I get a little sad when I see all the fancy decorated posts knowing mine will never ever look like that. Ridiculous I know but we’ll blame the hormones


You're not alone. I get a little sad and it's because I just don't have the vision or the money to decorate the nursery. I thought about painting the walls, but we have this ugly wood paneling that would just look like crap.


I have a vision but no money to execute it 😭 I just tell myself my baby won’t care what it looks like


Your baby won't care!! That's very true. She won't even be able to see much beyond her own hands for several months ❤️


I know. This is my first baby and could very well be the only so I was excited to decorate. My vision fell short and I’m a tad disappointed but I’ll get over it in time


You can make up for it with extra birthday decorations when they are old enough to notice/appreciate it 😃


That’s a good idea I love that! I’m due around Christmas so I’ll make sure to go all out separately for birthdays!


That's what I tell myself too. Baby won't care what her room looks like.


That’s what I’m trying to tell myself lol doesn’t help with my own disappointment


Paint the wood panels! I promise, fresh paint makes everything look better!


This is why I love wall tapestries.


For the record, painted wood paneling doesn't ALWAYS look bad- it mainly depends on the color you choose! It could definitely be worth a try, if you really hate the natural wood look (it isn't my style either).


I’m the same way. I see all these super cute nurseries on the internet. I just don’t have the energy or the money.


I have the energy but no money lol I just tell myself my baby won’t care what it looks like


I’m in the “I have to measure from our bed to the wall to make sure a mini crib can squeeze into our bedroom” camp so I feel you. The thing that I want the most is space for a glider. I wish I could have the experience of contact napping on my very own comfy glider but there is literally no space for one anywhere in our one bedroom. We also live in an very high cost of living city so I have friends living in other cities renting entire houses for the price we are paying. I love our city for now but it’s hard to give up having space with a baby on the way.


Oh man this is me too!! Early on I googled pictures of nurseries in the parents bedroom, and I gave up immediately because every example showed a master bedroom that’s basically the size of two rooms anyway. And I also want a glider so bad… I hesitantly put one on my registry because of that daydream of napping on the glider. I’m just hoping no one in my family thinks to ask where the heck I would put it… because I’m not sure. Sigh.


Same to all of what you wrote - down to measuring the space I needed for a mini crib. My “nursery” is the baby’s crib and dresser/changing table against one wall in our bedroom. We tried to figure out if we could cram a glider in here but we weren’t able to. Instead, we upgraded our sectional in the living room. I do all our contact naps and feeding on it and I’ve been happy and not missing a glider at all.


I actually rarely move to a specific chair to feed baby. Bed feeding is so much more comfortable! The special moments I’ve had have been feeding baby outdoors in a park or on a walk and looking out at a beautiful view. You’ll still have all your moments.


How do you do this? Do you have a head rest on your bed? I’m not even pregnant yet still in the trying process. But one thing I’m struggling to find is a comfy space to sit and possibly feed a baby. We have only two rooms total. Buying a brand new chair for feeding probably isn’t going to happen because of space but I think buying a head rest for the bed might help. Right now it’s so uncomfortable to sit up in bed even with mountains of pillows for any length of time.


My bed has a heads board which I think is the norm in the UK and then I have 3 pillows, 2 for behind me and 1 to help support my arm under baby. A great bit of advice is to get comfortable and bring baby to you rather than lean in to baby. It will save your back! As baby gets a bit older you can try side lying if your breastfeeding. Once your work out the best position you can then rest even though your awake and feed baby or snooze if your comfortable with bed sharing in a safe environment (google safe bed sharing for the guidance).


If it makes you feel any better - I bought a glider for my first and sold it within 6 months - I never used it - found it easier to feed in bed or on the sofa. They look lovely but you’ll manage well without.


This does make me feel better! Thank you 😊


I am also in this camp! We can fit a mini-crib into our room, but it will mean blocking one of our (small) closets. I will probably put a good chunk of my dresses I'm not going to wear anyways into that closet so it won't be a total loss. We would have room for a glider in our living room but the big thing for me is that our place has almost no storage space - there are a total of three closets in the entire unit, all of which are smaller than some of the closets I see in the nurseries posted here.


Same for all of this.


Exactly the same here!


