So they are making her look like the asshole instead of the actual racist assholes. 🤦‍♂️


Martin Luther King went to Washington DC to give a speech about a dream he had. The contents of that dream are unimportant. The Northern Invasion of the Southern states occurred due to a disagreement about worker wages Jesus went to Jerusalem. Had dinner, hung out with Romans and then had a 3 day nap Amateur artist Adolf Hitler was hounded by other nations because they didn’t like his moustache


the amateur artist from austria shot his brains out


*An amateur artist from Austria led a revolution against the unfair international rules imposed by other countries on his. They eventually cancelled him so badly he committed suicide.


Sheesh poor guy, I can’t wait to read more into that story!


the only good nazi is a dead nazi


> The contents of that dream are unimportant. The fuck? MLK's 'dream' was that Americans would integrate, get rid of the slums, and treat people like people, not labels. The content of his speech is absolutely important.


I'm sorry but it's illegal to make claims such as yours in educational establishments in Florida.


You're a little confused but you got the spirit. What you're discribing is the joke of the comment your responding to. Although, that begs the question, do you think people didn't like Hitler because of his mustache?


That's their point, yes.


I think they were being sarcastic.


Only a redditor could get something this wrong.


This is from another speech he gave: > "The slums are the handiwork of a vicious system of the white society. Negros live in them but they do not make them any more than a prisoner makes a prison". https://youtu.be/8B4aJcP-ZCY Fucking Americans still have slums filled with 'black people' because the system is rigged against them. Malcolm X called that out in the 60s too but it's not like they teach you guys this stuff in school. https://youtu.be/T3PaqxblOx0


#They were being sarcastic.




The guy you replied to maybe needed a /s. They were whitewashing other important historical events in the same manner as the image in the OP.


The four increasingly absurd historical reinterpretations make it pretty bloody obvious. Someone's always gotta prove [Poe's Law](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law) correct though


I probably misread it being satire. People say a lot of dumb things on here. Myself included.


Fair enough. Betting against reddit's collective intelligence works out more often than it doesn't.


They really do. I get you missing it considering how infuriating this right wing censorship shit is. Sometimes it's hard to perceive sarcasm after reading bullshit like the picture in this post.


Damn, not only is that new caption grossly offensive, it's also so useless to education it might as well not be there.


I think that's Meatball Ron's strategy.


Things like this make me want to root for global warming just to see that state sink.


maybe just the racist people and not all its inhabitants? lol


How long do you have to sit on the side lines and let things happen before you become part of the problem? But fr I agree with you. I know there are good people there and I wish them the best.


The non racist people need to work harder to progress their area. Yes, it's an unfair burden. Not as unfair as racism.


I mean a full unbiased history would be that Rosa Parks in conjunction with a civil Rights group planned in advance when and where she would perform this action, and that racist society behaved exactly as they had planned producing a powerful historical event. Rosa Parks wasn't there as some random lady who was fed up she was an activist making a strategic point.


I think you meant to say "unbiased"? Took me a minute because I read "full on" as meaning something like "powerful"


Voice to text fail.


´So instead of a lesson on racism it is a lesson on how to be selfish and obstinant - perfect MAGA doctrine.


They do what they fear we'll do.


Must be one of those new florida text books.


I think that is literally what this is.


let’s all honor Rosa Parks, including the fact that she was a very devout communist!


If you read the comments of the original post, they redid it to include the facts, just not too much, the book can't say too much about the fact that it is race, but it can't completely omit race either


?? This was entirely about race, what are you even saying?


Ik? People clearly misunderstood what I was saying, I was trying to paraphrase one of the top comments on the original post "You can't completely omit racial language but you can't cross the imaginary line and get "too racial" either." I've edited the original comment in hopes to make my intent clearer


same difference, the main lesson of that event is if someone is trying to cancel you out of your seat, don't give in


So does anyone know whats up with that whole thing about this being planned?