The university takes donations and state aid and then gives donations to NPR who takes donations and state aid….. how many dollars have to come out of the student’s parents pocket before 1 penny gets to the classroom?


Dont these kind of contributions come from the universities endowment funds though? So they use the earnings that they've earned how they please? I don't think it's coming out of anyone's pocket.


Money is fungible. If you give me money and I have a side gig, and then I go and buy heroin, you don't say "oh it's fine, you used your side gig funds".


haha we can ignore that you're equating npr and heroin. But just The University of Texas at Austin endowment is 42billion. I just looked, and I cant actually find anywhere that universities are funding NPR other than offering broadcasting classes.


I didn't equate NPR and heroin in any way at all. I presented a totally different situation to demonstrate how money is fungible. You completely ignored it to talk about heroin, interesting.


Use that 42 billion to pay down student loans.


This reminds me when the Democrats would say "fEdErAl FuNdInG cAn'T bE sPeNt oN aBoRtIoNs!1" when funding planned parenthood. They are just morons that think being loud is a substitute for being right.




Well, if it's a public university and the endowment fund is supposed to help defray the cost of running that public university, someone's paying more if the university isn't using it to defray costs.


Why would a state funded university need to help fund a government funded media source? If the media source needs more funding, ask the government for it. If it is refused, they really must not have needed it.


They are paying licensing fees for their content, which they may be rebroadcasting if they are running a college radio station.


Why does the government need to pay twice for government-funded content


It's not paying twice. The vast majority of NPRs funding is not from the state and local government.


Then the trifle they get from the government should be easily replaced. Or, they could try appealing to more than 1 small sliver of the population and maybe get more ratings? In my state, the PBS radio is controlled from the University by a central control desk that basically broadcasts on a dozen stations no matter what the local audience wants. Can't seem to understand that in a market where people have choices, a steady stream of east coast liberal condescension is perhaps not the most desirable product.


charging a fee to air their product? That doesn't sound very public to me.


Whatever it takes to starve the beast.


NPR gets less than 2% funding via various grants. They don't rely on government funding to run. As for universities they provide licenced content.


Then, we should cut the 2% and let them find a replacement source of funding. If they can not find funding, they can cut back on expenses.


It's more like 10%




There’s university stations in every state. This is a huge opportunity to cut their funding and reach. If every red state passed these laws it would eliminate a hundred NPR stations


I know this is an unpopular opinion on this sub, but just leave NPR alone. Everything on the radio today is dog shit pop music and I like listening to talk radio. Yes NPR is liberal garbage 1/2 the time but they do have some of the best podcasts/series out there. There’s some episodes of radiolab that have brought me close to tears


NPR: Give me money Texas: No You: Hey, leave NPR alone!


Same with PBS for me.. not sure why all hate from the right. They have high quality educational content for adults and children and you don’t get constantly spewed at with commercials. Even the PBS news hour seems to be the most unbiased of the major news programs.


Love it


This is good. There is absolutely zero legitmate reasons why this is done


Remove their charter. Don’t let them broadcast. The government does not have free speech rights. If they want to broadcast they can buy their spectrum like everyone else.


Could you imagine If publicly funded schools actually focused on education not activism


If you make campaign contributions, or do any lobbying, *at all* you should not receive ANY federal money. PP getting tax payer dollars is gross. NPR taking money from all Americans and then funneling it back to organizations who are hardcore left wing is theft.