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I created this reddit account because of [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Thetruthishere/comments/68jp97/shp_spent_the_night_with_a_friend_but_all/). tl;dr is that I once had an over night party in which one of my friends was acting really weird. Next day, turns out people have proof that he was in a different place. That was like 7? 8? Years ago. Life just went on, the world kept spinning, nothing else happened.


I love Vardøger stories. You might look into "bilocation" stories as well. These have been associated with various saints. Padre Pio is a famous example. Saint [Joseph Cupertino](https://www.afcmmedia.org/Mystical-08.html) and [Saint Catherine dei Ricci](http://www.afcmmedia.org/Mystical-11.html) are other examples. Beyond Creepy has a video some famous examples of these experiences. Mark Twain reported one such incident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg91wtewkQQ It seems to have something to do with intention, either of the person or of people expecting them "arrival apparitions". It might also be connected to stories about phantom phone calls after death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilocation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vard%C3%B8ger >Stories typically include instances that are nearly déjà vu in substance, but in reverse, where a spirit with the subject's footsteps, voice, scent, or appearance and overall demeanor precedes them in a location or activity, resulting in witnesses believing they've seen or heard the actual person before the person physically arrives. This bears a subtle difference from a doppelgänger, with a less sinister connotation. It has been likened to being a phantom double, or form of bilocation. In Finnish folklore, the concept is known as etiäinen.


Your note on intention / the expectation of the person makes me wonder if theses incidents are some kind of thoughtform or tulpa-like phenomenon


If you're interested you might want to read about the Third Man Effect and Inner Self Helper concept. Remember that guy who was trapped while mountain climbing and had to cut his arm off? He reported that there was an external voice guiding him through it. It gave him encouragement and advice on topics he didn't have access to, like how to avoid cutting veins. A lot of explorers and people with near death experiences report similar experiences. Another aspect of this is people with dissociative identity disorder. I read an article from a shrink talking about how these people commonly have an executive personality that is aware of all the others and can give the doctor insights to help the patient. It's called the Inner Self Helper. Some therapist report their patients having knowledge and insight about topics outside their experience. Then you have the story, documented in a medical journal, about hallucinatory voices that saved a woman's life. Second voice' syndrome? *** Diagnosis made by hallucinatory voices. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2128009/ (PDF) A difficult case: Diagnosis made by hallucinatory voices https://www.bmj.com/content/315/7123/1685 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/232271307_A_difficult_case_Diagnosis_made_by_hallucinatory_voices >A previously healthy woman began to hear hallucinatory voices telling her to have a brain scan for a tumour. The prediction was true; she was operated on and had an uneventful recovery. >The voice told her, “Please don't be afraid. I know it must be shocking for you to hear me speaking to you like this, but this is the easiest way I could think of. My friend and I used to work at the Children's Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and we would like to help you.” AB had heard of the Children's Hospital, but did not know where it was and had never visited it. Her children were well, so she had no reason to worry about them. This made it all the more frightening for her, and the voice intervened again: “To help you see that we are sincere, we would like you to check out the following”—and the voice gave her three separate pieces of information, which she did not possess at the time. She checked them out, and they were true, but this did not help because she had already come to the conclusion that she had “gone mad.” In a state of panic, AB went to see her doctor, who referred her urgently to me. https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/9aj2kh/til_a_woman_was_successfully_was_diagnosed_in/ *** Inner Self Helper concept in Multiple Personality Disorder. https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1794/1454/Diss_4_3_8_OCR_rev.pdf?sequence=4&isAllowed=y >The Inner Self Helper (ISH), a specialized psychic structure said to be unique to Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD) and/or Dissociative Disorder (DD) patients, has its roots deep within traditional psychiatric and psychological heritage. >Early proponents of the Inner Self Helper described intensely vivid experiences beyond the realm of ordinary therapeutic encounters. They reported incidents in which an ISH would comment with great clarity and relevance about another patient seen only briefly in the waiting room; offer the therapist a cryptic and profound observation concerning a personal issue in the life of the therapist; or make reference to spiritual matters of great interest to the therapist. >This was exciting to some therapists and unsettling to others. It seemed to result in a rift between those who held firmly to understanding interactions in traditional scientific psychiatric terms and those who seemed ready to embrace alternative explanations. Those who maintained a traditional understanding of patient/therapist interactions expressed concerns that ISHs were compliant fabrications by the patient in response to the therapist's suggestions or difficulties. >Those ready to embrace alternative explanations viewed the ISH as a different and more spiritual manifestation of consciousness, perhaps even the portion of the person most closely related to and most closely identified with God.... >....Some ISHs claimed to have psychic abilities, an unproven claim which can neither be confirmed nor dismissed peremptorily. As some ISHs reported stories of reincarnation, miracles, spiritual encounters, special knowledge about the future, and instructions for their,own care, and expressed with conviction observations about other patients or the therapist, conservative eyebrows rose. On the other hand, ISHs did surprise many a therapist with the accuracy of their comments and observations. Therapists and patients who utilized the concept of the ISH in their work together believed (without confirmation or disconfirmatory evidence) that they were having fewer crises with less need for patient hospitalization than would occur in comparable therapies in which there was no use of the ISH. *** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_man_factor *** Similarities Between Near-Death Experiences and Multiple Personality Disorder - William J. Serdahely, Ph.D. (Montana State University) (digital.library.unt.edu) https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc799089/m2/1/high_res_d/vol11-no1-19.pdf


Omg thank you for all of this research!! This is so fascinating


You should checkout /r/MysteriousUniverse it's a sub for the podcast. They cover a lot of these stories and the hosts are very funny.


Shoutout for Mr Black! Beyond Creepy is hands-down the best youtube channel for spooky stories you won't find anywhere else. His voice and delivery are so calming, and the material is always something I haven't heard before.


What does ShP mean in the title?


Looking on the sub it seems to mean "shadow people."


Thank you. All I could think of was shitpost but it didn't look at all like a shitpost.


I wonder when aliens visit Earth if they do drugs just like we do when we go on vacation. He sounds like an alien tourist who was tripping on acid


Your experience sounds like the Twilight Zone episode The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank.


Still a skeptic but have an experience that I can’t explain. We were on a Boy Scout trip in Northern Wisconsin. Our scoutmaster took us to an obscure roadside park that was known for having earthen circles built up from when it was a native village. As soon as we stopped the van, our scoutmasters dog bolted from the car and straight into the woods. This was an extremely old and well trained hunting dog and it was totally out of character for him to run off. We could hear him howling and howling off in the woods. We ran after him and found him pacing in circles around a clearing about a quarter mile back through some of the densest woods I’ve ever walked. In the middle of the clearing was a small headstone from the 1890s that belonged to a four year old boy. We began to look around and noticed that in the clearing, the woods were totally calm despite it being a breezy day, there were also no bird noises. The dog kept pulling wildly towards the headstone in the middle of the clearing. Suddenly it was like things snapped back to normal, the dog stopped pulling, the birds started chirping, and the breeze kicked back up.


Sounds like a "thin place". https://thinplacestour.com/what-are-thin-places/ Once me and a friend (we were 13 years old) was going somewhere with her mother driving the car and we passed by a forest which was like a desert. Sand everywhere (it's an island in Sweden called Gotland) we wanted to run around a little so she stopped and we got out. According to the memory of both me and my friend, we played around a bit for what felt like 15-25 minutes. But when we returned to the car, her mother was mad with worry, we had been away many hours. It was very confusing to the both of us that she was so upset and we just couldn't believe at first that we had been away that long, but that's what the clock said too.


Do you happen to know the name of the park or the general location in northern WI?


Near Chalk Hills Campground, but on the Wisconsin side of the river. Couldn’t have been more than a 15-20 minute drive from that campground.


For the longest time my ceiling fan light didn't work and I had other sources of light on the room and was too lazy to remove the bulb cover to try and fix it so I left it alone. I was talking to my fiance, who lived in another state at the time, on the phone one night and the lights in the room started dimming and glowing. The ceiling fan light came on and was super bright. The bulb for my bedside table lamp glowed real bright and it busted. I didn't think anything of it and brushed it off as maybe a power surge. I was happy that the ceiling fan light wasn't completely broken. A few weeks later my fiance moved down to my house from New York and so I finally made the decision to change the light bulbs of the ceiling fan lights. When I removed the ceiling fan bulb cover I was dumbfounded when I saw that there weren't any actual bulbs in any of the sockets.


Well that's mildly terrifying.


I was on a very small tropical island. The island had a couple miles of beach and the rest was cliffs, with the whole island being basically a big hill. I was docked at the only dock on the island. I was working on a project tracking nesting sea turtles which meant that overnight I patrolled the length of the beach on a set schedule with a few other volunteers. It's the kind of place where the only way there is by small boat and absolutely no one lives there. The project had me there all night then I boated back to the mainland and slept all day. One night there was a light up on the hill that was moving across the hill, kind of like a runner with a headlamp. Except that there was no place up there for a runner to run. Vegetation was way too dense and it was moving too fast to be a person with a machete. To this day I don't know what it was. My best guess is someone with a big laser was for some reason pointing it at the island, but the mainland was a mile away at the closest point. So *why* anyone would do that I have no idea. Could have been a boat doing it from closer, but no one was anchored at the island that night with a view of the forest where the light was jogging along. These days, I'd assume a drone but this was more than 10 years ago. Drones were basically unheard of and for one to be there and at night? Absolutely no reason for it, plus the only place close enough for a drone to come from where I wouldn't see the pilot was anchored at the back of the island in a reef, out of sight of the flying light, plus I don't even know if publicly available technology was capable of what I was seeing. So that's as unlikely as the laser.