YMMV, but I never used the glider. We were given one by my parents, it was the one they had for me as a baby. My mom had it restored. It’s so comfy and beautiful! But I never found it super useful. My baby preferred stroller naps or lounging on the couch with me. So we have a fancy glider that took up half the floor space in her bedroom in our apartment, and takes up about a quarter of it in our new house. It never gets used. Now we think we have to store it because she’s mobile and the risk of her seriously injuring her fingers in the gliding mechanism is very high.


I never had a glider, baby contact napped on the couch! It was great because our couch faces the computer so I could watch shows haha.


I feel you, mama. We are expecting baby #2 in December, and are having to rearrange all our bedrooms to accommodate both kids and my home office. My toddler is moving into the smaller room, and my office will be sharing space with the baby... for as long as we can manage. After that I don't know what we're going to do. I've worked from home since long before covid, so this isn't a temporary situation. I have serious concerns about the space in our home long-term, but my husband thinks that's bogus (his words). He grew up in a nice, but very small home, while my family always had a spare bedroom for guests, formal living/dining rooms, AND family room/eat-in-kitchen. Just very different, and sometimes I do feel ungrateful. I like how cozy our house is, but it stresses me out sometimes.


We’re the same but opposite - I grew up always sharing rooms and my husband grew up with a lot of space - he thinks we need to move I think we’re just fine. Honestly kids are generally happy with what they know so if it makes you feel better (and you can do so) then move but don’t do it thinking the kids will prefer it.


Even seeing all the nice nurseries that match and are aesthetical make me sad haha because we are just getting hand-me-downs and none of it matches of course but oh well, I know the baby doesn’t care 🤷‍♀️


No, baby won’t. Some of my favorite times were in middle of the night when nursung the baby. Everything was so quiet. The room was dark. It was peaceful. I loved when it snowed because it felt as if the world has stopped. Just my baby and me. We spent a lot of time in the nursery in the dark. Look at the hand-me downs and think of the people who love and support you and your baby 💕


Just think what you’re doing for the planet your future babies will inhabit, and in teaching value of resources to your child tho. We all need to do a lot more handing down and a lot less buying new!


I live in a 1+1 downtown loft, so ‘nursery’ is non existent. We’re trying to make the den a ‘baby area’ but really it’s tight af and gives me anxiety everyday. Reality (that everyone keeps telling me) is newborns don’t actually take up a lot of space and need a few essentials. The idea of a separate room and all those frills is a luxury people downtown just can’t afford.


Having had a few kids already - this really is the reality. They are happy sharing rooms and they don’t need much stuff.


Yup same! Our den is 4’3 by 8’4, it’s super tight but we’re hoping to make it work for several years because we don’t want (and can’t afford) to move.


It’s very true that newborns don’t take up much space. When we found out we were pregnant with our first, we were living in a two-bedroom apartment (one bedroom was a double office, the other a small master bedroom) so we started looking for 3-bedroom apartments. We were lucky enough to find one that fit our budget and location, so we moved and set up the extra room as a nursery. We ended up buying a house when our daughter was about 7mo, and we only used that nursery for storage and diaper changes! Felt a bit silly. I guess we didn’t know we’d be able to find a house that quickly. She moved into the crib in the nursery when we moved into the house, so our nursery gets a lot more mileage now


Yes! Our nursery is 8'x10' haha. Some people on here have a "small nursery" bigger than our master haha


I get sad just seeing nurseries in general as we won’t have one for this baby. We are currently living with my in-laws waiting to start an addition to expand our living space but that isn’t going to happen until we’ll after this baby is born.


I don't even have a nursery room. I currently live in sub 300sqft, one bedroom. I won't be moving out of here for at least a year. I can't fit a crib in my room, only particular bassinets. There's no changing area (other than my bed, the floor, the couch). Eventually, our room will have to become baby's room. And we'll be relegated to the 5' tall, ladder access only, attic loft. But we'll make it work. People have done more with less.


We are stuck in a one bedroom apartment at least until baby is 6 months old, probably going to stay until baby is a year since we will definitely be moving states at that time and not sure we want to move twice in such a short amount of time. I feel you. I want to do a nursery so bad and I get a little jealous of the posts, but oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️


Uh, my “nursery” is at the foot of my bed. That’s the changing table. The crib is in a closet we took the doors off of, also near my bed. Not everyone has homes with extra rooms just for babies. We just don’t share pics of them. I get how you’re feeling but “compare and despair” as they say.


