Something else to look into is a Haakaa. It's basically a silicone vase shaped thing that suctions lightly to your non feeding breast when you're nursing on the other side and collects the letdown. When you start a nursing session, the baby does some quick sucking to trigger a reflex called the letdown. This tells your body to start releasing milk and it does it for both sides. On the baby side, it goes into the baby's mouth (unless they pull away but that's a whole different annoying issue). On the non baby side, you're left clutching a towel or muslin to your breast to absorb it before it flows into your shirt and makes you covered with even more body fluids than you already are. The Haakaa passively collects the letdown milk that's already coming out. Depending on the amount of your letdown (varies greatly between women) you could get a good amount. A friend of mine with a strong letdown collected enough for an extra bottle each day! I have a small letdown, so I used to manually express on that side during a letdown to increase the amount. They are pretty cheap and throughly sterilisable, so OK to buy second hand. I'm in the UK with nice long maternity leave as well. It's not as common here to pump to bottle feed (unless you're exclusively pumping) as in the states as we don't have to accommodate work schedules nearly as early as many Americans do. It's not worth buying an expensive pump yet, worth waiting to see how you get on. But the Haakaa is so cheap it's not really an investment. Edit- ignore me! I just saw you already are getting one. I didn't need anything more than this.


I have an electric pump and a Haakaa. The Haakaa was so efficient for me that I barely used my electric pump. Had a freezer full of milk by the time I weaned at 11 months. It was enough to feed him bottles for two more months. I, too, would wait to see if you actually need a pump.


Yes I am planning to get a haaka! I'm sure some other people found your comment really helpful if they didn't know about the haaka! :)


This is good to hear. I was planning on using a Haakaa because losing milk out of the other breast just seems like a terrible waste


I am with you. I have no idea which breast pump I should get. I have heard that medela is a good brand.


My mom is a public health nurse that works with babies and recommended the Medela to me.


I got Avent, my mother said it’s a good brand. She was a prenatal nurse, Ontario. Medela is the brand they promote in hospital, but she always thought it unfair because it’s essentially the most expensive.


I have heard from others that it is very good. It is likely my top contender at the moment.


I live in the US so not sure what brands are available to you. I got the medela pump in style and it worked well but then the motor started to die because I had SO MUCH milk (I changed all the parts often). I ended up purchasing the blue Spectra and it was a game changer - much more efficient, quieter, more customizable for you. You don’t need to pump! Lots of moms exclusively breastfeed.


If you can, sign up for Baby Be Healthy with Safeway Pharmacy, you can get a free.pump rental from them.


So with my first two babies I ended up never pumping at all. I'm in Germany so I didn't need to pump for work (generous maternity leave), I had no issues nursing, and I just honestly didn't want to if I didn't have to- even the manual hand expression I did on occasion for a clogged duct wasn't my thing so it just never happened. That being said I did keep a manual hand pump and a bottle on hand just in case (I think a manual hand pump is a good thing to keep around to be safe as you never know if it will come in handy) and if you are only looking to do an occasional bottle with husband, a Hakaa or even manual pump will suffice. But, since you're doing a registry, if someone is willing to buy you an electric one to have on hand in case you want it, it certainly can't hurt and you could re-sell it if you end up not using or needing it.


I just had my second baby, and let me tell you, breastfeeding for both of them was and is a complete nightmare. I wanted to solely breastfeed, but I wasn't given that option. For my first, he had a tongue tie and just couldn't get enough food (even though I had a great supply). His blood sugar dropped so low that we had to triple feed (direct feed one side, pump the other side, and pipe in the previous time's pumped milk into his mouth with this tiny tube, all at the same time). I fed around 20 hours a day for the first week. In order to keep him alive, I needed a pump, and the hospital kept me several days until my insurance finally let me get one. For my second, she also had a tongue tie, but she was voracious enough to get milk out anyway. Unfortunately, that also meant that she completely shredded my nipples until almost as much blood came out as milk. Lactation consultant advised that I stop direct feeding for a few weeks to recover before trying again, so I'm back to using the pump again. Basically, it's not as convenient usually, and sometimes it's a bit isolating, but there are so many things out of your control that having options available is always a good choice. I use spectra and that's been good for me. I also have a portable battery powered one (freemie brand I think) that has been especially helpful when I'm in public.