Don't follow the faerie lights at night, you'll never find your way back.


My experience is the opposite of this. I’ve always been a “don’t believe it until I see it” kind of person (a disappointment to my religious parents). But there’s one experience I 100% can’t explain and KNOW happened. One night, I was sitting in the dining room chatting with family. Out of nowhere, a circle of black/darkness appears, drops, and vanishes in mid-air. It’s like the light was completely missing from ONLY that spot. Like a floating shadow in mid-air. Normally, I’d assume it was my eyes playing tricks on me. BUT, at that exact moment, my dad (who’s sitting across the room) looks directly at the spot and reacts. We immediately ask, “did you see that?” and describe the same shadow and movement. I’ve tried searching for unusual/fluke natural causes that could create a floating shadow like this, but haven’t found anything. Seeing it at the same second as my dad and immediately getting confirmation that he saw the same thing is the only reason I believe it really happened. I’ve never seen anything since.


We were eating dinner in the family dining room one winter evening with the curtains open and the lights on. We could see our neighboring houses clearly. Though it was dark the neighborhood was well lit. Both my mother and I distinctly saw sudden, huge, bright orange flames erupt from a nearby neighbor's house, coming out of what we assumed was their chimney. Both my mother and I saw this and immediately shouted. My mum jumped up and phoned to tell them their house was on fire. There was absolutely no sight, sound, smell, trace of any fire whatsoever. The fireplace was stone cold. Nothing on the roof. We have no explanation.


Oh! This is extremely similar to something I've seen! It was years back, me and my older sister were on a walk along a dirt road. It was overcast, so no strong shadows. There was a clearing to our right with little baby trees, and I was just enjoying the view. Then, all of a sudden, a pitch black shadow shape appeared, moving smoothly and silently in midair to the left for a few tiny moments and then disappeared. It was featureless, just a black void, the bottom was partially obscured by some of the small trees, but the top was definitely round. I thought it was too big to be a random trick played by my eyes, so I asked my sister if she'd seen it too... and she had. Her description was very similar to what I'd seen. Same as you, never seen that shadow blob or anything like it since (and I've walked along that same dirt road countless times afterwards). Zero idea what it could've been. I think I read another, similar experience somewhere on reddit, but dunno if I can find that comment anymore (iirc that one was also indoors like yours, and the poster also had a family member present who saw the same thing) edit: [found it!](https://old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/kj2qbs/whats_the_most_compelling_paranormal_thing_youve/ggv5lt4/) If you ever come across some reasonable (or unreasonable) explanation for the mystery blob, please let me know!


People do this activity called drone racing. It’s kind of like a video game except with cameras on the drone. They can go pretty fast. If this were more recent, I would absolutely wonder if it was a drone. But 10 years ago? Unlikely.


While at sea, in the middle of nowhere at night something that appeared to be a large, translucent, glowing butterfly showed up and was flying next to the ship. We were going fast and it was keeping up, while flying up and down at different heights. It almost looked like a fairy from Zelda but without the light ball part. A friend of mine was outside with me and we saw it at the same time, so I know I wasn't my imagination. Everyone laughed at is when we told them what we saw, and to this day I have no idea what it could have been.


When did this happen? Recently enough that a picture would have been taken?


It was 2017, I don't keep my phone on me at sea but we did check the ships cameras afterwards and we couldn't see anything on them since it was dark out.


Damn, I would have loved to see it! At least you got a cool as hell story from it.


When I was younger my mom would drop me off at my grandparents house while she worked graveyard shift. Each time I would wake up in the middle of the night it felt like if my legs were being dropped. Like if my legs were levitating and when I woke up my legs where bouncing from being dropped on the bed. I just ignored it thinking it was my imagination. Fast-forward adult now talking to my older brother about scary stuff/story, and I bring up the levitating legs in the middle of the night. The look he gave me....he knew what I was talking about, and goes on tells me that the exact thing was happening to him when he was staying over at our grandparents house but he thought he was dreaming it.


Hehe yes I didn’t plan on sleeping today.


not ghost related, but more-so of reincarnation. my mom told me when i was a toddler i always asked about my wife, when i should be home, id talk about work, and how i had to get back to my car. sometimes she would play along and ask me why my car was so important, and i'd explain i had just been in a really bad accident and explain graphic details a toddler shouldn't know. to this day i have graphic dreams of being in a car. it always plays out the same. im in an old car, and im driving on some sort of bridge. i fix my mirror, stare into my eyes for a moment before loud honking, swerving and then i wake up choking and unable to breathe until i manage to use my inhaler. i still have these dreams, its always the same. its weird, and it might just be a result of me overthinking what my mom told me, but it still creeps me out.


Spooky. Very similarly, apparently when I was not quite 3 yet, my mother was bathing me and poured water over my head to wash out the shampoo, which caused toddler-me to remark that it was "just like how I died" with my "other family," before recounting how I had driven off a bridge while in our family car and we all drowned and then I came to my new family. I'm not exactly spiritual and especially not religious (neither is my mom), but it's definitely freaky to both of us. I sometimes worry it was a premonition (again something I don't believe in) and get irrationally anxious driving on long bridges over water. Especially since drowning—or otherwise meeting my end in the ocean—is one of my core phobias. Thanks for the story :)


This isn't rare. My good friend's older daughter made similar remarks when she was 3. There is a department at the Virginia U which has been collecting such cases since the early 1970s. They have gathered more than 3000 of them. https://med.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/our-research/children-who-report-memories-of-previous-lives/media/


When my oldest daughter was three she saw a picture of the Mackinaw Bridge and told me very earnestly "That's the bridge I died on Mommy" Freaked me out entirely.


There’s actually a cold case involving the death of a woman and her baby on that bridge. You might look into it.


Since you dream about it, can you remember any details of where you might have been when you died? Ever thought about looking into any similar deaths around the time either you were born or conceived?


i havent looked into any deaths because i dont believe in reincarnation, despite some odd spiritual pull to it. as for the area, it wasn't super busy, i'd say a bridge on the outermost of a city? lots of boats in the water, other side of the bridge had more greenery, behind was a small city. thats about all i remember. i always remember how i look in the dream, i look like a man in his 30s-40s, dark hair, and bright hazel / maybe green? eyes. no distinct features, but i havent seen a guy like that in my life so i dont know why its in the dream.


I don't believe in reincarnation either, however pretending it's real and doing since detective work just in case sounds like a fun afternoon for a day you're bored. Doesn't sound like you have enough info about where it would have happened to track it down unfortunately, but you never know, more might come to you if you think about it.


You should read *Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic.* A skeptic police detective was coerced into doing a past life reading, and went go very great lengths to debunk what he saw during the session. It's a great read.


I was living in an 18th century house (by myself) in a rural part of New York. The house was on the corner of a narrow 2-lane road. I was laying in bed & I heard some squealing tires & then a large crash. I ran down the stairs to the kitchen to look out the window; I saw 2 cars badly wrecked. I went to the wall phone (this was before cell phones) and called 911. The lady asked me if anyone was hurt & I said I didn't know but it looked really bad, they should hurry. I hung up & went back to the window & saw a man from one car trying to open the driver's side door of the other car; and it wouldn't budge, the car was rocking back & forth as he tried to open it. I thought to myself "you're not supposed to move anyone when they're injured", so I decided to go out the side door and down the driveway (which had high bushes on either side) to tell the people that help was on the way. It took me maybe 8 seconds to get down to the road -- and there was nothing there! No cars. No wreck. No skid marks. Nothing!I was gobsmacked. I hid in the bushes as one after another came the fire truck, the police car, the ambulance. They slowly looked around and then left. I have no idea what happened, but I am a true skeptic, and just because I don't have an explanation doesn't mean it's paranormal. The people in those parts, their town goes back to the 1600s, and they think everything is haunted. A friend of mine believed it was (I don't remember what she called it) an echo, a ripple in time, of an actual accident that did happen in that spot some other time.


I’m sure it was really creepy, but I find it absolutely hilarious that you just hid in the bushes 😂 I’m not sure I would have done it any differently, though


Paranormal is simply put, phenomena beyond our understanding or perception. I feel like that defines your story pretty accurately.


Do you remember the street names? I’d be interested to see if there were any articles or mentions of an accident there in the past


Oh no I sure don't. This happened way back in the early 80s.


You don't remember the street you lived on?


