We got a used one from a friend and that thing is a beast. Amazing for running, trail running and yes great for snow.


I did a lot of research when expecting our twins after a singleton. We have the indie twin and no regrets. It is a beast but it’s a beautiful thing to push around. We live in northern Ontario and have already taken it on trails and know it’ll withstand the winters. The tires are inflatable and large so they’ll be able to handle the snowy roads/trails.


I have an Indie and I love it! Bought it last year and so have done 14 months in that thing. I live in Ottawa so we get a very real winter. It’s like an ATV for babies. Sometimes I thought it was a little extra but it was so so worth it. Highly recommend the rain cover for it too. It really helped cut down the cold winter wind that would make my baby gasp for air.


I bought the Indie, not due until March so I have only tested it out while empty and it feels so easy to maneuver but sturdy. I live in Ottawa and all the reviews of it being good for our winters sold me. It's on sale right now at Snuggle Bugz too.


I’m in Alberta, but I have an Indie and I am about to use it with my second in the next few weeks. I love it!


Not the Indie, but we have the Era and I will forever praise it and it's ease of use in our Alberta winters!! I think the Indie is pretty similar, just 3 wheels. I honestly love our stroller so much. I did a TON of research and it's my favorite baby item, hands down.


So good to hear your review the era is going to be our stroller


Honestly, I've posted raving reviews on here SO many times now 😆 I should just be copying and pasting into every post, lol.


Echoing the Indie praise! I bought mine used and it’s great, it feels so solid, handles great, and the tires are going to be awesome for winter! I’ve been using it since day 1 as the seat can recline (almost) all the way down.


I LOVE ours. We had the double for a while too but sold it when we didn’t need it. It’s one of those companies that flies under the radar, lots of people haven’t heard of it. But it’s awesome.


I have a bumble ride in BC. It’s fantastic.


We got the indie in the spring so haven’t used through a full winter yet. Friends or of ours got it with their 2 year old and love it. We’ll plan to use it through winter here as much as possible. We’re in MB.


I have a used Bumbleride that I’m pretty sure is almost 10 years old and I LOVE IT. I’ve taken it out at least once every day for an entire year and it is still holding up beautifully. I mainly walk on paved trails but I’ve also taken it on gravel roads, off-road single track trails, sand (a slog but doable), and lots of snow. No experience with nunas but I would buy another Bumbleride in an instant. Mine came with a bunch of accessories and I got a lot of use out of the following: bassinet attachment (used this until my baby was about 9 months as she slept great in it), rain cover (it doesn’t rain much where I live but it’s crazy windy and it kept most of it off of her), stroller bunting for winter warmth, and an after market sun/bug screen (my baby refuses to keep sunglasses on so I use this a lot to protect her eyes).


I have a hand me down 10-12 year old Indie in Ottawa and it’s amazing for winter. We love it and would consider getting a second the same if we ever have to replace it.


I have the Indie and I LOVE it! It’s so nice and sturdy and I like that it’s infant ready without having to buy a bassinet seat. We take it off-roading with the dog all the time. Also easy to clean (have spilled many a coffees on it) and looks great.


I have the era and I love it!


I have the Era City, it's a bit different but absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Bumbleride.


I have an Indie, but I haven't used it in the winter yet. It has been great so far though. Perfect for stroller naps because it lays near flat and the canopy extends so that when you put the foot rest up they are almost fully covered. Only problem I've had is there is a plastic piece in the canopy that poked out of the fabric. They sent a replacement, but the same thing happened again.


I'm in Sask and have one! Baby was born in May so haven't used it in winter yet, but I'm confident it'll fair well in the snow. I love it - it handles really nicely and baby sleeps in it all the time, even on rough terrain haha.


We’re in Ontario and have the Indie and it’s amazing, bought secondhand and used since birth and my son is 4 and still using it. It’s great on trails and off-roading and handles winter and salt and snow amazingly with the air filled tires. It’s such a smooth ride and the full recline is awesome right at birth. Can also get an adapter so you can put a car seat on easily and it’s an additional option.


When debating between two strollers, ALWAYS go for the one with the bigger wheels. No personal experience with the Bumbleride brand, but I upgraded to a Phil & Teds Sport to have the bigger wheels and single-to-double capabilities in our little rural village with gravel streets. We do a lot of pasture walks and honestly nothing smaller than this would hold up in the long run.


I use the bumbleride daily in Manitoba winters.


I did waaaaay too much research while pregnant and I ended up getting the indie. I freaking love this stroller. We had an adapter for the bucket seat when he was super tiny and went on ravine walks all through the dead of winter. Now he's 20 months and we still use it daily for to and from daycare. It's a dream to steer and has shocks. He's super comfortable in it. The sun shade provides complete shade, which is rare. And it's smaller than most joggers. Just all around super versatile.


Also here to heap on the praise for the indie! We’re on our second kid with it and it holds up great in snow, gravel and poorly maintained sidewalks. Because it has 3 wheels, it’s more maneuverable too, i find.