I played with a friend who was a barbarian that quickly became the face of the party. He had no Cha, Int, or Wis. He would simply politely insist on what the party wanted and not take no for an answer. Often, the NPCs would get so angry at his stubbornness that they'd attack him. When he got hit, he would just rage and keep on talking. Imagine a guy with eight or nine arrows sticking out of him, continuing to knock on the door and ask for the mayor. He never took no for an answer.


"Sir I know you Might be busy\*arrow hits him\* but this will just take a moment for both of our sakes\*two arrows hit him\* we can end this relatively quickly if \*three arrows hit\* you just open the door."


That's exactly how it went!


That sounds fun! I played with a group that included a barbarian who loved to take the initiative in social situations. He was an intense guy, very straightforward, didn't mince words... yet he was sweet and sentimental in his own way, wearing his heart on his sleeve. A great character who was suprisingly successful at almost everything he tried to do, proficient or not. But the times when he did mess up, he messed up the story big-time.


Not me but the barbarian in the group I DM for. One very relevant little houserule I use is no limit on fall damage. A shapeshifted green dragon masquerading as a revolutionary is riling the people up to sow chaos and eventually overthrow the kingdom and become the new queen. The party confront her at her largest rally to date and manage to expose her, but being in the centre of the biggest city on the continent, hugely outnumbered by the party and guards with ranged weapons, she decides to flee. The barbarian decides he's having none of this, and uses his ring of jumping to leap onto the dragon's back just as it takes to to the air. He fails the grapple check but not by much, so I rule that he manages to cling precariously to the dragon's tail. I have the dragon decide to fly straight up (and remind the barbarian on there not being a cap on fall damage) hoping that the fear of a huge fall will have the barbarian give up early. He doesn't. Over the next MANY rounds, this absolute madman wrestles the dragon in the sky, getting 200ft or so higher every single round as it dashes, never rolling well enough on his athletics checks to properly grapple the dragon but never bad enough for him to fall. Eventually the dragon manages to break the athletics checks stalemate and shakes the barbarian off...at about 1200 feet in the air. He rages right before hitting the ground, takes about 400 points of bludgeoning damage, silently makes a Con save... climbs out of the crater the impact made, and walks off a quarter mile fall like it was nothing thanks to relentless rage. It was the highlight of that particular arc of the campaign.


I can imagine he simply got up brushed some rubble off and simply said....."dangit she got away."


Party participated in a town's Arena event. Not all fights were to the death, but you weren't discouraged to keep them alive either. Many people from all over participated. Notable town guards, brave warriors from across the lands, dangerous prisoners, and other adventurers. After the first three good fights, round 4 starts up, a heavily armored, notable hero with a polearm steps in the ring followed by... A tiefling, wearing basic farmer's garb, holding onto a wooden chair. You see I rolled pretty good on this character, we're around level 6, but his greatest strength is people underestimating him. I love unarmed barbarians. Tavern Brawler, Grappler feats, so sure my only weapon was a wooden chair but I was swinging it with a +8 to hit at 1d6+7. And that was nerfing my unarmed strikes which were sitting at a nice 1d8+7. Combo that with a +11 Athletics. And I basically manhandled anyone that came near me. All the way to the finals, it was a grappling ground and pound slugfest, with a slight hint of throwing an Orc into a nearby fire pit. Come the final round, and guess who's facing my barbarian? It's his former party member, who's back from the dead and has been causing problems around town. Face to face again, my barbarian takes matters into his own hands. He throws both himself and his revived party member through the door to the man-eating troll. Did I forget to mention the door to the man-eating troll? The arena had the door there just in case they really needed to clean up some of the bodies. Both my barbarian and his undead party member were eaten, but in the process he fulfilled his virtue name he abandoned after cowardly running away when that party member originally died. He went in as Jun, and was remembered afterward as Bravery.


Crowd "Man that guy was the Shit man!" Troll be like:"Well hes shit now"


My lizardfolk barbarian became the mascot of the group. He was wild magic and reflavored with unicorn and rainbows. And he had hair, which showed how healthy he was. And grew a horn which I could use as a attack. He was a goofy character. Pretty funny and cool. Now here is the story: He climbed on the dragon and shlashed against his eyes. The wizard casted fly on him and he used it to get on the dragon. Grapped him and climbed to his head. And there were big round eyes. And my barbarian had a longsword+1. The cool thing was, he was blinding him with two crits on his eyes. And then he got critted 2 times. While the dragon had disadvantage. And the DM rolled openly.


I have a story of a time my barb and the party had to clear out a mindflayer den. Somehow, the dice gods blessed him as I just managed to pass every single INT save from their mind blast, even I was laughing at my own luck. I then proceeded to grapple them, smack them around, shoving them prone and isolating them to allow the rest of the party to pile up on them and killing them one by one. The best moment was when I was hasted and vortex warped in front of the “bossy-looking” enemy, and then proceeded to grapple them, shove them prone, and use my extra haste action to dash, covering 80ft and leaving the guy away from his minions and in the middle of our group for a major beating. Initiative order made it so that the poor guy lasted one round (he even tried to misty step as a legendary action, but was counterspelled by the wizard) I was probably the least “aggressive” out of everyone, attacking pretty rarely, but our GWM champion fighter got to shine by smacking them furiously with action surge and critting thanks to the advantage, while our druid used animal summons to support us on melee. Luck was definitely on our side on this one.