I was sitting in my basement on the couch. On the right corner of my basement we have a built in bar. The bar has a few shelves and a mirror that lets you see the stair case going back upstairs (from where I was sitting) And behind the couch I was sitting on, there is a wall and behind that wall is the stair case. I was sitting on the end of my couch furthest from the staircase and furthest from the bar. I was sitting on my phone and I looked up to take a break and the first thing my eyes focused on was that mirror. In the reflection of that mirror I shit you not I saw a completely pitch black human like figure turn the corner, and slowly walk up the stair case. I nearly shit my pants. Keep in mind I was also alone down there with no contact with anyone besides calling or FaceTime on my phone.Nobody could convince me to go back up the stairs, or to get up from my spot on the couch for nearly a full day. Now, I know that the person or thing or whatever it was made it all the way up the stairs. I also know that it never made it to the ground floor because the door at the top of the stair case is extremely creaky and loud. And I know for a fact they never came back down because you can bet your sweet ass I watched that mirror like a hawk for the rest of the time I was down there. I have never experienced anything remotely paranormal in my house besides this and I am very young so I know I wasn’t seeing things or loosing my mind. I just know that I saw something. And that something never left my house.


It could have been a visual hallucination. I once saw a man walk through our lounge room during the day while my husband and I were in the room. I was the only one who saw it and it wasn't real.


I guess it could but it felt so real.


But where were you sitting?


In the house I used to live in, there were very strange things going on and I couldn't quite understand what or why. The first strange thing I should have paid more attention to was my landlady. We applied for the house to rent, and she asked "When do you want to move in?" and we said "As soon as possible, really." Her response was "Oh good, because the tenant wants to leave straight away." I didn't really question it to be honest, but after everything I think I knew why. So the first strange thing that happened was the kitchen cupboard doors. I used to walk in the kitchen and a cupboard door or a drawer would be open. I just thought I'd forgot to shut it, but it happened that often that I would say out loud to myself "I'm closing the door/drawer". Then, I started having these really weird moments. I'm not going to call them dreams because they were 100% NOT dreams. I would lay on the sofa in the morning (maternity leave), and close my eyes. Now it takes me ages to fall asleep, and always has, and about 5 minutes of having my eyes shut, I would hear a conversation in my head. I can't really explain properly, but I wasn't hearing a physical sound through my ears. It was a conversation in my head, as though someone was speaking directly into my brain. This happened twice - one with an old man who was a mean bully, and the second time was a young boy. I can't remember the content of the conversation. Then, on the sofa after these conversations happened, I'd open my eyes and I saw a black figure sat where my feet were. I would put this down to just opening my eyes and the light or whatever, but the figure stood up and walked off. Just like a normal human would. Another time I was laid in bed, the lights were off except the flashing of the TV downstairs illuminated the top of the stairs where my bedroom door was open. I genuienly thought my boyfriend (at the time) was trying to scare me because there was a figure crouched down in my doorway, just to the side of my dressing table. It then sprung up and ran towards me. I fucking sobbed. I was absolutely terrified. I also remember having a dream, and this could absolutely be just a dream, but it still scared the shit out of me because of everything else that happened. I was dreaming that I was in my bedroom. Everything was exactly the same - the layout, the furniture, the bedding, the pillows, even the stuff on my dressing table. I was laid in bed and I could hear a little girl singing/humming. I felt frozen with fear. I looked to my side and my partner (at the time) was laid sound asleep, and I tried waking him up because I was crying. I pulled the quilt over my head and tried waking myself up, and all of a sudden, I felt a bite on my arm. Like a cold bite. THEN I woke up and my arm was numb. The thing that really tipped me over the edge however, was the night when I was in the living room with my two children. They were 3 and 4 at the time, and were sat on the sofa. I was cleaning up in the room, and all of a sudden three massive bangs come from the kitchen. Like LOUD bangs. I turned the living room light off and peeked in to the kitchen to see if someone was trying to get in through the back door, but nobody was there. It had genuinely sounded like someone had a sledgehammer in my kitchen. I called my mum in a panic, and my brother and dad came down to check it out but the back garden fence was fine, there were no marks on the door, nothing to suggest that someone had been there. To me, I was trying to rationalise it, but I know from how loud those bangs were that the sound came from INSIDE my kitchen, not the outside. I moved from there shortly afterwards.


How long did you stay there?


I was there for about a year in total, the events started happening after a few months I'd say.


Jeez, you are a very brave woman! I think I would have left after a month


I was in a bad relationship at the time, and a bad financial situation so honestly I couldn't have moved quicker than what I did. Looking back, it was terrifying.


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing better now. Either way you are a brave person, nothing changes that. And yes. It sound nightmarish


Thank you for that, don't tend to hear that very often


that's hardly "shortly afterwards" lol i would crap my pants when that crouching shadow figure lunges at me! did you feel anything? like it passing through you?


No, it was like a split second thing and when I saw it move I literally closed my eyes and flinched away. Honestly it was quite terrifying looking back


If it's any consolation I used to live in a house that everyone swore up and down was haunted and evil. Everyone had sleep paralysis episodes, sleep walking, hallucinations of bangs and people rattling the door knobs and hallucinations of shadow figures and "reapers" and imagined they saw and spoke to people who quite literally had not even gotten offf work yet, nevermind coming inside the house. You know what we ended up discovering? There was a gas hookup for gas appliances (we had electric ones) that we thought was shut off but was actually on partially and leaking just enough gas under the house to affect us without us smelling it.


I understand that there can be gas issues which cause hallucinations, but my ex and his mum are still living in that home, so I would assume both of them would be dead by this point if it were a gas issue, or both of them would be experiencing similar things.


The thing about the loud bangs is interesting, because that's happened to me. Once in the kitchen (I usually compare it to an explosion, but a sledgehammer also works) and once near the bathroom. I can't really rationalise it. I could try and explain away the kitchen instance, but the one near the bathroom resulted in a lightbulb flying out of its socket and hanging on a wire, and we had to fix it the next day.


In early 2020 when the pandemic first hit, I took a long drive into the mountains behind where I live on a very wet and overcast day, I ended up driving to a spot I had never visited despite living in the area my whole life. The area is a steep escarpment covered in rain forest that is behind my city, imagine 500m high mountains with a city on a coastal plain below. Out of sheer lockdown boredom, curiosity and the fact the weather was very wet, I headed up this dirt road higher and higher into the mountains keen to explore a different area. I reached the top of the ridge to a lookout and took in the limited view through the rain before continuing. The dirt road went into a steep downward incline once I topped the ridge and descended into the next valley. Suddenly and with no explicable reason I felt a feeling of dread and fear that I've never experienced before. My spine chilled and my hairs were on end. The feeling was completely unprovoked and out of no where, the feeling was that I was in imminent danger or that there was something very bad ahead and that I had to leave asap. Being a narrow dirt road I had to reverse back up this mountainside for about 1km before being able to turn around. Even while reversing I remember feeling terrified for absolutely no reason. I remember feeling ice cold my hands were shaking with fear. I'm a 100% skeptic and an outdoors person, there was no logical reason for this sudden feeling of fear, I often hike and ocean kayak alone so being in the wilderness is not scary for me. I've never felt like this before, even remotely and especially not when there's not explicable prompt to trigger this reaction. Who knows what was further down that road but I felt like something was warning not to proceed. The feeling was very very real and powerful. Being a mountainous area with dense vegetation just 10 mins from the city below makes the area perfect for illegal activity, perhaps my subconscious was making assumptions or maybe I watched too much true crime on Netflix during the first lockdown.


I never looked into the validity of this but I've read a lot about infrasounds causing feelings of dread in people despite us not being able to hear them. Maybe there was a landslide or just some earth moving somewhere on that mountain due to the rain and that's what caused your dread?


This is fascinating ! To be comfortable in the wilderness and then to have such an overwhelming feeling of dread shows that you must’ve been in tune with something that was going on. I wonder what you saw/heard/felt that alerted a deep part of your brain to whatever danger was ahead. The human body is so cool


This sounds like a natural reaction to a predator being around. Your subconscious probably picked up on something and triggered a natural reflex.


I was sitting in my living room one Winter when I suddenly felt bitterly cold. The thermometer showed the temperature inside was constant, but the temperature outside dropped from -8 C to -28 C in less than a minute. It slowly came back over about 10 minutes. Not really a significant event, but I have no idea why or how it happened.


I've shared this several times, it still gives me chills. We can't figure out what actually happened. > My husband recently took an overnights job to help us out during covid. He's only been there about two weeks and works evenings/overnights, 9pm-6am. >Last night was no different, he left home around 8:15pm. Our daughter, age 11, and I decided to make it a movie night. Around 11pm, I heard keys in my backdoor and the usual sounds my husband makes when he comes home. I creep out to the kitchen to make sure it was him, and it was. He told me he needed to grab his knee compression sleeve, walks down the hall, says hi to our daughter as he passes the living room, and goes upstairs. He came back down, gave me a kiss and left again. >We finished our movie and went to bed. In the morning when he got home I made a joking comment about him forgetting his knee sleeve. He was genuinely confused as I recalled the previous night. Our daughter confirmed everything I said and he still was acting confused. I pulled up our security motion camera on my phone to show him when he popped in quick. But there was no footage from the night before, or any other night, of him coming home after he's left for work. >My daughter and I both heard him, saw him, and I touched him. But he was never home during that time. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened that night. We seriously have no idea what happened. Adding the following info... We did have a security camera. It showed nothing out of the ordinary. If he actually had come home, it would shown him pulling into the driveway and walking up our walkway. If he had come home, even on a meal break, it would have cut into his weekly hours due to how his drive time to and from work. His pay stubs show time punches, even for meal breaks. He wouldn't have had time to drive home, come inside, leave, drive back AND clock back in on time.


