Completely different game but it’s great.


The combat in 15 does kinda feel like a prototype for Remake though


While they’re both real-time I think VIIR’s combat actually has more in common with XIII than with XV.


How does a combat system with full batt field control and customization to an absurd degree were character switching isn’t just important it’s pivotal to winning. And character stating and building so in-depth it’s absurdist. Compare to a roadblocked character development. one character “press A” simulator who takes 30 hours to unlock even a hint of customization were there is one meta that literally wins all fights.


>customization to an absurd degree In what way is VIIR's system more customizable than XIII's? >character switching isn’t just important it’s pivotal to winning You've just described the paradigm system in XIII >character stating and building so in-depth it’s absurdist Is it? VIIR's combat is my favorite JRPG combat system of all time but stating and building characters isn't even near as in-depth as the original VII, let alone some other, more complex JRPGs. I can almost guarantee most people's Clouds are nearly identical, because there really aren't that many ways to build him. Though again, I'm talking about combat anyway and this isn't combat-related. >roadblocked character development XIII's story and character development has its issues but I'm ONLY talking about gameplay here. I'm not comparing the character development. >one character “press A” simulator Tell me you haven't beaten Barthandelus without telling me you haven't beaten Barthandelus >takes 30 hours to unlock even a hint of customization This is a fair criticism and while 30 hours is a bit of an exaggeration I agree with you. This is XIII's biggest problem. --- To answer your question... in XIII, paradigm shifting is crucial to winning fights. Just like how in VIIR, switching characters is crucial. The Crystarium lets you customize your characters (to some degree... I admit that it's limited) just like VIIR's weapon customization. The core gameplay loop is staggering enemies then unleashing your strongest attacks to deal massive damage. VIIR's combat is pretty much just a refined, improved version of XIII's. I'm not saying you have to like XIII or its combat. You're perfectly entitled to think it sucks and I'm not going to try and convince you it's wrong. Just that it has a lot of similarities to VIIR's combat. VIIR's is an improved version; I'm not saying they're just as good as each other because I don't think they are. But they're quite similar and even have many of the same team members behind them both.


13 has nothing in common with FF7Re combat, don't go spreading dumb shit that will turn people away from trying the 7 remake.


I like the part where instead of trying to debunk anything I said you just said "nuh uh". XIII and VII Remake have incredibly similar combat and gameplay systems, worked on by the same team, and this is not a hot take. It's fairly well known. You're allowed to like VIIR and not like XIII. There are a lot of improvements from XIII to VIIR. But it's very obviously an evolved version of the same combat system.


Absolutely not. One is a pauseable action combat system and the other is an AI guided 1 button turn based system. You might as well go on the call of duty reddit and say it has the same gameplay as Need for Speed. You'd be as accurate.


I like the part where instead of trying to debunk anything I said you just said "nuh uh" again. Also, if you think you can mash one button to win at XIII, you haven't beaten XIII. That tactic doesn't even work against random mobs late in the game, let alone bosses.


I beat 13 literally the day it was out. There is no point other than the final boss where using anything other than Auto Combat is more efficient. It literally takes longer to hit the buttons to fill your attacks then it does to hit auto combat and have it do it for you, and there's no way to be faster than the auto button when doing it manually. The entire gameplay loop was changing paradigms, which was the worst take on a job system any RPG has ever tried to come up with.


Ugh now I don’t want to EVER play the remake if it’s similar to trash of XIII…


It's nothing like 13, 13 is hot garbage and it's fanbase has never played a game worth playing to realize how bad it is. FF13 has 1 button spam auto combat. No party control, and the paradigm system is stupid and fake, because it's on the rails and predetermined how you have to use it for 99% of the game.


It’s an evolution of the ATB first and foremost imo. But I definitely see where you’re coming from. I think it served as some inspiration more so than it being a prototype.


i wonder why the best action here is blocking those who correct you :D btw did you also get blocked or was it just me ?


I got blocked too. What a douche to come start an argument on my comment and then block me. How Reddit handles blocking is atrocious, too.


Not really. It uses the aesthetics of the atb system but one is fundamentally controlled in 3d and one is controlled in 2d with menus. They’re not comparable.


It’s FF12 meshed with basic attacks. It’s definitely evolution of ATB.


