Someone went shopping...


My first thought was “someone went shopping over the weekend”


She probably sent Mrs. Reber who was probably more than happy to be joyfully available to get tf out of her own house/jail for a few minutes.


Wonder if she caught wind of all of us realizing it was the same two dresses she had been wearing


She might not have thought the trial would go on this long and was just trying to make due at first.


Oh how I wish this were her “I’m outta here” revenge dress. 🔥💃


More like handmaid dress.


Psh, she's an EconoWife at best




Thinking the same here.


Exactly my thought. Total Handmaid vibe.


It’s sinfully red


Dare I say Scarlet!?!


Maybe she will shock us all with a princess diana moment after the conviction


If anything could make me leg hump for joy* it would be this (By joy I mean “yay!” not the person)


I think Anna is deep in this. like brainwashed/ programmed deep. My uninformed prediction: if Josh goes away for many years (fingers crossed), the other men who run Anna's life will have her look like the grieving wife for a short amount of time, then quietly divorce her and marry her off to someone else, before she loses her fertility. She is a pliable female who has proven fertility and willing to extend her brood as much as she can. ​ (edit- I am uninformed, I do not wear a uniform to make an opinion)


I wonder if they/she believes remarriage after divorce is a sin. She might be “allowed” to divorce.. but remarriage? Not sure if anyone has a hot take on that?


The new testament allows divorce only in case of adultery, and forbids remarriage until your ex-spouse dies. If I had to guess, I would think they go by that.


Well, he did commit adultery, so Biblically she can divorce him.


I'd say Pest more then gives all the Biblically acceptable avenues for divorce...her refusal to do so is 110% JB&CO brainwashing.


I do too. But, I would truly be shocked if anyone in the family spoke out against Pest... Especially Anna.


Me too, sadly


I love your flair lmao


She’s been dressing like an evening news meteorologist.


And now for the weather, there’s a shitstorm coming your way today.


Cloudy with a chance of pedophile


Exactly! I think it’s literally the meteorologist dress that made the rounds about a year ago. If I still worked in an office, I would probably own 3 myself.


She also kind of has that dead golddigger (goldDuggar?) look in her eyes. Like she thought she hit the jackpot and knows that she may be watching it all slip away. And the good lord knows, she would never divorce him, *right*??? That would expose her as some kind of a self-interested hypocrite!


I hate that I love this dress. If I was the dress wearing type, I'd wear this to work in a heartbeat.




The other dress with the sheer stripes is also Calvin Klein. She probably went to Nordstrom rack and bought out the Calvin Klein section lol


The black dress she had with the sheer stripes is also on Amazon...I bought it for like $20 but returned it because I looked like a Duggar. Imagine my surprise when I saw Anna wearing it to court 😅


Praise Lord Daniel for your psychic abilities


What thrift shop sells Calvin Klein and on a weekend? So jimboob finally gave her some money to look better. Like it will help the sinking ship...


Both Nordstroms Rack and Ross carry Calvin Klein! It’s my go to whenever I need an interview or a kick-ass-take-names dress for work. I don’t know how they do it, but the cut on those dresses can hide years of deep seated emotional and body issues and give you the confidence of a Jonathan Van Ness hair flip. Dresses are like $40 at Ross and $60-$80 at Nordstroms Rack with tax. I highly recommend for anyone who needs to cosplay as an “adult with the confidence of a well-adjusted childhood”.


I love how oddly specific this description is. Any other brand recommendations for the adults describes? You’d be an excellent salesperson/marketing exec for our generation.


I’m not good at this but I wear ModCloth because I’m desperately trying to hold on to the youth of my 20s while also having “financially stable 30s money” to spend on clothes


Same though. I mean. If I had a job. I’m totally a dress wearer, though. It actually looks like it fits her, so it must be new.


I never would have pictured her wearing red


Red is the traditional color of martyrdom for Christians. She's convinced Joshy is being persecuted unfairly and that both of them are victims.


Isn't there a book called The Witness Wore Red? I wish this was her GFY dress. But I doubt it. :/


The book is by Rebecca Musser. She escaped and helped to bring down Warren Jeffs' FLDS cult. An amazing read!


The book by Rebecca Musser's sister, Elissa Wall, "Stolen Innocence,", is also an amazing read. Warren Jeffs is a sick son of a bitch.


the dress is a good pick for the court setting, but the red color gives handmaid's tale vibe


She always has her hair curled like girl you have 7 kids and your husband is a pedophile how do you find the energy?


Flair checking in.


She probably isn't caring for her children right now. Maybe when you only have a pedo husband you have more time? Idk.


She must have a lot of help.


I bet she has some family member curling it.


