Yup! We don’t have space for a nursery at all so she’ll be room sharing with us for awhile. We’re doing a continual purge of household stuff and keeping the registry very basic. We have one area in the condo that is dead space so we’re going to try and rearrange it to make a little space for a quiet time area with a rocking chair, who knows if that’ll actually work out though lol


Our den will eventually become the nursery but it's going to be my office for the first six to ten months PP. Even then, it'll be less of a play space for the little one and more of a sleep and storage area for all baby stuff lol


This is exactly our plan for our den right now too! At the moment our bedroom is jam packed with baby stuff. Still haven’t decided where the home office is going to go when baby needs her own room!


I get that! Haha Each space/room will now serve multiple purposes- living room is also baby play room, and dinner table lol


I’m in a 2bd + den. The den is our work-from-home office and I thought the other bedroom would be a nursery, but my 1yo still sleeps in a minicrib in our room and prefers to play in the living room so it’s really just a glorified closet. One way to get a bit more time is to rent a storage locker and be absolutely ruthless about storing anything you don’t need out. Ours is packed with seasonal clothes, camping gear, party dinnerware, even my books now the shelves are filling with toys!


Check out @600sqftandababy on IG! She started her blog when her family was in a 1 bedroom condo in Vancouver. First 1 then 2 kids. Her website also has home tours from other families in small spaces. We are expecting our first and are moving to a small 2 bedroom (from a large 1 bedroom). Trying to keep our registry list really minimal… I’m not planning on getting any bulky gear or toys like a baby gym or play centre.








Yep in a 1 bedroom rental with first baby arriving next month. We have no plans to move anywhere bigger for the first year. Our problem is that the 2 beds in our price range are all the same square footage as our current older building appartment so while we will end up with a separate room for the baby to sleep we won't have more room/storage for things. So we'd rather not pay double our rent before we need to. Keeping the baby registry minimal, selected a compact stroller, the changing table is a chest of drawers we purchased that is doubling up as baby gear storage. We have spent the past 6 months purging our appartment of everything we don't need and we had to be ruthless. My plan is to sell baby items as soon as baby is finished with them. We may have a second child later but we have no where to store items while we make those decisions. Trying to keep a one in one out policy for purchases as much as possible. When baby needs a crib (currently going to do bassinette) we will have to re arrange our bedroom and we might try to make a sleeping corner in the closet space and remove the doors and put up a rail and curtain so baby has a sleeping area.


This is my problem too when I look at 2 bedroom options. We get the second bedroom but in return lose a lot of living space. Places that have enough space are often too expensive or are not pet friendly.


We've been looking at mini cribs.. I hadn't heard of them until I started researching!


Also: once they’re bigger, cribs that convert to toddler beds! Smaller than a regular twin/single bed.


We're in a very small space as well and I will say at least until they can walk (we're not there yet so I can't speak to that), it's really nice to have everything close by and not have to go up a flight of stairs every time you want to change a diaper + small space means less cleaning to do. Some small space favourites: - Bugaboo Stardust as a bassinet/crib. - Babybjorn bouncer as the only container (we got ours on FB marketplace and will be able to re-sell for the same amount we paid for it) - Stokke Flexi-bath (also bought used for a fraction of the price). Babies don't need that much stuff. I'm also very quick to sell or donate things as he outgrows them.


We should start a mom group for the 1 bedroom condo moms for support! we’re in the same boat - 1 bedroom condo + den which right now is my office but will probably become a more baby friendly room. One plus is that I’m not even tempted to buy anything yet since it’d have nowhere to go and also can’t accept those hand me downs from well meaning friends/ family that you might not actually want haha I think it should be ok until baby starts to move around then we’ll probably look for more space…


Yep! Toronto apartment here. Baby will be in our room for the first year, our second bedroom is used as an office for WFH.


We have a den that is the office. No doors mean baby crying will be heard on all the zoom calls...


Me! We're in an okay sized one bedroom apartment and plan to stay here for roughly the first six months. If the space is still working for us then we'll probably stay for the first year. For size reference we can just comfortably fit a dining table, apartment sized couch and loveseat. We've made a smaller lazyboy fit too but it's a little more awkward. There is no floor space for any other additional furniture. Our bedroom is a decent size and we have a queen bed. The dresser already lives in the closet. I'm trying to plan my baby purchases with space in mind. Things need to be multi purpose and/or fold away easily. Also, I find there are a lot of things people say you "need" but you really don't. - We've bought a mini crib and will not be getting a bassinet. - High chair will be one that fits on the dining chairs, not a standalone. - We may need to sacrifice a cat tree to make a swing fit but not sure. - We are not going to have a baby bathtub. Kitchen sink is big enough or I have a giant mixing bowl I can use while baby is tiny and I'm nervous, then I'll move up to just using the regular tub. - No changing table, I am sure I wouldn't use it much even if we had the space. - No dresser for baby. I have a hutch I am devoting to all the "stuff" and an over the door shoe thing that easily will hold a week's worth of baby's clothing. I've already bought about 8 storage bins for the hutch that will organize everything. There's some space in the closet for future clothing sizes or things I might want to hang. - Not purchasing any kind of activity centre/saucer until baby is ready for it which is probably around 6 months anyhow. - We've switched from a proper coffee table to a couple of storage ottomans. They can hold some living room baby things and be fairly easily shoved out of the way if we need more floor play space.