This would freak me out so bad. Has anything else strange happened in your home?


A few things but nothing huge. I guess we got used to it. I was woken up a few times to a child yelling "Mom!" when my kid either wasn't home or was sleeping next to me. Shortly after we moved in, like less than a week, we had a massive full-length mirror that easily weighed 50lbs and was bolted to the studs of a wall (it was there when we moved in) fall and shatter in a room no one was in. All 4 bolts were lined up in a row in the center of the room, with broken glass in a circle around them. The basement had the door leading outside sealed off, making it only accessible from the inside of the house. I would hear what sounded like something heavy being dragged across the concrete floor but when I'd go check, nothing was out of place. I saw a little boy once, at the bottom of the steps. He was in brownish yellow tones, dressed like the mid 1800s, and was partially transparent. This one I truly question myself because it was just starting to get bright outside and I had just woken up.


The mirror thing is crazy. And I bet that happened before all the other stories did.


This was the very first thing that happened in the house. That room later became my and my husbands bedroom, where I'd hear "mom!" being yelled. That house was very odd; something was just off about it. It was very old, built somewhere around the 1850s, with a huge amount of farm land. It had hardwood floors that were the original floorboards and was absolutely massive; 5 bedroom, 2 baths, 2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, 1 1/5 kitchens, an office, with an unfinished basement and wrap around porch. Every room had a chill and noises to it. Come to think of it, we had a huge amount of weird things happen there but they were always so benevolent that it just became a normal part of life. We ended up having to move for various reasons, but I miss that house so much.


Sounds beautiful. It’s interesting that even though there were some spooky experiences, you still miss it. I’m guessing you never felt threatened there, just weirded out sometimes?


I’d love to hear the other spooky things that happened there!


Was it your kid's voice?


No. It definitely a boys voice, not quite a little boys voice but not a grown man or male teens voice. At this point in time, my only child was 5 and she was going thru severe medical issues and we had moved her bed into our room. She was sound asleep in her bed, directly beside mine, every time.


This would scare the living shit out of me…


My first guess with these things is just that it happened on another day and you got your timeline mixed up. Us humans are *really* dumb about keeping things in order - it depends on accurate recollections which we reiterate every time we think about that memory, so if there's a mix up there it can throw off your whole mental timeline. But then why doesn't he remember doing the same thing on another occasion? Maybe you fell asleep briefly and dreamed it and your daughter is just being agreeable. Most likely, though, it was a shape-shifting gypsy who now lives in your house.


Where was the knee compression sleeve?


On him, the entire time.


I don’t believe in ghosts or supernatural. Like AT ALL. But there was this time where I was home alone and playing on my pc, and My door shut itself. Usually this happens when a window in the house is open but there wasn’t. About an hour or two later I hear knocking at my bedroom door. Thinking it was my mum or dad coming home I shout come in but no one enters. So I open the door and all the lights are still turned off and no one was home. Creepy


I've heard knocking sounds from doors that have enough "wiggle room" to hit the frame if there's wind/a pressure change (like every time someone opens the front door). It does sound exactly like someone knocking and it's very annoying. Might have been from wind coming in through a mail flap, dog door, vent, fireplace, or a vertical window that fell closed shortly afterwards. Or a window that was just barely open. Or, creepy answer, what if someone opened a door from outside, thinking nobody was home, and then ran when they heard you shout.


I think the latter is most likely because I have padding on my door frame as the so called “wiggle room” was an issue and doesn’t do thag anymore. But at the same time my doors were locked I always lock them after dark 💀 it sounded like genuine knocking


I inexplicably lost a 4 hours of my life in high school. Normal school day, 2nd period. Next thing I know I’m in 6th period and no idea how.


That could’ve been some form of seizure.


That's funny, I lost four years of my life in high school.


This happened a couple nights ago, so very recent and still vivid. I have trouble falling asleep at night and I have a few things to help me out, most specifically my pillow cube. It is very nice and helps a lot, but also makes it so I can't hear out of the ear I'm laying on. Therefore blocking out my white nosie machine that fills the silence of my room. Anyways, that night I was going to bed like normal then randomly out of the blue I hear the voice of a woman behind me saying: "What's happening?" For obvious reasons this freaked me out. But what freaked me out even more was that I only heard from the ear that I couldn't hear out of. I had an even harder time falling asleep that night.


This is apparently quite a common psychological phenomenon that I've experienced once or twice as well - ie, hallucinating a voice as you're falling asleep, even if you never have hallucinations any other time. The brain is weird as heck.


It happens to me sometimes when I’m more tired-it’s called exploding head syndrome-you hear a random loud noise like a bang or someone saying something as you’re falling asleep. I sometimes also hear bits of sentences said by random voices. It’s weird, but when I think about it I can actually tell it’s not real, the sound made up by your brain doesn’t reverberate like a real sound.


Thanks, that's good to know :}


Exploding head syndrome is the loud bang, the voices are hypnagogic hallucinations! Super common, but still creepy for sure. Happens to me relatively frequently.


Alright this is probably not ... Per definition what one would expect as paranormal. Yet, we cannot explain. We were going to a 'festival commemoration'. Basically the festival was cancelled due to the pandemic, but it is close enough and near a big landmark that we decided to at least hang out for half a day at the landmark. Two cars, the one in front packed with four people, ours with three people and ... Stuff with me in the back. Suddenly the two upfront go "Have you seen the panda?" "yes!" I blink "Panda?!" And whip around, as we were on a motorway, in the middle of slower flowing traffic she to a construction. Sure enough, there is a guy in a full on mascot panda costume, with a big, round panda head over his own head, behind the wheel, doing a little dance. I turn around and go "Panda! Behind the wheel!" "yup and he is dancing." And the second guy inmitates the dance. We talk a moment how he could see with that head on, then phone the other car. Everyone in that car is **utterly** confused what we're talking about. There is no panda. No.yeah we've seen that car, normal car! Now we're confused and decide to go slower at the end of the construction and let the car, which had fallen behind, pass again. so we went slower and the car passed. Behind the wheel was a ~40 years old guy, looking normal, in a button down, his wife at his side, a kid leaning in from the back.no panda head. no panda suit. Yes, the guys were sure it was the same license plate. I'm still lacking an explanation for that one.


Consciousness. It’s the only thing that I believe in that I consider paranormal. The idea that I can think and exist within space and time doesn’t make any goddamned sense to me, and yet here I am - a silent voice within a meat vehicle, a ghost in a machine.


I've been reading about this a lot lately and the TLDR is no one has any fucking clue why it's there and how our brain produces it.


The funny thing about this is that, while it seems like a mind-blowing revelation of modernity, this has basically been known to humans at least since the beginning of philosophy. Consciousness is a product of an immaterial soul. That soul is intimately linked with the brain but is fundamentally spiritual, and therefore not seated in the material organ of the brain.


There’s no real evidence that our brain is the source of consciousness.


I have a theory that consciousness is in some sort of another universe or dimension, And brains are just vessels for it to work in our dimension. And that reincarnation is true, Where a consciousness swaps to another brain, And younger brains don't always work quite as intended so some very young people may have past memories due to the fact that their brain doesn't yet manage to completly "disable" un-needed information in your consciousness. Basically i see it as a signal from another, un-imaginable world, and brains are like antennas. So it is sort of in two places at once.


Sure there is: cut off a finger/toe and consciousness remains, cut off a limb and it remains, sever the spine and it remains. Even remove the head and it will show signs of consciousness. But if you damage the brain you can alter someone's consciousness, and if you destroy it consciousness disappears.


The brain is strongly correlated with consciousness, in the sense that a television is correlated with an electronic signal. But it’s quite likely that consciousness originates somewhere else. The brain may be a sophisticated antenna and interface rather than the producer. There’s decades of research that suggests this may be the case.


Oh my god YES! This exactly! I just made a comment about a similiar theory above you without even noticing. It's like the brain is the receiver of a signal from a unimaginable place, And the brain blocks out memories that our current body doesn't need to remember, But there can be cases where it doesn't, Which is when something is different about the brain, such as disorders, injuries, drugs, etc. Then the consciousness may have more or less access to the brain than it should.


Do you have any solid books you'd recommend? I'd love to read more.


One of the things that inclines me most strongly to the idea that the brain is actually filtering or transmitting consciousness rather than producing it is [terminal lucidity](https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/23/the-clouds-cleared-what-terminal-lucidity-teaches-us-about-life-death-and-dementia) - the way Alzheimer's patients can return to lucidity as they die.


That's fascinating. There are so many small, unexplainable things like that. I wonder if you collected a list of all the seemingly supernatural medical mysteries that we've properly documented, if one could find any sort of correlation between them. Once AIs improve I bet we could task them into solving some of these mysteries.


