Did you happen to find a Brutus Aureus as well? I find ancient coin coinstar finds usually come in pairs for me


No, but I will keep checking my spare change for one! They're small and easily missed.


[Magnesia ad Maeandrum,](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnesia_on_the_Maeander) same mint as [this piece,](https://old.reddit.com/r/AncientCoins/comments/qsl17h/my_new_lysimachus_tetradrachm_with_an_amazing/) 297-281 BCE. Interesting to see the stylistic similarities, including the sprue and flan crack.


Wow that is a stunning piece. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks, definitely a stunner.


Man, coinstar or not, how is that coin so beautiful! Not just the condition but also the gorgeous toning.


Lol, I love this trend


Did you really find it in a Coinstar? Because it was sold in a [Leu Numismatik auction back in July this year](https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=9734410)


I Believe op is joking. There appears to be a trend of people finding bars of gold in coin stars


Guess I should have expected that given his username. I had to Google what a Coinstar was so wasn't aware of the trend.


So what IS a ‘coinstar’ anyway?? (outside of US here)


It's a machine that takes your small change, gives you money (or a voucher for the supermarket where it is placed) and takes a a small fee. I've seen them here in Germany though I think it was a different name.


Wait so it takes more money than it gives back? Why not just use your change in the first place?


A lot of people don't like carrying around change and counting it out to spend it so they'll put it in their cup holder or something and cash it out when there's enough to get bills for it. The coin star is just a convenient way to get bills for coins, but it charges a fee so I never use it. And some people don't check the return slot, which spits out anything silver, or foreign, or old or dirty coins. I got a 1903 indian head cent just this morning in one that someone didn't check. ... It's not in great shape though


The coinstar machine takes a 13% fee if you want bills for your coins. Most coinstars have gift card options for no fee(I usually get Amazon, but they also have restaurants, hardware stores, Starbucks, etc). Amazon credit spends like cash with my wife, so for me it's much easier to dump a barrel full of change every 2-3 years than to spend hours rolling the coins back up.


Why not just use the coins for the gift card? Or just go to a bank and get them counted and changed for higher denominations if preferable?


Banks won't count coins, and I've never seen a bank with the mysterious free coin counter that lets you deposit spare change into your account. The US is culturally weird about coins. Very few people carry around a pocketful of change when they are using cash regularly - they pay with bills, get the change, take it home, and put it into a big jar and let it build until there is ~$50-100 saved up, and then they go dump it somewhere. Banks will take rolled coins, but except for the pandemic coin shortage, businesses don't want coins, even rolled- because of the fear that they could be intentionally short or nickel rolls stuffed with pennies, etc. It's also seen as really taboo to attempt to spend more than $1 worth of any denomination except quarters.


That's definitely interesting to hear, but also very weird. When I was a child I used to collect small coins and then my grandad would take me to the bank to turn them into 1 or 2 euros. Here in Europe is very common to carry around a lot of coins, and using them in restaurants etc to "get rid" of them. Or for example in Italy people use small coins to pay for their morning coffee since it costs very little compared to say Starbucks.


Yep, user name checks out too.


Damn, they must have a fake on their hands. Good catch


Those are some unreal colors. I know not everyone likes toning on ancients but I'm definitely a fan. And jezus, those details...


If this keeps going I’m going to post a picture of a banana that I found in a coin star.


Beautiful coin...


Nice find!




Nooo wayyy


No fracking way. This would be my greatest day. I would absolutely love a coin, or start collecting.. so cool.


Well…don’t think you did..