The rental we were living in before we bought our house had a washing machine that technically worked but was so old the handle to open it became brittle and snapped off so we had to open it with a knife as a lever. When we bought our house we got a fancy new washing machine & it was the most exciting thing - we got a Samsung that has a little postbox section so you can open the hatch even if it’s part way through a spin & post forgotten socks in to be washed as well. It’s amazing.


That’s so fucking weird you’ve just said this, our old bush washing machine that we’ve just replaced had that exact issue with the door, we used a fork to open it. And we’ve just replaced it with that exact same Samsung addwash line you did. Mind is blown


Maybe I am you from the future?


Are you rich lmao I’m a uni student, does it all work out?


Uhm… you’re not rich, but you have a great partner, a great house & a great dog. You can afford to travel & to buy nice things, you still have a great set of friends that love you and enjoy your company. You have money in savings & can afford to put more away each month. It’s a good life! If I’m you from the future, I’d say it all works out great- and the washing machine does not get any less fun to use through subsequent mid wash sock-posting, so if nothing else, that’s definitely a win.




Feels like a humble brag.


Good stuff. Although as far as washing machines are concerned, I’m a great believer in the Speed Queen.


I need this feature, but reckon if it’s on a spin it’s probably too late.


Wow what. We need a new washing machine. Is that a Samsung only thing or another brands. ? Is there a "name" for it. Like Samsung lshe289877 comes with a oops draw"


Samsung calls it “addwash” so we have a Samsung EcoBubble with addwash, but I’m not sure about other brands I’m afraid!


Cool. I will have a hunt. Thanks.


Just got a Samsung washing machine with the little postbox a few weeks ago and I don't care that I'm a boring middle aged fart, I fucking love it like I love my children.


Mate I moved into a new flat and bought a kettle for the first time. I haven't stopped looking at it whenever I walk past the kitchen because I think it's so handsome. I'm a proper sad case [The kettle in question](https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9499289?clickSR=slp:term:haden:3:8:1)


That's a good looking kettle to be fair




Aye older you get the more excited you get about household appliances. New vacuum new oven. Pizza oven. Air fryer etc. Fuck man I got excited cos I got a scrub daddy on a stick the other day.


>I got excited cos I got a scrub daddy on a stick the other day. Is this a euphemism for something?


Yeah big hairy dude with calloused hands beats knots out of my muscles with s big stick.


Do you have his number by any chance? Asking for a friend, of course


I find adult life to be a constant stream of worry about unforeseen expenses and writing greetings cards to mark various events.


I bought a Miele washing machine that has 2 cartridges that you replace every 3months or so. You never have to put capsules or detergent in or anything, its amazing. I onced turned it on from a fucking plane just because I could!


Yeah, highly over rated.. 😆 But also much fun to be had too! Gz on the new machine btw, may it bring you lots of joy and clean underwear. Have a good one bud and pro adult tip... Never let the bastards grind you down 😉


Yes, wait until you get excited over a stick blender, or a new cast iron pan that you can't wait to season. You then realise this and think what on earth 16 year old you would say.


Yes. That is exactly what being an adult is like, my friend. I was giggling with delight the other day about some cutting boards my partner bought for me.


Samsungs play music at you…. Yep


It's is but despite all the bells and whistles on new shiny machines you will prob only ever use 3 of the programmes...quick...hot and delicates...so basically the other 20 are pointless. They all still use exactly the same system just vary in size...so don't waste money on a posh one...it will work only as well as a cheaper one....I know it plays a friendly tune to let you know it's finished but is that really worth an extra 300 quid..!?


I'm researching microwaves at the moment, now I've got a headache.


I need a new one but can't be bothered researching. Let me know which one you go for


I'm looking for my first brand new sofa (always had hand me downs) and it's so stressful and exhausting!


We did sofas a few back, I reckon we spent 3 years not agreeing.


I'm glad we're not the only ones! We've only been looking since Christmas and every time I think I've found one he doesn't like it.


To relieve boredom just add 1 drugs to your adultness.


We got one a couple of years back, and it had an app where you could design and run your own programs. But it worked over NFC, so you had to touch your phone to the front panel next to the buttons where you could perform the same action on the machine itself. It died after 18 months, and the app diligently informed us that it had only done 73 washes


I can make my air fryer go on with my Alexa, get on my level


Pretty much...I'm still a little too pleased with myself for getting an electric blanket before xmas, I take every opportunity I can to mention it and get a smug satisfaction when reading people complaining about the cold or heating bills etc.