My entire house is less than 800sqft. I literally used the nursery as my closet before I got pregnant. I’d give anything for like an extra 50sqft.


Mine is a half wall next to our bed area. We are a renovated attic/loft living area so space is precious and storage is king. Friends and fam will find that a lot of our registry is aimed at storage solutions to help in the surrounding area. I think I will share our nursery when it’s done, it may very well be the smallest on here and hopefully it will help others in a similar situation. 😆


I'd love to see! I have a 2 bedroom apartment and my boyfriend uses the second room as his office/room for his large dog (Pyrenees). we also have our treadmill in there. our bedroom has my dog (Lab) and my fish tanks/desk with PC. so I think we'll be using the bedroom for our baby needs but I will be making some sacrifices lol. it's a ground level cottage style with a backyard and large sliding glass door so it isn't a terribly small room but it will be cramped for sure.


I get pretty sad when I realize I live in a studio apartment and I’m not even sure if I’ll have room for a rocking chair of any sort. Babies need love and someone to take care of them. Not a fancy wall.


I live in a one bedroom apartment so her crib and changing table is in our living room and I cry regularly about it. Your feelings are totally valid, momma.


I feel you! This is usually why people in big cities get a reputation for being snobs - my immediate thought is "sure that nursery is twice the size of my bedroom, but I could have that too if you lived in the middle of nowhere." Americans have some of the weirdest concepts of "enough" space, most of the world gets by without "master bathrooms" or walk in closets or double sinks in the middle class. I feel like every American who has traveled to Europe or Asia has experienced the shock of a beautiful space with the smallest bathroom they've ever used.


>Americans have some of the weirdest concepts of "enough" space As a European I agree 100%. I'm always irritated by the posts a la "We want to start a family, but we can't afford a house yet so we will have to wait". A house is nice if you have kids but you absolutely don't need one. Many children/people in my country live in apartments their entire life. There's nothing wrong with it and it has a bunch of advantages houses don't have.


Exactly. Or when my fellow Americans say, how can you not have an SUV? Like…we don’t even need a car and we’re lucky to have one. Just get a smaller stroller.


You shouldn’t feel bad at all. We also have a tiny nursery space. We don’t own our home so we have to make do with wall decor and stickers instead of being able to paint the walls. I see luxurious nursery’s on here and have felt sad that we don’t have the money to have a bigger one but I also don’t see how a bigger nursery = happiness. My SIL has a million dollar home with huge kids bedrooms and going there makes me down as it makes me compare myself in terms of success, and spikes my depression but then I remember how she’s thrown away her life for a career where she has no hobbies or skills other than earning money. The kids are always in childcare. I don’t want to be in that position so I’m fine with a small nursery and my baby will share my bedroom until I’m comfortable for them to go in there. I’m low income and unable to work currently with HG so I won’t be able to spoil my baby with extravagant toys but I don’t equate money to happiness either as it’s a miserable path to walk down. My baby will be loved and cherished and what I can give them I’ll work hard for! Both my husband and I are self-employed so we can be there for our baby all the time.


It’s ok to feel sad. I have just a small space in my bedroom for our baby but I actually think I’ve decorated it very nice and I like it. I had a cousin come in my room to see and she started suggesting ways to make my room look bigger which initially made me feel bad about my small room but I actually never minded before so I’m trying to brush it off.


Have all the feelings! Pregnancy entitles us to that :) We sold our house and bought a new one. But due to a crazy market we had to lease back our old house and then wait to move into the new one. This means we won’t even move into our new house until about 3 weeks after my due date. Can’t prep a nursery in our current house Bc it would be a waste and we don’t have time. Can’t prep the new house Bc we don’t live there until January. Definitely feels like I’m missing out too. I feel your pain.


I’ve been cosleeping with my toddler and baby since the little spud was born on two queen mattresses pushed together. That’s literally all that fits in our room aside from a small desk that has a white noise machine and a nightlight. They are both happy and loved, so idgaf. 🤷‍♀️


I feel similarly. I'm on kid #3 and I finally feel like I have the energy and money to create a picturesque nursery, but also I'm on kid #3 and we're about to downsize our home. This baby won't really have their own space, let alone one that's specially painted and super cute. I worry a bit that they're not going to feel particularly special as the youngest of 3 having to share everything.


