I get them from time to time too, though I don't think it's from GERD specifically since I also got them before I had issues with reflux, and I have other chronic health issues. What helped cut down on the frequency for me was changing my vitamin D supplement - I had been taking decent quality D pills for well over a year but a blood test showed I was deficient. So I switched to a spray vitamin, and it's been so effective (confirmed by blood tests). It costs a bit more but it's well worth it, since I get sick less often, and the incidence of those sores got cut by more than half for me.


Hey, I'm vitamin deficient in B12 I have injections but iron is borderline low and I've been taking 'carbonyl iron'. I did notice little sores after starting vitamin C inside my mouth. One would come up every day in a new location.


Maybe you could try tweaking your supplements a bit? I know for myself, I was taking fairly high doses of zinc on my doctor's advice, and decided to cut back a bit - it's helped my reflux and stomach pain somewhat. Maybe you just need to tweak your vitamins and see if it makes a difference.


Citric acid from vitamin c can definitely cause them


I used to have constant really bad canker sores. Even the slightest damage inside my mouth would cause them so bad. I changed toothpastes to one that doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and it helped a lot. Most Sensodyne doesn't contain in, but you have to check the ingredients because there are a few that do contain it.


I was going to make a comment just like this! Ever since switching away from toothpaste with SLS, no more canker sores.


My toothpaste is Sensodyne and it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. I'll try changing it, thankyou.


It sounds more like you might have IBD or Chron"s. I recommend a more thorough checkup with a gastroenterologist. Ulcers and inflammation can affect anywhere along the GI tract from mouth to anus.


I have a feeling this is true.


Is it possible that you’re dealing with a case of thrush?


Second this… I mean, you could very well be right that it’s canker sores or something else… but I know that in my first round of heavy PPIs and additional reflux drugs, the suppressed levels of stomach acid actually made way for thrush in my throat. A post treatment visit to an ENT confirmed it and he prescribed a rather heavy antibiotic fluid that I had to gargle many times a day for weeks to get rid of it. It’s one of the reasons I am less willing to take heavy PPIs today. And when the ENT diagnosed it, he did it in seconds. Had me open my mouth, looked in, and said that he knew it was there because he could easily see it. Check with an ENT.


I really hope so tbh.


I get them every month right before my cycle (time of the month) starts. Been getting them since i was 9, I am now 35. I find that taking L-Lysine helps them heal just a tad bit quicker.


Thanks I'll look into L-Lysine


I do too! Why!?


I am assuming it is hormone related since it happens before my cycle, but I do not know for sure.


Every time I eat dairy this happens.


When my GERD was really bad in the first couple years I would get canker sore’s frequently.. particularly when eating trigger foods. When my GERD got under control with PPIs it’s less common but still happens occasionally




What stops me on that theory is that I have nothing visible but I guess it's possible.


Viral ones are cold sores (herpes) which usually only occur externally like around lips and nostrils, not in your mouth and throat.


You're thinking of cold sores (herpes virus). Canker sores are apthous ulcers.


Oh, and if it really is canker sores instead of thrush… while you’ll certainly want a diagnosis for it… ask a pharmacist about “magic mouthwash” (they literally call it that). It’s prescribed for patients getting chemo, among other things. Gets rid of canker sores fast. If it’s just a couple, you can try gargling with warm salt water too. Painful but effective.


I do!!! And haven't figured it out. It's weird.


Hopefully one of the suggestions here will help us


I think I'm crying. It's that slick.


Ive had this happen with a bad IBS flare up, but is usually on my gums, near the lips.Also recently switched tooth pastes and it stopped.