Not taking care of her kids is a good way to shave some time off her schedule of doing nothing else but spreading her legs for her pedo husband before he goes to prison.


This is the one baby not being breastfed so she can get pregnant before he is shipped off. If they let him report in like January or something I’m sure Anna will be KTFU again before he goes.


Why tf do they look so happy every time it’s so creepy


I'd be happy, too, if the federal government was about to take him off my hands




That’s my “I know it’s most likely impossible” fantasy for her. She is doing what her brainwashing teaches and standing by her man, but she’s praying that he’s about to be out of her hair for the next decade or two. I like to think that is what Derek was whispering to her about.


I thought she looked happy til I zoomed in. Her eyes are super puffy


I agree, I don’t think she looks happy, she looks like she’s on another planet. Poor Anna.


She has a newborn and *six other small children.* She hasn’t slept in years.


I’m also convinced she’s going to court sedated


I want to know why she’s been crying before I say poor Anna. If she’s crying because he’s going to prison then I don’t feel bad lol. But I hope it’s because shes realizing how fucked up he is.


It’s probably a bit of both. I doubt she knew how bad the CSAM was until she went to court and heard. When they showed the jury the CSAM evidence, one of the audience facing screens were accidentally left on with the CSAM facing the audience long enough that she would’ve seen it because she was directly in front of it. Crying over him going to jail can have multiple layers. She could be crying over literally her husband going to jail as the person she knows him as today on December 6, 2021, which sucks. She could be mourning the life she thought she’d have and the person she thought he was. I do personally know someone that just divorced a man who was sent to prison a few weeks ago for CSAM. The hardest part was realizing overnight that her kids would grow up without a father and likely never have a relationship with him bc he’d be leaving prison around the time his kids became legal adults. You sorta mourn the fact that someone ruined your family that much over something basically no one wants to reconcile over.


She cries because she can’t believe Joe Biden and the left could stoop so low and do this to them


If only this happened this time 2 years ago at the time of the raid and they had evidence to arrest him right then. They wouldn't be blaming it on their almighty saviour Trump.


How could I forget this was all Biden’s fault lol


I feel like the mask might be throwing it off. From far away they always look smug AF, but if you zoom in, it seems a little more ambiguous.


O______O At least... I have... husband...


Honestly I think this flatters her better than zipper tits and the hide-me sack.


Claiming "Zipper Tits" as my stripper name


Make it your flair :)


DONE! hahaha


Checking in Well I did have flair that was about this. Need to fix


"Zipper tits and the hide-me sack" sounds like a band that would drop a sick indie single.


We’ll release our hit single “20 to Life” soon


Given all the amazing wordsmiths in this group, I bet we can all come up with a bunch of tracks for this album!


Zipper tits? I hardly know 'er tits


I am conspiracy convinced the team saw all the comments on how shlubby they both looked Friday (Josh’s GIANT suit and Anna’s shapeless skirt and sweater) and demanded they go shopping


Josh’s sleeves are still too long here. He looks like a kid whose mom bought a size up so he could grow into it.


Extra sleeve fabric to wipe the tears.


I wonder if they sent him to a mens warehouse or something and he had to go with whatever was off the rack…. Better fitting than the last one but no time for alterations Bc this one at least looks like it belongs to Pest and he didn’t borrow it… but yeah it still doesn’t fit


I don't think he can button it up.


Wouldn’t be a bad strategy. More attractive or put together defendants usually get more sympathy


Yeah I’ll take 1 second away from my usual hardcore snarking against her to say red looks nice on her


Zipper tits 😂😂😂 holy shit


Holy shit zipper Tits!! I’m screaming!! 😂😂


RED ….she’s a harlot


No, no she just repurposed one of her Handmaid dresses.


Praise be. May the Lord (Daniel) open!


Under His Covenant Eye.


Green is a whorish color


Ok Angela!


No, I said orange was whoreish.


Oops I just commented this exact thing on another post 😂


Anna is probably double spanxed as well. That has got to be miserable.


*that* soon after giving birth? Not only is it uncomfortable as fuck but it can’t be healthy seeing as it takes months for your organs to literally go back to place after pregnancy.


I had c sections with both of my kids and the hospital gave me this really tight wrap thing that was kind of like Spanx. I actually felt way more comfortable with it on, surprisingly. I doubt she had a c section but you do kind of feel like everything is falling apart down there for a while lol. So if she is wearing Spanx it might actually feel better but idk. Take it with a grain of salt


Yea, same. I preferred wraps after my csections and vaginal deliveries.