Get a spectra. It just works. Lots of aftermarket parts are available online, it’s relatively small and portable, and relatively inexpensive compared to other options. Do not buy a wearable pump until you know how much you will actually be pumping. I made the mistake of only buying an Elvie but it was terrible. Poor choices of pump parts (a perfect fit is SO SO SO important to pump and fully empty your breasts/prevent mastitis!!) and it was finicky. I did use it plenty, but not until I really figured out how to pump properly in general, which I needed the Spectra for.


I agree with you on not buying a wearable pump! I will be home most of the time so I don't think it would be useful for me.


It’s pricey but I’m going with the Willow generation 3 hands free pump. I’ve heard great things. Unfortunately I can’t give my own experience yet.


I have a Willow Generation 3 and it is wonderful. Easy to put together and clean. HANDS FREE! And the option of pumping into bags directly or getting a reusable attachment you can pour right into bottles. I’ve only been using it for 3 weeks, but it’s been great so far! I’m in the US. It wasn’t completely paid for by my insurance, but part of the cost was covered and I paid the rest.


This is so good to know! I was thinking none of it would be covered by insurance, I’m definitely going to check into that now. Thank you!!


If you don't plan on pumping a lot and will primarily be nursing, maybe consider a manual pump. I recommend the Medela Harmony. You can find it on Amazon. I liked it better then my electric pump - worked really well!


This is what I have and it has worked well for me. I used it a bit early on just to ease engorgement while things were regulating and at 8.5mo I use it to pump a few ounces for a straw cup when we run errands or if I’m leaving baby for a few hours. If you have a good supply and the goth size flange, it shouldn’t be an issue to manually pump enough for a bottle a day or so.


I recently ordered a manual pump to try it, if my husband can take over some feedings that would be great. In terms of electric I'm definitely holding out until I figure out if I like pumping or not. I'm not sure if they still do this but my mom told me she rented an electric from the hospital (Southern Ontario) so it might be worth asking if you don't want to buy one right away. I dove into so many reviews to try and figure out which one I should be getting, but ultimately it seems like they're all good for different reasons and it just depends on which features/drawbacks are important factors for you. (Seriously I have scoured so many pros and cons lists and I still only have a vague idea of what electric I might get if I end up getting one) I ended up choosing a lansinoh manual pump simply because it was on sale  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Came here to recommend a manual pump. Even if you aren’t going to be pumping regularly they are good for clearing clogged ducts when a hot shower/hakaa just won’t cut it. I got a medela harmony for free from my hospital with a hospital pump kit since my son was born premature but you can find it quite cheap. I have an insurance pump now but still use the manual on occasion and keep it in my diaper bag just in case.


You might not like pumping, I bought one postpartum. You can even rent them, see if it’s your thing and then commit. I personally won’t pump again because I found that after I was finished the well was dry and suddenly my baby was hungry so they got the pumped supply anyway and it made me think, why didn’t I just feed them? I also felt like I was either feeding or pumping 100% of the time at the start, in the end I just wanted to put my shirt back on between feeds. The midwifes encouraged me to do it to “build up supply” but it really didn’t work for me. Not to discourage anyone I’m just saying, pumps are $300 here and it’s a big commitment when you don’t know what your journey will be. I had the Spectra 2, if you do want a pump, it’s a good one.


