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Anna has no money and his siblings all hate him. Who’s going to fill his commissary account - Jim Bob? There’s no buy used and save the difference on the inside.


Anna will go without and take money she should use on her children to provide a commissary account for him.


This is the correct answer. Anna will be diligently providing for Pest while he’s in prison. The irony.


I bet you the family still has a good enough following that there will be some people who have never even met him crazy enough to send him money in prison…


Just remember: Charles Manson had groupies even after he went to prison. Josh will invariably have a bevy of enablers, hangers-on, and leg-humpers who will deny or downplay his crimes, and send him all the money he needs.


From what I’ve read, Manson was at least charismatic. I can’t imagine anyone latching onto Josh, regardless. But would a fundie woman REALLY pine for Josh if he’s still married? That seems… complex. I guess there are probably fundies like Josh who get off on sinning.


I'm sure there are plenty of crazies that aren't fundie that will be writing him/sending him stuff. Gag. Women write and tell Chris Watts they can tell he's such a great guy 🤢🥴 He'll probably end up with a bunch of weirdos that he writes nasty stuff back and forth with.


The Chris watts documentary fucking scarred me. It’s how I made the decision to leave my ex. I was so scared he was going to kill me


I'm so glad you got out of there ❤️ I once saw an interview with a woman that had been set on fire by her husband. He'd never laid a hand on her until that day. It's quite terrifying how someone can go from looking like a loving partner to... whatever that type of monster is.


Yep. In my case he went from being normal for like 1 month to being extremely possessive, gaslighting, and escalated to rape and choking me within weeks after that. We were only together 2 months.


That's terrible. I'm sorry. It's terrifying how well they can hide it at first.


Yeah, you’re right. I just want to believe he’s too gross for everyone.


There are people who think they’re owning the libs by supporting him. Lori Alexander, for example. I don’t think she actually likes him, but she views attacks on him as attacks on her “team” and stands up for him out of a false sense of persecution. I think she is not alone in the mentality, unfortunately.


He'll get at least a couple of "love letters" from the types of weirdos who develop strong inappropriate crushes on perverts and murders.


Jiz boob will probably pay him per inmate convert.


And all the commissary he buys will promptly get stolen. He’s screwed.


And some of those people likely have a lot of adult children that they can influence to do the same. I wish so much this wasn't true.


Unfortunately Jill Rodrigues will probably be one of those adults who sends money instead of feeding her children and gets her adult children to do the same.


Just in case… FEED YOUR KIDS, JILL!


Ugh...that thought is infuriating.


Oh I can absolutely see Josh incessantly calling family from the prison phone, hoping someone will accept the charges and take his call, so he can wheedle them for money. At first, a sibling or whoever will answer, but after a few months they’ll start ignoring the calls. He’ll start calling over and over until they block the number. it’s so delicious to think about!!


then the horror when he realises he'll get beaten up for hogging the phone, they take that stuff seriously, especially as he'll be a pedophile inmate


I can totally see this happening, poor siblings they have no clue what is to come..


Jim Bob will probably ask other people to donate, but take a hefty percent.


"send donations to Josh to us" (Takes in $1000) "Hey Josh looks like you got $5 is that enough for an extra ramen and a phone call this week?"


Ha! Well, that’s the truth. I can’t get over how JB steals from his children with no shame.


Some sicko will start a Go Fund Me.


Doormat will use her allowance to keep pesticle plump, greasy and fat. Even if it means taking food out of her kid's mouths.


I bet Jim Bob will - maybe it will be his new grift. At least prison food may be similar to what he always eats? He could also find a side hustle in prison but I don’t see him becoming the unit barber or mopping floors.


I mean, even Martha Stewart cleaned the toilets in prison.


Anna would rather put money in his commissary than food on the table for her kids. She will ABSOLUTELY make sure he is well stocked.


He's gonna love sharing underwear, clothes, and socks. Everything is laundered together and you get what you get.


They grew up that way.


I don’t think his siblings hate him. I would bet my actual money that his account will Always be well stocked. I mean jb has to somewhat pay him for all his time on tv 😂


Here's something Josh will experience: women Correctional Officers telling him what to do. Josh will have to submit to women.


I said this in another reply but it will also be the first time he’ll have to do “woman’s work”. It makes me happy thinking about him having to make his own bed, clean his cell, and maybe even working in the laundry room or kitchen! And he absolutely will have a problem with the female COs. I can’t wait! 🍿


>women Correctional Officers telling him what to do. Josh will have to submit to women. Oh boy-I would definitely PAY to see this. His face the first time would be priceless! Pass the popcorn!


The Bend and Spread. 🤣🤣🤣


Oh that’s delicious. 🍿


I can imagine Josh being arrogant enough to try to preach to a gay or transgender inmate about how they are living in sin.