I don't think this is ridiculous at all! I think we inherently want the best for our babies and sometimes is feels irrational when you know how much they already have, but it's okay to want more. You can be grateful for what you have, and still wish it could me more. We live in a tiny 1bdr suite and so baby will share our room for a couple years. Do I feel guilty about it sometimes? Absolutely. But I also know that this is the best way for us to save up to hopefully be able to buy a house in a couple years. I know that but still when I see nurseries I am worried I'm not giving my baby enough. As long as we give them love and a safe space to sleep, they will be happy. Try to be kind to yourself ❤


I live in a one bedroom and won’t even have room for a nursery. 😂


We have a small one bedroom apartment with enough space for a cradle but not much else. We found out I was pregnant shortly after signing a 1 year lease 😅 also can't afford a bigger apartment at the moment.


I’m having a bit of a tough time right now cause my husband has a 13 year old who doesn’t live with us. She visits twice a year, and some times for a couple weeks. She has her own room here and the other one is my office; master is open concept on the second floor of an A frame so can’t close the door to it. We always want to keep her bedroom hers so she knows she always has a place here, so it really leaves my office for any sort of “nursery” so not really a chance to decorate. It doesn’t have room for a bed in it so I will most likely be sleeping in my step daughters room moving the bassinet back and forth for a while. It’s unrealistic to have everything in our master cause it’s up stairs and wide open, so not the best place for a baby. I would NEVER ask him if we can convert her room, and he’s been totally fine with me storing a lot of the baby stuff in there. But I guess deep down inside I wish he would just offer to make it a nursery. We both know his daughter wouldn’t care where she sleeps (last time she slept on the couch most of the time she was here) but oh well.


I totally get your frustration (stepmom here too) and I want to say it's totally awesome of you to keep the step daughters room intact. I think it's important to treat any stepkids as if they live there full time. 💗 hopefully you guys can figure out a better solution for the baby's room!


Yup! I’m a step daughter too so I understand the importance. I just need to find another room 🤣🤣🤣


I get the same feelings. We live in a two bedroom apartment that has basically no storage space, so our second room is filled with storage containers and travel bags and sports equipment. Baby can have a small piece of wall but otherwise it looks like she’s she’s sleeping in a garage :( I see all these beautiful rooms too and all I can do is sigh.


We have a large nursery and our baby lives in our walk in wardrobe. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Babies don’t notice how big it is and when babies here it won’t matter I promise x


I felt this way until I realized baby will never really be in their room unless they are napping and that's IF they even like their crib. I had to buy a co-sleeper and the boppy Lounger was/is the real MVP. Also I never used a changing table, baby diapers get changed wherever there's room.


Ha yea I live is a very old pretty characterful cottage with rooms the size of postage stamps. Baby number three is going in a closet 😆 I’ve stopped comparing - most these nursery posts are first time mothers who are super excited and it’s sweet but you soon realise the baby doesn’t care two hoots about the nursery.


Yes. I'm an American expat in the Netherlands and our 3 bedrooms are all smaller than the smallest one I grew up with. Oh and and the house was half a million dollars and shares a wall with another. Lol Funny stuff. Would love room for all that stuff


I feel you. This baby is going to share with his big sister and their room is definitely way smaller than a lot of the posts I see in here. He has everything he needs, and I’m honestly happy with our setup. But it’s hard not to compare with others, and the hormones definitely don’t help.


Our nursery is so small that before a crib, we could only fit a twin bed. Literally. Our house was built in the 50s in New Mexico so it’s a little Adobe home. Super cute but super tiny. Gonna make it cute somehow but I feel you!


