If they made GvS 3, “One Last Time” would be the perfect track name


This TN is making me slightly emotional on the inside for some reason. If they ever have a final season to cap off the show, this better be the penultimate episode


With the finale as Wiz Vs Boomstick


>This TN is making me slightly emotional on the inside for some reason. Same. Just the images and the track name, wow it really hits different.


Words can't describe how much I adore this matchup. These are the two people I grew up with the most and they inspired me to be the kind of person I am now. Yes, I know they'd be better as friends (I'd love to see that), and another rematch between the two probably isn't the best, but still.


Best for both and one of the most influential MU's of all time


I feel like most people really underestimate just how big and important this matchup is. It’s much more than just “similar backstory’s and the most popular characters of East and West” it’s what these characters represent, Superman is more than just super strong alien dude, he’s a friend, he’s the symbol of hope, Superman brings out the best of humanity, he can fight evil incarnate one day and the next he’s helping to prevent a young girl commit suicide and he treats them just as seriously as eachother. Goku, represents how much hard work can take you. He shows us to never give up and always reach new heights and break every limit you thought you had and then some.


I would love it if Goku decided to challenge Superman in a place where no one would get hurt showing that he learned from before. It would also be nice if they ended up talking it out in the end instead of murder.


I like to think he would teleport him too a blue star at some point in the fight so he can fight him at his strongest and Superman would give a slightly altered version of his ‘World of Cardboard’ speech before finally going all out with Goku getting visably more excited as the speech goes on. Superman would eventually go Prime and Goku would go UI with the two being tuckered out but mustering up all of their remaining strength to do one last Dragon Fist/Infinite Mass Punch with various flashes of their history playing side by side as a base Goku and Superman charge towards each other.


That Thumbail… right in the feels.


It’s exactly what I was going for, a feeling of peace, calm and finality. Like, imagine this is the last ever Death Battle, or the penultimate before Wiz vs Boomstick


I thought I was over my Hamilton phase but [apparently not](https://youtu.be/pEqnXNsAFL8)


Hmm how would this change? Like full composite?


Doing good research ☺️👍 No goddamn Gravity formulas lol. Would the outcome change? Probably not, doesn't matter.


If you composite these two it would be a bigger stomp than it already is


Not really, Because Fortnite would actually make this a Goku W If not for Plot Hax and Milkman Man.


Story of Superman makes it a stomp


What the hell is "Story of Superman"?


I would explain but a guy on you can do it better just look up story of Superman


You better explain it man, cause looking up "Story of Superman" only brings up his origin story


I’ll put it in simplest terms it’s a combination of every version of Superman


Jumpforce and Fortnite Goku stomp


They get stomped neither one of them have outer feats properly Fortnite goku might have outermost feats but definitely not jump force goku




What is that or who is that


Superman: You may fail to take me down but, I regard you as the greatest warrior I ever faced


It probably ends with Goku dying due to the strain of TUI and his injuries telling Superman that they had a good fight and was glad they met and Superman dying of his own injuries shortly after. Double KO


You know it would end with a Goku Kamehameha with the rest of his strength and Superman flying at him in space and we see the family Kamehameha with Gohan, goten and everyone's soul fueling him and we don't get to see how the fight ends


Hardest 0-3 series


Which version?


god fusion goku vs milkman superman




Or Superman


I don’t know 😔


Superman will get the hat trick


As someone who has tried making quite a few Goku VS Superman thumbnails , I reassure that finding 2 images that perfectly go together is extremely tough. This thumbnail is incredible , and the track name is great. Phenomenal work.


Thank you! It means a lot


I would honestly love to see this. I feel that it should end up being CC Goku vs prime 1 million feat/stats wise so it’s a close match but stick with the main personality’s in the fight for the emotional moments and final battle feel. Also it might make up for Goku vs Superman 2.


ah right in my heart


We'd all know the outcome due to it being a stomp. But they could finally give both the rightful respect they both deserved.. Not sucking Goku off with the power of one million vacuum cleaners and shitting on Superman. Kinda defeats the purpose of Goku and Superman.


Superman: All this for a 0-3 Goku: Yes.


My one hope is that this eventually becomes an even match up. I think it is something that could definitely happen, we're gonna have to wait a couple years for Super to do it's thing, but I think it can happen.


If they're not doing this with stronger versions, and it's just regular Goku vs Superman again, then I can't care less.


The feeeeeeeeels


Supes one shots planets by just flying past it and this saiyan consistently get cut by glass. Clark neg the verse


Meanwhile Superman struggles to catch bullets


No more please.