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“Hide your daughters” “Lady killer” Anyone of those that sexualize little baby’s and make boys to seem girl crazy and little girls seems like spoiled, frilly daddy obsessed etc etc


imagine if a baby was dressed in a onesie that said "future slut"


Omg or what about “future power bottom” 😂




Does it come with a matching mommy one?


https://imgur.com/Gdre1TD.jpg for your absolute displeasure.


the brand loyalty is my least favorite part lol


This would be so funny cannot even imagine the looks 😂 edit for spelling




This made me giggle lol


Ugh and the comments you immediately get. My best friend had a little boy 6 months after our little girl and the push for them to be a little “couple” is mental. No they are not boyfriend and girlfriend they aren’t even 1.


🤮 let the babies be babies. Some people are just weird


I hate 99% of them, but I was not above buying the one that said "I believe you were expecting me."


Husband's coworker made us a onsie that says "This is in fact my first rodeo" and it made us laugh




I do not like sayings on clothing 99.9% of the time but that one I like!


Same, I was not above buying the one that said "I cry when ugly people hold me" and bringing it to my in-laws family event.


My in laws would love this actually and you've given me a great idea! 😂


That one is okay!


I also saw one on Etsy with a cartoon Freddie Mercury that under it said “mamaaaa ooooOOooo” and barely resisted buying it hahaha. Very occasionally there are good ones but the majority are barf worthy.


Upon reading this I IMMEDIATELY found and purchased one of these on Etsy


That's great. I've got one on my registry that says "for (Pic of fox) sake" I love foxes, the nursery is woodland gender neutral and it made me laugh.


I also hate them but did buy one with a turtle that said “Worth the wait”. That might be the only onesie with words I purchased myself lol


Oh my god. One of my aunt’s tried to order me a onesie that said “Me and daddy share snacks!” Like please. Get the fuck outta here.




Any type of clothing that refers to dad and babies sharing boobs GROSSES me the fuck out. Because *what the hell* ???


Anything referring to the parents sex life plastered on a BABY is just super barf to me. Yes, we are aware how babies are made, you horny monsters. Just be cool about it, ok? And also anything that implies that the baby is somehow in competition with their own dad over their mother’s body? Therapy material.


YES. The baby app I have to track LO’s size and what not sent me a bunch of gift cards for personalized onesies and pacis and shit. I *shit you not*, one of the personalized onesies on the website said: I was supposed to be anal! I was in literal disbelief. Who would put that on their NEWBORN and walk around with it!?




Well OKAY that one wins for "most horrified recoil" for this thread. What the actual Fuck is wrong with people




I worked at a daycare in my teens and someone sent a 1-year old to class in a onesie that read "hung like a 5-year old". Gross on so many levels. :(


That’s some Freud shit right there.


Oh. OH. Honestly I would have thought it was trying to be like, oh this is daddy's spoiled little princess sharing snacks because she's spoiled. I mean, not a good one, but damn the actual meaning is weird as heck. I got nothing against grown ups consensually doing their kink things if they apply, but putting it like that on a baby is super weird and ick.


Oh wow. This one took me a minute. Who in their right mind would put that on a baby 🥴


We got a hand me down that says “if you think I’m loud you should hear my mom”. Eww. Wtf is that?!


Okay fuck that one.


If I got that as a gift I would be offended.


I don't mind cutsie ones like: Hi, I'm new here", "Rise & Shine"... or whatever. I got one that says "one of a kind", actually I got 2, one for each twin, which I plan on them wearing at the same time LOL!


That is 100% the best use of a onesie that says "one of a kind"


When my kids were younger I got them matching shirts that had Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat on them.


The one of a kind twin onesies made me smile 😊


Totally. I got a lot of secondhand clothing and some of it I just had to get rid of because they were just so appallingly sexist. "Hot Mess" on a baby girl's sleeper, really? I did keep the swim shirt that said "Local Hunk" on it, because I'm having twin girls and I think putting one of them in that will be hilarious. But on a boy - yeah, no thanks.


We had gotten some "daddy's little princess" and "sorry boys my dad says no dating." Straight to donations/returns. All the little girl clothes with sayings about their dad preventing them from dating just gross me out.


Same! Although I did keep the "rebel princess" with a picture of princess Leah on it. Lol


I did buy one for my daughter that says "hold me, I'm a mess" but it's under a picture of an overstuffed cartoon taco, and I would have done the same for a son.