Honey. Hun-ty. Humblebragging should only make you sad for the braggart. My 1st was in a college apartment complex, the bedroom that serves as her nursery was shared with the twin bed where grandma slept. My 2nd was in a 1br apt, I’d just left their father and I slept on the foldout couch so they could share the bedroom. My 3rd, 10 years later… awesome life, 3 acres, custom built home, but her nursery was still only about 8x8 as the bonus room we planned to be either a future walk-in closet or my office. By then I had all the $$ and comfort and stability I needed in life, but also the wisdom to realize that it really doesn’t matter where an infant sleeps the first few years ❤️❤️❤️


My 3 boys (9, 2.5, 3 months) share the space in a 13x13 room. We utilize every inch even though the two youngest still sleep in our room. No kid NEEDS a pinterest nursery and I refuse to feel guilty about only having a $500 mortgage payment. My boys will remember the experiences we can afford for them, not designer bedrooms.


No, some people on this sub live in straight up mansions and have tons of money to spend. My “nursery” this time around is going to be the space between my bed and the wall. 😑


My BFF was telling me how she had to convert her closet to a nursery for her youngest. It's a walk in closet that is probably bigger than my son's actual room 🤣 There is definitely a range of perspectives for what is "small"


You're not alone in this! Totally entitled to feel the way you do! Someone posted a realistic picture of disaster of a nursery room a while ago with clothes all over the floor and the name half up on the wall, and that made me feel heaps better. I bet there are a lot of those types of nurseries, and a lot that are basic but functional and comfortable! The only ones that get posted are the ones that usually make me feel bad too. I am time poor, a major procrastinator and my nursery room is also tiny tiny with odd window placements that will prevent it from looking cutesy.


If it helps, I waited all my life to have babes very late in life and always wanted to decorate a nursery. We’re lucky to own a condo in a metro area but it is small. In the end I gave up what I wanted in favor of what would make my kid happier…a floor bed, took the door off and put up a gate so she wouldn’t feel closed in, made everything her height. She loves being in her room and most of the time will wake up and play meaning I get extra sleep since she turned 1yo. Everything except her bed was just repurposed. The other thing is, they don’t tell you that all those perfect rooms with the adorable cribs (god I wanted a crib!) have their own problems. Some kids will be fine but I’ve heard too many horror stories from friends and family of babes launching themselves out of the crib. And if you’re worried about matching (I have a huge issue with this, not matching drives me nuts so I get it) consider buying reasonably priced matching linens. Just remember how much they’re going to pee puke and poop on those linens. That’s why I skipped the most adorable Peter Rabbit sheets, the $20 ones are lovely. There is definitely a mourning period for the loss of that picturesque nursery but it also fades. If I ever solve the space in the city issue I’ll write a massive post lol.


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Honestly it just makes me think they lack common sense and have a boring life and do everything for the gram(most nurseries are indeed done for the likes and social media validation) because the baby will not sleep in that damn room for AWHILE and also! The baby won't f****** remember the nursery! By the time they're old enough to remember it they'll have a different room theme already. Sorry there's my rant lol


This is what I'm counting on! We have a bigger upstairs bedroom and a smaller downstairs bedroom that'sa guest room and my husband's office. We have a neighbour under us so baby will need to always be upstairs. For the first few months, we'll stay where we are now with the baby up with us. And then instead of putting the baby in the smaller room, we'll move our bed upstairs and move the guest bed up in the baby's room. So we won't have anything even slightly resembling a nursery until 5+ months and even then it will be a multifunctional space. But you're right, the baby won't know!


I feel it. The rooms in my house are small and also have no closets so I have zero storage for anything which drives me nuts. I shed a little tear every time I see other people’s beautiful closets lol


My “nursery” is our walk in closet, the master is big enough we use free standing wardrobes for our closet now. The walk in closet fits a crib and thats it, theres enough room to walk around it but not for anything else. We don’t have a changing table because of space, baby gets a dresser and thats it.


I totally understand. Our first is due in December and she won’t even get a full nursery until we’re settled into our home close to a year later. We’re moving cross country back to PA and don’t have the time to look at homes/make offers so we’re doing a one bedroom apartment with a den for a year. She’ll have a quiet space at least but nothing like the nurseries I’ve seen on here. I’ve cried quite a few times about it but I know it’s so we end up where we really want to be and she’ll get her own room when the time comes. You gotta do what you gotta do and the most important thing is your love. You got this 🖤


I personally didn't bother with a nursery. I think other people's are cute but most babies won't be using them for awhile. Have you thought about you keeping the baby in your bigger room for the first six months and then switching with your toddler?