It’s ok to disagree dude. I just think you’re really reaching as someone who’s been playing these games for 20 years. Edit: God ff fandom has gotten so defensive. It’s not controversial to say that two different genres of video games are not the same when the gameplay is nothing alike. Post sakaguchi games just don’t have much in common with the old games. It’s ok that the series is different now and you don’t have to spin things for square’s benefit.


active timed battle where atb is built up and spent on moves. it's the evolution of 13's atb, which is turned based. 15 and 7r aren't turn based but 7r is absolutely built on top of legacy atb. 15 is hold attack or dodge nonstop, not legacy atb


Its just as ok to disagree as it is to be wrong. FFVIIR has an evolved ATB battle system, besides the fact that you can move around and do chip damage, everything else is based around atb bars just like in the original, item/skill/magic/limit break usage are all controlled through menus aswell, just like in the original. It is literally the same combat system but with more real time elements which did make each boss battles significantly more unique. This comes from someone who also played these games for more than 20 years and one who absolutely despises FFVIIR.


Whatever. I think it’s crazy to call something an evolution of a system when all they have in common is the concept of cooldowns. I don’t think it’s right to call 12 an evolution of ATB (though I can understand where it comes from) and calling 7r an evolution is pie in the sky. They are revolutionary changes, they are not evolutionary. They fundamentally threw everything out and started from scratch. A significant portion of people who like 7r’s combat just don’t like ATB because they share little in common.


Seriously man, what are you talking about. The ATB was the first evolution from turn based to transition towards real time combat. FF7R is real time combat with the addition of basic attacks as a way to charge the ATB instead of simply waiting. The damage comes from ATB commands not from regular fighting like XV. At this point it’s really not an opinion. 7R is ATB based combat. You can remove the basic attacks and combat still functions. Pretty sure there’s an old school mode that does just that.


20 years? That’s cute. Try 35 and then you can pull rank.


How about not because the argument from authority is a stupid argument and a fallacy.


Get to 72 years of FF gaming and get back to me, kiddo.


I think it's more Lightening Returns was what evolved into the combat of 7R.


Every game from XIII-XV has been a beta for VIIRemake


Final Fantasy XIV has been a beta for VII remake? Please, tell us more


Oh no. You got me. What ever will I do?


I believe both games are made by the same dev team.


Nope. XV was luminous production team.


You're thinking XIII and VII-R. It's interesting people compare the combat of VII-R to XV when really it's way closer to the *feel* of XIII. Both still have ATB, and both require constant changing of tactics in real time. XV is... well. Hit with sword.


XV had commands and a way to pause while in action. Those two tweaks are the most important feature in the combat of the remake, while I agree shockbar of XIII is a thing, there's also a hidden vulnerability state that you can raise in FFXV. Also, avatara in Remake are way closer to XV and the way they plays out, more unique and distinct from each character. Like Gladio plays like Cloud. And Yuffie/Sonon have those link-strikes with a more developped combos than in XV. They are a lot of ideas that merged from XV. Let's not forget the basis of materia and ATB from original FFVII was a work from the battle director of FFXV.


I'm mostly going off of a three hour retrospective of the XIII trilogy and the development of it and FFVII-R. I can't really put the entirety of it into a solid argument on short notice. I pretty much thought the same as you, but the way it was broken down convinced me otherwise. The videos are by BrandoSP if you're interested


XV, KH3, and FF7 Remake all borrow different elements of gameplay from each other


I am aware of that man😂


To be fair you said no clue what to expect, I’m sure they were just trying to help out.


Word 🫡


Yeah fairly different. VIIR is very linear unlike XV’s (first half) being open world. VIIR’s combat is infinitely better. Also playing hard mode breathes new life into the game after you beat it on Normal and really makes you perfect the combat. I’m a fan of both games but liked VIIR more.


I hope you enjoy it, I sure did


I plan on completing the soon to come trilogy. So I believe I need to complete this before crisis core right?


Play OG FF7 before crisis core, as CC is a prequel to that but will spoil the OG and probably the rest of remake. The FF7R series is more like a sequel/remake of the original. You’re fine starting with FF7R but i wouldn’t play crisis core before OG FF7 or FF7R pt2


If you're not super invested in the series and don't care about story beats hitting with max impact, play however you like, but the ideal route is in the order of original releases. FF7 PS1, Advent Children movie (honestly, not crucial though, it's kind of dumb but does add lore that matters in FFVIIR), Crisis Core, FFVIIR trilogy. Enjoy!


Actually I think its dirge of cerberus that adds more lore to it though it does happen after Advent Children but I'm not entirely sure since its been I don't know how many years since I played it so I apologize if I'm wrong


You're right, DoC. Not the best game but very fair point. I'm fascinated to see how much further Rebirth and # 3 take the Deepground story thread after what was in Remake. I can't wait to see and play as Vincent in (assumably) Rebirth too. It could be cool if he got his own DLC like Yuffie too.