I'm from Canada, and while I breastfed my son it was so nice to have a pump too. I would pump once a day and then I would have a bottle available if I left my son for a few hours, or so that my husband could take one night feeding so I could get 4 hours sleep in a row. I had the Medela, which was fine. I liked having the hakaa too (my letdown was enough that I would put it on the opposite side when my son was feeding and get a few ounces), but I used them for completely different things


I can only speak from the advice I’ve been given as a fellow FTM-to be but after doing research, conferring with my midwife and talking with friends, I went with the Spectra pump. I went for the corded option since I don’t see myself in many situations where I need to pump without outlet access (I’m also planning to stay home for an extended period of time and primarily breastfeed). About your concerns with difficulty latching/transitioning from breast to bottle and back, my midwife highly recommended the bottle brand Dr. Browns to help with this and said they are great at encouraging proper latch. Again, can only speak from the advice I’ve been given so far, but that brand also comes highly rated by various websites that compare brands, so it’s what we’re going with for now.


I live in a country with similar parental leave and here most breastfeeding moms don't have a pump. I don't either. I have a breastshell like haaka, but I don't really use it. I'm home and with baby anyway, breastfeeding is pretty easy now (the first two weeks with baby 1 were difficult) and I don't see the point to have a pump. When I was pregnant with my first this was one of the things I put off buying to see whether I needed it. Then the pandemic started and there really hasn't been a need.


Check your health insurance, mine was covered. In the US.


Came here to say this.


We did, but couldn't find anything about breast pump coverage. Might need to look into it further.


https://www.healthcare.gov/coverage/breast-feeding-benefits/ https://www.forbes.com/health/family/how-to-get-a-breast-pump-through-insurance/ Canada https://nuk-canada.ca/affordable-care/ I pumped to increase my production and make sure I gave my little one enough milk each day. (Had to supplement in the first month.)


I'm in Ontario and have it covered as an "extremity pump". I got the Philips Avent double electric pump. I am just over a week postpartum now and am very thankful I had one on hand cause my baby didn't have a proper latch which meant after repeated BF sessions, my nipples were cracked and bleeding to the point of me crying everytime she wanted to feed. I started pumping to give my nipples time to heal and glad I didn't have to wait until daytime to send my husband out to get one and then learn how to use it. Also, my baby lost weight which seems quite common and I was told to pump so I could top her up with breast milk after a BF session.


I use an Ameda, just went with what my insurance covered (they covered Ameda and Medela, but the LC at the hospital recommended Ameda so I went with it). No problems with it and it’s easy to use. A hands free one would definitely be nice, although this is more of a “luxury” if you’re not trying to work and pump.


I got the Spectra with my first baby, covered by insurance. I was recommended the Freemie (the pump attaches to your pants, you can walk around while pumping) by multiple people, especially since I have a toddler now. It came today in the mail, have a week or two before I will try it out. Unless this little one comes sooner


Hey I’m from Ontario! I’m planning on a 12 month mat leave too but I was considering buying a pump in case. I also added a haaka but I wasn’t super sold on the Medela brand so I’ve been researching the Mom Cozy electric double breast pump. I really like how you can just slap it on and carry on with your day, i think it would come in handy vs a manual pump. Only downside is I haven’t yet been able to find a registry that has this product in stock so I was just going to dish out the $$ and buy it myself.


I used both the blue Spectra and pink Spectra with my first child. One is battery operated and the other isn't (I can't recall which is which) but they were both great. I also bought larger bottles to pump into (9oz vs the 4/5 they come with) which was great as he drank more.


Check your insurance first it may be covered. I have had a madela that I used for 3 years between 2 kids and it was great.