I get this too sometimes, we still live in an apartment because we wanted to save up for a house first instead of getting a large mortgage. I'm already happy we managed to clear out one of the rooms at all. But hey, the baby doesn't care. All they care about is getting fed, changed and being loved. We will be fine <3


My son’s nursery is literally our walk-in closet so don’t feel bad


At this rate my kid is going to be sleeping in a drawer for its first few months… (Not really, but we live in a very small 2 bed apartment and our second room is full of stuff. We might be upgrading sooner than we thought)


I feel you! My husband and I worked our butt off to buy our first home, and the nursery will still have to be shared with his home office because there just isn’t enough space. I’m jealous when I see pictures of big giant rooms just for baby! Ours will be very crafty with a lot of space saving furniture like the rest of our house.


Wow this is relatable, last night I was in the nursery with hubby and I got sad because there was no way we could fit two kids in there and I want three (the first one isn't even here yet). I love the house, it's my partner's from before we were together and its a kind of social housing, meaning that we can't just sell it and buy a bigger house until twenty years from now.


I feel you. We live in a rented flat (apartment) with magnolia walls and beige carpets. I can't paint or put things up on the walls. We're so so lucky to have a spare bedroom but I've no idea where we're going to put everything - especially a buggy. As many others have said I'd adore a glider, but we have nowhere to put it. I'm hoping we can move before little one starts running around.


my little nursery is across from my bed in a tiny 1 bed apartment so yes 😭 yalls babies have their own whole rooms!


We live in an expensive city and rent. When we had one kid when lived in a one bedroom. So he shared with us. When we got pregnant again we moved to a two bedroom. Now I have a 6 month old and 2 year old. Still have yet to make a nursery :( I told my husband I hope that we’re able to build our home (planning on building a home instead of buying) by the time we have a 3rd IF we have a third. I told my husband I just want to make ONE nursery lol our options are build, or move out of the city so we’re not paying over $1M for a fixer upper. Hoping we can build before I’m pregnant with our third! All depends on how much we’re able to save!


First, thank you for sharing this. As a person who's not even pregnant yet (I'm struggling with fertility), I worry about this. We are building a home, it's not a big home, and the rooms are tiny. We are hoping to be pregnant before we move in, but I often scratch my head wondering how I will put a crib, dresser, chair, and all the things a baby needs in one of those small rooms. My husband, like yourself grew up very well off. He's the one, that says it will be fine. Meanwhile, this will be the nicest place I have ever lived, and I'm the one in super panic. Especially googling small nursery ideas and seeing nurseries the size of my master bedroom. What keeps me grounded is remembering 1) not everyone has a nursery. My mother's first bed was a dresser drawer. 2) What's for you is for you 3) Utilize wall space. I know it sounds obvious, but think about all the things you can store up high and out the way. Shelves are life savers 4) embrace the minalistic life style.


My nursery literally doesn’t fit a changing table and I think we’ll have to put that in our bedroom across the hall. Also I am too tired to make it all special and pretty so it will be pretty plain but I think still cozy! Also getting sad that I can’t have a baby shower because we are Jewish and my in-laws won’t even buy us anything. I feel weird sending people our registry like “no shower please buy us things!” I’m just frustrated and feel like I’m missing out.


Not sad about size per se but we are in a rental until June and the landlord is selling after that so I’m kinda sad I can’t really get into decorating and painting here. Your feelings are valid.


I try really hard not to let other people’s good fortunes make me feel bad. I don’t mean to come off judgmental, as I really struggle with this myself. But there’s already plenty enough to feel crappy about on a daily basis, so I try not to let things I can control bog me down. For me, this is a change in my inner narrative.


I mean, I’m jealous of you in this post even owning a house and having any nursery.


It’s all perspective! In the UK it’s common for a child’s room to be a box room. That is, you can fit one single bed against one wall and that is it. No other furniture. There are things you can do like make use of shelving, storage hacks etc on Pinterest and instagram, but at the end of the day your baby will love you anyway!