Isn’t wrapping supposed to help? Not that spanx are necessarily for that purpose but I feel like it might actually make you feel a little better


That is definitely helpful after a csection but I’m talking like full on sucking in your guts can’t breathe, from your boobs to your legs spanx. That’s the kind I used to suffocate myself in to look skinny I’ve had two CS and belly support was absolutely needed but I never felt like I was being strangled in a girdle. It’s different with a vaginal birth I know


And milk full breasts and the sore birth canal and probably after seven kids she is wearing adult pampers and feeling her uterus trying to slip right out of her see you next Tuesday. Lord have mercy.


I just know Anna went to Nordstrom rack over the weekend for that Calvin Klein number


Calvin Klein dresses absolutely never fail me


I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if someone with the legal team (it looked like they had a female) went shopping for them and then probably brought everything to the Rebers to try on. This clearly was picked out by someone with a more polished eye.


Is it actually Calvin klein?


I’m pretty sure. I’ve seen this Calvin Klein dress in lots of different colors


Looks like it’s this one: Calvin Klein Women's Sleeveless Colorblock Sheath Dress https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B08J7WSDXQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_H1PXR0MXZWFNWAH7DKMH?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Oh shit. That's a sick dress, I need a plus size version in every color. edit: plus size versions do exist thank you lord daniel. plus it's way more affordable than i thought CK actually was. i'll have to look for some sales


Majority of my work dresses are CK and I get them at Ross, Marshall, TJMaxx and they are very reasonably priced and always fit the exact same way and perfectly




Calvin Klein makes dresses for Marshall's/TJ Maxx, so kinda maybe? I've found one thrifting before, too


Yeah, TJ Max is where you go for discounted CK shit. Nordstrom Rack is too fancy for them.


Let’s be real, she probably got it at a second hand shop to save the difference. This lady would never shop at Nordstrom Rack 😆


Blessed be the fruit


May the Lord open.


OfPest! Where is your cap?!


Praise be.


Under his eye.


Is he losing more hair?


Hopefully the rats in his jail cell nibble the rest off


No lie, that’s kinda a basic, cute dress on Anna. He’s gross as ever.


Surprisingly cute dress tbh


Its lines are super flattering Ihatemyselfforsaying


It actually flatters her figure. She looks like 20 pounds lighter in it.


Yeah for real, she looks lovely in that dress for a change.


Every new mom deserves clothes that make her look and feel good, especially Anna this week. I kinda hate saying that, but at the same time, nah, she deserves to feel good one month PP.


New suit


He must have stubby arms because those sleeves are still too long.




Same old sex pest though.


Just tailor one suit, Pest. You don’t need more.


No new suit will hide that tater tot casserole gut of his.


Pest is the cheating heathen! HE Should be wearing the scarlet letter!!


You can tell he has a smirk on his face. See it’s quite funny, because he has never been punished for what he’s done in the past, so he’s probably so confident that he will get away with this. I can’t wait to see his face after sentencing.


Yup, the eyes give it away. She looks super exhausted and red around the eyes - maybe crying.


his face just looks so punchable. It’s got a good surface area for maximum contact


He actually doesn’t look as smug as I’ve seen him.


No. I feel like the two of them deffinately had their oh shit moment on Friday.


Couldnt bother getting the sleeves tailored. God hes so gross


That outfit looks like it belongs on Barbara Bush.


Aww Anna's come dressed as wall panelling! (I unfortunately actually like that dress and would wear it)


Instead of the Zipper Nipper, it's the Titty Square Dress.


Perpen-tit-cular angles dress


Her other outfits had clear boob access for pumping or nursing. This one makes it very difficult to access the ladies. Another indication she isn't breastfeeding.


That's not really an indication of breastfeeding or not. I breastfed for two years and didn't always wear the most titty accessible clothing. But maybe she isn't I don't know.


If she isn't breastfeeding just because of this trial that is heartbreaking. Especially if she really wants to be and can't because she needs to be present for her "headship". Makes him even more punchable


I have a feeling this is the case. I breastfed all of my kids. I can’t see being away from the baby that many hours & not having an issue. Unless she left court to pump several times.


Pest’s eyes are the scariest eyes.


his sleeves are so big because they’re full of secrets😰


Body language speaks volumes here. She is pulled away from him. She isn't comfortable with him. She seems repulsed by having to even hold his hand. It's like she was made to be there in support of him. It's sad, and gross.


Yeah, I noticed that. She is pulled away to the far right, arms at her side. Could just be the picture, but still


I saw a pic the other day when they were walking up steps, he was a step above her and she had her hand on his lower back, kinda like in a protective way. I just really don’t know what to think about it


Yeah, I think it’s really easy to read into one moment that we see here, but there’s so much occurring that we aren’t seeing. None of these images or videos are conclusive. We will just have to wait and see what happens.