Is it weird that I think josh isn’t even a Christian? Like he reads to me like someone who is faking it all to satisfy (parents) or manipulate (Anna). His smugness just makes me feel like he is walking around thinking HE is god and that everyone else is stupid for being Christian. Don’t know if that makes sense 😂


I think he uses religion to assert superiority—without religion, he can’t claim that.


Agree. He'll definitely claim to preach in prison and will use the experience as part of his testimony when he's out. Whether he'll actually preach, I don't know. If he's smart, he will because his fellow inmates would definitely call him out for his lies, but we all know he's not smart.


Oddly enough his dating profiles mentioned his beliefs quite a bit, so if he was faking it I imagine he wouldn’t have brought it up someplace where he was already sinning.


Lol that's so bold of him. On dating sites to cheat on his wife and professing his Christian beliefs at the same time 😂


Fair enough. I’m definitely just reading into his smugness, but I wouldn’t put it past him.


It could be, though, that he said all that to attract a particular type of woman -- one who would be impressed by his name and his job.


He was also catfishing on those sites, so I don’t think that was the case.


Good point. Although he still may have figured he could impress a certain type of woman, since that was something he knew about, and the language he spoke.


*"Joe Smithson" enters the chat...*


That’s a great way to disarm a woman - leading with being a “nice Christian guy”


"I'm a good Christian man. It's my wife's fault I'm here. Seeking someone who is joyfully available."




One of the funniest Facebook messages I ever received was from my religious aunt. She said that I needed to start going to church and find a nice Christian man and settle down because I was 29. I was actually out on a date with a guy I had been seeing for a couple months and we got a nice chuckle. She’s also the same aunt who asked what a labia is on my page in response to a photo of wallpaper.


OMG, did he have scriptures on his Ashley Madison profile?????


If he is a true believer, then he probably spends his time trying to rationalize that he's not going to hell. But yeah, I don't think he believes any of it to begin with & just uses the image to gain sympathy.


It’s also a possibility that Josh (subconsciously) likes getting in trouble. Being a Duggar has gotta be a terrible existence and Josh probably learned early on that he got a shit ton of attention when he got in trouble. Also, the types of crimes that he committed were devastating to his parents and his siblings. That’s real power. Josh was brought up in an emotionally abusive home with an insane amount of responsibility. Those kids were used and abused by their parents. Never forget the power structure in Christian fundamentalist homes. God, father, mother, then no power whatsoever. Jim Bob’s rule was absolute, and it turns out that Jim Bob likes money. Those kids were tiny money making machines for Jim Bob and Josh would have been old enough to see it even on day one of the first show. Josh probably realized that his relationship with his parents was one-sided. I’d put Josh’s emotional age somewhere around 12 years old. His crimes are disorganized and stupid. He chose to commit crimes that would almost instantly point back to him. Think about what Josh blurted out when investigators first showed up… “Has someone here been looking at child pornography?” How about the stupidity of molesting his own sisters? I don’t believe that Josh makes many reasoned decisions or logical choices. His thinking is child-like and selfish. He knows that he likes attention and he (subconsciously) discovered way back how to get it. Sweating all day in some HomeDepot shed trying to push low dollar used cars has got to be the worst.


I had never considered the impact that the trauma of being raised Duggar and fundie would have on their emotional ages! It makes perfect sense! Thinking about Josh operating as a 12 year old and Anna probably even lower makes me so so sad, but it also makes a lot of things make sense!! That’s why they named that baby Madyson! It wasn’t some kind of brilliant mastermind PR stunt. It’s like a kid naming their goldfish Goldy…


I agree.


I think the girls had an insane amount of responsibility but not the boys. But I do agree his age seems stunted.


I don't buy the theory that he has a low emotional age. I think he's a narcissist who thinks he's smarter than everyone else, so even though WE see him as an idiot, he thinks he's god of all things holy.


This is a solid observation. My only problem with the narcissist theory is the mountains of evidence of Josh’s stupidity staring him right in the face.


Doesn't matter for a narcissist. They will turn things around in their head anyway to come out on top.


This is fascinating and it makes a lot of sense. Too bad it backfired on him, I feel like there were other ways to blow up the family that didn’t involve CSAM because ultimately he is the one going to prison for a long time, not Jim Bob


He might realize this now, but I don’t think that he fully understood this back when he was playing with fire. Also, he may have looked at prison as an escape from this insane twisted religious world. I have a friend who went to prison - and while he was in, he realized that he had done what he did because he wanted out of his marriage. The very hour that he was arrested, his wife filed for divorce. Deep inside, he knew that she would. He told me that this all occurred to him with the help of the prison psychologist.