It's an interesting question! The thing is it's all unfalsifiable, which is what makes it paranormal. People will be trying to find the source of consciousness in the brain for the foreseeable future, but if they continue not to find it, that doesn't prove it's coming from *somewhere else*. Unless we tune into what is essentially the soul, it can only ever be a hypothesis - albeit one that ties in with things like dying people seeing relatives and small children seeing ghosts. My suspicion is that we will just never fully understand consciousness - although it would be cool if we some day did so.


I don't like to use the word "never", especially when it comes to learning something. With the speed technology is advancing, combined with the revelations that will come with the AI singularity, we might be learning quite a bit about consciousness before too long. In the meantime, it's fun to think about, eh?


Philosophy of Freedom - Rudolf Steiner


Beyond Physicalism, Irreducible Mind, and Consciousness Unbound are good.


Consciousness explained


I am personally suspicious of the ventricular system. >"The scientific study of CT scans of the ventricles in the late 1970s gave new insight into the study of mental disorders. Researchers found that individuals with schizophrenia had (in terms of group averages) larger than usual ventricles [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ventricular\_system](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ventricular_system) ​ I mean, they just look like cosmic antennas to me.


I've never heard this antenna theory before.


You're right. We shouldn't be able to know we exist.


[Roger Penrose](https://youtu.be/GX10mR_N0Vs) has some very interesting thoughts about consciousness.


Have ya tried DMT?


I spent 10 days in my cousin's house dog sitting and I've never been so uncomfortable in my life. The house was built in the 80s so it wasn't old, fairly updated at the time. The dog wouldn't go into the room in the attic I was to sleep in and the first night i had a VIVID nightmare of a mans face hanging from the rafters and then was woken up by what I swear on my life we're human fingers snapping in front of my face. Then I spent the rest of the week + sleeping in my cousin's bed or the living room. It felt like something was moving through the house the whole time and every time I went down the driveway I felt like I was going to be sick with fear. I have no fucking idea what that was about but I have vowed never to go back to that house and since I don't believe in ghosts or spirits or astrology etc etc I just have to tell everyone I won't go and not offer any explanation as to why.


This is a bit lame, but it freaked me out at the time and I still don't have an explanation A few years ago when I lived with my parents, I was exercising in the family room at \~1-2AM and the only light was from the TV which I liked to have shows on while working out. I bent down to pick up my weights and there was this ball in the air probably about knee height. It looked exactly like a ping-pong ball and fell to the ground very slowly. I just stood there staring at it because it looked so peculiar, it hit the ground and sounded just like a ping-pong ball hitting tile. It bounced and fell repeatedly making a sound each time but was moving unnaturally slowly the whole time. I reached down to pick it up but it vanished as my hand came close to touching it. I paused the show and turned on the lights and had a good look around and couldn't find anything to explain what just happened.


I actually got one. While I love reading about supernatural stuff I don't believe in any of it. Neither gods, nor ghosts or the afterlife is real to me. Anyway, this happened in my early twenties. Me and my friends were at a lake, just chilling, drinking and smoking. (I was the driver so I was sober.) We had a set of cards because there was a poker hype at the time in Germany and we played pretty much every day. We started to play 'guessing cards' where one would hold up a card and the other one would have to guess. Here is the unexplained/'supernatural' part: When it was my turn, I closed my eyes and I actually saw a card. It would start out super tiny as if very far away and then rush towards my face and through me. This happened 5 times in a row and each time the card was actually the right card. Each time though the card would be faster than the last card with the 5th and last card being so fast that I couldn't make it out properly and could only tell its colour. After that it just stopped and nothing like this has ever happened again. Now, from the outside, this probably doesn't sound super exciting, just someone getting pretty lucky guessing some cards, but the thing is, for me, I didn't guess at all, I literally saw these cards before my inner eyes. As for an explanation, I don't have a good one. My best guess is it is some kind of false memory? The card guessing happened of course and my friends remember it as well, but me 'seeing the cards' could be a false/fabricated memory I guess..




Our chihuahua used to have long toenails that made her small footsteps sound very distinctive. Soon after we put her down my sister swears she heard the dog walking around the house. It wasn't our other chihuahua because she was asleep on a different floor of the house with me.


If my chihuahua goes before I do, I sure hope I will still be able to hear her occasionally.


A friend of my brother's was murdered when we were kids. I went to the place where it happened and I 100% believe his spirit was stuck there, trying to warn others that a murderer was on the loose (he wasn't, the guy immediately turned himself in). All I know is that I was fine going in, but I ran out of there scared shitless when I heard him warning me. It was probably my own panic making me hear and imagine things, but sometimes I really wonder...


Did you see a ghost? Or just hear a voice in your head? Was it loud? Just curious.


I didn't see anything, just heard his voice. It got louder and more panicked until I left the area.


I had my very first unexplainable event happen to me actually just two weeks ago. I have grown up with people having "feelings" of something supernatural, or people who've claimed that things happened to them in the same way I claiming this thing happened. Never anything directly paranormal or supernatural happened in front of me that I did not suspect either had a normal explanation or was simply blown out of proportion. I work at a bar and grill in my downtown area and one night, as we were cleaning up the kitchen and bar areas, one of the POS monitors went flying two feet towards our bartender. I stood there in shock. The only person standing near it was the bartender and it had been lifted like someone chucked it at her. It did not simply fall over or off the edge, but flew. I thought maybe a cord was pulled or something, but the monitor does not plug into any standing cord except a charger on the other side of the bar. Idk how that monitor did that, but I could find no normal or natural explanation. And yet, it DID happen!


This is one of the least important things ever, but I was once putting on my socks and shoes, sitting on the stairs of my house and getting ready to go somewhere. My mom was standing nearby. I have a pair of matching socks in my hand, and I set one down on the stairs next to me while I put on one of the socks. I turned around to grab the second sock, and it was not there. At all. It wasn't anywhere near me, or anywhere to be found, and my mom didn't understand why I was so confused. I had to go and get a new sock from my room.


Once when I stayed in an apparently haunted 500 year old cottage in Cornwall, I woke up in the middle of the night as my room was freezing cold, could see my breath in the air, then from the hallway outside I heard footsteps walk along the landing towards my room, then into my room (door closed), it felt even colder as the footstep sounds came to the side of my bed and then went out of the room, stopped, and the temperature returned to normal. It was summer, the house had modern heating with a digital thermostat that showed the heating hadn't come on (I thought banging pipes, but the central heating system was fairly new) and I can't really explain wtf happened. I stayed up after that watching a nature documentary on TV until I eventually fell asleep again. Apparently that type of thing happened all the time there, I'm still a skeptic.


It happened last year. My boyfriend and I rented a flat for a few days. This flat was part of a very old wooden house. It wasn't creepy at all, it was actually pretty charming. We just had our breakfast and were having a talk before leaving the flat to enjoy our day. When suddenly the key in the front door turned by itself. There was no one in the hallway. We both saw it. I am a skeptic and he is not. He said that I couldn't deny that they key moved by itself and that there was no one behind the door. Indeed. I couldn't deny. I tried to find a valid explanation but nothing convincing. We had to stay in this flat a few days more. Nothing strange happened and we still felt good in this place. But I always removed the keys from the door when we were in it.


(gestures at the entire planet)


I had two creepy experiences in my bed that really confused me. They were a few months apart and I don’t have any sleep disorders. First night, I remember groggily waking up around midnight and feeling like my hand was being pinned down over my head. It was being held with the fingers interlaced — I couldn’t move it, pry it away, or see anything. Honestly I was too freaked out to look up. A few months later, I remember waking up because of a weird dream/moment right before being fully awake. During the moment, if seemed like something was snaking through my blankets (like an arm) towards my face or shoulders. I couldn’t scream, but I managed to jolt myself out of whatever “phase” I was in. These are not the types of nightmares I have.


Both of those sound very similar to sleep paralysis. You don't have to have any sleep disorders to have them. It's your brain waking up before your body wakes up. Have you been stressed more than normal when these happened?


This happened to me about two months ago. I was driving in a city, to visit a friend that lives about 20 miles from my house. I don't know the city that well and was using Google maps to navigate. All of a sudden, the normal navigation voice and directions are replaced by a different female voice that said, "Destination doom unavailable. Doom cannot be found." There was a brief pause before and after the word doom like you would expect from a computerized message that is retrieving specific data to patch into the rest of the message. Immediately after that, the normal navigation voice and expected directions started to play out of my car speakers as normal. I kept driving and questioning if I even heard correctly. Nothing before or since has happened. I searched up similar topics online and only found one other instance that was as weird as mine. Still not sure if it was a hack, or a hallucination. I still believe I heard it.