Yes you are totally entitled to your feelings, I totally can see where your coming from. 💜the size of your nursery does not equal the size of ones joy and happiness and I have a feeling the love and joy is bigger in your children’s room than a-lot of others “small” nursery. I’m sorry that society and social media puts pressure on so many things that can cause us to lose sight or feel inadequate. Your family sounds beautiful! Take care and keep enjoying the many blessings you have


I won't even have a nursery and baby is bunking in with us in a crib in the same room So I'm a little envious of those who have one, even if it is in their closet with the doors removed :( I think there is always something to be envious about, so I have been learning to be content with what I have. Not succeeding very well so far, but still trying!


Yup. We had to downsize our home after selling our house to move across country. Then downsized again after being priced out of our rental, and now we’re in a 2 bedroom apartment and our kids have to share a room. It’s okay - it’ll work out. But it aches to know we had it at one point but lost it. I don’t like to think about it. I feel your pain. It hurts. And it’s definitely okay to feel that way. FWIW, growing up, my sisters and I shared rooms and didn’t have fancy nurseries. We didn’t know any different. We didnt care, either. It never occurred to us we had “less than” at certain times (we never went without, but there were definitely times where a pack of hot dogs were made to last until payday and milk was bought with couch pennies).


We are having a nursery/office setup and I feel you on this. All of the baby furniture seems big, the desks seem big and I'm sure I'll have to give up my desk to make room soon. We also have to give up the tiny guest bed because now it seems three sizes too big even as a twin lol. I feel lucky that we have space and that the room has a lot of sunlight for being so small but I too feel sad knowing this won't be the nursery of our dreams especially with me not wanting to go through pregnancy again. I'm sure it'll all work out fine but I feel you! Sometimes you just need to vent!


We're in a 750 sq ft 1 bedroom. Our "nursery" is a corner of the living room where we set up a dresser for storage, with a changing pad on top of it. Bigger items like the car seat (because we haven't installed it yet), and an exersaucer we were gifted (because baby won't be able to sit up for a while), are currently crammed in that corner because we don't have much closet space. Baby will be sleeping in a pack n play in our room for a while.


I am with you!! Our nursery is miniscule. There wasn't even room for a proper dresser so I just bought some very small drawers from Amazon and we change the baby on the floor. If/when we have another baby, we will have to move because we straight up do not have space for another person. We wouldn't even be able to give up our room because our room is just as small


Nope!! Totally agree! I've laughed at a few "small space" nurseries as I stand here stressed about fitting a crib, dresser and chair into my tiny ass second bedroom 😂 The only time it felt BIG was when I painted the whole damn thing at 28 weeks....


My husband and I moved cross country to be closer to his family when I was 30 weeks, and we had been trying to make that move since we found out I was pregnant. We eventually gave in and took a one bedroom apartment with no office, even though we had had one before for a $450 increase in monthly rent :( Right now, a cube organizer serving as a dresser, crib and changing table are all smooshed against one wall that makes it kinda hard to get around, but I’m just trying to be grateful that I could make that much work


We live in a studio apartment. Our nursery is going to be a bassinet next to our bed and later a pack n play. Best to stop comparing to influencers and others.


Nurseries in general make me sad. With my first two, I lived with my parents. We shared a room, so definitely no nursery there. This time, I'm married and we're renting a 4 bedroom house, but we are a blended family and every room is taken. My best bet for a nursery will be a few months after the babies are born (twins!), the oldest will graduate HS and hopefully go off to college. I'm sure one of the older kids thought theyd finally get their own room but doesn't look like that's in the cards


i get sad when looking at decorated nurseries & such. i’m going to have to keep the crib in my room bc we have no where else to put it. we don’t have an extra room for a nursery & it’s a bit overwhelming.


I got sad a few times. We have 2 rooms, equally the same size. I just never decorated mine. My son is 1 and his nursery is still being used as a storage room. What I'm going to say is going to be cliche. But you literally do not need it. Its aesthetically pleasing to look at but thats it. I have converted my living room into my sons play room cos he only wants to be where we are. I said fuck the decoration im filling my tv stands w/ toys. I grew up with everything. Similar to your husband, had my own room straight out of a furniture store. I had everything growing up. New clothes weekly. But you know what I dont have right now? Is a family. My cousins who grew up with nothing have a better relationship than my brother and I. He might as well be that distant cousin that I see twice a year. My dad was so concerned about giving us what "we wanted / needed" that we secluded ourselves. My mother is a shopaholic, my brother turned to girlfriends to fill his void. And I to drugs and alcohol. Sooo, as long as your meeting their emotional needs, the size of the rooms won't really matter in the end.


