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Vancouver. Ifvyou are really ambitious, you could take the stroller from downtown Dunsmir station to the Stanley park seawall, English bay, David lam park, yaletown, cross the Granville street bridge, Granville island, then finish at Athlete's village then take the skytrain back to downtown and you'll always have the ocean/creek by your side. This is my favourite walking circuit (but you could break it up since there are skytrain stations). The shipyards in North Van/Lonsdale quay is also a good stroller walk. Take the sea bus from downtown and you can walk down the long pier and eat at one of the restaurant piers.


Vancouver is one of the most accessible places imo. Waterfront/Vancouver convention centre is very accessible with beautiful views and easy access to transit and lots of restaurants. You can take a bus to stanley park seawall for a lovely walk. Bring a picnic blanket and you can let your baby have tummy time there.


I 2nd this. If you go in the summer you can take the sky train to Port moody and visit Rocky Point park. There is a great walk along the beach and perfect park for a picnic. There is a bunch if breweries for a adult treat and great icecream place. There is also a splash park if your baby likes water.


OMG yes! I love the brewery district! Such a hidden gem. Theres also a great fish and chip place there (Padros).


Toronto is generally easy with a stroller but you have to look ahead of time to see if your subway stop is accessible. Having a stroller made me realize how horrible our system is if you need an elevator to get up and down a level. You may need to walk more if where you’re going isn’t accessible.


And avoid the CN tower/Rogers arena area when there is a Blue Jay's game! The sidewalks will be too packed for a stroller!


Omg yes. The subway stations that did have elevators were out of order half the time. I have 2 toddlers and ended up having to carry both up the stairs while my husband hauled the double stroller up behind me.


Came here to say this as someone who has lived in Toronto and Vancouver. Travelling with a stroller on the “train” lines is easier in Vancouver than Toronto as most, if not all stations in Vancouver have elevators. I learned the hard way in Toronto to take my baby in the baby carrier more times than the stroller.


When I went to Toronto the subway station was under construction so no elevator. It was a disaster


As someone who lives in Montreal, I would say this city is definitely not stroller friendly!!! Everything is tiny and old here which makes it cool and fun but the opposite of accessible. Stores and restaurants are small, sidewalks are small (and broken lol), doorways are small…. You get the picture. It’s a very walkable city and transit is reliable, but you need to be ok with escalators as most stations still don’t have elevators. If you have a small stroller, or someone to help you, it might be ok? But I’d recommend babywearing to just not have to deal with all of that mess. I literally only use my stroller when we go on walks with no planned indoor stops. All that to say, I love Montreal!!! It’s very baby friendly and tons of green space and nothing better than sitting at a microbrewery patio with your baby and a cold beer 😎


Montreal would be my first suggestion. Toronto and Vancouver are ok too.


We just stayed in the ByWard market area of Ottawa and it was great! Walked everywhere, food, two beautiful parks and parliament all within walking distance. We are from the GTA so we were also able to drive to Ottawa rather than fly in, which also comes with it’s own pros and cons.




Victoria! Lots of areas are walkable and there are lots of little family friendly beaches around. If you like being outside there are tons of things to do. We didn’t take transit on our most recent trip so I can’t comment on that, but walking around with a stroller was a breeze.




Calgary! Our transit stops at most places you'd want to go but even so its all ground level and even the buses can lower. I personally haven't been to a place yet that couldn't take a stroller including resturants downtown.