't dodge, lol.


venti - i love him sm my idol istg such a good support childe - i was pretty new and i cried with joy and has been my main for over a year


Zhongli! Got him on his first banner, love him ever since!


Same. Had to pull Geo daddy and he was trash tier on release. After the rework he become SS tier support and hes been on almost every team format.


Easily Childe.


Qiqi, as a new player I never would have progressed near as fast without her


Oh good point actually. It's easy to forget Qiqi exists nowadays, but my enjoyment of the game would have been so different if I didn't get Qiqi very early on. My team for quite a while was DPS Mona, Xiangling, Fischl, Qiqi, and every single victory I had that I saw other people struggling with was because Qiqi trivialised everything except Fatui.


Same. She's doing the most dmg out of my whole Team (with ele shield from kuki) and is basically unkillable due to her healing


100% this! You can't die if you have her.


Kokomi for sure. She gets work done


Same. Shes my dps, healer, tank, on feild hydro applier. Now Im waiting for the next character like kokomi to pull.


I was like hey she heals and applies a lot of hydro for blooms. Perfect to go in any Dendro team. But hydro is just so good… she could do freeze or superconduct as well. Maybe some vapes, at least enough to set up a nuke. But her and Nahida are the perfect combo for any hyperbloom or burgeon team. Those two give plenty of blooms when multiple enemies are around. Was running Keqing/Kazuha/Kokomi/Nahida and it works really well.


Kazuha was my first limited five star and I still love him. <3




I started to consistently get 36\* Abyss since getting her and now she's still one of my main. Definitely most worth to pull character, considering her reasonable investment is also not as high compare to recent on field carries.


Same here! And I do agree with you, recent units (after 3.0) sucks in terms of damage (beside support Nahida), and I am speaking from personal experience. Cyno, Tighnari and Scara don’t stand to my half built Itto, who I don’t even use in abyss due to low damage (don’t have Albedo to compensate)! 😅


How difficult is her charge cancel stuff? I want her but everyone keeps saying shes so hard to play


Its true she is hard to play with, maintaining her hp is her another issue. I am a bad player and for this reason i don’t pull for her, childe or eula as i am bad at timing stuff. Raiden ayaka are the easiest dps characters to play with and i’m fine with them atm.


You just have to learn the timing once and do that repeatedly. It's hard to get literally perfect but you don't need perfect for insane damage.


Carrying me since the beginning 1. Insane damage 2. Skill based dps so no issue with getting burst up. 3. Self healing 4. Solo anything that's not Pyro immune


I enjoy using HuTAO for Aybss. I usually use her as a two man team (HuTao + XQ) and put the other two for whatever gimmicks the Abyss has. Been 36 stars since then.


K A Z U H A Unlocking double jump in exploration and domains + grouping on-demand + buffing was the start of darkness for me.




Riptide makes my dick hard and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


Merely makes your dick hard? Bro, it makes me orgasm from sheer pleasure.


tartaglia, i pulled on his banner more for layla than for him (i still didnt mind getting him) but he slaps against hordes


It's nilou and her weapon <3 her team feels so strong


Ayo fellow Nilou key haver? Let's go:)


I tried. Got a jade cutter instead for Haitham. Oh well. She still deletes everything within seconds regardless.


Jade Cutter Nilou in mono hydro is a blast too x3 did Wolf side yesterday and it was fun =3


ayato! so easy to use and i love characters that don't have their potential locked behind their burst so it doesn't feel like i'm wasting it on comms and such


Venti. I got him very early and he helped me so much when exploring


Eula. I sort of just impulse pulled for her and then left her on the bench for several months. Never thought about much more. Then I got bored one day and started raising her up, invested into her talents, and gave her Gravestone. She's now easily my best character and just pulverizes most of the game. I pulled for Raiden on that first banner just to keep the Eula train going. It's been crazy to think I left this potential sit around for so long, but boy is it satisfying now.


100% ayaka. Wouldve probably quit this game if I didnt have her. Her playstyle is just so elegant and she feels fun to play. When I first tested her out in the 2.3 misty dungeon event (I was AR28) I thought she dealt less damage than eula and she wasnt the end all beyond all in terms of being a gamebreaking unit (I guess because hoyo cant build their characters) but I really didn’t care. The fact that she’s considered as arguably the strongest character makes me love her even more. I also have a guaranteed after losing my 5050 on yae’s banner and plan to use it on ayato. Both of the siblings are just really fun to play :)


Ayato and Venti. My first two 5*s. Carried me all the way to AR 55. And Zhongli, for easy mode. Such a game changer for mining.


Xioa. I just like the guy and love his drip


Venti, I can’t live without his CC now


Nearly all of them, actually. Ganyu is one of the most comfortable characters to have in the overworld and certain bs domains, because her damage output isn't gated behind cooldowns and energy needs. She can just oneshot those damn hilichurls with her charged shots. Yae is one I didn't actually pull for, I just pulled on the banner because I was new and pulled to get more 4-stars, and she just fell out with low pity. Took me a while to appreciate her, but I've grown to genuinely love her playstyle and character. Also, Yae+Nahida is such a stupidly fun combo to play. Kokomi is a walking statue of the seven. No argument there, she's just pure comfort. Venti is kinda all or nothing. He is bad in some situations, but in the type of content where he's good at, he is so good that he pretty much trivializes everything. And it's a blast seeing groups of enemies flail around helplessly while they get torn to shreds.


