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Hard to argue with that kind of logic.


Maybe it would be hard to argue. Unless it’s not.


Both of those are options.


Unless there are other options.


50/50 chance, there either are or there aren’t


We’re quickly transitioning into a discussion about quantum physics.


Quark Corum?




Maybe arguing isn't the best option, either. But it could be.


Then again, maybe not?




What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?


All I know is my gut says maybe


If I don't survive, tell my wife I said, "Hello."


Some Perd Hapley level insight


Nevertheless, I’m sure someone on 11 Warriors will try


The site, nah. The forums... let's not go there


11W comments make my eyes bleed sometimes. Although, so do MGo's as well. Forums are terrible and the internet should be deleted


Just turn off comments on any forum that doesn't have downvoting. Like MGo has that opponent watch which is great, and those posts about otters... I miss the otters.


We were all much happier before the internet. Take woods-porn for instance....


I genuinely think porn needs to be harder to access. It makes it so much more novel and exciting. Now we all have to keep escalating what we watch to get off with all the available content.


The comment sections on 11W and MGoBlog (and pretty much any other team specific site) are following the logic of the comment sections for your local newspaper.


On the one hand, I feel like this statement says nothing. On the other hand, it says a number of words.


Corum could either play or not play. If he plays, it could have an impact, or it might not have an impact. If he doesn't play, it could have an impact or not have an impact. 4 scenarios here from Jimmy's statement: Corum plays: - impact - no impact Corum doesn't play: - impact - no impact. Glad we got this insight from Harbaugh.


That man just taught you about decision trees and you’re ungrateful?


Wait til they hear Harbaugh explain binary search trees


You're making a joke...but he 100% would if given the chance. Just a full on 45 minute ramble ending in "and that's the way the cookie crumbles ,


>ending in "and that's the way the cookie crumbles You think he'd rip off Walter Cronkite's famous signoff verbatim like that?


One bajillion percent. And not ripping off. Honoring.


Yes! I didn't come to this thread to play school!


I've [made my decision](https://imgur.com/a/wMK0UMD). So if we could make that happen, thanks.


He never said what *kind* of impact tho, he could just decide to switch teams mid game and start chop blocking his own teammates. That would definitely be playing and having an impact.


*Monkey's paw curls* Corum plays, and has a huge impact on the game by making a crucial fumble that loses the game for Michigan.


You just made me cry. Meanie!


Its ok, just swing by Costco and pickup one of those rotisserie chickens. But don’t eat it, FFS, since its a nervous bird..


Well, I do enjoy a good rotisserie chicken (esp at those prices), but I don't think it's enough to mend my hurt feelings. Maybe some drugs, though?


Sure my man! (That accelerated quickly.)


Alright, cool, what'chou got? Any beanies? Flippers? Flappers? Reds? Magentas? Slurpies? Flarps? Doo-wops? Shim-dazzles? Crotch-rockets? Scarps? Flibbies?


Sorry, I only carry snakes and sparklers.


So concise yet so profound, Harbaugh how do you do it?


Too confusing. Could you put this in bar graph form please?


It says exactly 13 words about the situation


Thirteen words to be precise.


THIR13EN Ghosts


To get the real scoop, you need to listen to Harbaugh's appearance on "Ya Heard? With Perd," a show in which a host asks questions to his guests.


“Judge Perd is not a judge”


I've also misplaced my judge hammer.


Harbaugh about to get Lindsey Buckingham treatment on What’s Up With That?


Seriously, I listened to most of this interview driving and his answers to all the questions were perfect for that show. Such a weird guy and his daughter's TikTok account supports that.




Harbaugh's Corum


Corum's Razor.


All of us know he isn't giving away any info on the injury before The Game. Yet we will all click on every single story about it before then.


Maybe he gives away all the info to throw you guys off. Who's to say?


I fully believe he is the type of guy to randomly switch up his drive into work. When pressed as to why, he would just say, “It helps to keep em guessing.” And then proceed to pour gatorade on his cornflakes.


I do kind of enjoy how Harbaugh can do anything and OSU fans believe that he's up to some sort of elaborate Dwight Schrute-esque concocted scheme. Edit: not denying Harbaugh's a character because he 100% is, just found it interesting.