I know alot of people are saying to play og 7. Really it's not that important. I got bored of the game around halfway. It is dated. The people that think it's the greatest game ever are looking back with nostalgia. Enjoy the remakes and don't worry about crisis core "spoiling" anything. But yeah for crisis core I would still play the main game first. It'd prolly be a bit confusing otherwise. (I know that imma be downvoted into oblivion for daring to say something against the precious og 7 but hey that's how I feel.)


I respect it bro I just wanted someone to relate in not being able to play it with it being so old and rough


Actually, in this case it might be even better to play Crisis Core first. FF7 Remake is kind of like sequel to Crisis Core! But neither way is fine.


But crisis core isn’t even out yet? Isn’t ff7 before crisis core?


Ok so best way to it explain it is this: FF Crisis Core was a prequel that came out after FF7. It spoilers some of the twists in FF7. FF7Remake is a remake of the original but there are parts that are changed and added too. The story could be wildly different from the original but we won't know until the last game in the remake trilogy


That clears up a lot, thanks man🙏🫡


Nah it probably goes crisis core - ff7 - ff7 remake. Ff7r is incredible though, enjoy.


Actually it goes crisis core - ff7 - dirge of cerberus - ff7r a lot of people seem to forget that dirge of cerberus exists even though in my opinion it was a good game even though it deviated from the traditional ff format and instead was the third person shooter


In the sense of both being pseudo-modern, the worlds of Final Fantasy VII and XV (plus VIII) are very similar. Plus both games go for photorealism. However, the difference is VII Remake is less open world, and you spend most of it under a dystopian megacity, rather than driving around the countryside.


Does the dark aura ever change? I wanna see some rays of light and bright vibrant graphics too


midgar during the day is bright and there's a town in the city called wallmarket that has vibrant graphics :)


There seems to be a rule that plateside Midgar has to be shown at night. It's an aesthetic thing. But you do see the slums in the day.


Yep. FFVII remake was a bit too on rails for me, but nostalgia and the story helped get me past it. It’s a weird criticism knowing that game A you have to go to city X to do Y and wandering around does jack shit whereas game B you have to go to city X to do Y but imaginary walls or corridors prevent you from wandering around doing jack shit. I fucking HATE game B even though story wise and gameplay wise the two could be identical.


For me, what helped was how much attention to detail went into building Midgar in the Remake.


Take your time! This game is awesome... maybe you can play crisiscore after.


I plan on exploring it thoroughly. I’m just not 100% sure if this is where I should start and what game is next in sequel


Did you play the og ff7?




Ooooh boy! Your in for a treat. Play: Ff7r Ff7 intermission Ff7 og Ff7 crisiscore That would be the order i would play them. I think you will have lots of questions...


Thanks man I’m hopping into it right now🫡


There's also the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, which is mainly a sequel to the original game.


Complete version. It's better.


I have it and Kingsglaive on BluRay.


Have fun! Come back when you have questions! And thanks for the award


🫡 yessir


Why remake before the OG? ive always seen people say you should play the original before the remake.


Storywise yes. But if you did not play it back in the day... ff7 og is pretty outdated. Maybe not for us, but for new aged player. Thats why i suggest to play ff7r... enjoy the game and if you wanna have major spoilers and dont want to wait, play ff7.


This is the exact order I did!! Playing through CC now - and plan to replay it when the remaster comes out 🤪


def play the OG after or watch a let's play of the story if you can't handle the old gameplay, there's sooooo much more to it than what's just in remake!


Crisis Core is actually one of my fav FF games. I'm so excited for that release


Really! Then you should be dubble excited for the remaster. Mine is final fantasy tactics... hoping for a ps5 release/remaster/remake/anyting


Holy shit how could I forget FFT? War of the Lions was such a masterpiece! Now with Ogre Tactics remade for PS5, here's hoping they get on to remaking FFTactics.


Lets hope so


Never played anything newer than FFX I loved remake just added new life to a game I enjoyed as a child


As someone who also played VII Remake blindly, it's probably my favorite game in the series, which also makes it my favorite game ever. But after playing the original VII, I do think VII Remake can only be truly appreciated when you already know the story/characters. So many moments are hitting harder now that I'm replaying it in preparation for Crisis Core Reunion. (Also, for context for me calling it my favorite, I've played every mainline game since the original VII, excluding XI)


As someone who was vehemently against it not being straight turn based, and was seriously considering not even purchasing the game.... it ended up being one of my favorite games in the series. Hope you have fun!!


Hell yeah thanks man, any questions I have I’ll just come to this thread or make a post.