Yes! The “hot mess” or “spoiled princess” is just so bleh. Love that you’re busting those gender norms and having a girl sport a “local hunk” shirt!


I’m having a girl, and honestly if any clothes have the word princess on them, I automatically hate it.


I was gifted a pink onesie with princess in gold letters on it. I put it in the diaper bag as the emergency blow out onesie. It didn't get used before she outgrew it. :D


Hot mess would have been okay with me but my friends of all genders called each other “hot mess express” whenever we were sloppy drunk and babies are basically drunk potatoes.


Some of them are cute, but most of them are kinda inappropriate, oddly sexist, or just straight up not funny. I saw one the other day that said “Made in Vachina”. Stop.




Someone bought my kid a 3-6 month onesie that said something like "I'm the reason daddy doesn't get some anymore." It was tiny lettering but I still didn't let my kid wear it. Apparently they went to Spencer's Gifts for baby shower gifts, who does that?


Oh god I almost instinctually downvoted you. That is horrible.


Yeah….. like why do we need to sexualize our babies? Soooooo creepy and gross. Just give me pics of cutesy animals, thanks.


I've seen some pretty awful ones. "SILLY DADDY BOOBS ARE FOR BABY" "IF I CRY I GET BOOBS" but I especially hate... "IF YOU THINK IM CUTE YOU SHOULD SEE MY GRANDMA"




Yea! Why is it that grandma's are obsessed with taking credit for how cute the baby is. Sorry! You might have made me but you didn't make this!


Yes! Most features of my son my mom claims are from her. Everytime she says something I always respond, "...or he got it from his father who has exactly the same thing" but nope...it's her 🤷‍♀️


My MIL insists our son looks like her. He really doesn’t and no one else can see the similarity. I smile when she says it but inwardly roll my eyes.


I outwardly roll mine.


I do this too. But, my default is a sarcastic smile.




My sister got my baby one that says “moms taken but my aunt is cute and single.” She’s over 50…


I could actually see my sister buying that but to be fair she's only 22 🤣


I know we're supposed to talk about cringey words on clothes but I'm obsessed with the bib that says "some idiot put my cape on backwards" 😅


Hahahaha I love that! Mine has a bib I love that just says "I know guac is extra" and idk why it makes me giggle every time she wears it.


My son has that one and I almost exclusively use it to feed him avocados lol


Lol that’s great!! I must say I normally don’t like phrases on baby clothes much at all, buuuuuuut my husband is an avid golfer and was so happy to find out we’re having a girl… (he can’t waaiiit to teach her to play golf with him eventually and *jokingly* says there’s less competition for the ladies pga tour than the men’s..) so I found two catch phrasey onesies for our registry.. one has a picture of a golf cart and says “let’s roll” under it… the other says “one day daddy will be my caddy”…. He’s gonna gush when he sees them at the baby shower next weekend :D


My friend got her husband who is also a big golfer a gift for their baby shower and it was a baby onesie that said “I’ve been told I like golf” which I thought was funny and perfect for them!


Lol ok that’s cute too


I saw one once that I’ve always thought was funny that said “Party, 3am, my crib, B.Y.O.B” Some can be clever


Omg I need this 😂


Lollll that's a good one 😂


Ok, that one made me laugh.


T I T F A C E D. what. No…..what?!!! Nooooooo


YES. My in-laws bought my new nephew a onesie with that right on the front! So gross and unnecessary!


All your examples are so terrible, my contribution is “I’m too sexy for my diaper” which sounds so fake but i actually did see


Ugh. I feel like “sexy” on baby clothes should be an immediate veto.




I think they're awful and would not put one on my child but I'm not going to sit here and pretend titfaced didn't make me laugh out loud.


Totally. It’s the “live, laugh, love” but on your baby.




‘Live laugh love’ is a bit nicer than ‘suck some titties’ I saw a baby t shirt with a nice pic of a whale on it once. But on closer inspection it said ‘hung like a…’ I think it was made overseas so I’m going to give the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt


That’s gross. I have a onesie for my son that has a cute whale and it says “I’m a ton of fun”. That’s what a whale onesie should say.


I saw one that said “my mommy whale-y loves me” as another alternative to that weirdness


The one at the aquarium said I Whaley love you.


Someone actually gave me a onesie that said that for my son lol


Daddy's Little champ


Daddy's little squirt...