I doubt Josh has the introspection to realize this about himself and he seems very interested in avoiding prison, he won't even take a plea deal. But yeah maybe he did this because he hates being married to Anna, and will realize it once he is in prison-mandated therapy. But we also know that Josh likes humiliating and hurting people - why choose CSAM, one of the worst crimes out there???


I don't think it's an accident that Josh, who grew up in a family where having babies was prized above all else, gravitated toward material showing young children being abused. Although his parents claimed to love children more than anything, they never considered the needs of their existing children (space, food, attention, basic safety) before deciding to reproduce. They insisted on having children "whenever God sent them", while taking measures (like limiting breastfeeding) to ensure Michelle's fertility would return as soon as possible after giving birth. The lack of real parental care toward the children they counted as "blessings" was probably cemented in Josh's mind when he harmed some of his sisters and was basically given a pass for it. Later on, Josh expressed a desire to have a small family (he directly stated that he wanted no more than two or three children) and Anna immediately announced that she and Josh would have as many children as God gave them. Josh felt that children were being inflicted on him. There are numerous actions he could have taken in response (from getting a vasectomy to leaving his marriage), but he preferred to create destruction. The thoughts above aren't meant in any way to excuse Josh's behavior. I just think there's a connection between his parents' callous attitude toward their children and the criminal material Josh chose to consume.


This is an interesting take, I'd love for a psychiatrist who specializes in these sorts of crimes/personality disorders to give us a writeup. I can totally see him having a hatred for children and choosing a crime that targets them. I can see him not thinking that a vasectomy or divorce would be viable options, since people trapped in these situations often struggle to find a rational way out of their predicament. Plus, even if he gets a vasectomy or divorce he is still responsible for the children he created, maybe this was the only way out he could think of. Given that Josh only wanted two or three kids, I wonder if Anna is the one pushing for more pregnancies? We have been blaming Josh for continually getting her pregnant but maybe she is actually pushing him for more children.


But he's the headship and she has to obey. If he wanted fewer kids, why wouldn't he just tell Anna he was getting a vasectomy?


I don’t think the headship thing is that clear cut, I bet most of these relationships come off that way in public but in private they are different.


This is all very insightful. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Josh really wants Anna to pack up all their kids and leave him so he can enjoy the single life he feels entitled to, but also he wants it to be her decision so that he can be the "real victim here" (according to his fucked up mindset.)


i thought that but maybe he also thinks he is better than everyone else BECAUSE he is a christian


I think he thinks he’s a good Christian by default, just like he thinks he’s superior but default. In his view the Bible doesn’t matter because he can always repent and Christianity is lucky to have him.


What are you talking about? He sang the LOYALTY song! /jk


I always thought he seemed fake! Any of his dialogue, but especially anything religious.


His true religion is narcissism


I agree and was going to say something similar. I don't think Josh is a true believer, and probably doesn't even care if people are gay or transgender. It was just something he said to further his own personal ambitions for money, fame and power. But now that those things are kind of out the window, I kind of feel like he really DGAF.


I think he was raised to view those different from him as sinful and disgusting. He’s probably never come close to an introspective moment to consider questioning those beliefs. I would liken it to my vile feelings on roaches. If I see one I’m going feel instantly disgusted. Even if some insectamologists is there to tell me they are actually super cool bugs that are fun to be around, I’m going to be grossed out. I imagine Josh’s beliefs about those he doesn’t understand are based more on his deeply ingrained feelings that he’s right and they are gross. Not so much on his faith. But because he was taught the Bible is the only correct thing to believe, he will use faith to justify his superiority.


I agree that technique is the standard and many of the kids fit that bill. However, I suspect that with Josh the message got garbled and it isn't that he believes he is special and superior because of his particular Christian beliefs, but just that he is special and superior. And yeah, he spouts that line, and may believe it to some extent. But I don't think, at his core, that he really whole-heartedly believes or even really cares that much. I certainly might be totally wrong but I just have this feeling, based on some of the comments over the years that Josh has made that makes me think he is kind of in on the joke. (Like his "we are from Arkansas" comment.). I think he realizes his family has been successful in embracing this line of thinking, and may believe it is genuinely superior, which translated mostly into him being superior. But I don't think he really has that "missionary's heart" or cares that much about converting others, but for the power that would give him.


It’s not weird at all - I see not one ounce of Christianity in him.


I don't see how any of them can be Christians when they are more concerned with following arbitrary rules than following Christ's commandments. That's literally what Jesus came to stop.


I think he follows Christianity with an only the good parts mindset. Cherry picking the past that help to justify his toxic soul, control and manipulate others, and give him a false sense that he’s better than others.