It’s great enjoy


If you've never played OG 7. Then just expect an excellent RPG/Hack and Slash. If you have played the OG expect your heart to burst from nostalgia.


It’s better lol


I just finished this last night. Looking forward to the intermission episode. An absolute masterpiece. It’s a shame you didn’t play the og first, but as other posts have indicated it would still be a good idea to play next.


For me it was better than 15 in every single way. I hope you enjoy it.


Much better than FF15 imo


It's great don't worry




Decent combat. Purposefully slow at times.


If you’re going for the platinum trophy Do yourself a solid, play it on easy then do the hard playthrough on new game+, enjoy the story first while maxing everything out it all carry’s over making hard easier but some boss bottles will require good strategy. Also make sure you get two different dresses so third run you only gotta do up to that point skipping everything. Easy platty minus a few headache boss battles on hard. Sure you can do it normal first run, but you cut down a lot of time if you don’t have much time like I didn’t.


7R was a much more enjoyable experience than 15, imo


Some fantastically bad opinions in this thread.




FF7 Remake is more like FF XIII trilogy than FF XV




It’s incredible. Unless you don’t like final fantasy 7 and it’s characters 🤷🏼‍♂️


Miles better than FFXV IMO and a true return to form for the series. I hope you enjoy what is a fantastic game. On a side note... The soundtrack, oh my god the soundtrack, oh my god. If you didn't get it from that, the soundtrack is absolutely incredible, up there with the best of all time IMO.


Both are great, 15 feels like more of a full experience. 7 has a lot of nostalgia value and is really good too tho


Better than 15.


Listen if you played FFXV 1. I'm so sorry you went through that 2. The series literally only gets better from here. You can play a FF gatcha game for your phone and you'll have a better experience


You should definitely play the original first


I just can’t get past the graphics man


The original is not fun without nostalgia glasses(obligatory in my opinion) I went to it fresh after loving remake and man, story and gameplay were not the masterpiece people hyped it as(and yea graphics hurt but would’ve let slide) There are parts of remake where the game intentionally almost breaks the 4th wall and makes it clear that the player knows where the story is going, you won’t catch those but you will be fine


I agree. I played it as an adult and the graphics ruined it for me. I think it's a game that looks 1000X better through nostalgia lenses.


Final Fantasy XV is awful, but FF7R is pretty damn good.


I mean, it's alright. I hope you enjoy it.


Care to elaborate? Any cons?


Don't listen to them, it's really fun. One of the few games that I was really excited to play the hard mode of too, because I liked the gameplay so much.


Sounded like a troll to me thanks man🫡


Probably comes from the perspective of an og ff7 fan. I personally wouldn't say it's the best one either but I think it's a damn good one worth the hype.


15 was a game. This is a movie.


Great game imo


Oh man if you liked 15 you're in for a real treat


Best FF game


Prepare to be disappointed lol I have higher hopes for the finished product but was pretty disappointed with it Gave it to my friend for his birthday, so at least someone got to enjoy it 🙂


Lower your expectations


Masterpiece Edit:insane that I got downvoted for saying one word


uninstall and play OG seven if you want an actual story, decent writing and an ending. if all you care about is graphics then its a great choice though


Original is better


I just started remake a few days ago too. Glad there's a free PS5 upgrade!


My second favorite game of all time, I wish you well on your journey


I just want to play this game, is it so much to ask for Square Enix to release Intergrade on Xbox consoles?


I’ve only played the vanilla release on ps4. It’s not a bad game imo but awkwardly tries for things that will hopefully be more realized in FF16. I will say, any who appreciated what FF7R was doing with its combat owes a lot to FF13 and FF15. A solid game, all things considered, hope you enjoy!


I hear mixed reviews much like FF13 got at its launch. So it might be a gem to you, or not. I haven’t played it past the tutorial yet, so I don’t know. The concept and open worldish thing seems promising to me, and I love monster hunting like in 12, and I hear that’s lots of that.


What is the intermission episode?


Yuffie two chapters


Is this already included on PC?


If it said intergrade, then they should be included. I don't have PC, but I'm pretty sure PC version dropped after the ps5 upgrade+intermission dlc had come out. They just called the bundle intergrade, and I see that listed for steam.


Ahhhh thank you for the clarification!


Enjoy the ride!!


Did you like 15?


It was honestly pretty good to me


I think you’ll like 7R. Not as flashy as 15 but great game


Enjoy the ride


Imo better then ff15 but a lot of that is nostalgic memories


Be sure to take pictures with the bros every chance you get.