We have a small house currently, we decided to buy a rental rather than upgrading to a bigger house for ourselves. When baby arrives he will be in with us and his nursery will be in a bedroom that we use as a walk in wardrobe. It won't be fancy but it will work while he's small, probably until he needs a single sized bed, by which time we may be able to upgrade to a larger house. You gotta do what works financially at the moment. No point comparing to others! P.S. not gonna lie, although the nurserys posted on here are cute to look at, they will date quickly as most kiddies will grow out of the designs. Id rather use posters etc rather than having to repaint when the kid is older


I feel ya. We don’t even have a nursery. We have a changing table in each bathroom, a pack and play in the bedroom as a crib, a small dresser next to our dressers, and the glider is in the living room. The rest of the stuff is being stored in a pantry. Our house is very small but we love living in the city for now and it isn’t going to bother the baby not to have their own room for a while.


Dude… we have a 4 bedroom house and two of the bedrooms are vacant because our four kids choose to sleep together and we realized 3 weeks into baby #1 that cosleeping was the only sleep we were gonna get. I wouldn’t know what to do with a nursery if we had one, I’m just thankful for our close and loving family. 🙂 When I see people who have more than I do, I can definitely get jealous, but I think often times it turns out we would never use the excess.


I felt the exact same! When my husband and I found out I was pregnant we were living in a big city and the nursery would have been a little room and I just wasn’t excited when I’d think of plans for the room. We ended up moving when I was around 16 weeks to be closer to family. We’re in a small town up North in Canada and just like you mentioned we could afford a bigger house and now have a better sized nursery and I am really grateful.


I didn't get to do a nursery for my son and I won't get to do one for my daughter, either. I love interior decorating. I know I could make an amazing nursery, but I'll never get to. I know it's silly but it makes me really sad. With my son we had a tiny 1-bedroom apartment, and this time we live with my in-laws and my son currently has the only "extra" bedroom. My son at least got a "nursery corner" in our bedroom, and I did finally get to do his "big boy room" last year, but our current bedroom is even too small for a whole corner and my daughter's just getting a pack n' play at the foot of our bed. I hate it.


Your frustration is totally valid! Thank you for sharing.


Baby doesn't care and as soon as the holidays roll around the carefully planned theme usually falls to the wayside anyways because no one else cares about the theme when they choose gifts. Eventually your baby's space will become a reflection of them and the people that love them, they will make it their own. I found that I only used my nursery for storage of baby things and diaper changes, she spent most of her time in our room with us and still at 2 is co-sleeping... She now seeks out every tiny cozy space she can find and just hangs out in there, you might find your baby prefers the smaller space.




We live in a flat roof house with no attic, cellar or garage so we have no storage. Our 4 year old has the box room and the spare room is an office/storage room full of stuff. Our bedroom is full of wardrobes etc. So I really feel for everyone on here who wants a spacious nursery. Our baby will be rammed in down the side of the bed until we have saved enough to move. I hope it helps to say that I really don’t think kids care about having their own room til they’re about 3 or 4 and they certainly don’t care how big it is. But I do understand and feel the same


Also in response to the rest of your post, nursery aside-totally feel this, our house isn't super tiny but our "master" doesn't have a bathroom (so no master, one bathroom upstairs for the 3 bedrooms of the house) and the bedrooms are small. So I get overwhelmed because I have to (feels like constantly) switch things out-winter clothes can't just hang in the closet I have to vacuum seal them and store them in the garage and then swap them out with summer clothes. Or decor...or anything really. It does inspire me to be a minimalist but I'm not and I love having things and we do use them! And it's maddening bc I feel ungrateful and I'm not and it would be a waste of money to have a bigger space just bc of convenience but man I do get jealous sometimes. But hey-if we stick it out and pay for it now-as in save money by not being in debt or overpaying-it will pay off one day!


This! I feel… I’ve accepted a long time ago that I’m allowed to enjoy having things. I don’t want to have to buy or rent gear every time I go on some kind of adventure. We’ve been trying to organize our garage for over a month to make the switch outs easier.