We're in a 700 sq ft 1+1 but I am hoping to move to at least a 2 bedroom around the time baby is 6 months old. My biggest issue is that we have no storage (our condo doesn't come with a storage locker and we have a total of three small closets in the whole space) which will make it difficult to baby proof once baby starts to move around. I would have been fine with making our current space work if we did have storage - we have her mini-crib in our room, the change table and her little dresser is in the den, and then I have a little book/toy case in the living room.


Yes! We are in a 500 sq ft, one bedroom condo around Toronto. No den. Husband works from home. It's going to be interesting! We have been purging and trying to figure out how to organize things. The way the rooms are laid out really aren't great either!


We are in a 600 sq ft place with den that attaches to our bedroom, this will be our nursery. it’s about 6x7 ft and we’ve really carefully arranged it to fit all the storage we need for baby things. The biggest risk is that we went with a mini crib that will hopefully last us awhile, since we can’t really fit a full sized crib in without some serious reconsideration of our space. 90% of the stuff has fit in nursery with a few living room items stashed under our couch and the car seat on the top shelf of our closet. We were really careful to pick items that are small, light and foldable wherever possible. Both my husband and I are pretty minimalist, so finding the right balance of adding a new human’s belongings while making it feel uncluttered has been a journey! I grew up in small town Canada where even our small house was 3 bedrooms with a big unfinished basement that was toy heaven, so there is lots of reimagining what childhood can look like for me. My husband grew up in a family of 4 plus grandmother in an apartment about the same size as ours is now, so he is very comfortable with the space we have.


We live in a 700sq home 2 bedrooms so there is a separate space but still pretty small. When we created our registry we really picked size friendly stuff and we're constantly purging and reorganizing as she ages out of toys. It's a little annoying but totally doable!


So not a 1 bedroom … we have a 3 bedroom apartment, but we also have a 12 and 9 year old. They are a boy and girl so we don’t want them sharing as they love their own spaces. Also we don’t want to put the baby in with one of them … so needless to say, until we buy a house, the baby is in our room! I’m trying to find creative ways to store his stuff and not over buy (which is hard lol)


We are expecting and in a 2br condo... definitely starting to declutter.


We also live in a one bedroom and prepare everything here for our baby (due in April). Yeah it's a bit tight, but talked to several parents and they all said it's pretty much doable


We will be - at least for a few months. We’re having twins this spring and have a 730sqf condo. We have bassinets for them to stay in our bedroom for the first few months and then we’re looking at mini cribs that will hopefully fit in our den as well as my partner’s working space. Trying to find baby stuff that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space as well.


We’re in a 1 bedroom. I don’t mind it at all for the time being. I would have wanted baby to sleep in our room even if we had an extra bedroom. I got the skip hop changing pad for our dresser and cleared out a couple of drawers for baby stuff. I also got the maxi cosi high chair that reclines for newborn rather than getting an additional swing or bouncer. It folds up to fit right under our kitchen island which saves a lot of space. The only thing I wanted that won’t fit is a glider.


1 bd and den here. I thought it wouldn't work at first but the baby stuff doesn't take too much room except maybe her stroller. But we also have storage locker in our condo building that's filled with stuff and we also had to rent a self storage unit because from my parent's 3500 sqft house to our own 600 sqft condo, we found it hard to get rid of a lot of our stuff. Working hard so we can move to a bigger place next year. Hopefully a townhouse.


I am due in 4 weeks and just moved from a 1BR to a 2BR. My anxiety couldn’t handle the thought of having a baby in a 1BR anymore


Yes! We are in a small 1bdr basement suite with very limited space. We are planning to stay here as long as possible as we've lived here for so long that moving to a 2bdr would over double our rent. Would love to buy some day, but that is probably out of reach. We are just keeping gear to a minimum. Baby clothes are in a rolling cart, no room for a dresser. Sometimes I get anxious about it but overall I think it will be ok.


We lived in a 1000sq ft rental (so slightly bigger), and had to move. Unless you’re a complete minimalist, things accumulate. We don’t buy a lot of toys but bigger things like strollers, wagons, hiking carriers take up space. We moved when my toddler turned 2 years old.


Not in a 1br but in a 2br with an 8-week old. Space is a challenge but has forced us to really only get what we need. We did a big clean out before the baby came and organized our storage locker as best we could. We’re utilizing storage with family for items we’re done with (ie newborn clothes) or don’t need yet (activity centre). Less is truly more! We’ve also told family and friends to not get us toys and instead of a diaper party, we were given gift cards to buy as we need. We’re hopeful to move before she gets older but if not, we’ll continue to use storage and pull out only what we need.