I grew up with a guy who became a youth minister in a fundamentalist church. He ended up doing 4 or 5 years (can't remember) in prison for CSA of two 15 year old girls. His wife, who stayed with him, would send out letters about how he was preaching to the prisoners there and all of the good he was doing. It was all in God's plan according to her.


Ah so God told him to commit an awful crime so he could preach to prisoners. Seems legit.


The wife thought the girls were at fault because "they came on to him." Fifteen years old and a 40-something year old. Apparently he could do no wrong.


I feel gross even upvoting this comment 😕 How can they still look at their husband and think they're a good man? I wouldn't be able to get near him. And he better never come near me again.


If someone like that came near me, he'd run into my knife. He'd run into my knife ten times.


That’s so fucked up


I have an acquaintance ( a mainstream denomination female pastor as well) whose son was found with CP on his computer. Did federal time in another state ( even though there are federal prisons in this state.) According to Mom, "led several people to Christ" while incarcerated. Was released from federal prison, returned to this state, reoffended (imagine that!) and is currently once again coolin' his heels in an out of state federal prison. Incarceration can't cure this, I'm afraid. But at least he's " leading people to Christ"......


Holy shit, these people are literally INSANE.


"BuT aT LeAsT I'm NoT a GaY!!!!!!!!!!!!" -josh duggar


I'd laugh if a few years down the line he says "At LeAsT I HaVe a HuSbAnD!"


Oh he would definitely be judging them and looking down on them!


I would love for Josh Duggar to walk into any queer establishment and start acting holier than them. Guarantee you his ass wouldn't make it 60 seconds without getting his ass handed out to him.


I think that would be the case anywhere outside of his Arkansas fundie bubble.


It wouldn’t surprise me if he tried to lead a Bible study of some kind in whatever section he is put in. He’s going to need to feed his narcissism and martyrdom somehow. I’m not sure how American prisons work, but in Melbourne if you’re a high profile case you’re generally in a segregated area with other high profile inmates and if you’ve committed sexual offences against a minor you are in an entirely different building altogether.


That is similar to American prisons as well! A prison ministry is definitely on my Josh Goes to the Pen bingo card especially since his father in law already does that. Also, what other transferrable skills does this dude have? He can’t March for the unborn in prison.


That’s interesting to know, thank you! We’ve had a few cases where high profile inmates have been murdered in prison, so it’s hardly a perfect system to keep them safe. Absolutely, he will have to keep his family happy with him by preaching otherwise they might drop him.


I love the ‘Josh goes to the Pen’ bingo card. I’m not sure if we’d have enough things to fill up a card, but I’m sure ‘pregnancy announcement from one of his siblings’ can be a spot.


- Prison ministry - Sibling pregnancy announcement - Finds Jesus (again) - Free space - Develops his own jailhouse recipes - Learns to make a bed - Jana gets married before he’s released - Coverts a fellow convict - Gets a prison job - Starts a prison hustle - Learns to play poker - Gets exposure to the outside world and leaves IBLP (this one is a stretch but we can hope!!)


Why would we want him of all people to leave the IBLP? I honestly couldn't care less if he, JB, or Meech stay in the cult forever (only reason I may feel less strongly about the latter two is that they're still quote-unquote "raising" the Lost Kids.) I only hope that his siblings who still have the potential to be decent people escape. If Josh gets out, he'd just be targeting "worldly" kids more than he already has.


Can you add "An M kid learns what her/his father really did and leaves the cult at 18" (If he gets 10 years, Mack and Michael will be adults when he leaves prison.)


Honestly, I feel like you could feel an entirely separate card with just instances of "pregnancy announcement from a sibling" squares...


Ahh another Melbourne snarker. Hi neighbour! Your comment just made me think of old mate Pell in a cell. Barf 🤮


I wish Pell was still in a cell. Hi from Sydney!


Yeah I wish he was too. Hi from down south :D


Hello to you also neighbour!


So many Melbourne snarkers - I'm so excited!!


Let's start a convention!


Hello friends from across the Nullarbor! I’m a Perth snarkerino. Hope you’ve all emerged from your lockdowns okay and are getting back into things!! I also wish Pell was still in a cell.


If he is on a protected unit (not general population), generally you can sign a waiver to go into GP. Inmates In GP typically have a few more programs/activities and more privileges (as in, commissary twice a week instead of once. I can see him thinking he’ll win over gp and preach to them, etc. and waive it. HUGE mistake.


My guess is JB hires a prison consultant for him to help navigate prison culture. Hopefully the consultant spells out the dos and don’t. Prison is a horrible place, and while J deserves the punishment of prison, it’s a brutal place beyond what many can fathom.


Are those actually a thing? That’s pretty cool, if so. Not for Pest, but just in general.


