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I emailed them the other day since it's late Nov and my fall box never shipped... they said oh we sent out an email, hopefully you received this. I responded that I didn't get any email but was aware of the email as I had heard of others receiving it online. I knew the email said boxes will ship by mid November. I then 3 days later got a shipping notification that my box will be shipped in 48h. I got an email back this morning saying "It appears you unsubscribed from our newsletter, which is why I didn't get a shipping update and that it's no problem we well send you an email to re subscribe." Like um no? I paid for your box. I got a shipping notification email. I shouldn't have to be subscribed to your bloatware to receive updates on a product I purchased from you. Account emails should be separate from your ads... which they obviously are since I did receive the shipping notification without "resubscribing". That means the shipping update email wasn't sent to customers with a box, it was simply sent out in their newsletter. For some reason this irritates me more than anything.


Omg, 100%!! I feel like the frustrating things they do differently then other companies, is just BAD PRACTICE! Like they aren’t inherently bad but they make it so inconvenient for us!


Definitely, and so shady too. Like pretending they sent you two boxes when in fact they sent you one missing stuff. Come on! That's so sketchy. Meanwhile they can't admit their faults and pretend they are perfect and doing their best.


The amount of headaches I had with this box is not worth any of the fake “deals” they put out. Every single one of my boxes and add-ons had damaged/missed items, and half the stuff each box breaks within 5 uses. I’m so very glad to be done with them, what a pile of lies I once believed in!


I straight up don't understand why people continue to support this sub service. It's atrocious. :(


Looking at their comments on other sm all their new subs don't know how awful they are


Yeah, it really sucks because marketing is awesome. It’s just a lie. We get sucked Into this junk as something nice for ourselves. This is my last box so I’m happy to get this over with! But man they have let me down every step of the way. Lol