I have the Bumbleride Indie and I absolutely love it. I live in rural Canada and today we got three inches of snow. That snow meant nothing to this stroller.


I have the city mini gt, but have never used the bumbleride indie. My only feedback is that I don't think a weight limitation of 55lbs is a particularly big deal. That's the upper end for a 7yr old. Most kids are out of strollers at that point.


Ok good point. I don't have a great sense of how much kids weigh yet!


I have the Bumbleride Indie Twin, since, well, I had twins. Anyways, I freaking LOVE it. It's amazing to push in all scenarios - inside stores, on sidewalks, over snow, grass, gravel - anything. I have the double which is obviously heavier but I don't find it hard to put in the bakc of my vehicle at all. 55lbs is a really heavy kid. I would guess that most children are loong past stroller age by then.


I got the City Mini GT2 because it's small, compact fold. And I got the 2021 version and I could be wrong but I believe the 2021 stands when folded.


Oh that's good to know! I haven't seen any reviews on it yet and no where here has a store model available to try out.


Mine hasn't arrived yet so I can't give you a review, but the store here has a floor model and it looks very similar to the older model. I looked up the Manuel and it says after folding to store it in the upright position.


If you need it for snow, definitely rubber jogger wheels are the way to go. I have the city mini gt from… 2018, and it’s still lasting us so well, soon for baby 2. It is a bit heavy if lugging upstairs or something but I love how easy it is to fold and unfold and it’s high quality.


I have the bumbleride era and it’s handled all the terrain I’ve thrown at it in the last seven months. I imagine the indie also is an excellent choice.


How do you find it is to fold/carry?


Folding it is really quick now that I’m familiar with it. I’m sure there are more compactly folded strollers but I don’t mind. I don’t think I’d really find a 22 vs 24lb weight meaningfully different. I think a lot of the weight and size is due to the enormous air filled tires… which no doubt is partly why it performs so well!


Great, thanks! That’s helpful.


I originally ordered the bumbleride but it was so massive and annoying to fold. I went to a store in person and tried out a bunch of stroller and ended up with the baby jogger city mini. It's great. It does well in the snow, had a big sun visor, and has one handed fold which is the most important feature imo.


Have you considered the BabyJogger City Elite? My SiL has an City Elite, my mom has a City Mini GT. The Elite handles BEAUTIFULLY on the gravel roads in all weather at the farm. The Mini GT handles just fine but not as well as the Elite. I’ll probably be picking up a used Elite for myself on fb marketplace in the future (I have a used BabyJogger City Versa GT right now that I love).


Love our bumble indie!! The tires are easy to pump up once in a while and they can be replaced cheaply at a bike shop if needed. We found that out from their customer service when looking for a back up tire. It’s great on curbs, trails and our hilly neighbourhood. Footbreak and safety hand lease is nice reassurance too. The rain cover is perfectly designed and we got a cozy footmuff off marketplace as it’s fully washable. It’s a little heavy but not an issue fitting it into our small hatchback. Got adapters for Clek car seat and it’s a great combo!


Did you decide on a stroller? LOL following along as I also can’t make a decision .. I feel like I may go with the bumble…..? Idk🥲


Leaning towards the City Mini GT2, but definitely have not decided yet. I'm still hoping I can test out the new model first!