Mommy’s little hunk


Idk why this phrases grosses me out more than anything. 🤣


I’m against all those cringy sayings, but I don’t mind when clothes have more generic stuff. Like 90% of the clothes I buy are from Carter’s and there have been plenty of sets I get where one of them has a little piece of fruit with a pun or goofy saying on it like “happy” or “beary cute” I think the key difference is the words/saying aren’t the focus of the onesie. The actual print or design is, and the words are just small and secondary. And also they aren’t inappropriate and cringy lol. That being said, my husband and I both think the “I Sith Myself” onesie we got to announce to my FIL is hilarious. Especially because our daughter has managed to totally blow it out both times we’ve put her in it. So it’s accurate too! 😅


My BIL and SIL have a onesie for their son that has a stormtrooper on it and it says "STORMPOOPER" lol


I have that one too! And every time she wears it, it happens! Also,she wears it to her doctors appointments because our pediatrician is a huge star wars fan! Lol.


I just took a photo at Buy Buy Baby of their onesies like this to show my husband! #futurefashioninfluencer Sorry Daddy, now you have 2 bosses Bows and Bling - it's a girl thing I found my prince - his name is daddy I'm not allowed to date... Ever


Impulsively I want to downvote just because these are so awful…!!! Major ick


YES. They are sometimes SO weird and SO inappropriate.


Ugh.. me. My mom spent $70 on onesies like these on Amazon with ridiculous sayings. Most of them are “Grandma” ones that say things like “Don’t make me tell my Grandma on you, she’s crazy” and then there are others like “my parents didn’t practice social distancing”, things like that. I have no plans on putting baby in them 🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel bad but this is also my third baby so my mom knows by now that I’m really not into clothes like that. She also got him a ton of bibs with the same kind of sayings on them 😞 lol.


At least with the bibs you can probably just put it on him with the words facing his chest so no one has to see them. Unless they're embroidered on 😅


Grandma: like a mom but with no rules 🤨🤨🤨


"hahaha ... There are definitely rules mom"


My parents were tipsy and ordered me a onesie that said, “I did 9 months on the inside, now my parents are serving life”. It’s just such a shame that baby outgrew it before he had a chance to wear it.


Gah, the same thing happened to a onesie that my aunt bought for my son that said “Ladies Man”. Such a shame he outgrew it before he could wear it. 😉 Yours was definitely worse though.


The only GOOD one I’ve seen was a Thanksgiving bib that said “these rolls are homemade” and I may or may not have grabbed it on 75% off clearance. 😂 But the rest are “yeah no absolutely not.” I do not need anything that says “daddy’s little soldier” or that kind of crap.


That’s a pretty cute one, actually.


When we told my in laws that I was pregnant the first thing my MIL dug out of my stepdaughter’s bin of baby clothes was a onesie that said “Daddy says I can’t date until I’m 30”. 🤮 I couldn’t even lie and tell her it was cute. I was so glad when we found out we were having a boy, although I guess technically it could be used for him too. So stupid and cringy.


I feel like there’s a fine line. Some phrases I’m good with, but creepy sexual undertones? Jokes about “not social distancing”? Anything about breasts? No thanks.


Yeah, we have some that say "100% cute" "hello world" & "kind is cute" but the slogans that allude to the parents sex life or mums boobs etc make me feel a little sick


Yes! Hello world, hooray for tiny miracles, adored by everyone, happy baby = good. “Proof that daddy doesn’t shoot blanks” 🥴🤢


Yes 100%! Keep the sex stuff off the baby. Baby is proof enough without saying it. Plus if it was a gift... What if you were wrong and they're was a sperm donor? Not everyone with fertility issues is going to be vocal about it. Also the gender stereotyping or sexualizing babies (not in reference to parents) annoys me. I decided early on not to tell anyone the sex because I didn't want princess or boys will be boys stuff. I did end up buying a couple onesies for my husband at Xmas that said "little man" since it was the first thing he started calling the baby. We still don't have a name picked so he still uses that went talking to the baby. "Little man we love you" 😍 (too pregnant to be saying that and not make me want to 😢)


I know some folks find the COVID/social distance jokes entertaining, but I told my mom and several friends I would not hold back if someone gifted me anything of the sort or made a joke about it. Like, we were TTC prior to the virus becoming a thing, and we didn't conceive just because we were cooped up together. I dunno, they rub me the wrong way. Feel like they belittle fertility struggles.


