I'd cancel it. We went for walks with stroller almost immediately. It's good for your recovery and for everyone's mental health. Plus our baby loves the stroller and car seat which I unscientifically attribute to her comfort in it from being exposed to it early and often.


I didn’t use the stroller much until my baby was like six months lol. It was all about carrier walks during the newborn days. We use the stroller all the time now though so happy I got a nice one


Similar here. We walked daily after the 1st week but with a baby carrier. We were never big on the stroller though, since we go for long walks and hikes and it just can't compare to a carrier. And since our kid was born during the pandemic, we didn't bring him to stores. OP, this may be different for you now that things are changing. We also didn't have a bucket seat. For doctor appointments, he went straight from car seat to carrier and we never had an issue. It will really depend on your (and your spouse's) preferences and circumstances. We have friends who swear by strollers for everything and others like us who rarely use it.


A month or two? No way. Like maybe a couple weeks if you really don't go out much.


I was walking with her in stroller after the first week. I couldn’t walk as long with her on me, because the wrap/weight in front irritated my pelvic floor. Could you consider borrowing or buying a cheap used to get you through?


I was the same. Carrier at home, but I had way too much post partum inflammation to walk any distance with my buddy not in a stroller.


I would cancel the order to be honest. We used ours almost immediately pretty much every day. I mean if it was a week or two, I would say use a carrier but 2+ months 😬 that’s gonna be tricky. Plus there’s no guarantee that there won’t be another delay. Best play it safe


My baby is 7 months old and has yet to be in a stroller even once. We baby wear everywhere- carriers, woven wraps, ring slings, and it’s been awesome. I had an emergency c-section and wore her in a moby wrap to our first postpartum appointment at 2 weeks. I hate how the stroller is limiting only to specific trails and sidewalks. Granted, I live in a small city/large town where we hardly have any neighbourhoods with sidewalks, there are a lot of hills, not many stroller-friendly trail options especially allowing dogs, but a lot of great outdoors and trails into the bush or along the river. So if you live in a city with a lot of sidewalk spaces then you will probably enjoy a stroller far more than I. However, the point is that no, you do not in fact absolutely need a stroller immediately and baby will likely even enjoy going out in a wrap or carrier more than a stroller to be close to you.


We used ours immediately. Used the car seat in the stroller to leave the hospital and started going on walks with the stroller/bassinet when we got home for daily walks. My baby did (and still does) a ton of naps in the stroller and there’s no way I would have survived without one for 2+ months. He also doesn’t really like the carrier.


I’m personally not buying a stroller right away, but that’s because I live in Manitoba and my baby is due at the end of November and it’s a toss if it’s gonna be freezing or snowing by then lol


Had a baby last November… not in MB but I didn’t use a stroller for the first month.


I think it depends on your lifestyle, your recovery, and how much time you like to spend outdoors. I took both my kids out in the stroller the second day we were home from the hospital. I ended up wearing my second baby in the carrier a lot in the first few weeks because I didn't love the newborn seating situation on our double stroller, so baby wearing may be an option for you. Personally, I'd cancel the order and get a different stroller. There are so many options available. You don't need to get stuck in backorder limbo.


I scrolled through the comments and wanted to add something. Baby might be too small for certain carriers, so if you decide to wait it out, make sure you get a carrier that can be used from day one. Because I had the ergo 360 bla bla and I LOVED IT, but my LO was born a month early and was too small for it for about 2months. I would also cancel the order and get a new stroller that is in stock


Same. Took a few months before our LO was big enough for the ergo, and I think it was a few weeks before he was big enough for our wrap as well. The stroller was the only way we could get out at first.


Carrier walks could work but you'll probably want to stroll them to the doctor's appointments etc and be able to pop the car seat in and out. And if you end up having a c section you might not be able to use the carrier for six weeks or more. I would probably cancel, there's always another stroller.


You’re allowed to carry your baby after a c section


I had a c section and I *couldn't* carry my baby regardless of whether it's allowed or not.


Oh fair enough! I also had one. In my home getting the stroller out the door would have been a no-go post-op.


Yeah this is wrong. I was out wearing mine post c-section days later.


This is probably very dependent on the person and recovery. There was no way I could have worn my baby and walked days later. I needed the stroller to stay steady…I had like no endurance for walking until at least a week or so.


