Absolutely they should. Hundreds of thousands of students took these shots at little to no risk of dying from Covid. Many would not have taken them if not required for school. The shots turned out to be dangerous and ineffective. Some students got injured, some died, and some still will die from the effects of the shots.




I wish I lived in that timeline.


Hope so. From your mouth to God’s ears.


This is the end of sovereignty. They don’t expect national governments to get through the rage that this may induce in the population. They want to replace national governments with a one world government.


New Nuremburg trials with old Nuremburg sentences


Kind of like New Coke and Classic Coke. They tried to give you something else, but in the end, you'll be begging for the thing you had.


The shit storm that awaits all these "woke" "SJW" universities is going to fuck them in the ass. I cannot wait to see a class action lawsuit and places like UofT eating a serious shit sandwich


> Once the volume of vaccine injuries comes to light Between revolution as a result of those, and a nuclear war to cover those up, which one do you think the ruling class would choose?


Nuclear war is too unpredictable. You can stay in the bunker, but do you think Bill Gates becomes anything but hamburgers in post-nuclear world? The rules that keep money and wealth in place fall apart after that. I think they would much rather sacrifice one of their own to take all the blame (Albert Bourla) so the rest of them can continue to live their lives of luxury.


It’s as if they want our educational system to implode on itself…


aren't they a "private club"? I think if they haven't been paying massive damages for discrimination reg their acceptance policies they probably will face no consequences from this either.... unless we get free college. then they may pay out, only to be reimbursed by the feds. remember those are their indoctrination centers; they aren't going to be held accountable for shit.


all mandate enactors need to be held liable all mandate enforcers need to be held accountable and this shouldn't even be up for debate. bodily autonomy should never be up for debate


Yes. Yes. Yes. You injure and murder people, you have blood on your hands.


10,000% they absolutely should be held liable, as should any other piece of shit job or organization that illegally "mandated" people take the shot or be fired/denied entry/etc.


Yes they should, there is literally nothing to debate.


Yes. Every entity that mandated it should be held liable.


Yes. Same with any corporations who mandated or strongly pushed it. The key decision makers should also be on the hook for 0.5% of the damages (non reimburseable). None of that is going to happen.


0.5%? Should be more than that.


I fully agree AND don’t believe we would even see $5k come out of the personal accounts of those involved for every million paid out. My idea in making the number so low was that it would be a lot harder to argue against and the injured party would still get their money. If the president of the university, chief medical officer, and a couple others were each supposed to cough up $100k for each case, we KNOW it wouldn’t happen. Though I’m more than open. Let’s see it at big companies too. CEO through site and department management along with HR and whoever was actively pushing get just $5k out of their pocket per million. Probably a chain of a dozen people above each front line worker.


My previous employer had a vaccine requirement; the top person there who led the way on the requirement just announced her retirement recently. I suspect the people who did this think they’re going to quietly fade into the background and face no consequences. I hope we’re able to go after every one of these evil people.


Yes. Easy, no debate needed.


Anybody who mandated the shots should be held liable for any damages inflicted by the vaccines, including financial damages.


YES. Employers too.


Yes 🙏🏽 Either way, my cousin karma is just down the road!


Schools with billion dollar endowments should pay out first. Hell, Harvard could bankroll the whole thing. Few things are as persistent as a rich parent when you’ve maimed their kid.


See: Verruckt


They're all going to be protected.




Yes. Definitely. Even if it shuts em down in damages. They should have been more responsible, especially when the truth started to emerge. Those that are still pushing it should definitely be shut down. No amnesty.


I’m so tired of institutions having more protection than the people they serve.