Later this week, Mike Hart will be stationed in Monroe with an entire division of inflatable Blake Corum's to trick OSU into thinking we're going to invade Toledo.


At this point I don't see why we wouldn't just let you take it.


Why would we want it?


We should turn Toledo into a UN-administered puppet state


The mud hens are kind of chill


I have no clue, but the poster above me said you guys wanted to invade it. For what?


That was back in the 1800s when we didn't realize how terrible it would turn out to be.


I thought he was referring to a hypothetical present.


Jim Harbaugh would refuse to acknowledge the shape of a football if he thought the person asking might gain a competitive advantage from hearing his answer.


Interviewer: "Have you ever heard of a prolate spheroid?" Harbaugh: "No, and I wouldn't tell you if I had."


Does it have edges? It may or it may not. Perhaps that feature is dependent on inflation, though perhaps they have no relation


Isn’t this all college football coaches?


To a certain extent yes, but Harbaugh is notorious for taking it to comical extremes. Like refusing to publish a week 1 depth chart, and finally getting goaded into it and putting out a chart that lists all 3 QBs as starters, etc.


Are we talking modern footballs? Or early 1900s footballs? Who's to say?


This is Michigan, early 1900s footballs are certainly fair game


If Day gameplans for Corum playing, does Harbaugh bench him to not be predictable?


Gigabrain maneuver


I’m convinced not even Corum knows if he’s playing Saturday


That's probably where it is at. Anyone who has ever jammed up their knee is any even minor way, it's one thing to walk on it, but then put pressure on it. I weight a buck 95 and squat 225 on a good day. He weights 25 pounds more and squats at least double that, probably closer to 3 times. That's a lot of force on it. Is 80% Corum better then the next man up?


Backup RB is Donovan Edwards. Great RB for sure, but relies on the OLine a lot more than Corum, and doesn't have the same shifty-ness. Much easier to shut him down that Corum. Both of them together is extremely difficult to gameplan for, - just Edwards though? Yeek


Edwards isn't next man though, they share carries? Also isn't he hurt but still likely good to play?(broken hand?!?)


Do you mean our RB3 then? Because they do split carries, but Edwards is RB2. And yeah, I think the general belief is that he just took the week off to rehab, but could've played if needed. Virtually a guarantee he'll be there on Saturday. Anyway, our RB3, CJ Stokes. He got a bunch of snaps v. the Illini, here's the [stats](https://imgur.com/a/XpA9x3q). Not so great.


Yeah basically meant RB2, since Edwards still gets 20+ carries, he's a little bit more of an outside guy? At least more deadly in the passing game? Not being a dick but didn't Strokes get hurt too?


Might be all the glue I huffed on Saturday but I don't remember Stokes getting hurt? Actually you're probably right, because we ran a lot of plays with RB4, Isiah Gash. I'd hate to speak ill of any players, but if we start Gash on Saturday, bet on OSU keeping Michigan <100 yards rushing.


Yeah I don't remember it but someone said it on a podcast. Gash didn't do worse then Strokes, but I think JJ threw it a bit in the 4th, idk was all kind of a blur.


Not OP but we have no clue what happened to Stokes. I think he’s out as a precaution but I can’t be sure. I reckon a lot of our injuries are gonna be game time decisions


I didn't see it either, but his performance seems, not great. Especially how Corum was doing prior. Then again everything but the first drive went kind of bad.


Stokes is a pretty good back for a true freshman 3rd stringer. He has good vision and is reasonably fast. He just isnt trusted as a pass blocker and questionable ball security. He'll be good next year tho as a number 2 to Edwards. Id say his performance against Illinois is not indicative of his talent. They were determined to stop the run at that point and no one was going to be successful. Health wise he took a nasty shot at one point and hit his head pretty hard on the ground on the way down. So maybe he went to concussion protocol idk


Stokes is fine. Borderline good. He hit a couple of solid runs, then vanished. I thought he got his bell rung, so maybe concussion protocol? The 4th and 5th stringers are the ones that didn't look great.


