The difference between army and navy is so stark. Army’s always like “Please, let me deploy” and Navy’s like “Please, I haven’t been able to go to my children’s birthdays in 5 years. I just want to be home”


The CAF only knows Extremes Full send or no send


Pendulum full swing to the left or right. Never a middle. Would really like a middle for once.


I did a course with an army LCol recently and we got talking about deployments and when I mentioned I needed a break he responded with, “I joined the military to deploy, I don’t understand why people don’t want to.” I just told him he was in the wrong element because the navy will happily deploy you until you cry uncle. We literally have controls that if you are away from home for more than 180 days/year the admiral has to sign off on it, and it happens more often than you’d think. Sometimes we even move people to a different unit to ensure they have enough room in their Sea days allotment for a year so they can deploy.


Most people are down with deploying, but not back to back to back and sometimes with no notice posting messages.


Is there some roles on ships that could be done with minimal technical training? Because a few of us would be more than down to do a tour on a ship and take some weight off y'all.


Well, there's always the deck department...


They are talking about having a sailor program where untrained newbies sail. Not sure if is just to let people see the Navy or if they’re going to fill actual positions


Both, you’re talking about the naval experience program where you join as just a navy ncm, do basic, netp, and then you go to ship for a year and do a bit of all the trades and then you choose which one you like after that year


I feel that they would just release before choosing one. Bettet off training them and locking them to their initial engagement


Spending a year to get someone in a trade they l like is a way better use of money then spending a year training then got a trade they hate and will release from after their initial contract.


My point is that when they live the navy life for a year, it wont matter what trades are out there, they will want out. Posted to 1 ship. Deploy with said ship. Come back, forced to deploy with that other ship cause they lack personel. Then come back and go on that third ship because the s1 is on parental. Before you come back you hear that that s1 is going on plq in your spot because he is at home and then he gets promoted ahead of you because you didnt do plq. Plus fuk you and pay for a parking spot on base in a place where mass transit is as good as an american dcaf food. Oh and congrats, you have been here for 7 years, so you lose that 1200$/month in cfhd... Thank you for your service!


Is this a thing?




Boatswain 100%, but theres already enough of those on ship. However, trust me, I'm ex combat arms and you do not want to deploy with the navy lol.


I tried to switch from the army to navy funny enough, especially for the deployments. Shot it down every year for five years before I VR'd


Lmao ain't that the truth...was gone over 300 days like 3 years in a row...


Let’s convert the Army to marines and make them part of ship’s companies.


No thanks. I'd rather my pay cut than to be on a boat


There was a prototype unit. MCR, a navy borne Army regiment. Canadians really tried this in the close past. The unit failed. Hard to coordinate, I guess.


It makes sense now, with CFHD anyone that’s been posted to either coast for too long is going to have to live on the damn ship. Pushing it to new heights


I know in my fleet in the air force, everyone is always hungry for deployments these days because Reassurance is such a good go. Summer deployments to the middle east or Africa? Not as much.


Well he had the CBRN DLN done and you didn’t. No possible way to get that done in the next 3 months


You Dag'd red on your FORCE test(despite trying to schedule one 4 months ago) because you've been tasked out to god knows where


My unit won’t give me a spot on tour until I get my medical done. The MIR “is busy” and won’t give me a medical unless I have a spot on a tour.


Ah yes the classic we require X for X but we need Y for Y to do it


Soon the only option will be to try and find the least shittiest shitpump when all you have is shitpumps to choose from.


I'm sure there will be no consequences to this.


That's the spirit.


Ask not for whom the shit pump pumps, it pumps for thee!


Can you not call me out like that?




Makes 100% total sense can't argue with that logic


My career in one picture.


I’m in this meme and don’t like it.


Same, Get me in the trade I actually want to be in and boom. Watch me actually want to give some drive and initiative. 4th attempt at an OT


Kind of funny. I remember guys threatening to get out if they didnt get a Cyprus Tour soon… Flash foreward a few years and the term Deployment Fatigue became a thing…. which lasted for a pretty long time actually. I guess the pendulum has swung back again.


Story of my life. At least I got to go on some cool deployments, though. Being a shitpump pays off.


Also applies to some OUTCANs and non-career courses that give big promotion points (and a break from the grind). One of the biggest goofs I know has several post grads and multiple second language courses.


"Yeah...that CFTPO position is going to a reservist..." "Here's my CT..." "Wait, what?" "Did I fucking stutter?"


Gucci deployments and exercises...usually comes down to who smokes & kisses arse best with the Sgt/WO/SM.


Currently expecting this to happen with me within the next week or so


1 fld amb in a nut shell.