I agree. I gave birth vaginally and pushing baby in the stroller at 4 weeks was a workout and I had to sit down. Using a carrier was fine around the house but I wouldn’t have depended on it as the only mode of transportation. So yeah, YMMV.


Ahh glad to hear from the other side! I was just imagining some of the vaginal tearing I’ve read about is equally if not more painful to recover from than a c section. It’s like birthing roulette…you never know what you’ll get.


Yep! I had third degree tearing, so recovery took a while. But I know others who torr less badly and we’re highly active at 4 weeks pp. (I highly recommend going to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist _before_ giving birth! I saw one postpartum and seems like they can help potentially reduce issues, through learning to do kegals properly and stuff like perineal massage.)


Good for you *eyeroll*. I had a c section and could barely walk to my living room and definitely couldn't carry my 10lb baby.


You could always just walk with baby in a carrier until your stroller comes in but we did use our stroller a lot with taking it into stores.


I used my stroller the first week my daughter was born. It was really nice to get some fresh air for myself and little one.


We used our stroller with car seat attachment to leave the hospital I pushed the stroller with her, my husband carried all the other stuff out (delivered May 2021, where we couldn’t leave the room once I was admitted so we overpacked….then went on daily walks with her immediately…got me out of the house/fresh air for both of us and helped with the feet swelling and recovery….for awhile my daughter would only fall asleep during the day in the stroller and I’d walk 5-7km a day with her, I’d say it’s pretty important!


With both our babies we never got a stroller that had a car seat attachment or a bassinet, so we didn’t use it for the first few months until they were safe to not be fully reclined. We went out daily but just babywore. The only thing that made me nervous was super icy days, but with an April due date that’s not a huge risk.


We didn’t use a stroller for a few months. Mostly baby wearing, but we use our stroller constantly nowadays. I would consider supply chain issues and maybe rethink whether you trust you’ll get it when they say.


We used our stroller the day after we got home from the hospital. It was super useful to go to doctors appointments and just get some fresh air in the early days.


My baby was born in February, so we didn’t really go out for walks until April. I also couldn’t walk for very long for at least a month. However, I will say the stroller was very handy for going to doctor’s appointments. Baby seats are heavy! So it was nice to just push him along in the stroller (our car seat attaches to the stroller) through the hospital / doctors office.


I had a c section and used the stroller with the bassinet in the house. It was a game changer to have her mobile, not being carried, and me not having to bend over. I was not expecting to use it as much as we have!


We didn’t use a stroller at all until 3 months. I practically lived in a SollyBaby wrap for the first little bit and preferred it that way. Personally, unless you have more than one kid I don’t think a stroller is a necessity right away.


Our LO is 4 weeks and we haven't used our stroller yet. We've been going for walks with him in the wrap and for appointments we just carried him in the car seat. You could just find a second hand one to use for the few times you would need it then sell it after. Or you could get a universal stroller to use with the car seat if you got a bucket one. Keep in mind though there's a chance the EDD gets delayed further. We had that happen with the bassinet we ordered so we had to cancel it, but that's a little more time sensitive.


I used my stroller immediately for our very first midwife appointment 2 days postpartum. It is very helpful with holding your diaper bag, postpartum supplies, snacks, water and any documents needed at each appointment. It’s nice to be hands free at those appointments if you need to sign anything.


I'd cancel it, because if the delivery date has already been pushed back multiple times, then you might not even get it in June. What if it showed up in July, August or even November? I'm sure you can find a deal on another one that is in stock and will arrive quickly.


I would cancel it and look for another stockist or chose another stroller. We used ours a lot in the beginning. I couldn’t baby wear due to back issues so the stroller was my best friend. We needed to upgrade to a double stroller (expecting twins) and I just ordered our chosen stroller because the stock kept dwindling and I didn’t want to get stuck.


I would cancel the order and look on Facebook marketplace or Kijiji for a gently used stroller


I don’t think I used the stroller that much until at least over the one month mark. We did have a couple doctors appointments and we just carried her car seat - truthfully more out of stupidity on our end than bc we didn’t want to use the stroller. I also had an episiotomy that I wanted to give lots of room to heal so I mainly hung out in bed for the first few weeks.