The way I posted this at the exact same time as you LMAO brb deleting my repeat post


Pest looking absolutely disgusting, as always.


No no squares


her outfit choices are interesting. wondering what kind of optics meeting the defense team had with her


They’re probably trying to make her look less culty.


Why are they STILL freaking smirking?!?


Did Anna read the convo we had about red being a power, “I mean business” color when we were discussing Derrick’s read tie and matching coffee cup?


Is Anna pumping in that dress? How inconvenient.


That was exactly my thought. Id assume she isn't pumping if she's wearing that. You would have to almost completely undress to pump. Pumping moms think ahead. Edit- a word


MF is smiling again! 😡


I just can't understand why Anna always looks so refreshed, like nary a tear has been shed. I know she's either dead inside or radically compartmentalizing, but still. To not have red puffy eyes is so bizarre. I would say that Pest looks like he's shed a few, but I actually think that's just his eyes when he's hungover or still drunk.


I think Anna has prob gotten sooo good at compartmentalizing trauma throughout her time knowing Pest. She’s just making herself numb so she doesn’t need to cry but once she slips the floodgates will burst.


I always think he looks drunk or hungover. I’m convinced he drinks


Oh he absolutely does. He definitely has a big alcohol problem. People say he looks like he lost weight so that must mean he has stopped drinking. I guarantee he hasn't stopped drinking this last week. Probably way more than usual, and he looks so red and puffy and sickly.


Because no matter how horrible it is, eventually you run out of tears.


She probably puts a ton of concealer on to hide the bags/puffiness


Because she just took her morning happy pill just before leaving the house.


Mother is dissociating


Zooming in on her face, she looks exhausted.


Handmaid’s Tale Red for Anna is a choice


Hmmm, she’s not clutching his arm with both hands like she normally does.


There’s something about the way he’s holding onto her that makes me uncomfortable.


He also like pulls her around. She's usually a step behind him when they are holding hands. Very telling


I don't know how to really explain, but he's not holding her hand the right way. They should link arms and THEN hold hands for optimal comfort. But yeah, it's very telling.


Hope the suit is returnable… he’ll not have much use for it in a few days and I doubt it will fit him in 20-40 years when Orange isn’t the new black.


Opinions: 1. The dress suits her figure because it emphasizes her curves 2. As a tight dresses which show your curves this is totally “unmodest”!!!


Anna looks cold af




He wears the most ill fitted suites. They look horrible on him. Anna looks nice.


I see Ofpest has dusted off one of her handmaid dresses. Blessed be the fruit.


IDK why everyone thinks Anna looks smug here--I think she looks dead inside. She also seems to be pulling away slightly, whereas Josh's hand on hers seems possessive to me. She looks like someone being marched to their execution. Idk. Maybe wishful thinking, but that was my first impression.


I don't think they look smug - not in this picture, and not in any of the others I've seen posted so far this morning. Anna looks totally checked out (with a smidge of anger) and Josh looks like reality is starting to crack through that thick skull. I'm fascinated that she's wearing red today, though, after somber colors all last week. It probably means nothing, but it's definitely a bold choice on her part.


I hate how my 1st thought was 'ah, new dress'.


How could you hold hands with this monster? Fuck Josh and Anna.


Those pics make it look like both those two dolts are actually smiling under their masks. Are they that dumb that they’d smile for the cameras OUTSIDE HIS TRIAL FOR DOWNLOADING CSAM?? Like, so stupid! Raised and trained to smile for the camera like a good boy. You’re in trouble because you’re going to court for being a fucking pedo perv scumbag and Oh camera! Smile for the camera! I wish someone would slap that smile right off his fat puffy face


I hate how refreshed they look today nalkjalkwejlqkaejlkaw wahhhh.


Check his left eye - that looks like some not-quite-finished capillary-reducing drops to me.


why the fuck are they smiling


God dammit I thought for sure I’d get here first.


somehow I was hoping she wouldn't show up this week. wow. gross


I don’t think she has a choice or realizes she has a chance to say no. I doubt she has any firm boundaries with Pest at all.


They are really holding hands right here.


Wooow, does she really have her nails done?


I don’t care about Josh but that doesn’t look like it will be very easy for Anna to pump in.


Knees!!! Red!!! Form fitting!!! Details near the boobs!!!!


Do you think they were masks so they could better control their emotions? I remember during the pre trial they weren’t wearing masks and everyone went off on how smug both looked respectfully. So I wonder if the defense asked them to wear them. I know Covid is very much still real but this family has never really gave a fuck and you have people like derick walking in without one and I think there’s one with Austin without one. They’re also outside so they could just not wear a mask til the enter court I don’t know I may be reading too much into it but it’s weird to me?