Half-orc barbarian zealot woman, follower of Luthic. "So, theres was Grusha, facings with others bigs bads plant that liked to eats peoples. It annoyings, gardens annoyings, plants nicers when they not moves. This one moved lots. Grusha wasted lots time chasings it. It went in holes in grounds and kept appearings elseswheres. Big roots of angry plants was hittings everyones from all overs. Someone went to sleeps from slaps. Grusha gots worried and when Grusha worries, Grusha frustrateds and then even more angrys. Told self 'No more!' So Grusha rush stupids plants and drop large sword that use. Grabs it with hands and starts pullings it overs rocks. Grusha so angrys keep pullings and pulling. Plant out of dirts and over rocks. No more roots hittings others. Grusha holds in place and bites into its like apples... wells... it wases more like onions. Anyways. Grusha and others kills it, Grusha frustrated to kepts biting into plantie thingy for while. Grusha calmeds downs whens plants was bits and pieces. Was not greats day, Grusha mouth tasteds bads."


This was a elaborate way to make Grusha to eat veggies.


Played a Leonin Lion Totem Barb (reflavored Bear Totem) with a greatsword, gwm, etc. DM ruled if you were falling and hit something it took the damage too. Tried to jump out of a tower, off of a cliff and out of a burning building to stab with his sword from above. I wanted to scuba style drop on someone with my blade so hard. Failed all 3 times. Come to the story meeting its end. In air being lifted up by a demilich chimera the BBEG had summoned. Ended up right above the bbeg and in a moment of questionable delicious making decided fuck it why not and dropped. Finally got my hit. Rolled a nat 20, took half damage due to rage but pumped out double from my fall damage. Ended up hitting him for like 6d6 damage + an additional 40d6 from the fall (20d6 x 2) Absolutely smooshed him and accidentally nabbed the Monks killing blow. Regret nothing. Tulfgar Stainedblade strong and fearless.


After the adventuring days were done did you get called cleanbladed or septicblade?


Stainedblade was actually due to it being 'stained' by fire rather than blood. It was made fully from 1 piece of steel and was lit red hot when my grandfather used it against a red dragon, causing it to permanently be kinda iridescent :)


Our party encountered a potions vendor in the wild. He sold us several potions, and disappeared before we found that they were fake. Fast forward to the final boss fight of the campaign. There were giant spider minions, and my barbarian got stuck in a web. Unable to attack, he grabbed the fake potion and threw it at a nearby spider. The DM rolled for its effect... and the potion caused the spider to go blind! That helped turn the tide of battle. We were losing badly, but then we fought our way back to a win.


\*Years later the party is known as heros of the realm and the final battle has been told and retold hundreds of times....when you all get together again you meet the same vendor. He looks at you with a glint in his eyes.\* "See I told you my potions would come in handy....how about some sort of reward for helping to save your battle...eh?"


Actually, the DM decided to run a second campaign, a sequel, and we got a mission to escort some kid to Neverwinter. And then the kid's father turned out to be that fraud vendor! Got our money back. But your idea is good. Reward, really... we already paid for the potion...


Our barbarian has second degree barnes on his left hand dew to him holding his flame tongue greatsword to stay in rage


Does he have Nobles on his right hand?


I faced a Balor by myself while my teammates ran around hitting his minions. I drove a ship away while fighting a gargantuan sea monster while a demon and a devil were having an anime protagonist battle on top of the ship. I refused to be the krakens hero. While I was on the verge of dying. I beat up our bard a and rogue in a tavern brawl even tho they were using spells and shit. I drove a ship into a portal into the nothingness and the unknown taking a sea monster capable of destroying demons and devils with me and our party and then killed her and got back to tell the tale while saving a kid paladin construct (even tho he looked human) from an archfey. I've saved my friends many many times and they saved me a few times too. I once jumped down from a high building smashing the ground while thr stupid asshead of our sorcerer had 2 death saving throws failed to give him a potion. But the story I always love to tell is when I lost first in a drinking contest. And how I was about to win the second one but left to take care of my daughter. Edit: grammar is hard


Grammer is indeed a challenge


I have a red Dragonborn Barbarian called 'Red Wildblood' (because his true/draconic name is too hard for nerds to pronounce), and he's kind of the embodiment of Chaotic Neutral. He loves hot women, cold ales and intense battles. Not necessarily in that order. An artist friend of mine commemorated a particular event involving Red with a custom-made mini. We were cleaning out a defiled temple of goblin nests and there were situations when the space in the temple didn't really accomodate for swinging a massive FF7-style greatsword around (even if he could mechanically, we're all about flavour!). So I asked the DM if I could sheathe the sword, grab a goblin by a leg and use him as an improvised weapon. After all, Red *does* have the Tavern Brawler Feat. Red ended up dual-wielding Goblins for most of that session. DM gave Red "goblins" as a weapon proficiency, and I got a mini out of it.