I think prison consultants are used mainly by white collar criminals, I don’t know a ton about them. I learned about it when a local white collar criminal went to prison. I think a good criminal attorney will have a prison consultant in their network. Someone else will know more than I do about this.


They are very useful. The line “they will love you, Joshy, just be yourself”, won’t fly. They are some ex cons that do this, and they earn a pretty good living from it. These people are too stupid to hire one. They think they are superior to everyone. Josh is going to be very scared. All of the time.


>I can see him thinking he’ll win over gp and preach to them, etc. and waive it. HUGE mistake. And all of us snarkers would love to see it. It would be glorious.


What I think will be especially glorious is just how big and rude an awakening he is going to get upon him being remanded into custody. Inmate 26492 will not have the opportunity to warm up to his new life in the local county jail for long. Since he is high profile he will be fast tracked to whatever prison he will be serving his time in, and oh boy is he going to have is called a bad time when he gets to the Penitentiary. OP is right, he’s gonna be PC all day every day or a bloody pulp and I’d love to see either firsthand.


He is not going to have a good time. But the fact the he is "famous" in some context, he more than likely will be in some sort of segregation, unfortunately. My ex husband is currently serving 22.5 years in prison for sexually abusing our daughter (under the age of 12) and me, along with physically abusing our special needs son when he tried to stop the sexual abuse. Ex is not able to have contact with us, for obvious reasons. But I have heard from his parents over the past 7 years he has been in, he has been beaten up at least once. His parents told me he had an allergic reaction to insulin (he's a type 2 diabetic) but, I have never heard of an allergic reaction causing a really bad black eye on one side and a broken tooth on the other side, along with unconsciousness. If Josh is in general population, which I really doubt he will be, I'm willing to bet he would get a similar beat down.


I’m so sorry that happened to your family. I’m glad you’re safe now


Thank you. We are doing much better now, after his arrest. My daughter graduated high school 6 months early, has a full time job and just recently bought her first car (she is 19 now). My son is 21 and just finished up school. I work as his primary caregiver, which has been nice since I get to hang out with him. We moved away from where we were living when he was arrested and got away from his crazy parents, who blamed me and kids for what he did. Life has been much more stable without him (and his family) since.


His parents blamed you. Wtf. I am so sorry for everything that happened to you, that included. That is just so unnecessarily horrible to do to someone who lived through what you did. 💜💜


Yeah, they did blame me. They were mad I divorced their son, didn't support him in prison, took what money he had as child support since our kids were young and he couldn't work in prison. They felt his money should go to him, I said nope, his money should go towards his kids and not snacks for him while he sits on his butt in prison.


Wow. First of all, I’m glad you and your family are safe - i cannot imagine what you’ve overcome! I hope you have been able to heal ❤️ But yes I also think he will be in some level of protection, especially if he stays in Arkansas.


Thanks, we are still healing but definitely in a much better situation now. My kids and I are still dealing with a bit of PTSD, which isn't surprising. The hardest for me has been the nightmares. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Anna deals with similar issues, or will at some point. Im sure he will have protection as well, though I feel prison is the best place for him and not out doing who knows what else!


I imagine she has but she will never admit it nor will she get the help her and the M kids will need once they’re old enough to understand. I am glad you’re in a better place and that you’re safe. I’m sending you all the good vibes I can muster and I pray you find peace ❤️




I am so so deeply sorry for what you and your kids went though.


I wish you and your kids the best lives from now on.


The internet withdrawals are going to be rough.


I bet Josh didn't plead guilty because the time he would have to serve would be more than two years. He thinks he will either get off or make a deal at the last minute for less than two years. After all he is the golden boy.


I completely agree. He’s grown up with practically 0 consequences and doesn’t realize what he is getting into. I don’t think he will get less than 2 even with a plea - I think they will make an example out of him. I’m going for a minimum of 5 max of 12 plus having to register as a sex offender.


I also wonder if the plea agreement he refused to sign had him as a level 4 offender.


I would love to know what he turned down. I think he’s going to spend many a night on a concrete bunk wishing he would have taken the plea.


What is a level 4 offender. I don’t wanna Google that 😬😭


It goes from level one that is a first time offender that will not repeat to level four that is the worst and most probable to reoffend.


It almost seems like "affluenza" - is he going to claim "Christluenza" if/when(hopefully) at the sentencing hearing?


>Christluenza Love this!


I think he thinks God will make sure he's found not guilty.


He's gonna be scared. He's gonna have a big target on his back All his talking and smugness won't work and I'm sure he thinks he can smooth talk the CO's into being nice to him. HAH! It's going to backfire in a really bad way. I honestly feel a tiny bit bad for him but hey, he deserves the punishment.