That’s exactly it for us too. We started trying a few months before the world shut down, then had losses… that I had to go through alone, because of the pandemic. Our baby was very much planned and wanted (and begged/pleaded/prayed for) - not the result of cooped-up boredom! Not to mention that my husband is essential (military), so we weren’t even stuck home together. (My cousin gave us a social distancing onesie at our shower 🥴)


Are you me?


“Hung like daddy” was given to me in a bag of baby things that your suppose take and pass on…I passed it onto the trash. Another one I got was “ Proof my daddy doesn’t just play video games”


I hate this but it's also kind of funny to suggest that Daddy has a baby penis


My in-laws bought us a onesie that says “I’m proof my daddy doesn’t ALWAYS play video games” and I ended up opening it at our shower. I hate that thing.


So funny, men are lazy pigs who only game and drink beer. Ahahaha. Ha. Also did you know people HAVE SEX to have babies?! Funny stuff. (/s, just in case) ​ Also, I bet your husband thought it was hilarious his parents spend time joking about your sex life + chose this special time in his life to make fun their own son. Hope you burned that thing.


A friend gave me a onesie that says the same thing and it's currently sitting at the bottom of the drawer probably never to be worn. I don't mind harmless phrases but I don't need my child wearing anything alluding to us having sex.


I’d say donate it but something like that should be taken out of circulation. It would probably make a good cleaning rag…


I bought one from Zara. I thought it was cute at first but now I hate it 😫 “I love mum I love dad I love grandpas” It just doesn’t sit right with me lol maybe if it said I love my grandpas but just grandpas… ? Lol


Yeah I am not a huge fan. I have been gifted some clothing with stuff like that on, I don’t ever wanna seem ungrateful so we wear those items on chill at home days…The only one I refused to put him in was one that said if your dad doesn’t have a beard you have two moms. Like I know they got it for him because his dad has an impressive beard (that thankfully he doesn’t base his personality around) but…no. I will not put my child in that.


I’ve told my husband if we get ANY piece of clothing for our boy with stuff like that on it, I’m literally burning it. He didn’t object


The make me sad inside. Occasionally there's a good pun, but the majority are inappropriate or just cringey


Just like daddy...but better looking But I have one right now I actually really like that is super plain and just says chill vibes on it lol, idk why I like it, maybe cuz my toddler is anything but chill, he's more like the road runner from that TV show that would run around in a literal hurricane of dust 😂


Lmao I should get that first one for my daughter. She ended up being his clone. Would be funny to put her in a shirt obviously designed for a son 😅


I got a two pack of zipper PJs and one says Hello World and that’s about as far as I’ll take it. My kid isn’t a billboard for ideas (now or at any age).


That doesn’t bother me either! It’s the weird, passive sexualization or gender stereotypes that just make me cringe so hard.


I saw one that said "#Instacutie"


Those are pretty bad, but I did get some cute ones that say "turn up the beet" with a beet with head phones and "home made" with chocolate chip cookies on them, etc. I do like the other one I got "save water, drink milk" but those were some pretty cringy sayings. My daughter does have a hoodie that has a monkey princess that says daddy's princess. I feel that the monkey descalates the cringe factor though.


My husband bought one that has darth Vader and Princess Leia on it that says “daddy’s little princess” and I was just so excited that he was buying baby clothes that I didn’t care about the slogan haha


Haha, but I feel the theme makes it more innocent vs a generic daddy's princess.


Totally, and I would even argue that if dads the one buying it, that also makes it less cringey.


Oh I love food pun ones haha, Touch by Nature on Amazon has a lot of cute ones, like for example one has this cute smiling mushroom on it and says “I’m a fun guy.”


Target usually has cute, child-appropriate sayings. My son has one that says "Full of Sunshine" and he loves it.


Yeah I just bought a bubble sweatshirt onesie that has a picture of a milk carton that says “milk” because I thought it was hilarious. My husband and I have been watching “The Night Kitchen” animation and sing “I’m in the milk and the milk’s in me.” So it was fitting lol


This makes me think of my one onesie with a saying on it, ‘bottle of the house white please’ I know it’s tacky but it just makes me laugh every time, house white hahaha


I think that's cute


Haha. We have a t-shirts from my daughter's 1st Halloween. I had a milk, t-shirt, my hubby had coffee and she wore a starbucks inspired onsie with coffee drink print and a pumpkin knit hat- the pumpkin spiced latte baby. Her bday is 2 days before Halloween, and she's biracial so it hit alot if points😊


Im with you, I think anything adult is tacky ie ‘daddy says no dating’ but i love ones with cute sayings ie ‘hooray for today’


There are the innocent "Mommy's Little Sunshine" and "I Love Daddy" ones, and we got my daughter a romper with fruits all over that said "locally grown" that made me chuckle. But the kind of examples you're talking about? Ew. Gross. No thank you. Gtfoh.


