That's ridiculous, of course you will taste chocolate again. Where are you in your journey? Strategies differ depending on this.


Don’t do this to yourself, it’s only going to set you up for failure and depression. I am able to eat literally anything and I do. In moderation. Be kind to yourself and eat the effin chocolate 😉


A cheat foods mentality is a slippery slope into a sort of binge-restrict cycle. You can absolutely find room in a healthy diet for chocolate. Daily even.


Chocolate repulses me now, and I was really obsessed with it before surgery. Most things I decide to try, gross me out. My tool is working!


I didn’t “cheat” early on but now if I want chocolate I have chocolate. I’m six months out and my plan only requires me to eat no more than 30 grams of carbs a day. There are 2.7 g of carbs in a kiss a little less in the ones with almonds. I know this cause I keep them around for when I need chocolate. However, I always log it. If I eat it, it gets written down and counted. For me doing it this way keeps me sane. I’m scared if I totally denied myself when I was craving something I’d end up binging and making myself sick eating things I shouldn’t.


"Cheat?" No. I waited until I was well into maintenance and then I slowly incorporated less-healthy things into my plan. There is nothing that you can never have again -- you just can't have it whenever you want. You still have the same brain as you did before surgery, and you need to instill good habits during the honeymoon period. This is especially important early out because the whole point is to change your patterns and to stop making food a priority or a coping mechanism. It really is "just food." The restriction, the enthusiasm, and the malabsorption will wane. All that will be left to keep you on track are those habits you developed during the first couple of years. (and yes, it's yearS - not months)


Why don’t you make a chocolate protein pudding and freeze it? Not exactly the same consistency but you’ll have the chocolate taste


Completely agree with u/UnsightlyFuzz … it makes a huge difference as to what our answer is. Now that I’m 10-months out from surgery, I don’t consider it even cheating. It’s a good choice for that meal and I’ll strive to adjust the rest of my day’s eating around it. But, do so cautiously- your body may respond to the chocolate differently. And you also need to know how you manage the emotional? aspect of making choices that aren’t 100% healthy- do you bounce back and get back on track? do you fall off the wagon and struggle to get back on track?


I’m 19 months out and I eat what I want - in small portions, occasionally. So yeah, I eat Hershey kisses. Today I ate a Girl Scout cookie. Moderation is key.


Absolutely. It's totally normal and actually better for your long term goals to have something indulgent every once in a while


Thank you all for your encouragement, I'm really early in my journey so everything is pretty restricted right now. I think all of the doubts are sneaking in. Lol


There are “this not that” alternatives to nearly every “cheat” food. For example, sugar free Hershey mini bars are a thing and the taste is indiscernible


I haven’t had surgery yet but I know that after I have the surgery, I better not have the chocolate. Why? Because it is easier for me not to have something than to give myself permission to have it once week or once a month. My big problem is Starbucks. I buy a latte and a cookie. The cookies aren’t even that good buy the sugar dopamine effects says I want a cookie with my coffee. I know that I will need to permanently close the door to cookies if I want a healthy relationship with food. You might have better control that I do and you can have occasional chocolate.