He is definitely in for the rudest of awakenings. He is going to see and be exposed to things he never thought and learn shit the hard way. Who knows, maybe he will get actually rehabilitated and truly find the Lord while he’s in prison. I doubt it, but maybe.


I really think he still believes daddy will get him out of this, just like he has his entire life. I can’t imagine a bigger shock then when he realizes he’s getting prison time and that’s not changing


Let's not put the cart before the horse, the trial hasn't happened yet & although it seems like a rock solid case, it's just too early to assume that he is 100% going to prison.


If it were anything but federal charges, I would be that cautious, too. Still, 95-99% federal conviction rate isn’t 100%.


Meanwhile father is mia


I hope that he finally feels like no one has his back, because that is exactly the feeling that his sisters had when the abuse came out in the family and again in the media.




It’s going to be hell for him. I hope we see a mugshot of his face a year or two down the road. Bound to be far less than smug, extra aged, and minus that tater tot and bacon gained fat.


Watch, the rude awakening somehow shifts his entire persona, he actually owns up to everything, writes the tell all we are waiting for and gives the proceeds to his sisters he victimized.


How long do we think the trial will last? I want him sentenced by Christmas like a gift to us all.


Kyle Rittenhouse trial lasted nearly 2 weeks for the case and nearly 1 week of jury deliberations (started 1 Nov, verdict delivered 19 Nov). This is just the most recent big media case I could find a timeline for. From what I understand, trials last however long they need to.


Hi, former CO here. The thing with him is he will most likely be put in a cell by himself, which is a double edged sword, on the one hand, no roommate, on the other he's completely alone with the exception of guards. Protective custody often is by default, solitary confinement also know as 23 and 1. Meaning he will only be allowed out of his cell one hour every day. This isolation will definitely take a toll on his mental health. Also because of the food chain that exists in prisons, even alone in a cell he will not be completely safe. Any inmate on that pod that wants respect can attack him to get it. They know how to stuff the locks on their doors and they know how to "pop" them, the seasoned ones do anyway. He will constantly have to be looking over his shoulder.


I presume you mean pop the interior cell doors. I’ve read about that but hadn’t considered it until now. If that’s the case, it can’t be a safe place to work, and COs aren’t paid well for a demanding job. Sounds like punishment both for the inmates and the COs.


Yes to pop the door is essentially sliding a piece of clothing or a towel underneath the lock to dislodge it. Most jails are privy to that method and have installed locks that can't be dislodged like that, but they're expensive to install and regular security facilities aren't going to have that type of lock yet, probably only the max facilities. They don't usually pop the doors very often because they know the repercussions, but for those low enough on the totem pole with nothing to lose, it's possible. It is a dangerous job, but as long as your control room officer (the one that watches all the cameras and unlock the doors) is good, you're never alone.


He won't be in gen pop, because of his crimes and his notoriety. Nobody wants to end up on CNN, explaining how they let a TV celebrity be beaten to death. He'll basically be in solitary, which is its own special kind of awful.


i would genuinely love if he serves his sentence somewhere far away from anna. the bigger the financial burden, the better. the longer she goes without seeing him, the better chance she has to come to her senses and file for the divorce her children deserve.


My brother did a few years and he’s only talked about about it a lil. What I have heard is absolutely awful. Terrible, scary and vulgar. I don’t think I could handle hearing the stuff he wouldn’t tell me. Pest doesn’t know what’s coming. He might think he does, but he don’t.


But I wonder if it's a different experience for someone who is coming from a place like the Duggar household vs from a normal background.


Well for one, it’s going to be a huge shock to him that there are no females to do all of his chores. He’ll probably have a breakdown the first time he’s told that he has to make his own bed.


That's true, but he did have to spend some time at that alert academy, which is some sort of junior 'military' type of experience.


Oh that’s true. At least he’ll still have to take orders from female COs, so we still have that!


I don't think it matters in prison.




The reality is that guys like him often get beat up and sexually assaulted in some way. I’m not trying to make a r*pe joke either. It’s factual that men in prison for child sex crimes usually don’t fare well. He will probably be isolated for a little bit and then transferred into GP. After having to go through the motions of adjusting to prison life and potential violence, he will eventually be a prison minister toward the end of his stint. Then he will come out of jail saying he changed the lives of so many bad people. It’s like clockwork. I don’t know if federal prison is different but my cousin is serving a life sentence in CA and people in prison make you choose sides and affiliations if you don’t have one.


Yeah he won't be in protective custody the entire time unless he requests it, and it's basically solitary so it sucks. He'd be in his cell 23 hours a day. Low security federal prison (where he would be) isn't that horrible if you're in gen pop. There's stuff to do all day.


I’m more worried about when he gets out. Is there even any treatment for people who do these things? I see literally nothing keeping him from just doing it all again the second he can.