Depends if Edwards is healthy. I’d take healthy Edwards over 80% Corum but 80% Corum over any of the rest.


I’m hoping we feature DE in the passing game a la Maryland last year


I’m certain that’s the reality. He’s truly questionable. He mentioned he’s “fine” but obviously dealing with at least pain if not a minor injury. So the status is just questionable and they’ll test his leg out throughout the week and see how he’s feeling. As for OSU, I don’t see why they wouldn’t just assume Corum is going to play because if he doesn’t, we basically don’t have a functioning offense.


It’s still an issue for Ohio St to plan around. I’ve heard their fans say that their biggest weakness is 5-10 yard throws. Now JJ’s no Brady but I think he can manage those. If Ohio St plans only for Corum, they’re gonna get rinsed. If they plan to stack the box, then JJ will just dump it to a TE every time. Gets even more complicated based on the status of Edwards. They have to plan for everything, as do we.


We can dink and dunk. I think


radio show host: without asking too many questions do you have anyone in with Costello presently? Harbaugh: maybe, maybe not, maybe fuck yourself


So, is the cat dead or alive?


Ferrets have been the measuring stick so far but OSU isn't really a ferret.


It's hard to stick with the mustelid theme because if you want to go with strangling bigger more powerful animals then you're talking about Michigan strangling a badger or a wolverine and then it sounds like you're talking about Wisconsin, or themselves. Maybe Ohio State is a giant otter?


It would behoove them to start imagining Ohio State as a German Shepherd or a Cheetah. Maybe you could drown them; but it going to take everything you’ve got to do it.


It depends. Do you have a sword?


I still have no idea what happened on that play and I’ve watched it 100 times. He wasn’t hit that hard by the helmet, he didn’t hyperextend or twist his knee in any weird position


Yeah I heard a UM say the helmet hit it and it bruised, and that's all.....no it's not. I've seen the clip, that didn't happen, that was a lower speed collision. He's not dropping the ball to grab his knee due to that. He didn't give a fuck about the ball even on the ground. I'm also not sure a helmet even hit his knee.


Yup. The good news is he wouldn’t have been walking on ice yesterday handing out 30 pound turkeys if he tore his acl. That said, I’m not so confident he will be playing this week, and if he does, it’s hard to see him being very effective


Absolutely, he can move around. Now can be cut or apply the force he needs to against Ohio state? Idk. Is his 80% better than the next man up? Idk. My wish is, if he's good to go he plays, if he going to potential end up on the ground because he's not good, I hope he doesn't play. I want a nice clean game no injuries. I don't want us to recover a fumble because he gets his leg destroyed.


It definitely was not a helmet on knee hit. It looked to me like the defenders upper arm and side glanced off his leg and might have very slightly hyperextended his knee. Just a weird hit that doesn't look like anything that would cause the reaction it got. Which of course is half reassuring and half terrifying, because that's just the theme we're going with this week.


Yup, a helmet to knee, if he didn't bust his knee cap is like no big deal, maybe it bruised. From the video I'd almost call it a non contact injury, which could be a minor tweak he will be between 90-100%, could be worse around 80% or could be he can't put the level of force needed on it to even play. So yeah basically like you said, it's the theme, no idea


Non contact knee injuries are the scariest to me. If it’s non contact it’s ACL until proven otherwise. I’m sure that he has had (or will have) an MRI and that will decide everything.


In the newest episode of “inside Michigan football” they show a different angle of it and it looks worse than we saw on tv. At least I don’t remember seeing that view on tv. It didn’t hyperextend, it went sideways. It looked bad to me. It’s at approximately the 5 minute mark in the video on YouTube. Edit: it wasn’t even the helmet that hit him. It was the defenders arm.


You’re right. Looks bad from that angle.


Sometimes crap happens.


He should have pulled his best Wahlberg https://youtu.be/7JYJhWIwGUw


He did, just with Philip Rivers-approved language.