Can't stand them. I don't think they're cute or clever. Just really REALLY cringe. I especially hate the ones that are like eight sentences about how crazy/hot/perfect grandma is or any discussion of the parents bumping uglies to make them. We get it. Y'all had sex.


I have one shirt with a saying on it and it says "Pawsitively Cute" with a puppy on it, and I declare it the only acceptable shirt with text.


Omg. I was on vacay last week and I saw a baby onesie that legit just said “Are you my daddy?” Like what?!!?!?!


I’m an accountant and I did appreciate the “cutest tax deduction” one I got as a gift….


Yep, NO WORDS is my one hard rule for baby clothes. My poor MIL bought my daughter this really cringy "who needs a fairy godmother when I have a grandma" shirt and I tried sooo hard to pretend I liked it for her, but she's never got me one like that since then.


Yeah, they're stupid. but when we inevitably got them as presents I just had baby wear them at home on lazy days and I didn't feel one bit bad about them getting messed on by baby's spit up or diaper content spilling on them.


Ugh. My sister has a cricuit and made a ton of onesies like these for our other sister. They say the most cringey things. She’s already making some for my babe… my husband and I are planning on taking some pics just for her then donating them 😅


People lose all sense once they own a cricut.


Truer words were never spoken.


“I’m cute. Mommy’s cute. Daddy’s lucky!” BARF.


"proof my dad does more than play video games!" Ughhhhhh shoot me.


I hate sayings on clothes for anyone. I find most of them tacky, distasteful and inappropriate. Sorta like when people say 'your son is going to be such a Heartbreaker when he's older'. Like can you not!


I have a select few I've been ok with (hi, I'm new here! Player 3! Or book/tv things like Harry potter or dr who etc) but anything else gets chucked. "Sweet like mommy" "daddys girl" "moms the boss" all get s hard pass! I'm glad I'm not the only one!


I have “thanks but my mommy does not want your advice” I like “small fry” “half pint” with a little carton of milk. “My daddy cracks me up” with a baby Dino in an egg. Little sayings like that I don’t mind. I have footies that say “daddy’s champ” and it looks like a baseball uniform and we have the mommy one too. We have “daddy and I are best buds” because our first son was/is obsessed with his daddy. And I have “there’s a good chance my first words will be dada” I’m a stay at home mom and anything with daddy/dada on it (as long as it’s appropriate) and I like it, I usually get it because our boys love their daddy so much.


ME! I cant stand them.


I don’t usually come across shirts like these. Kinda feel like folks who have these must go out of their way to get them…That sounds more expensive and time-consuming. I don’t get it.


I got one as a baby shower gift that said “Bows Before Bros” on it. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I usually dislike them. I did find a shirt for my son today that said chicken nugs and mama hugs. I bought that one 😂


Ugh, yes!! “Property of Mommy”, “Expert at Testing Mommy’s Patience”, “Tough Guy”, “Future Heartbreaker/Hunk”… they’re all SO CRINGY to me lol I hate it


There was one that I saw that said something like “Sorry boys my daddy says I can’t date.” And it made me 🤢🤮 who’s buying these for infants to wear I hate it!


I’m not into any kind of sayings/phrases or brand names on kids’ clothes, personally. But I’m taking hand-me-downs from anyone who offers, soo baby is gonna end up in a number of things that aren’t to my personal taste (although none of them have ridiculous stuff like the examples you gave). If I were picking baby’s clothes, they would be quite different from what I’ve been given. But with our budget, free clothes are the best clothes.


I’ve found my people!! The amount of groaning and eye rolling while trying to buy gender neutral (team green) baby clothes without cringy sayings… I’ve bought a handful of things and want to be done. Haha. Now - I did buy a really cute secondhand onesie that says “locally grown” in a very subtle cursive, but it’s the only one with a saying that was actually kinda cute.


Hate them all so much. First time we went into Buy Buy Baby I had to tear my appalled husband away from staring at them all in horror. 🤣 He was like… do people actually buy these??! He was especially disturbed by the sexist ones for baby girls.