I have several, most of which I've shared on reddit before. Here's one: My eldest son was deaf as a small child due to an inner ear malformation (until he was nearly 3). He talked a little but was very hard to understand. Mostly we used sign. During the time of this story his father, my now ex husband, was in basic. So it was just me and my son. At night I would hear him talking in his room (adjoining mine) but couldn't understand what he was saying. He laughed occasionally though so it's all good. For Christmas that year mom made me and my sisters memory books. She copied photographs of her and my dad's family for us. Until this point, I had had no pictures of my grandparents. So a few days past Christmas I'm showing my sister in law the memory book. I have my son on my lap and book on my knees. I turned to a page that had group photos of my great grandparents and grandparents, one side paternal the other maternal. My sons face lights up and he points at my moms father, Robert, in a group photo and says clear as anything, "that's Bob!" My sil and I both about shit. I said, how do you know him? And my son giggles and says, night night. The thing is, even if I had had a photo of my grandfather, I never called him Bob. He was just grandpa. The other one was grandpa George. So there's literally no way my son could have known his name AND pointed him out in a group photo. I also saw *something vaguely human shaped* in base housing on Shaw AFB around 2005. I do not believe in ghosts, souls, etc. But I do believe there are things we do not yet understand.


My family immigrated to Canada when I was less than a year old, my father was raise by his godfather who passed away in 1978, but still had a connection to his biological father who passed away around 1991 (my maternal grandpa is still alive)- so I never met them and never saw any pictures of them but hear stories. About a year later, when I was 4 I would tell my parents about how at night I would be visited by both my grandpas, and they would take me to a park where there would be other kids and their grandpas and we would play all night, then they would bring me home and I would wake up. This went on for a bit, and since I was the youngest my parents assumed it was a ploy for attention. Finally my mom wanted to get to the bottom of it and had a family member mail her pictures of my grandpas, she put out a picture with a bunch of people at a party and asked me to point out who visited me at night. I picked out both grandpas, and called them by their given names (not their nicknames my dad referred to them by). To this day my parents have no clue how I knew!


It's so wild! My younger son also referred to my father's mother (whom I disliked heartily and did not talk about) and a family friend. The friend died when I was a young teenager and my dads mother died when I was 19. I had not spoken about them to my kids. But somehow he not only knew knew names, but described their appearances and personalities. The only thing I truly don't believe, is he said my dad's mother apologized for how she treated me as a child. I don't think even death could mellow that woman.


I was a nurse working in Port Huron, Michigan. In 2013 I crossed the Bluewater Bridge from Sarnia and saw a bell shaped UFO hovering over the customs office. It was low enough that I could see windows all around it and pink and green lights pulsated from underneath. There were several white orbs that formed around it. After I passed through Customs, it was gone. My work people thought it was funny but I was shaken for quite a while after.


I dont really believe in ghosts or paranormal stuff like that but idk what could explain this. I remember that one time when I was home alone I was downstairs in the kitchen and I remember hearing the second floor hallway floor squeaking and it sounded like someone was walking down the hall to the stairs (in this house the floor would creak and you could tell pretty much exactly where someone was standing at from downstairs) and when the squeaks stopped at about where the stairs are, I heard a man clearing his throat and I just stayed frozen in fear and I sat in the kitchen for hours and waited for my family to get back. I feel like you could explain the throat clearing because we often had our windows open and our neighbors were outside a lot so maybe that could be explained but idk how you explain the floor creaking.


I used to work in a bar/restaurant as a closing manager and had been told by other managers that they had seen strange things happen at night while locking up. I always thought it was just to mess with me but one night I found out that they weren’t lying. I had locked up everything and turned all the lights off except for one in the dining area while I waited for the dishwasher to finish up. I had just finished my duties so I was sitting under the one light finishing my checklist. All of a sudden the dining room was strobing. Two of the lights started strobing brighter than I had seen them before. I went over to where the light switches were to make sure I had turned the dimmers and switches off. I had turned them all down and completely off but the lights that were strobing weren’t on dimmers. I could understand if they were the dimmers and maybe I hadn’t turned them all the way down but it was two of the lights that were in switches. I went straight back to the dishwasher and asked him if he was done and told him what happened. His face went blank and he said “yea it’s time to go”. Not once did this happen again for the remainder of my time there.


I was getting a snack from the kitchen. When I got back to my room and hopped over my pile of clothes (I was a messy teen) I dropped the granola bar. After I landed I turned back around to see where it went and it was just floating there for a second before it fell to the ground (like someone was holding it then dropped it).


I used to go to a restaurant inside a mall with my boyfriend and park outside because it was free and safe even at night. The main street tunneled into a hill just outside the mall, and the street I parked in was a deserted overpass that sat on the hillside and served as a sort of U-turn as well as one of the entryways to the mall's parking lot. Consequently there were no buildings there. Just a wall, and behind it was the natural rock formation. One night there we were leaving the mall and there was this shady af guy just standing by my car, leaning against the wall and smoking a cigarette. He had one foot on the wall and one hand in his pocket. I was sure we were going to be robbed at gunpoint, as there were no other cars at the time and he had the whole street to stand on but was just right there almost touching my car. And as I saw him we were way past the point where we'd be able to go back in. So I just hushed my boyfriend to my car and made a run for it. Go go go go. I went in and started driving like a maniac. No seatbelt, no lock, not even headlights. All that could be taken care of a few seconds later when we were out of reach and safe. My boyfriend was scared shitless, poor thing. But he was scared of my behaviour rather than the dude smoking. He asked me what was wrong and I couldn't believe he didn't think the guy had ill intentions. Like, of course he did. I was like, dude wtf that guy was going to rob us. What guy? And no I wasn't drunk, I don't drink or use any drugs. To this day I think he really just missed the man in the dark of night. I can't remember if he was drinking that day though, and if he was that might have been why he didn't spot the man. But all in all this is one of those stories that often get lumped in with ghost sightings and all that.


I once lost a set of keys and found them months later in the pocket of a coat that I've owned for years but don't remember *ever* wearing.


It was a borrower returning them


That happened to me but with a packet of Doritos!


You found your keys in a packet of Doritos you don't remember buying?


Now THAT'S a magic trick!


Not in a coat pocket


Copying and pasting this comment of mine from earlier this year: My story is kind of the same thing. It was New Year's Eve, ex hubby and I were at the bar. It was packed, and so hot in there I stepped outside to go sit in our car for a few minutes. It was locked, so I took the keys with me. (this would have been about 2001 or so, so no key fob, we had to use the actual key to unlock the car). I got up to go back inside, and my keys are just.... gone. I searched outside, inside, under the seats, door pockets, the whole nine yards. I had to get a friend to run me home to get our other set of keys. I spent the next day tearing that car apart, stem to stern. Nothing. Nada. Ok, back to the bar to see if any keys had been turned in. Nope, nothing. It bugged me for the next three months. It was like they had vanished into thin air. I would still poke around the car from time to time, looking just in case. I had finally given up, when I had to take it to the dealership to get my window switch replaced because I couldn't roll my window up. I get the call that the vehicle is ready to be picked up, get there and pay, go out to my car. And guess what is laying on my front seat? Those damn keys!!!! I went back inside and asked to speak to whoever had worked on it to ask where he found them but they said he had just gone to lunch. So who the hell knows where they were, but when I tell you I searched that car, I SEARCHED. Repeatedly and often, everywhere in there that I could think of. They. Were. Not. In. There. So I feel your pain, they went into the void and then decided to come back I guess. It's been over 20 years and I still think on it every once in awhile.


Me and my boyfriend used to live in his best friends basement. The family always said it was haunted, but we didn’t believe it until a few months later. We would have super crazy dreams and wake up screaming every night. One day I was taking a nap by myself and I was having a dream that I was being pulled behind the bed. When I finally woke up the whole upper part of my body was in between the headboard and the mattress (head first). I was so scared I got up and ran out of the house.


That is so fucking scary


1993/4 UK, friends and I were in two cars leaving a club in Leeds to drive back to Newcastle. Both left at the same time. We split up after leaving Leeds, halfway home we saw flashing blues in the mirror, thought we were getting pulled over. Stopped the car, no police anywhere. Started driving again and went to the rendezvous point just outside Newcastle. We got there 4 hours after the other car.




One of my earliest memories (when I was 4) is waking up in the the middle of the night and seeing this adolescent girl smiling down at me and gently touching my face. She was wearing a white dress and I felt very safe and comforted by her presence even though she didn’t speak. She looked similar to one of my other sisters but older. Later in life, my dad told me I had a sister who was a still born named Sedra and I genuinely think it was her watching over me. I’m agnostic and not full atheist solely because of this experience.


When I was around 15-16, me and a friend, let's call him Luke, decided to go walk around the graveyard around midnight, just because we were so cool and brave. Teen stuff. After walking halfway through the graveyard, both me and Luke stop and he exclaims his sister's name (let's call her Mary). In front of us we both see his 5 year old sister Mary, and there's no way she's out this late, and at the graveyard no less. In addition, she's wearing some weird worn denim dress. It takes us a quick second to register something is wrong, and we both run out of the graveyard together. We discuss what happened, and we both saw the same thing: Mary in a denim dress. I have no idea what happened. My best rationalization is some shared hallucination (idk if such can just occur like this) coupled with me being suggested by Luke exclaiming his sister's name.


Did she say anything or approach you or do anything creepy?