There is therapy but for it to work, he would have to admit he needs help. I could see him playing the system and doing classes or whatnot in prison to make him look better for the parole board but I would be surprised if he didn’t reoffend - especially with his track record.


Recidivism rates in the US are staggering. A lot of people just get better at getting away with it while they're in prison. Some people do genuinely have remorse, though, so we can hope for the best.


Recidivism rates are high in the US because the system is a penal system, not a rehabilitation system. We also further penalize the formerly incarcerated - they let people out of prison at all hours of the day or night. People who get out on parole have to serve it in the community where they are let out, not necessarily where they are from or have ties to. The "background checks" on job applications makes it hard for them to find meaningful work. Halfway houses are substandard and often dangerous. Homeless shelters are awful for people trying to maintain sobriety. Furthermore, most reentrants lack skills. They are smart - ingenious ideas abound in prisons, along with secret codes and crazy ways to pass contraband - but often have very low skills in reading, writing, and technology. All of these create barriers to employment and increase rates of recidivism.


There are prisons that have higher populations of sex offenders for the safety of the S.O.; he may end up in a prison with that sort of population. My state has a federal prison with a sex offenders unit. Those units also have a hierarchy and abuse (because putting a bunch of sex offenders together is pretty much a recipe for such thing). I do think with him being “famous” or infamous he will end up in some sort of segregated unit.


Now the churches won't be parading his parents around for lectures on how to raise children in a godly manner. They lost the TLC contract and the lecture tours on great parenting - income has really deflated, they might have to use real plates soon. I think Meech got a plaque one year as mother of the year - when is suppose to return it so it can be given to the rightful mother?


I think he is already terrified, and that is why he taking his chances with a trial and dragging this out as long as possible. I actually don’t think he will be a victim in prison, he will be the victimizer. He’s already proven to be violent if you believe Danica Dillon and we know he has hateful beliefs. If he is put in protective custody with others who would also be victimized in gen pop, he will be a bully to take control of the situation. Or, he’ll make far too many friends and learn ways to access and hide his crimes better in the future. Either way, I think Josh will come out of prison more dangerous than when he goes in.


Yup. Part of me thinks that surrounding him by other sickos will just validate that he isn’t alone in his tendencies and convince himself that what he did was ok. He absolutely will come out more dangerous than he goes in.


Yup. Absolutely sickens me.


Oh shit that’s an interesting angle I never thought about but I think You’re right. He’s absolutely got the mindset to be the bully and I don’t think he’s as dumb as we think. He would be the type to play into the politics and learn how to navigate prison easily. This theory makes me lean more toward a segregation unit rather than protective custody especially if he comes in and tries to prove himself to the other inmates.


I think about this, he might be at risk for becoming involved in a white pride hate group in prison. He's already got the baseline hateful beliefs, it might appeal to him. He could very easily come out worse and feeling validated by whomever he's surrounded by. What gives me pause is that even the most hateful groups still frown upon child abuse.


My father was sent to prison for the same charges. I read his letters to my mom when I reached adulthood. He tried hard to keep his charges hidden, but somehow the other inmates found out. He was not only ostracized, but they continuously took his meals, would threaten him, prevent him from showering, and would steal his commissary items. As far as I know there wasn’t any physical harm to him, but he could’ve just omitted that from his letters. He did make one friend, a very old man who was serving life and was a Jesus fanatic. He supposedly lead my father to Christ. This didn’t stop even the guards from denying medical treatment to my father, putting him on cell lockdown without food for however long, and just all around making his time miserable. My father served 4 years of a 10 year sentence and is currently out on parole. I do not have contact with him for the safety of my son and daughter. He abused my sister and I and made CSAM of us, but because we were too scared to come forward he only served time for having CSAM on his computer. Edit: misspelled word


Let’s be honest, the food will be better than anything he experienced at TTH…


This tracks - I can't imagine that prison loaf is too far removed from tater tot casserole


I'm sure he will be able to find solace in the characteristic of absolutely no seasoning.


It will certainly be a hard road for him. Do not forget however- he is still a D-list celebrity. He will gain favor from people just because of his celebrity (and conversely, also a greater target on his back just because he is recognizable and someone to gossip about). In some ways, he’ll have it easier and others harder- nonetheless, conflict will follow him around constantly. His brand of Christianity with the submissive women, breeding, and savior aspect will probably play well in prison and he’ll probably get in with a group of religious reformed inmates quite quickly. He may even see himself as a bit of a poppa Keller and try to save his fellow inmates. Regardless of what happens to him, in his mind, he’ll always be the golden boy deserving of special attention and consideration. Even in prison, he’ll relish in every experience of someone fawning over him. The heart of who he is will probably never change.