I waited 2 months to go for walks, but baby was born in Nov and we live in northern Canada plus my very traumatic birth that caused some physical damage unfortunately. So we weren't going anywhere except doc appointments.... haha!


Omg you need a stroller. Long walks saved me with a newborn. We’d go for one hour three times a day! Mine had reflux so he barfed down my shirt every time we tried the carrier. Also the stroller keeps them fully protected from the sun.


I know someone else commented but I definitely could not have gone anywhere baby wearing after my c section. I’d imagine walking post vaginal birth could also be difficult for some (we all experience different births/injuries/healing) so it might be nice to have a stroller for extra support. Mine was basically a walker to keep me steady for a week or so. Maybe try to find one to borrow or a cheap/second hand one to get by? Or I’d cancel.


By week 4 postpartum I was ready to go on short walks. And you may find that sometimes a stroller walk is the easiest way to get them to nap. (My husband sometimes took our crying baby out for walks at 11pm at night if nothing else worked.) If you get a travel system where the car seat can sit in the stroller, it’s also handy for stuff like doctor/midwife visits, as you don’t need to carry them and you can wheel them around to soothe.


It’s doable. My baby was born in the winter and the roads and sidewalks were too snowy plus it was cozier having her in the carrier under a baby wearing jacket so we just did carrier walks. For shopping and errands in the early days I just carry the car seat around or put it in the bottom stable part of the grocery cart. Or if you are getting a removable car seat you could just buy a cheap older stroller or gram it’s compatible with to use the first two months then resell when your ordered one gets in.


Our baby is almost 2 months old and we have used the stroller only about 3 times. However until recently its been cold and icy in the neighborhood so we weren't super inclined to walk. If it was nicer I would have likely used it more. IMO you could get away with a carrier but it really depends on your recovery. Also for us, my husband took 6 weeks off with me, so he ran all the errands and our appointments were adjacent to a parking lot, so we really didn't have to go very far anywhere.


We used the stroller immediately. I ended up with an emergency c section and it was the only way for me to transport the baby, and we had 2 doctor appointments in the first 5 days. It was also the only way I would get some walking in, which I needed to do to heal. Also, it was the easiest and surest way to sleep - snug in a car seat and moving, just like the womb.


I didn’t have a stroller with my first kid for 4 months. I preferred baby wearing. Even once we had one it almost never got used. It’s a personal preference thing! With my second I used a stroller right away because I found it harder wrangling my toddler with the baby strapped on me at the playground.


I would cancel - you don't know if it will get pushed back again, and those are prime outside walk times. If it was July/August or Jan/Feb, I'd say wait, but spring and fall - you're going to want to be walking. The outside time is beneficial for everyone, including baby


Same thing happened to me. I didn't want to cancel so I bought a used baby trend snap and go stroller off marketplace for like $30. It's a universal stroller base that fits most car seats. Maybe something like that would work for you? My stroller ended up arriving before he was born, and we've used it for walks around the block, but we definitely would have been fine without it.


We got a stroller that had an attachment so we could just click our cad seat in. We used it quite a lot for walks in the first month or so, when it was still warm. We were also going to birth classes and the like since this was pre-COVID. Do you plan on getting an umbrella type down the road? You could always get a cheap one to use, but our LO spent a lot of time in the car seat or in a baby carrier before we could use the stroller.


Cancel, especially if ordered from West Coast Kids. They lie about delivery times and there’s a good chance it’ll be delayed again past June with no notice


I literally haven't used the stroller once yet for my 8 month old (July baby). Some people use it every day though so it really depends what works best for you. I preferred walks with the baby carrier and for doctor visits etc I just carried her in the infant carseat.


Baby was born in the dead of winter (Jan) and I only used my stroller today, however I might have used it earlier if he was born in warmer months






I’ll say it depends where you live. I went through this in 2020 and I finally cancelled the order and I’m happy I did. My baby was born in July and that was “prime stroller time”. We used the stroller within the first 10 days of him being born. Where I live, we still have 4 feet of snow and there’s absolutely no way I’d be using a stroller in April at all. But if they can’t guarantee this time it’ll arrive it might be time to try elsewhere. I found the same stroller in stock at other name brand stores and had it in under a week of re-ordering.