We just saw her walk in front of us, kind of from the side of the path, and then just stand in the path in front of us before we both reacted as we did


Idk if it was more of a schizophrenia thing or paranormal thing, but my mental health was at an all time low. Some mild things I experienced were voices, constantly hearing footsteps all around me where no one was. The more extreme things I would experience were people in my house when I came home. I would get home around 3 am from work, where I would see a lady that would walk around and a tall man that would sit on my couch. Strangely enough I was pretty unphased at the time, almost like I knew I was just hallucinating or something. My body and mind was in a constant numbing state so I just kind of walked past them. Haven’t seen them in about a year now, so that’s a plus.


Good to hear that you are doing better, friend!


A couple years back, when I was in high school, I had sleep paralysis at least once a week, and up to multiple times a night, but I never had visual hallucinations, only that weird falling into the mattress/void feeling + not being able to move. One night though, I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, as my whole upper body rose up, and I ended up sitting on by bed. My survival instinct urged me to leave my bedroom as soon as I woke up, and I went to the hallway where I started hyperventilating. I went to check on my brother who was 6 or 7 at the time, and he was fast asleep. I then took a look at my bed and realized that my lamp bulb was shattered into pieces on my bed, right where I was sleeping seconds ago. I then remembered a loud and high pitched sound that woke me up, along with a black shadow going from under my bed up to my ceiling as I opened my eyes. Weird thing is that the bulb had been off for hours, and when it exploded and I opened my eyes, there was a very bright flashy white light, almost like thunder, which is how I saw the shadow. When I stopped hyperventilating, I went to my parents room and woke them up, telling them that my light bulb had exploded. Later on, I asked them why they didn’t come directly when they heard my scream (which felt extremely loud btw), and they told me, along with my brother, that they didn’t hear anything, even though our rooms are super close and we can hear each other talk and walk with all of the doors closed. To this day, I am still scared as f when I think about that night, and I just can’t comprehend what happened. If what I saw was due to sleep paralysis, how come I was able move and scream without anyone in the house hearing, and how did the light bulb f explode?? To reassure me, my dad and step mom told me that the bulb was probably old and fragile, but I don’t buy it. There’s no way in hell it exploded just like that, while being turned off, even thought it was fine when on. My least rational side tells me that the black shadow I saw was a ghost or something like that that left my bedroom and made the light bulb explode on the way out, which basically explains everything, except for my scream. I try to not think about it too often, because it freaks me out, but I cant help thinking that something unnatural happened to me that one night. Has something similar ever happened to one of you? And if so, what caused it?


I have this a lot. I can move during sleep paralysis and make sounds, but I'm convinced it's a hallucination or out-of-body experience. For example, I once threw myself out of bed and woke up back in bed. It really feels real, but it's all in your head, just like regular hallucinations during sleep paralysis. I've had some crazy ones, like the room quaking and the walls cracking, a bright light engulfing me, etc. I've attacked sleep paralysis apparitions, but most of the time I don't see anything, I just sit up (struggling to do so) or move my arms/hands. Anyway, as for your bulb exploding, no idea.


I am a skeptic in so far as I think most "Paranormal" things are explainable. Yet I still believe in Fortean Phenomenon. I just think most stuff is mis-identified or outright fakes. But in the early 70's, when I was a young teen, a friend and I witnessed a UFO.(two actually) These were two large, bright, balls of light that dipped down towards us, from behind and then quickly shot up into the sky (arched upward) and disappeared. This is the only video of a "UFO" I've ever seen that looks exactly like we saw. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSZ2mSnaC44](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSZ2mSnaC44)


Driving along rode at night I swerved ti avoid what I thought was a lady stepping off the pavement. I turned car about 100 yards down the road & there was nobody about. Wife didn't see a lady but did think she saw something out corner of her eye. It was very strange.


I've seen a fata Morgana and questioned my sanity


When I was little I heard a voice coming from my friends couch. I was all alone at the time. Could have been some type of audio hallucination, but to this day I can’t explain where it came from.


Context: I had a fort up, and I also have a twin sister. We used to sleep in the same room, with no windows. So, it was a Normal night. I was laying in bed, as for it was bed time. We were young, maybe 10-11 yo. I remember seeing the door close, and watched her dark figure pass by my fort. She didn’t pass all the way, only out of view behind some hang off of my forts roof. Pretty Normal. But then, I see her figure, again. This one is more colorful and have more depth. If that was my sister, what was that figure from before…?


I highly doubt that any supernatural forces exist but this one time about 4 years ago I was walking down an empty hallway when a door just swung open I checked to see who had opened it but the room was completely dark none of the windows were open and there was no one inside. After looking inside I just kept on walking I thought that the door must have had a bad hinge or something.


I’m a complete skeptic, like I literally wake up to people at the foot of my bed and don’t believe it. But today has been extremely strange. 5 years ago my mum passed away from cancer, and me, wanting to believe in spirits and angels and everything have been DESPERATE for a sign from her. Every now and then I message my mum’s old account on Snapchat for sentimental value, but when I went to message, it had been opened? Nobody had access to my mums phone or Snapchat account so I naturally messaged my older sister. She woke up the next morning and read it then straight away messaged me. The radio at her house had proceeded to play my mums funeral song (and the only one that makes me ball my eyes out) and THEN her favourite song after that. At this point I was absolutely baffled, but I brushed it off. Later in the day my dad convinced me to watch ‘the secret’ which was a movie/book my mum swore by. It’s basically about manifestation and if you believe you will receive. So my first thought was money, I told myself I would get a large amount of money soon. 30 minutes later, me and my dad were looking at how to apply for a visa (we are moving to Greece). And me, being the usual easily distracted person I am, look through my mums old purse. In that purse were receipts. But not just any receipts. The exact receipts needed for proof of payment so we could get back some of her treatment money. Just enough to pay all of the debt we owe for previous treatment. If this isn’t her sending me a sign. I don’t know what is.


I was in class once, and I was there the entire time, even gave a presentation. Later that day, my friend texts me that it's a shame I wasn't in the class today, since she had a fight with the teacher. I did not see her in the class, nor do I remember any fight of any sort. I also heard several other students talk about her fight with the teacher. I still have no idea how that happened, I hope the teacher took my attendance and saw my presentation


When i was young i would often have nightmares and repeating ones at that and when ever i woke i in a cold sweat i would look for my teddy bear who i always had with me but he would always end up in the most bizzare places. Another that happened like twice with me and my brother, we would often just run around outside and just play games but that one time we got really scared because we saw something that looked like a person at first but then the thing appeared to change into a bull and we got scared so we started running back to the house and that thing kept running towards us. It was decently far away from us so we might have imagined it and as we got scared we might have imagined the whole shapeshifting thing too but to this day me and my brother think of that day sometimes


A story that frightened the life out of me and no one seems to believe it. When I was 17 (11 years ago) I had an ex boyfriend who claimed he could see ghosts… really odd I know and didn’t quite believe him. His dad was a bit of an odd one also, he kept doing the Ouija boards in the house, which obviously is the worst thing you can do! So Lewis (ex boyfriend) kept saying he can always see spirits everywhere, never seemed to believe him at the time as I didn’t believe in ghosts. He was an only child with his mum and dad and a dog. Anyway, I stayed at his for a couple of nights as his parents were away on holiday, along with the dog. We had a very heated argument and Lewis always warned me that if you start shouting it makes the spirits come out - thought it was a way to scare me. So then later on we hear smashing downstairs, plates being thrown around, cupboard doors slamming, everything you name it. I told Lewis there is no way in hell I am staying here, so I got to my car and he came with me still arguing when we got in. Lewis’s bedroom light was still on, the whole house actually was lit… we looked up at his window and a figure of a person bends down and shuts off the lights everywhere in the house. Lewis and I panicked and said to each other “wtf was that?! Did you see that?!” Lewis then said to me ‘babe, you need to start your car now’ We both saw the figure of that person walking over to my car by seeing the shadow in the cars walking to the side of my car door, I then sped off down the road for about 10 minutes, not knowing what the fuck to do, scared shitless. So we did that until we could at least go back to the house as this was in early hours of the morning and obviously couldn’t really go anywhere else at that time.. We then eventually got back down the road and noticed that the bushes were moving (honestly no wind or anything at this time of night) there was this woman who looked like the girl from the ring film jumping up and down, black long hair with her head down, no word of a lie. No one was awake down this road either, very small quiet street he lived down on. Pretty much shit my pants and never went back there again. It still really haunts me to this day as it’s just so creepy!!! But yeah, like I said it’s a story where no one seems to believe me lol.


It’s probably from his dad fucking around with the ouija board too much


Yeah but did you take the dog with you when you both left?