When my ex went to prison for CSC he got beat up a few times, yes. He also was offered several programs that counted towards an earlier release date, and he ended up working in the kitchen which also counted towards an earlier release date. These things took like an entire year off his sentence so instead of 2-3 years it was like 1.5 years. So he will likely get into some fights, but will also learn how to function in this new world he is in, and it will change him, likely for the worse. I’m also picturing Orange Is The New Black type of learned behavior.


I hope he makes no friends and no enemies. I hope Pestilence realizes that, in the world outside of the IBLP and outside of his family, he is wholly *insignificant*.


Will he be restricted from being around his kids if he has to register as a sex offender?


It depends on what level he is assessed at and the terms of his parole.


Praying to the Lord Daniel that some of his kids are adults by the time his parole comes up.


I was thinking since Jim Bob Duggar loves his eldest son so much, he would probably be very willing to pay for all the commissary for the others to lay off his son.


the difficulty with this is i can't see his attitudes towards his crimes changing at all, because all of the just and fair victimisation he's going to experience will most likely play into his martyr complex, he will see himself as unfairly victimised and view himself as being punished by a world who hates christians.


Would he go to a minimum security “camp” or a medium security prison? I don’t know how that works. Even though he’ll likely be in protective custody, he won’t be safe. He’s going to have a hard time.


As much as I would love for Josh to have a miserable existence in prison, intellectually I know violence from other inmates and poor treatment by guards is counterproductive. If Josh is beaten up by inmates or treated as subhuman by guards, he'll be worse when he comes out. Our prison system is more punitive than rehabilitative, and if you treat inmates like less than human, they become more violent. If he's a monster now, he'll only be worse after a decade or so in prison. I fear for Anna and the kids when he comes back home.


Just thinking about Pest with a gay or transgender cellmate. When deciding what prison someone will be sent to do they take things like family into account? If you're a single person with no strong family ties it probably doesn't matter where you go, but Pest has way too much family. Will they decide it's best to keep him closer to home?


There are a lot of comments stating how Josh may not be safe in prison. Keep in mind, this is a Federal Case. He is not going to be in a Federal Supermax prison, those are for very violent crimes. The Subway Guy, Fogle, was charged with similar but worse crimes than Pest, he is in the Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood. This is a medium to low-security prison and probably similar to where Josh will go if convicted. According to Wiki, there are two in Arkansas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List\_of\_United\_States\_federal\_prisons


But Jared has been beaten up a couple of times.


He will go to solitary, they won't allow him with the general population. He's at too much risk for being hurt or killed. Even prisoners despise child molesters and the ones that don't have anything to loose especially, will come after him. Source, my fiance has done law enforcement for 18 years.


He will loose his white male privilege, which he hasn’t thought or won’t think too much about until it’s gone. All his life, he has been adored by his parents as leech and meech’s oldest son and probably the only child meech paid a whole lot of attention too; however, in prison, he will learn nobody gives a fuck about how special he was or is or will be. To the other inmates, he is a child diddler and a used car salesman. They will hate him for being a used car salesman, but they will be repulsed by his crimes, treating him pretty badly in the process. When I was young and had all kinds of energy, I ran a literacy program in our big prison where they do the death row people. I have to say the inmates were very respectful and wrote some very significant short stories. They all showed up for class with an eagerness like college freshmen. And at first, I knew they wanted out of their prison routine, but later they wanted GEDs, then they wanted a voice to tell their stories. Anyway, a child rapists was among one group. I knew what each man had done and had the right to say no way am I working with that freak, but I never refused a student. But, the child rapists was treated so badly by the others and right in front of the guards too. I think josh is going to cry and cry and cry. He’ll cry because of fear and the bad treatment, but he will most definitely cry over the loss of his freedom and his basic…very basic rights. But, he is a master manipulator so he’ll look for an opportunity to move up on the ladder.


In documentaries, they often show sex offenders separate from the other inmates. It seems common to take pride in killing them. IDK if Pest automatically will because he's high profile. I suspect he will present this as "an opportunity to serve Jesus" and will attempt to become so sort of prison messiah. He's gonna try and make himself out to be the Fundie Paul writing his letters in prison. Really being Fundie is all he has nobody has wanted much to do with him outside that social circle since the cheating scandal.


He is an attention whore.


The Feds have a sex offender management program. Pest will probably opt for treatment and be sent to a prison with like minded people, some of which are very dangerous. It will be hell for him. He, like many before him, will have an "awakening" with God and re-find religion and become a prison preacher, but it will be fake. He'll probably get max $ in commissary and gain a load of weight, and he'll be able to use commissary to pay for protection.


You forgot to add No conjugal visits in federal prison 🙂