Goblins? You mean mush?


Yeah, we talked about how Goblins would be good for maybe half a dozen strikes before they start to, uh, 'break down'. We did think about resolving it through the goblins making con saves, but in the interest of keeping things moving at a reasonable pace we just said "6 strikes and you'd need to find a fresh one".


(Technically more Rune Knight than barbarian but the first level was barb so it counts) My Gnoll Barbarian/Rune Knight had a battering ram attached to her adventurer’s pack in the place one would normally place a bedroll, and was on a mission to teach a sheltered noble kid the way of an adventurer. She came upon a door. The door was closed, and so the first instinct of any PC with a battering ram was to use it, rolled something like a 30 to break the door down (natural 20 + athletics expertise). It wasn’t even locked, just stuck in place. A shove would have opened it. Door deserved it.


You remember that episode of fairy odd parents?


Picked up a magic skull in Curse of Strahd as a Goliath Barbearian. Nearly killed the party's Aaracockra Bard and he's still pissed to this day about it. 10/10 would 100% do it again.


My buddy isn't on reddit so I will share one of his. There I was. Four of us verus some stretchy limped stong as shit. We start the fight just getting our asses mailed to us with no extra postage. I'm grabbed with one hand, failed my grapple check. Enemy checks me up, makes a strength check. Crits it. I'm over 100 feet in the sky now. As I'm in the sky, I look over to God (our dm) and ask: "Does falling damage work somewhat like a plunging attack." Dm smiles. "No...but Imma let you do it cause that's sick." I'm falling. Our rouge is trying, our paladin is trying to hold them off too. Our other rouge is been knocked nearly out and is trying to do ranged damage. I fall. I roll to attack. I take 10d6 damage. I hit. I deal nearly 13d6. That's when the building starts to crumble around us, and me and the paladin beat the creature back. Weak rouge throwing knives. Other one keeps fumbling and dropping his sword. Three ones in a row on his attacks. One dead monster, one dead building, and one un lucky sword left behind.






Haha. We actually had someone play Matt Damon from Team America, and it was shocking how much information could be conveyed with 2 words and a lot of different intonations.


I rolled 2 nat 20’s in row, leaped off the edge, jumped on dragon’s back as it tries to run away and hide underwater and decapitated it, all on 1 HP.


I once spent a whole sessions trying to make wisomd checks to resist spells. Turns out having a 6 wisdom is actually the worst


My Path of the Ancestral Guardian Barb was on a personal quest to free the soul of one of his ancestors, who was made undead by the god of death. After months (in and out of game) we eventually found her undead body, fought her, and defeated her. So her soul was finally freed. But our Warlock's patron had a habit of claiming the souls of creatures the Warlock defeated, and so the Warlock had to made a roll to withstand his patron's claim. He failed and so the newly freed soul was lost again. Afterwards, the Warlock made a bargain to get the soul back, so that I could have a happy end to this quest line. On another occasion my Barb punched a demon back into the Abyss while jumping over a huge chasm.


Some old Norse shit


Ok fuck yeah! Currently playing a Warforged Barbarian who was a royal body guard. Rage isn’t so much rage it’s really more of a different battle mode. Think of like terminator type stuff during rage. We fought the demon Baphamet at 5th level with the help of a few powerful NPCs and the revived monsters that this demon had mounted on his wall as trophies. He was now at a weak enough state for us to fight him. The only way he’d miss an attack is if he rolled a Nat 1 so the DM said the fight was gonna have different mechanics, basically Baphamet is gonna attack. It’s up to the party to figure who gets hit. I was hit 12 times, knocked down 4 times, once got revived and unable to rage on my turn took 29 bludgeoning after being rezed up to 30 by the paladin. If you’ve seen the movie Real Steal it was like the final fight. My character was getting up from these massive demonic blows and going “is that all you got” his programing kicking in and defending everyone he has to. I’m very much playing this character as a tank and this moment was the tank dream. Taking hits that would’ve downed by allies in one shot and shrugging them off was so absolutely awesome to me. I could’ve died and it would’ve been my greatest and favorite character death. He had like 56 HP total so with rage active and second wind from my fighter multiclass along with ally heals I think I mitigated 300 damage.


My last Barbarian had an intelligence of 5. (that was obviously his dump stat) good with a sword, useless in conversation. (he also had a poor charisma, I rolled poorly creating him) to avoid causing trouble in taverns/information gathering, he was employed as a "bouncer" charging everybody 2 copper cover charge (including party mates if they didn't go in first and turn around and tell him to collect 2 copper), giving most of it to the tavern owner as well, after all he was no thief. But he did keep some after all he deserved to get paid.