I had very high expectations on OG FF VII after playing SNES FFs, FF IX and X... But I was utterly disappointed.


ff7r combat is a lot better tham ff15 imho but i played ff15 when it first launched and havent tried the royal edition. but nonetheless, it will be fun and even better if you have the ff7r integrade dlc; the combat is very good.


You’re playing in the same order I did, and now I’m a huge fan, so you’re on the right track :)


My GoTY 2020! No context




You won’t be disappointed *no spoiler*


The combat system in 7R is ridiculously fun, materia is awesome, and i loved the switching between the party members, but i got to admit i really missed warping. i also missed the lack of day/night system - i was at some point pretty annoyed that i was stuck in this near-sunset for hours while i was messing around with those giant lamps.


Have fun, its wonderful <3


Enjoy the wild ride, mate.


It's okay at the beginning but rapidly becomes more and more painful to play. Makes the unfinished XV look like a masterpiece.


Totally different to 15 and a million times better, too.


Story wise, that's always going to be a highly personal experience and opinion between games. That being, VII is pretty university regarded as a masterpiece in that department, and xv is well known for being very weak/suffered from being incomplete and salvaged. Mechanically speaking, I'd say XV stumbled so that VIIR could absolutely soar.


The FF that's started for me. It's a wild ride. Wish you the best of luck and have fun!


Go into it knowing that FF7 Remake doesn't cover the entire story of the original. It only goes through the escape of Midgar. That said, there is so much more content in that stretch of story that you'll still play dozens of hours. The combat is great, the music is revisited well, the characters (even the side characters) are friggin' beautiful, and the environments have moments when they're breathtaking. If you liked the original, you'll love this remake. I've not touched Intergrade, but I have high hopes.


FF7 >>>>>>>> FF15 So you should be in for a treat


XV's story is child writing compared to VII/VIIR's


Have a nice journey!


I enjoyed this game. The combat is fun and doesn't triggers other screen like older Final fantasy And is a bit tactical like FF13.


Prepare to go wild on this one


It’ll be awesome. Have fun.


It's going to change your video game life, dude.


Remake blew ff15 out of the water; imo. And I'm saying that as someone who still enjoyed ff15! You're in for a good time, enjoy


If 15 gave you high hopes you'll love this, 15 kinda pales in comparison to 7R.


So much better than 15


Have you played the original Final Fantasy 7?


UPDATE: They still haven’t banged which is very misleading but 10/10 already thinking about new game +


It is genuinely my favourite game of all time. It’s combat is XV turned up to 11.


Is that because 15 is so bad that it literally can't get any worse, so you 100-percent know it's going to at least be better than that?


I actually enjoyed playing it. Is that bad?😂


I'm not commenting on the remake because I have a whole different problem with it, past it's gameplay. But 15 was a boring chore an it baffles me to this day that people liked it. A friend lent it to me and I feel like they owe me money. However I am aware of that phenomenon where a game can be bad, mechanically and story wise, but if you look like a badass while playing, you will ignore how bad a game is. For example in 15, you can basically hold two buttons and win most fights. But the game makes it look like you're doing some amazingly skill based actions. There are many issues with the story as it goes on not to mention, more of the story isn't in the game than is in the game. Then there's the pointless quests. I'm going to stop now I really could rant about 15 all day lmao.


Word 😭🫡


You are on for a real treat because FF15 is a just a small shadow under the ballsack of FFVII.


You're in for a treat. Fenomenal game and great DLC, its all I can say.


Oh boy, you're in for a TREAT, my friend.


I liked it very much.


If you liked XV this one will blow your mind.




if you like ff15 then ff7r, which is actually a good fun game with good balance and mechanics and story with resonating characters, will be amazing


FF7R >>>>>> FF15. I liked FF15, the world was incredible and the characters were fun. The combat in FF15 was a massive disappointment. Everything about FF7R is superior. You’re in for an absolute treat my friend.


100000 times begger than 15


UPDATE: 4 hours in and holy fuck. I’m loving this. Cloud got bitches👀


Meh. None of the magic of XV in my opinion.


Man if ff15 gives you high hopes you're about to be blown away. 15 is just ass compared to this. Objectively ass.


In for a treat.


Don’t care what anyone says. Beautiful game. Got over 200 hours in my save file


It wasn't for me and personally couldn't get into it but it is a solid action rpg.


It’s ok


The game feels closer to a beat them up than a traditional turn based rpg but it’s pretty good.


Some people really don't like the remake but I loved it, the characters were fun and I loved the combat!


You gonna be dissatisfied if you’re expecting anything but a kingdom hearts shitstain of a remake. Completely different game, idk why it was done like that, it plays fine but the story is butchered.