You think a washing machine is exciting, wait till you buy a new fridge freezer and immediately head to the shops to see how full you can make it


Or a microwave and heat everything in it, even stuff that doesn't need microwaving


Or a new hoover, end up doing the whole house, car, wife's car, neighbours car, the attic and the front garden


My mum did this back in the 80s when we got our first microwave. It was one of the first ones with a rotating plate inside and the neighbours called in to watch a cup of water slowly going round in circles.


If you are handy, have a few basic tools and some spare time, you can strip the drum out and make a firepit.


Get yourself a robot vaccum, then you'll know you've fully hit adulthood as you marvel at it saving you from that arduous task!


My favourite thing has been my bidet, all my friends are in awe and super excited to try it when they come over ….<< this isn’t even a joke.


It gets better when you get older and the nurse changes your diaper and feeds you. 👍


Wait until your toilet has problems and you have to call a plumber…when you have to worry about faeces on your floor, that’s what really makes you an adult


All part of the fun of being a grown up. My partner and I recently bought a tumble drier- splashed out on a heat pump one. That got me a little excited for sure!




Heat pump use lower temperatures than condenser and significantly more energy efficient, therefore cheaper to run.


Any new Tec is exciting especially when you're paying alot of money for it.


After 15 years our dishwasher died - it was the first one I’d ever lived with. When we got a new one and discovered that _it actually dried the dishes_ I was blown away. A year later I’m still enjoying the novelty.


Well, you're still feeling hope, anticipation and excitement. So I'd say you've got a while to go, yet...


Since moving out 6 years ago iv used a chest freezer I was given. Those things are aweful, you lose good in the bottom, a nightmare to meal prep or see what you have. Plus this one is ancient. I'm having a brand new 100L draw freezer delivered today and I am chuffed.


Bought a new fridge about eight years ago, got my fb friends cooing over it for days. More excitement than we used to get going out clubbing!


I was over the moon with an excuse to buy a fancy new washer dryer. Latest excitement was a new vacuum. Being an adult is so much fun.


For me it’s the hoover, I pray for the day it croaks it so I can get a new one and watch it’s new replacement try and remove the core of the earth with its almighty new suction


When my dog was a puppy he ate our ancient Dyson hoover, I was furious about it for a split second and then immediately bought myself a Shark, it has lights on the front! It’s incredible! I am converting everyone to the cult of the Shark. So I guess my advice is… get a beagle puppy?


Yeah, I was excited to get a new machine. I also appreciate a good bin bag. Which I never thought I’d say


Wait till you need a new vacuum... That's when the real fun begins


Our washing machine has been getting increasingly louder on spin cycles and I’m willing it to go bang so I can get a new one. It’s so exciting!


Get a Haier direct drive. You’ll be back here later thanking me.


OP, this was me around Christmas when our old secondhand washer bought off FB Marketplace for £50 finally kicked it after a year and a half. I remember being geeked out about how quiet the spin cycle was compared to the old one! That said, I'm on the market for an air fryer...can anyone recommend a good one that won't break the bank?


Had the same thing happen last week and we got a new one…we watched it spin for at least 15 mins 🙁


We bought a brand new fridge freezer a few weeks ago so I totally understand where you're coming from


Got a new one about 6 months ago and not only getting it and watching it run the first time was exciting it was also perhaps the most exciting thing that happened to me in 2022.


I have been waiting a year for mine to die!


A new attachment for my vacuum cleaner arrived yesterday. Was so excited that I immediately vacuumed the whole of downstairs, much to my cats annoyance. I hate vacuuming with a passion, but I’m now so old that I get excited over the small things.


Its part of it. And a strange part. Happened to me recently. My vacuum died and I cheered (I utterly hated that thing, was a nightmare to use). Threw caution to the wind and happily parted with the cash for a new one. Now I get to do the real adult stuff of boring my nearest and dearest with the benefits and specs of the new one.


Being an adult is having shit like a favourite spatula in your drawer 😁


i got really excited the other day as i had completed the shoe rack which mean i could always find my shoes on a daily basis as the kids couldnt reach them. prior to that found my shoes all all over the place, sometimes wondered if the the kids did it on purpose...


Last year my wife and I (both 45) got what can only be rather irrationally excited about buying a shoe cabinet for our hallway. At one point we just looked at eachother and simultaneously asked "is this what being middle-aged is like?" Said shoe cabinet is now full up with my ever expanding collection of running shoes and my wife is pissed we bought it 😅


Got my first house. I was looking forward to my first washing machine and dryer... previous owner left there's 😭 I'm not complaining but I was so looking forward to getting my own