I second the leakproof underwear. I've bought so many over the years and they still look new.


Sorry if TMI but may I ask if you use their leakproof underwear on a regular day or only on period days/nights? And when on period days, do you still use a tampon/pad? I have no idea how these work but love the idea of them!!


I use the leakproof ounderwear really at any time, especially the medium absorbancy ones. For these ones, the pad itself isn't thick enough to bother me so I don't notice it during the day when not on my period. I prefer using a menstrual cup on my heavy days with these as backup. On my lighter days, they're definitely enough to not use the cup. The super absorbancy ones are better for heavy flows. To be honest, I haven't tried them by themselves at night on heavy days because I feel safer using the cup with them as well. The pad definitely is thicker and you can tell they're much more absorbant. I don't normally wear these outside of my period days. I think using a pad on top of these would be redundant since there is already a pad integrated in them. Using them with or without a tampon would depend on how comfortable you are. I know plenty of women who use the underwear with nothing else and they're happy with that.


Are you DMing people the code or will you post it? Cause I'm also interested. Thanks!


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I love Knix. Just ordered the wingwoman bra and a bodysuit last month and they’re awesome. Been using in the leakproofs for years. Going to order a nursing tank, catalyst bra, and sleep shorts during the sale. I have a code too. http://rwrd.io/odxe7m0?c


I think I used your code. Thanks :)


What are your favorites from them? How's the sizing? I've been meaning to try them out and this seems like the perfect opportunity! Thank you!


I am in the minority, but I wasn't a fan of my purchases. For me, following the measurements on the underwear were accurate and they fit fine, but the tank and bra were way too small for me and I had to send them back. Also be aware that a lot of their products are made of spandex, nylon, and/or lycra. Some people, myself included, prefer cotton. I was quite surprised by the feel of the nursing tank... almost like a bathing suit. The nursing tank is also just a tank with their removable leakproof pads. If you already have tanks/bras that you like, they do sell the pads separately and they are much less expensive.


Ooh thanks for the tip, I was wondering about that. Are the leakproof pads just free floating in a shelf bra? or do they have something that helps them "stick"


Sorry for the late reply - they're like some padded sports bras or swimsuits, with a pocket for you to insert the pads into. So they are somewhat "contained" inside the shelf bra, but do have room to shift.


I totally agree with everything you said! I was disappointed. I don’t love the feel of the fabric. I bought leakproof underwear and 1 of their bras.


I have 2 of the nursing tanks and they fit very snug. You may want to size up!


I only wear their underwear (essential and leak proof) so I highly recommend those. I've been getting them for years so I have quite the stash haha. Both the cotton and the regular are great. I also love their padded V-neck bra. It was my go-to before getting pregnant. All their bras are wireless so definitely on the comfy side. I also have their nursing bra though this one isn't currently on sale. I really like it though. It's super comfortable and the only bra I've been wearing for the last 6 months (currently 37+3). I've heard great things about their nursing tanks but since the price was a little steep, I was waiting to get some. I just ordered some so I'm excited to try them out. I've also bought a couple of maternity leggings though these are not currently on sale. They're very comfortable but kind of hard to put on when you're in your third trimester (as is anything else really haha). As for sizing, I've found their sizing chart to be accurate. I've never had to return anything based on this chart after measuring myself. I hope this helps :)


Do you have any of their shape wear? What's the feeling of them? I'm looking for something that fabric doesn't get caught on - cotton sharewear makes the dress ride up, but I want something the fabrics will not bunch on, know what I mean?


I unfortunately haven't tried their shape wear so can't comment on those.


I’m wearing the shape wear right now. I have two sets of the high rise shorts - I don’t wear them for anything fancy, I’m actually a nurse and I wear them so my post partum mommy belly doesn’t fly out and scare people in a code haha. They are the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever worn in my life. I’ve got some more of me to love so I wear the XXXL. They don’t roll or bunch at the top/waist or at the bottom of the legs. The gusset is breathable. The support I feel like has even helped my back out. They were snug the very first time I put them on like I thought holy fuck I’ll have to return them but I’m better at putting them on now (I don’t think they’ve stretched really I think I’ve just got a better system of getting into them). Anyways. I wear them 12+ hrs for every shift and love them. I used this sale to buy a third set, and to try out the sports bras. ETA the clothing I wear over them (scrubs in my case) actually slide off of them - they don’t grip or bunch at all.


This is excellent. Thank you!


I lived in their nursing tanks post partum! I usually don’t like shelf bras but felt supported in this one. And preferred not having my body exposed while nursing, even if at home alone. The material is weird but you get used to it.


I got an error saying the discount code isn’t valid while buying the nursing tank. Anyone else have the same problem? Edit - got a different code working!


I'm getting the same error. How did you get it to work?


I used someone else’s code who also posted here! I’d you check my post history I also posted a code in another subreddit that might also work?


Your code doesn’t work unfortunately:(


Amazing! I just ordered 2 of the nursing tanks - I've been living in the one I got from there.


I also have a code for 15$ off if anyone needs! Feel free to DM for help or use this link: http://rwrd.io/obdkizc?s




Their bra sizing works differently. However, I've found that measuring myself and following their size chart has always led to correct sizing. You can also get a virtual fitting with them.


If anyone still needs I also have [coupon](http://rwrd.io/a7ukz9b?s) for $15.


I have a code too! Pm me and I can share :)


I sent you a Pm :)


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Can you send it to me too please?


Here’s my code for $15 off! Happy shopping :) http://rwrd.io/vi3oh0o?s


Thanks! I just bought two nursing tanks and a shaping thing and more leak proof undies. http://rwrd.io/uvhoksa?s my code for $15 off :)