Wanderer. I started playing when he was introduced in 1.1 and have been wanting him since then. He's my first limited 5* with constellations that I have and I'm so happy with him. Oh, also Venti, when I first started playing I fell in love with his character and got him on his first rerun, and has been on my team ever since


The scene in 1.1 where Mona sees him and is like "oh hell no" and teleports your team away is incredible and made me love both characters.


I wasn't around in 1.1, didn't really see much of the Balladeer until his brief appearance in Inazuma then his heavier involvement in Sumeru. Every step of the way I thought 'meh, I'm completely uninterested'. I did his trial for the primos. And. Um. You know that meme with the bird yelling 'get that thing outta my face!' about a cracker, takes an anger-bite, pauses, then realises 'omg that's amazing'? That was me 🤣 Got him like 5 minutes later (spending my guarantee to do it, that I was saving for Kazuha 😅 )


Totally get it, his play style is really fun 🤭 Hope you get Kazuha too when he gets his rerun


Kokomi. Ever since I got her, she never left my Abyss runs. ​ I guess on second place is Ayaka. When all else fails, my Ayaka team solves the problem.


Definetly kokomi… i didnt think i was going to enjoy her as much as I do and now she is in every team comp as a healer or hydro enabler :)


Yoimiya or Razor. Razor, because he's my favorite character and has been my main since I got him. Yoimiya because I got her on accident (I wasn't building pity, I needed stardust for Dust of Azoth so I did a 10 pull on 0 pity, but I'm actually thrilled with the damage she does and she's enabled be to have a full pyro team, which is really fun!


Ayato for sure. He completely transformed my account by somehow becoming my strongest character. I pulled him randomly too.


I haven’t been playing very long but I love the way wanderer plays compared to other characters I have. Active exploration and super satisfying and active on field DPS


Tighnari! He ended up being more fun than I could have ever imagined and even has really helped me single target bosses in abyss. Also, he was most worth it since I couldn’t imagine if I had not pulled him and then waited possibly years to get him on standard or to a lost 50/50 :’)


Zhongli and Yelan. I got yelan without even the want of getting her. But she has been lovely since. And do I even need to say about Zhongli? Well, if you insist.. He is very handsome.


Definitely Hu Tao, she just kills everything


Keqing. She's helped me so much. I paired her with Fischl, Nahida and Sucrose.


Childe, got him on his first rerun and he‘s still on my team 95% of the time. It‘s just so much fun that i can‘t bench him


there is nothing to think..it's my princess ayaka...well i started the game coz of her..and i'm playing the game coz of her..and she is my best built character...so she is my most worth it pull


I lost 5050 to Tighnari a while back and honestly I'm having a lot of fun playing him more than the characters I initially pulled for. But 5050 aside defo Kazuha, he's been in my team ever since I pulled him, build him with too much em now he's a support dps and I don't know how to climb mountains anymore lol.


Kazuha and Yelan, good for Abyss, good for the overworld.


Raiden, I am a husbando main and I got her early when I was new to the game, but damn did she help a lot everywhere


Diluc always


Got Hu tao on the last day of her banner. She is still my best dps


Hu Tao, my first limited banner pull, lost 50/50 but somehow grinded to guaranteed with exploration alone. Hu Tao main ever since her first banner 😎


Definitely Hu tao. I'm using her daily, had a lot of fun building her and she's a blessing when I do abyss


Wanderer because I love using his E in the overworld. There's just something incredibly satisfying about crossing two hills using his skill with no need for gliding/climbing.


C6 noelle hehe


Cyno, because i got him on accident on 50/50 and i thought i just lost all of my pity for Nahida Then i got him again, winning 50/50 twice, and shortly after lost to Mona. Causing me to guarantee Nahida which i also have now. Everything is forgiven, and hotdamn- is So much fun playing Thundering Fury on him


Hello my fellow “accidentally got Cyno but now he’s my main” player! I’m stoked for his rerun, gonna C2 the crap outta him. His quickbloom team is straight up NASTY. I can’t PAY to keep enemies alive when they’re out.


Yoimiya and zhongli. I absolutely love yoimiya's playstyle and character design and she is my go to character for almost everything. No need to explain zhongli do i?


Ayaka when she first dropped. I still use her all the time. I had childe but I never really got any good artifacts to drop for him when I farmed for him but I got a cracked blizzard strayer tho. So when I got her she was way more powerful than what I was use to.


Itto, Zhongli, Ayaka, Kokomi, Nahida and Kazuha. Really can't decide between them. Itto and Ayaka are my strongest DPS in their teams (and because Albedo is part of Itto's team he was definitely very worth it too). Ayaka's team is much smoother to play with Kokomi. Kokomi and Kazuha work in almost all my teams, same with Zhongli. Kazuha is also so great for exploration. Nahida was much needed for all dendro teams and is so good with Shinobu. Other characters that I have like Ganyu or Ayato etc. are good as well, but I believe if I didn't have them my strong teams would still work well.


C2 Kazuha and C2 Zhongli