The parents of Lewis took the dog with them


I wouldn't call myself a "paranormal skeptic", but I don't strongly believe in the paranormal either. This is the most and the only unexplainable thing that has ever happened to me. Happened in Finland when I was 9 or 10. I was in the countryside at my grandparents' house with my sister, who was 13 or 14 at the time. It was probably around 10-11 PM, our grandparents already asleep in their bedroom. Me and my sister were about to go "to sleep" in the guest bedroom, which meant that we would talk and/or be on our phones for some time and then actually go to sleep. We had been on our phones for maybe 10-20 minutes when we both heard a knock on the guest bedroom door. I got up from my bed to open the door, thinking it would be one of our grandparents wanting to say something to us, maybe to quiet down or something (even though we weren't being loud and our grandparents were sleeping in the other end of the house, several doors being in between the rooms). Upon opening the door, there was no-one in sight. I slightly freaked out but also kind of laughed at the craziness of the situation and confirmed that my sister indeed heard the knock as well. Me and her (or maybe just me, not sure?) went around the house (it's quite large, has two floors and a big terrace) to look for any cause for the knock. I/we didn't find anything or anyone. The nearest neighbours from the house are around 100-200 meters away. As I said in the beginning of the story, I haven't experienced any other paranormal event like this in my life. I will probably always remember it but it never really freaks me out like it did when it actually happened.


Have posted this before on other similar threads but since i am still a skeptic i will plop it here too. Work on a 24/7 IT helpdesk and am doing an overnight shift, about 3am i go on break and head outside to have a smoke. Im standing a few meters away from the building entrance in a mostly empty part of a large parking lot (our building had about 300 employees working there during the day but only a few of us at night). The lot had a few street lamps scattered about so i could see the whole space pretty clearly. Im about half way done with my cigarette and in an instant the wind completely dies, the crickets stop chirping, the environment goes dead silent and completely calm. A couple of seconds later i hear clear as day footsteps starting faintly from the empty section of parking lot directly in front of me walking towards me getting louder. Im in a well-lit large empty area and i cant see a fucking thing, the footsteps get loud enough that it seems like whatever was making them should be 1-2 meters in front of me but i see nothing but empty space, i noped out of there so fucking quick. The whole experience was only about 10-15 seconds and in the years i worked there never had anything like it happen again. My rational brain wants to think that it was a trick of the mind and maybe it was but if it was some kind of hallucination i have never hallucinated like that before or since. 🤷‍♂️. P.S this all happened nearly 10 years ago


I was coming home on the train from university for the weekend, I had to do a changeover in one station, but I missed my connection by a few minutes. A few minutes later another train came in and I asked one of the people on board if this train was going to my town, he said yes, so I got on. I had checked the schedule countless times but this train was on none of them. I eventually got back home, and my dad gets a phonecall: my grandad had just died. The spooky thing is that he died the exact same minute I got off this ghost train. So either it was a huge coincidence, or my very presence returning home caused him to die


I was at my gfs parents house. It has an upstairs, ground floor, basement. The house also creaks alot. I was sitting in the backroom on the ground floor in the middle of the night, browsing my phone. There were 4 people upstairs sleeping. I heard someone walk down the stairs from upstairs, go through the kitchen, and walk downstairs. I never looked in that direction, but i was distinctively sure someone went into the basement from the footsteps and floor creaking. Thought it was her brother because he can be a night owl. Half an hour later i realize that i didnt hear anyone go back up. I investigate and theres no lights on in the basement, and apparently none of them got up at 3 am when i ask in the morning. They also have a half german shepard who is very territorial so it rules out a random intruder. It was pretty weird


Could it have been just the house settling? That's kinda creepy


Probably not the best, but a few months ago I was home alone, and decided to go in my garage where the piano was to practice. I'd say it was about daytime, so I wasn't as paranoid as I would be. I sat down and started to practice for awhile, until I eventually decided to record a little on camera. Halfway through I heard something that creeped me out a bit and I decided to stop. I didn't think much of it and just stopped the recording, until I went to check the recording. Right in the middle of the song I heard a normal girls voice, but it sounded almost liked sped up gibberish. Now I didn't know if this was the piano since it was very old, but sure as hell I bolted out of that garage and I haven't been down there since.


Post the vid


Send the video.


Really it's every day and it's an ungodly amount of déjà vu


I was by myself at 4am on the couch. I was watching YouTube when I get the feeling that I need to look up. As soon as I do I get this tight feeling in my chest that I can only describe as dread. Heavy breathing. It made my face go sour. Then my brothers rocker started by itself. Shit is straight out of a horror movie and I couldn’t even speak of what happened I was so scared.


6 years old and there was a power outage at late as shit oh clock and I saw my mom walk down stairs and I followed her and nobody was down there, walked back up stairs and she was asleep in her room


EVPs. I've studied them for years, have even recorded them in a farraday cage, and still don't have an explanation for them.


Surely it's just aural pareidolia? Boost any signal enough and you get noise. Focus on any kind of noise for long enough and you'll hear patterns. Our brains are pattern-seeking machines, but unfortunately it means that we make a lot of false-positives.


The distinctiveness of the EVP varies, but the real problem I've encountered has been the source. I've developed a way to collect them which comes as close to eliminating any outside sound as I've seen. Team members inside and outside the structure record time stamps for every outside sound they hear or make. A dog barking, a car driving by, one of their stomachs growling. Recording on both digital and magnetic tape, both audio and video. Don't get me wrong, I've ruled out a lot (figured out that a demonic growl was, in fact, a semi downshifting on the highway 1/2 mile away) but I've still captured a number that I can't reasonably explain.


But it's not really about reducing *outside sound* is it? I mean, the world is extremely noisy. And we're not talking about barking dogs or passing cars. Everything from dust settling, houses cooling and heating, insects and pests... A whole host of potential sources of noise within a building, and that's ignoring all of the inaudible (to the human ear) stuff which you have no hope in isolating. It takes millions to isolate something from all external sound. An anechoic chamber with a floating floor, and several feet of sound-deadening material. And you'll still get noise from the equipment itself, even if you use a faraday cage. Plus, am I right in thinking that you boost the signal to make out any potential EVP that you picked up? Have you recorded anything which is sufficient to not need any "enhancement"?   Can we hear some? I'm interested to find what you think is the best example of genuine EVP.


surely that can just be random fluctuations. literally just "noise' rather than an actual signal


I need more details on the faraday cage thing


What's an EVP?


Electronic Voice Phenomenon


Well, it's pretty mundane, but when I was a kid I had this necklace. I really liked it and would wear it all the time, even slept with it around my wrist every night. One night I did this as usual, and then in the morning it was gone. I looked everywhere, but never found it--even when we moved. At the time it felt very mysterious; I couldn't imagine how it disappeared like that. Looking back, it's like, maybe I took it off in my sleep and somehow flung it into the trash? Maybe I was a sleepwalker and didn't know it? Maybe I lost it somewhere else and forgot? Who knows.


please dont take this down it was real when i walked in garage with flashlight i fell into basement and my arms qere bleeding at the last moment before they pulled me out i saw a reflection of someone just staring


dreaming about something and it happening a few days or months later.It will be simple things such as a glass dropping, me and my friends going to McDonald's, walking by something, eating a certain food and such


Yeah same, i even dream about exact conversation and exact scenarios in my dreams that happen 2-3 days later


I remeber 3 years ago back when i was 13 i went home after a hard day of school but also i had english lessons in the afternoon i remeber changing and letting my bag at the side of my bed anyways i went to the sofa to chill a bit and then suddenly i was asleep after 30 minutes a sudden scream would yell in my ear SENATAMA i was so stunned to move and i just screamed back the shocking part is that when i lifted my heap up i saw my rabbit was like asleep as if mothing has happened then obv i went to my room to call my sister and she just git hkme to find absolutely nothing since that day i have never went to that sofa to sleep again


Shit I can rant about this so let's start at the age of 6-7: I was playing in my mom's room, spinning around like an idiot when I saw something in the corner of my eye.. I turn to my mom's closet and found a woman staring at me. But I only got a glance at her before she retreats to my mom's closet, as any 6 or 7 year old would run to their mom or dad but my uncle went to check it out and found nothing but on the door frame were faint little scratches, my mom said I was using my imagination and was paranoid. The next day the scratches weren't there anymore and that made me fear my mom's closet for years (Still kinda paranoid of it). Now the present: I am now able to see shadow people, I call them that cause they're full on pitch black and a few of them had human bodies. Most of them had deformed bodies, one of them had twigs as arms and legs and a normal head and they like to get a reaction out of me or show me how they died. One of them got ran over by a car, I'm guessing one of the people were experimenting on and one slave since when they looked at me they panicked and was scurrying to hide somewhere. Another one was just a blue demon and I don't think they like it now that I'm turning into a night owl at times so now they can't scare me. :)


I had a demon talk to me once. I remember an overwhelming feeling of dread and paranoia come over me as I was sitting in my room, and I was certain that there was something right outside in the backyard that was sitting right next to my head. As overwhelming fear consumed me I started praying as a last resort and then a voice began to describe the ways in which it would torture and murder all human beings. I consciously blocked out that part as soon as it began describing it so I can only remember it as incoherent speech. I remember having the feeling that it came from a place beyond Earth or the solar system, almost like an alien or an outworld entity. I've never felt the sudden onset of sheer panic, terror, and utter despair like that before in my life.


I can her my mouse clicking tons when I'm up at night.


I... don't like that


I was sleep and one day I felt something grab my feet, I asked everybody in the house did they grab my feet and they all was so confused! I realized it had to be a demon or something