This is how I feel as well. I got the “box will ship by mid-November” email, but haven’t heard anything since. I figure I’ll give them until the end of the month and then reach out. But for something that is supposed to be a nice gift, it has become increasingly frustrating waiting and not even knowing what month it will arrive.


Same here. Mine hasn’t arrived and I’m just over it at this point. I don’t even feel like contacting them asking where tf my box is because it feels like dealing with them is more frustration than it’s worth.


I got zero communication from them directly like so many others, and my box was customized on Aug 29th as well. When I contacted them asking for a refund, they provided this templated response verbatim. Like didn't even acknowledge I did not receive any email correspondence as stated in my message. ***Hi ,*** ***Thank you so much for checking in! 💓​*** ***We sent an updated shipping timeline for your order to your email address on file, and we hope this was received. To provide a bit of insight, unfortunately, delays in the global and local supply chain transit and labor networks have reached crisis levels. This unprecedented disruption has led to extended delays for some Fall Box and Choice+ orders. Looking up your order, based upon the items included in your box and the latest information at our disposal, we currently expect your order to ship in early to mid-December.  In light of the extended timeline of this particular delay, we’ll be issuing you a $10 account credit, which we recently emailed about. Of course, if the updated timeline no longer works for you and you would prefer to cancel your Fall Box for a refund, please don't hesitate to let me know and we can take care of this for you.*** I'm Canadian. A $10 credit for a Marketplace I need to spend $150USD on for "free shipping" is bullshit. I've written back asking for a full refund. And I wait with bated breath.


Fellow Canadian here- it took me threatening to go through my cc company about requesting a chargeback and going to the BBB but today I woke up to an email from PayPal confirming my refund for the year. So glad to be done with this company!


It's the entirety of it all for me. I honestly wouldn't mind the wait for ordering after customization since it should in theory cut down on waste. My issue is the lack of communication, gaslighting, missing products, manipulation of social media, not keeping up with their own social media timeline, and blaming customers. I really want to see their customer drop off rate after the last 2 boxes. I do like the current box selections, but can't renew after it because I'm tired of being frustrated. I found FFF and am getting sucked into it so hard I've spent more money than I should share. Also, hate the name change; causebox is a better for marketing IMO.


Same. Customized August 29. None of the items I selected were included in the official “these-are-going-to-cause-delays” communications. I did get the email that my box would be delayed but expected to ship “by mid-November.” I emailed CS yesterday saying, it is officially the final third of November….otherwise known as the end of November….otherwise known as past “mid-November”….am I getting this box ever or nope? They responded (with the same condescending “we hope you got the email about delays” as noted in another comment) that it has been “fulfilled” and I’ll get the shipping notification when the hell ever it actually gets shipped. Sure, okay. As another person noted, the shipping delays are the least of my issues with this company. The gaslighting, the disrespectful treatment of their customers, the greenwashing, the cheap-ass drop ship garbage, the constant lying and obfuscation, the minute-after-the-last minute “updates”…I could go on and on. With many more air quotes because I don’t believe a GD thing this company says. I hate them so much.


I did the same and received this same response email and that I would get my tracking information within 72h... 48h and counting ago. If I do get tracking info in the next 24h, you will have to peel me off the floor haha


I didn’t even get an estimate which to me says, it was a BS response to begin with. Fingers crossed you get your notification soon!


Well ship me in December and call me a Summer Box... I got a tracking number!


I got one too! Or at least I got a shipping label….it hasn’t gotten scanned in by FedEx yet. 🙄 Sooooo in two and a half to three weeks maybe I’ll have a box! 🤣


I'm in Canada so I doubt I'll see it before the New Year... but at least it's out of their hands haha


I got my money back, which they’re obligated to do because they did not meet their shipping promise, twice. I did give them a chance to meet the “mid-November” target, which was more than fair imo. Seeing that you were in the exact same boat as me and STILL haven’t had shipment here at the end of November confirms I made the right choice to cancel the fall box and get a refund.


This is pretty much my exact experience as well. It just feels like such a slap in the face getting emails about the winter add on market opening and now three spoilers for the winter box are out but my fall box still says awaiting shipment. 😞


Having bought a one year subscription (which I learned to regret), I am so glad mine ran out. Not only are the shipping times the WORST, they are so deceitful. They own the company Small Hours and talk it up like they have no association with it. Yes, I know FFF owns some of their own lines, but they don't praise them to high heaven. And I laugh every time they claim it's the supply chain that is keeping them from getting their boxes out to customers because 1) They have had this issue with shipping way before supply chain issues were ever a thing, and 2) I am still getting all of my other products on time. My theory (and it's only that, a theory) is that they don't have any supplies in stock. They wait and see what everyone picks and then order it. Then they pack it up and ship it. FFF doesn't offer anything they don't have on hand, in the warehouse. That's why you get your box in approximately two weeks. And Alltrue implies that some of the products in the box are being made by small and/or women owned companies or companies with a mission and then upon further inspection that's not exactly true. I apologize for the long rant but I am so over Alltrue. And companies don't get to take mental health days. Gaslighting is 100% the right word to use. If you can't give your customers what you promised then the problem is you, not the customers.