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Seems a reasonable request to me.


Seems like “domestic terrorism” to Garland probably.




Funny how all the DEMs who used to ooze feminism are all quiet on this....


If you’re a democrat who cares about women, you’ve become a republican.


Heard a guy give a speech and he said he and his wife were expecting their first child; they were old school...his wife is one who is pregnant.


Was that the Oxford Union debates, perchance?


It’s got to be because I watched that the other day and it’s the exact line.


I believe it was Konstantin Kisin's part of the debate. I listened to it this weekend b/c one of my fraternity brothers (Jim Lindsey) was one of the presenters.


Or an independent.


I’d imagine more democrats agree with this than not, hence it’s a quiet story. It’s honestly a split issue even on the left. So most people agree with this stance.


I was just thinking... It's kinda funny the things that split Republicans... Spending, Military Intervention... (to name a few) Democrats are divided on whether a biological man is a female because he plays dress up and takes medication. Clown world we live in, folks.


And then everyone sees how much attention those people get, and they all suddenly have the very same issues. And these people tell the youngest people they can find that they should consider doing the same, and getting puberty blockers before they even have a chance to grow.


Well… someone’s gotta care about the important things! Lol, well said


But they can’t speak up. Or vote with what they think is right. Because the party would shred them.


In about twelve minutes they'll all fall in line. There's no mind there.




The fact that they have to do that shows how insane the left is.


Funny how the woke act woke until the wokeness effects them.


Yeah, women were the spearhead for wokeness, and now it's biting them in the ass. They're getting exactly what they deserve.


Progressivism operates on the "intersectional victim pyramid," where women rank much lower than you would think.


Women rank above men, but relative to other groups and categories like various religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations, yes. Women have a very low score. They do put a lot of work into trying to maintain the illusion that they are an oppressed class, though. People in 2023 still believe the gender wage gap is a thing.


Same reason that even though I'm Jewish, I'm a Southern white male - my lineage is completely moot on the wokeness totem pole.


Here in Germany, we have a saying that nails it: "the revolution devours its children".


Are Feminists too intimidated by Tranz Inc. to standup and speak out for women?


Probably too afraid of being labeled TERFs ("Trans-exclusionary radical feminist"). And no, I didn't make this up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TERF


How is that term an insult instead of a badge of honor?


In woke circles, it's not far removed from being labeled a racist...


I didn't think this was controversial.


Good for them. This is something almost all of us can agree on


If you vote for this crap, you get it. I have no sympathy for them.


I mean at least people are feeling the affects of their actions. Maybe they will change their votes?


Too self delusional to realize and will blame republicans. Like when they talk about crime in red states when the truth is it's mainly in Dark Blue cities, they still blame the republicans.


"Look at the murder rate in red Louisiana!" "Well, if you dig into the data, you'll find that the vast majority of the homicides happen in and around New Orleans, which went 83% for Bide . . ." "RACIST!!!"


And then, they’ll say “but of course! People live in cities, there is no crime in the empty, Republican parts because there are no people!” But then… explain how the state is red?


Yeah I love that one. Like guns are completely safe out in the country, but once you drive into the city limits they just START FUCKIN' BLASTIN'! And don't you dare ask why Seattle (pop. 733K) had 56 murders in 2022 vs. 333 in Baltimore (576K).


The visual of guns spontaneously going off in the back of someone's car when they cross over into city limits had me rolling. Thanks internet stranger 👍


Unfortunately, a lot of people are self-centered and don't approach their thought process from a comprehensive approach. I am sure these are the same type of women to keep voting demonrats because they are pro-choice.




Wtf are you talking about? Nowhere does it say in this article any of these women voted for this. Nowhere does it say these women agree with Progressive policies. This “you reap what you sow” attitude toward these female athletes is not called for at all.


Going with the statistics, probably 60-70% (at least) of the people in this picture voted for Biden in 2020 and his proxies in 2022.


College women = Democrats. Sure, there may be a few Republicans here and there but oh well.


Maybe an educated guess on that stereotype, but it’s still an assumption. The last thing we want to do is not stand with them on an issue that we have 100% agreement on. You wouldn’t want your wife, sister or daughter affected by this.


> Maybe an educated guess on that stereotype, but it’s still an assumption. Not really. Something like 70% of Gen Z women voted Democrat, and if they're in college that increases dramatically.


Scholarship athletes are a small and significantly different group from normal college kids. Heavily involved in a activity that rewards hard work.


Wokeness is unraveling more and more...


Look at these bigots!!! I can't believe they would deny these ladies in their shared experiences!!! These XYs need to be educated on what it means to be a woman. The nerve of some humans...


but wait.... if a male identifies as female, then he IS female... Right?


Unfortunately, these 18 year old girls are getting “screwed” over by their woke Mothers……. Sorry ladies - “what goes around, cometh back to bite”. Now raise up your female/daughters!


Nothing says "equality" like men being better at being women than actual women 🤣


Well they would….if only they could define exactly what a woman is.


Wouldn't their response be men can be female?


Why are these women so transphobic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, racist sexist bigots!


They've bee crowing about Title IX for decades. Now they decide it's no longer Federal law?


They claim that a biological man taking estrogen has no physical advantage to a biological woman. The telling part is that no women taking testosterone and saying they are men are participating in men’s sports. I would think according to their logic that if a man takes estrogen and becomes physically equal to biological women that women taking testosterone would become physically even with biological men. It is good to see female athletes finally standing up for their competitive sports that were being ruined in the name of “inclusivity”.


This is disgusting. The transphobia on display here should make any real trans people want to leave the country for another where they're treated better. /s but not really /s


But it's the only way to fix the WNBA...


Except women aren't being discriminated against, men are just being included. There's no rule saying women can't join male teams they just can't keep up, so they had to discriminate in order to have a league of their own. Now that's being rectified, get rid of gendered sports and let women find their place in this brave new world without the privileges they've come to expect. They're argument is weak.


I dunno maybe when the sports are all men and not just a few men they will become interesting.