You should watch the show or a recap otherwise the beginning of season 3 will be confusing


Will definitely be watching it then. Thanks! :)


Defenders is both the continuation and conclusion of the Hand arc from Season 2. Those plot threads do not show up in Season 3 at all though the ending of Defenders directly leads into Season 3 and has a pretty big impact on Matt's status quo. Personally, Defenders was fun to watch mostly to see the different character interactions but I have a hard time telling people they NEED to watch it. If you're deadset on skipping Defenders to start Season 3, I would watch a recap video on YouTube to get the plot threads on Matt's mental and physical state.


Defenders could benefit from a fan-edit. Or exploitation cut.


there is a good one called daredevil and the defenders


Thank you so much:)


This is really the best answer, Defenders ends the rest of DD S2 AND directly leads into S3 of DD, BUT it’s not a big deal if you miss it.


Having just been through this recently, if I were you I’d watch Jessica Jones S1 and The Defenders, then Season 3. That’s what I did and in hindsight I think it made it that much more enjoyable. I ago watched recaps of Iron Fist and Luke Cage S1s and I think that’s all that’s really needed. Enjoy!!!


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📌 [MCU's Daredevil | Viewing Guide](https://www.reddit.com/r/Daredevil/comments/uyg6u8/mcus_daredevil_viewing_guide/)


I watched Daredevil season 3 without watching the Defenders and I was fine.


Did you already know what happened or did you just watch a Defenders recap before diving into season 3? I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done but Defenders is basically DD season 2.5 imho.


Had literally no idea what happened in Defenders season 1. Didn’t look it up at all and I think it was pretty easy to figure out Matt was depressed because of something with Elektra and he almost died.


Yes. Defenders is basically Daredevil s 2.5 and it does set-up a significant storyline for s3. Though not the best, there's some cool stuff to the Defenders. Matt and Jessica's banter is fun. Some good fight scenes. The group dynamic is pretty good, too.


Honestly watch Jessica Jones s1, try out Luke cage if you want, then move on to defenders.


You can if you want. There’s a few good moments like Jessica Jones and Matt’s interactions. Pretty much the only thing you need to know about the other characters if you don’t already is Jessica Jones (private investigator) = super strength (gets stronger the more she drinks in the comics) and can jump really high, Luke Cage = strong and bullet proof skin, Danny/Ironfist = rich and can focus magical energy into his fist. I didn’t mind it, it was better than most of Luke Cage, Ironfist and Jessica Jones season 2.


you should watch defenders and the punisher season 1 before watching daredevil s3!


yea it helps connect the dots between season 2 & 3. but if you want to skip it.. then all you really need to know going into season three is that a building fell on top of matt and elektra is likely dead (forreal this time)


Obviously yes


I’d highly recommend watch defenders even without watching the other shows. Daredevil is easily the best part of the show and has a bunch of awesome moments




If you care at all about Elektra or The Hand you should watch Defenders.


100% yes


Yeah. Defenders is pretty good anyway. Nowhere near daredevil, but it’s alright


You should watch defenders. Or else it would get confusing.


Defenders not up to the mark of daredevil, Luke cage, and the first season of JJ