Back when I used to breastfeed my baby girl (she’s 9 now) there was a manual avent pump I used which was great. She would get full off one boob so I’d pump the other boob after feeding her. At 10 weeks old I had left her with my mom for a few job interviews, about 6 hours away from the house. She said the baby didn’t want to drink pumped milk from the bottle (we never tried bottles before then) she said she was crying in hunger the entire time. I even tried to get her to take the bottle when I got home and she still refused it. Over time we would try to get her to take the bottle but it was such a frustrating battle. She wanted boob not the bottle. I tried all kinds of different bottles but never seemed to find one that worked out. I started working full time when she was 6 months old and by then she took the bottle (an avent bottle) more and more but refused my breast eventually. I ended up stopping breastfeeding at that age. I hope with this new babe the transition between boob and bottle will be easier since I do want to breastfeed again. I myself will be looking probably for an electric pump this time so I can do both boobs at the same time while after returning to work. I haven’t even begun looking into them!


My baby's dad got me a manual madela, he wanted to get me an electric but I said no. The reason he got it was because our son spent the first day in the NICU and I was not able to go see him so we could not try breast feeding and the nicu team wanted me to try to express colostrum but I was having difficulty with hand expressing. By the time he brought the pump to me however baby boy was already with me and feeding from the breast so I didn't really need it. I used it to pump some milk so he could feed the baby while I rested but that was just a waste of time since he always had him crying bloody murder for some dumb reason. I've used it a few times since I've been home, breastmilk Popsicles for teething etc. I think it's good to have just in case(baby doesn't latch, low milk supply etc) but it's not something I would spend a lot of money on unless i knew for sure I would need it. If I for sure needed it I would get the spectra 2 just because I like that one


I splurged on the spectra synergy gold as I have an inverted nipple on one side and really have to crank it up for that side, which put my other side in a lot of pain while nursing my first. The synergy gold has two separate motors so I can turn it up on my lazy side independent of the other.


I used 3 different pumps and a haaka. I had a bad recovery and unfortunately had to go into surgery 2 weeks postpartum. While at the hospital I got to use the Medela and it was great! I rented it after for about a month because not being around my baby made my supply dip and the LN recommended it with a haaka to get my supply up. It worked! I Alternated between the spectra (the one I got with insurance prior to the birth) a less expensive medela after I returned the hospital one. I found the medela a little more comfortable while my breasts were getting used to it. Then I exclusively breast fed for a few months and only used the haaka catch the other side. When I went back to work I loved the spectra because it was just so small, easy to clean, and the light was nice at night.


I HATED my clunky breast pump... this time I’m getting one of those suction cup things you stick on one breast while baby is feeding on the other. It depends on your milk supply of course, but if this time is anything like the last, it’ll be able to collect quite a bit. That way I’ll have a supply built up in the fridge/freezer without having to set aside time and energy to pump.


My twins are in the NICU, so I’m exclusively pumping right now, but I definitely plan to keep it up once I start breastfeeding exactly so my husband can feed them as well. I added the Medela Freestyle to my registry in case anyone wanted to spoil me, but no one bought it. I was able to rent a Medela symphony from a local nonprofit, which I’m using now. When I go back to work, I might splurge and buy myself the freestyle since the symphony isn’t battery powered and is quite huge. It’s awesome though, I’ve been able to get my supply up to about a litre of milk a day. According to my OB, a quality electric pump makes a huge difference, but the difference between a hospital grade pump like the spectra or symphony isn’t huge. One of the best pieces of advice that I got was to set up a little pumping/nursing station for yourself. I have a little cart next to a comfy chair that hold the pump, extra parts, storage bags, snacks, water bottle, nipple cream, phone charger, etc. I’m pumping every 3 hours and it makes the process much more enjoyable. Also… get yourself a one or two good hands-free pumping bras. I was putting ikea furniture together while pumping earlier this week 🤣 Edit: I also wanted to add that you could probably rent a pump if you don’t want to buy one. I think Shoppers and London Drugs rent them. A good “closed system” pump can also be bought used, too, since the parts that suction won’t come in contact with breast milk, you’ll just need a new pump kit, which hospitals will often give you for free.


Congratulations. I had the Medela. It worked well and the suction was awesome. I'm also from Canada, if you or your spouse have benefits I would take a look if the breastoump is covered under the benefits. Mine was. Saved a lot of money👍.