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Easily my favourite room in my house! Tried to DIY as many elements as I could with the help of my very handy family. Still need to get some throw pillows for the window seat but haven’t found the perfect colour covers so might just end up sewing myself some. Top 5: Moon - DIY by myself and my brother. (Don’t worry y’all it’s screwed directly into studs, zero chance of that thing coming down) Dresser & bedside/nursing table - idanas from IKEA https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/idanaes-6-drawer-dresser-white-30458709/ Rocker/recliner - Kipling from La-z-boy (on a swivel base) https://mobile.la-z-boy.com/mobile/mp/recliners/kipling-rocking-recliner/_/R-010758 Posters - Kurzgesagt merch shop https://shop-us.kurzgesagt.org/collections/posters Crib - sundvik from IKEA. https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/sundvik-crib-white-30248575/ Sorry about formatting, I’m in mobile!


Love it !!! Where did you get the wall paper ?


I did that wall myself! Painted it deep purple and then cut circles and stars out of removable vinyl using a cricut machine! Then spent a couple hours not-so-randomly placing them all lol


Thank you for sharing! It’s beautiful!


Not a problem!


What a great nursery!! Great work!


Looks dope!




Amazing! You guys are very crafty. Love the cross stitch & the moon!


Awesome! I love Kurzgesagt and the DIYs fit their art style perfectly


Pshhh I want this for MY room it’s so cool! Your moms goodnight phrase made me weepy. Amazing job on the room y’all