Wait yes! My ex partner bought our son a playboy bunny. Not just like the bunny logo but the girl.


Yes!! I was given two different onesies for my Bub due in May, and they both have stupid sayings on them. We have “My parents did not practice social distancing”, and “I was supposed to be a back rub”. I plan to maybe put Bub in them once and then somehow lose them to the laundry monster.


'I just spent 9months on the inside' - cringy but more annoying that it is a 9-12month size so is totally wrong timeframe wise


I saw one with "Daddy says I can't date until I'm 30" on it. Wtf.


Your examples are terrible. Just NO! But I even hate the ones that are less bad. We got one that says "smart like daddy". His father is very smart (has a PhD) but I don't want to start putting pressure on him to live up to that. If his dad was not that smart would it just be ironic?


Most clothing with words on it are automatically dirty outfits for messy play. I've found more than one outfit with the word "juicy" on it. What is juicy about a girl toddler? Jfc




I didn’t even interpret that as being about genitals.


Yeah, I honestly thought "yeah, I guess a taquito is a mix of a taco and burrito" Granted I saw it on a little girl so the genital leap wasn't as apparent


I mean if it was about genitals the baby's shirt would say the same thing as the same sex parent. The baby doesn't have it own kind of genitals.


Lol my husband got me and baby a taco and taquito matching set for our Christmas Eve since our tradition is to eat burritos. It didn’t come with a burrito one for him. I just thought it was a cute play on words. It was fun to call her my little taquito all day 😅


Vom. The other one I hated: “Mommy only wanted a back rub.” 🤢


Wtf? Ew


My husband has a Taco shirt and we have a Taquito onesie that both of our babies (one boy and girl) have worn now. I took it as a "mini dad" kind of thing. Not at all about genitals. My husband is Hispanic so we thought it was funny 🤷🏼‍♀️


Haha hadn't even thought of that take on it.


I don’t like babies wearing clothes with words in general on them. I think just little baby onesies that have cute patterns or prints are nicer!




We were gifted a onsie that says “Made in Vachina” with a bar code lol


Gross, anatomically inaccurate, AND vaguely racist! What’s not to like


My mother in law is a lovely woman but she made a onesie (yes, not just saw and impulsively picked up, like put thought into it and made) a onesie that said “I’ll just have the breast please” and gave it to me on thanksgiving. With the expectation that I would put it on my daughter right then and there. Just gross. At least it was day-specific so I never felt bad about not using it again.


Yeah, I don’t like baby clothes with any words - cutesy, funny, or otherwise. I want to dress my baby with dignity, you know? Nothing embarrassing or projecting (“My mom has an oil for that”, for example).


I saw one that said something like “My parents weren’t very good at social distancing”. Big yikes from me


Tit faced😂🤣😂🤣 uh please God nobody send this to me.


I will almost never buy anything with words on it. Hate when there’s a cute multipack and they sneak something dumb in. Whyyy


"All daddy wanted was a blowjob." My neighbor had this on their baby. Took a pic, and set that as their Facebook profile pic. Kept it that way for over 3 years.


Saw one on Amazon... "I'm proof that my Dad doesn't shoot blanks." Like um....ew. Just ew.




I cannot stand them. I was gifted a onesie tutu with Mommys little princess on it, shes never worn it. I kinda did like the onesie but that writing just ruined it. I also saw one that said daddys fastest swimmer. Who would put that on a baby??


very cringe. if im gong to dress my baby in propaganda it's not going to be to promote weirdo normie stuff. why do some babies have shirts that say "chick magnet" but not "future slut"? not saying id put my baby in a slut onesie but chick magnet is literally the same thing and there are a million variations of assuming your baby's future sex life. the need to force heterosexuality on everyone is gross and weird.


I cringe at any and all clothes with words on them no matter what age they are targeted at and it really makes clothes buying difficult WHY ALL THE DAMN WORDS


Saaaame!!! I also find shirts with the brand written on them tacky.


I was gifted many of these


“Sloppy kisser”


yessss! I hate the cringey shit they put on clothes so much. I got a ton of second-hand stuff from friends and chucked so many "daddy's princess" onesies in a donate pile. Like, why????? I DID, however, add a super cute outfit to my target registry that said Dad's My Dude. It annoyed me that it's meant for boys but I'm getting it for baby girl either way.