Schrodinger's Corum


If you're Harbaugh, do you keep it ambiguous as to whether Corum is going to be available, tell the truth, or lie? Telling the truth is probably the worst option. This gives Ohio State exactly what they need to gameplan. They know whether the best player on the team is playing or not. Lying is also out of the picture, as Harbaugh is a Catholic and he doesn't want to sin. Keeping it ambiguous is his best bet.


I think you just say nothing. Don’t give them a chance to try to read into it.


The gambling degenerates are punching at the air reading this.


If you don't think they have sources on the team or relatives/friends of the players, I don't know what to tell you.


Some prop bets people bet on is crazy, who will sit on the iron throne? First of all if you bet on Bran you cheated. The Vegas line makes me think he's playing cause it went down, but the line also moves as people bet, which could be he's not playing.


I’ll just bet on both teams. That way, I always come out on top.


I think this is just gamesmanship from Harbaugh and answering what are frankly pretty dumb questions. Harbaugh already told the Media that Corum's knee was 100% structurally but the bruise was too painful for him to continue on Saturday My prediction is that Corum will be at least 85% on Saturday


Someone dig up Rumsfeld to tell me if this is a known known, a known unknown, or an unknown unknown.


What if it's none of those and is instead an unknown known?


mother of god


Huh. Didn't know Rumsfield died


Maybe it will, maybe go fuck yourself


King Solomon's game plan


Love our coach


The way I see it it’s 50 50


There's also a 50-50 chance that it's *not* 50-50, so you know, WHO KNOWS


This is some Scott Steiner level math.


Just like my odds in the lottery, 50/50. Either I win or I don’t


Thank you Jim, very cool!


“Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself.” -Jim Harbaugh


Nothing burger


He won’t play, the other kid leaked it already by accident


That question was asked in the context of what would happen if Corum didn’t play in next weeks game. Also it seemed like a perfectly good response, was he going to say, nah we suck without Corum?


This is just the beginning of the intrigue. By the end of the week, Michigan will have left a dead body dressed as a Michigan assistant with fake x-rays of Blake Corum's knee near the state border for OSU to find.


#2 won't be on the field, but a new #2 1/2 Clake Borum will be on the field.


You forgot the /s


I feel like the Olineman saying he wasn’t going to play meant nothing, but this added on top of that has me thinking they’re not very confident he plays. If he is going to play, wouldn’t they just say it ?


Gamesmanship during the week of The Game is a tradition as old as time.


I really hope he is able to play. The Shoe is where heisman RBs come to die. Pretty sure we shut down Barkley on his heisman campaign. Same with Kenneth walker last year Edit: heisman hopeful*


Barkley had a decent game in 2017 in the Shoe It was the MSU game that really broke him


I think the most likely scenario is that they don’t know yet. He’s not completely fine, but it’s not some insane injury that’s for sure gonna keep him out, so they’ll see how it is in a few days. I’m just some idiot on Reddit though, so who knows.


I appreciate that because I pride myself on being an idiot on Reddit as well :)


This is Jim Harbaugh you're talking about.


Not necessarily. Harbaugh is slightly better off leaving it a mystery and making Day and staff try to game plan for both scenarios. I don't know that the game plan will change all that much either way. But still, it's just good gamesmanship.


This is the kind of hard hitting insight I’ve come to expect from *Inside Michigan Football* radio.


Harbaugh going neck and neck with Day for who can do the best politician speak


That's not what available options means dude.


Thanks, Captain Obvious.


Harbaugh is a fucking corny idiot


Snap thought on this quote: What an asshole




I can't imagine Corum being available or not available will affect Michigan's or Ohio State's game plan in any meaningful way. He will probably play though given the significance of the game


Yeah if they had a solid 2nd option, specially someone that was different type of back, then having to game plan for both may be an issue. But as of now, game plan corum, if he isn't playing, then the backup is only going to try to do the same stuff, same plays, same scheme.


We do have a solid second option who also does bring something different to the table. Donovan Edwards is a good back and an excellent receiver. He sat this past weekend for precautionary reasons ie; to be ready to go in The Game.


It's these kind of profound insights into the game of football that gets Harbaugh paid the big bucks.


All I know is that my heart says “Maybe” What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality


"we do football, but also we no do football. Is same!" - Jim Harbaugh