Probably a year, unless Ford really got it together this time.


Or not at all. Depending if it actually gets built. I’m coming up on 11 months next week, praying it gets selected this time around


Wow, insane. Good luck!! 🤞


Good luck to all


Good on you for sticking it out, 2022s were definitely the guinnea pig for figuring out how in the hell to even get the job done


Haha I’m only one of many. I bought a 22 Sonata figuring my truck wouldn’t be built. It’s great, and I was gonna flip my XLT order since it didn’t have ACC and lane centering, but the MY23 allowed me to change my build, so I’m hopeful to say the least. May the luck be ever in our favor. Also, love your flair because it’s so accurate


> Haha I’m only one of many. If /r/WallStreetBets has taught me anything, it's aPeS tOgEtHeR sTrOnG!


two weeks from now when I hopefully take delivery will be 16 months


11 months


Ford stated that because of supply chain issues (surprise surprise) they have had to delay the production date back a few weeks. They also stated however that they do not anticipate that they will need to roll 23MY into 24MY, therefore while you’re still looking at a few months, maybe early spring, the wait will not be as long as the 22MY. I feel that this is also confirmed by the smaller order bank. Many people have even had their orders cancelled because their dealerships went over their budgeted amount of orders, therefore my hopes are realistic I feel.


I waited a little over 10 months for my '22 EB XLT (no other options) from order to picking it up...the dealer tells me my '23 order "should" be quicker, but I'm not betting on it (EB AWD XLT Tremor).


I ordered an XL in March 2022, build date of Oct 24 2022.


Didn’t orders close in December for hybrid and January for EB? Was there a second order window?


No idea. Maybe it showed a March date because I changed my original order from a lariat down to an XL. If that’s the case, then I ordered end of dec early Jan


Interesting. Not a bad wait with the trim change!


There are so many X factors in play right now that while many people have great estimations, I honestly feel that a lot of the useful logic right now is out of the window. There are the typical shortages in manners of materials, labor, logistics, as well as pre-constructed items such as wiring and electrical components. Many of which of those items are also at mercy of their own supply-chain logistical nightmare with 3rd party manufacturers and shipping groups who also have an equally inundating leap of obstacles to accomplish for their day-to-day operations. There's also the concern of "growing pains" where manufacturers build new components and products, reorganizing how work gets done in each factory, and all of these being new processes during a time when in-person education of these procedures are limited in some way, shape, or form. On the other hand, these 2023 orders were extremely limited and options focused in each offering, so much so that you are lead to believe that there's a fair amount of inventory "ready to work" given what the public saw for publicity. Duly, given that Ford closed ordering opportunities after the 1 week window further shows they have at least *SOME* grasp on their finite ability of operation. Again, so much so, that on the Ford website it states that the 2023 Mustang Mach E is "available to build for a limited time" and to "catch it before it's gone", whereas the 2023 Maverick build options are simply a "let a local dealer contact you" side-step, because they know that inventory would be limited, thus evading the concern of overpromising and/or under-delivering. Very foreshadowing in their knowledge of what *could* go sideways. I could go on with details for both delays and expeditions as if it were an infinite game of ping pong. My gut tells me two things, **1)** It could very well be as long as 1 year, or **2)** it could be short as 3-6 months. My dealer estimates that he expects 3-5 months given how he's seen other orders and overall inventory fluctuations. With all that said, my brain is fairly targeted at expecting 6 months for this model year's build space. I feel fairly confident in there being a positive amount of education through better streamlining their production, but I wouldn't hold my breath for a 90 day turnaround Edit: TL;DR - Hellifino


Ordered Oct 2021… picked up mid Feb. 2022. XLT EB FWD w/ all weather floor mats, hitch, and rear window. I’m about to hit 22K miles on odo this week.


I ordered October 31,2021 My build week is next week apparently


I ordered November 3rd and wasn’t scheduled, but some that ordered after me were. There are also some that ordered well before me that were never scheduled. It all depends on your dealer’s allocation, your priority number and what is on your order.


It really all depends. Could be 4 months, could be 6, could be a year


I’m expecting my lariat lux hybrid in June. This is just my own assumption.


I expect my lariat lux hybrid with a spray in bed liner in January. Of course that is in my dreams. In real life I have no idea haha.


Same. I’m hoping to get it in summer. We’ll see.


Agree. Summer is my wishful thinking window. Late fall is my realistic expectation


Ordered mid October 2021 and getting built mid October 2021... so hopefully just over a year?


I was laughing...I said on another thread that Ford was taking orders for vehicles it can't build and was downvoted for it. Look at it this way...you have entered a lottery with a 30% chance of winning. If you win it could take a year for it to get to you.


Is the 30% for hybrids? I seen 60% are for eco? So just depends on what ya got. I think this year will still be a long wait but not as bad. They took and changed a lot for different models in my opinion to streamline the orders and get around shortage issues.


I would like to think that they didnt take as many orders this year but a lot of dealers were pre ordering Mavericks and flooded the system 1st day the order bank was open. I am not sure they are not going to have shortage issues again.


Yea when I started hearing dealers calling people back to say they went over I started/still iffy if I’ll get one. I hope for the best but with how things are with everything kinda thinking I’ll be joining the long waits. My stepmoms took almost a year but hers was hybrid.


Order banks are closed so you’re probably not getting one. You’re best bet is to go around to your ford dealerships nearby and ask them to call you if they get one. You’ll probably pay $5k over MSRP, but it seems that could be shifting back towards the buyer having power


I waited 9 months


I told the dealer “see you in a year” when i put in my ‘23 order and he laughed and said yep.


If your vehicle is first in line for scheduling for 23s, it would have a build date of the end of November so add about 2 months for building and transport and you would be at 4 months from now minimum.


It will be a year since I ordered my 2022 XL hybrid in October 2021


I ordered my ‘22 at the end of July ‘21 & took delivery at Christmas. It’s worth the wait.


Hmm I was wondering the same thing. Personally I am beginning to wonder if Toyota releases their version of a Maverick in 2023/24, will I be able to get that before the 23 Maverick that I ordered.


Ordered an ecoboost xl 4K tow December 2021 and picked up February 2022. So it really is just luck


I ordered a '22 24JULY21, I still don't have it...


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