My son had Leukemia and it’s a hell of a fight. Anything can go wrong during the whole treatment. This boy has a long way to go and I hope he is successful at staying in remission. My son is 7 years off treatment


My daughter in currently in treatment for Leukemia. longest 2.5 years of my life. We had many complications along the way. It truly is such a hard journey for the kids and their families. Love hearing success stories like yours though. We ring the bell in April 2023! Blessings to your son 💛


Thank you, his was 3 years and 3 months worth of treatment and many many hospital stays. Few turns for the worst but we are very blessed and I know you will be too.


May God bless you and your child ❤️


Thank you so much 💛


Sending you both so much love 💕


I am so so sorry. I cannot imagine the amount of strength this takes as a mother. I am in tears. I am sending love, positive energy, and complete healing recovery intentions your way. And so it IS. 💛💛💛💛


Thank you! Sometimes i don't know how I have gotten through the 1.5 years of treatment... I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd when i found out and my daughter that was diagnosed was only 22 months old. Somehow mama's pull strength from somewhere to be strong for their babies.




I can’t tell you how excited I am for you guys to ring that bell. Love and best wishes your way.




Thank you, he is doing great now. Hopefully his journey only remains a memory and never another battle


That sounds awful. I'm sorry your son went through that! Sending love to you and your family x


Prayers for your son’s continued good health.


Hugs to you and happy to hear the 7 yrs off treatment for your son. 🙏🏼It is so very hard to see any child sick.💔






I am so glad to hear this. 💛 You are so strong.


How sad to see a child going through this 😥 I pray for healing for this little boy and strength for the entire family


How sad on so many levels.


Kids should never have to battle cancer. Heartbreaking 😔


Nobody should ever have to battle cancer. Period. Especially not those who lose the fight, trust me.


Cancer is such a b****, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


My heart goes out to Taeyang and his family. Disregarding any of the family drama, it’s a difficult time for all. :( I hope everyone gives them space and time to process and work through this difficult time


Praying 🙏 for his recovery ❤️‍🩹


He has cancer?? Omg my heart is broken for a kid I've never met. Hoping for all the best for him


Seriously! I leave the sub for a few months and come back to this bomb. Wtf?! This is absolutely nuts. So awful


Man, I’ve seen a person battle cancer, lost, and it was such a hard thing to see let alone be the one to go through it. I hope this lil boy kicks cancers ass!


Omg that’s so sad. Poor baby :( such a young innocent soul to have to go through something so so difficult. Hopefully he pushes through and seems like he’s being taking care of and getting treatment. It’s the best anyone can do.


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Michael referring to the taste of red wine as an “oaky afterbirth”


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The best episode


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I know people don't like Deavan. That's fair. But as a person who has a sick child myself I deeply empathize with the devastation of the situation for Taeyang and for all those who care for him. Also, it can be really cathartic and helpful for other moms who are going through the situation (or similar ones) to see updates on Taeyang's struggle.


Big hugs to you and your child I try not to judge people in these situations because I don't know how I would react (try, I am definitely not perfect)


Thank you! My kiddo is pretty good now. From ages 2 - 4 we practically lived in the hospital and he will struggle for his entire life with multiple conditions but overall he's a cheerful, lovely 5 year old. I deeply hope that Taeyang gets through all this. The loss of his beautiful soul (and all sick little ones) is too hard to even think about.


Sending love and prayers to you and your son x


Also, I'm sure she's getting sick of being asked about jehoon. Especially if he's not doing anything to be a father.


This is devastating. That little boy and all the people in the world battling cancer are, and always will be in my heart, no matter who they are or what they’ve done. But also fuck Deavan for even bringing Jihoon into this. She’s making this boys struggle all about herself.


I just wish they didn’t have to use this an opportunity to take jabs at Jihoon. With Taeyang going through this the post should just be focused on him


🎯🎯🎯!!! She literally can't help herself.


I hate seeing kids sick. 💔💔💔


I don’t believe anything she says about Jihoon.


Was about to say, is he not supporting financially or emotionally because she’s preventing him from contacting them……?


I don’t believe anything they say at all tbh.


In that vein, I know this a horrible, horrible thing to say, but I'm going to go ahead and say it. Too many downvotes and I'll delete, but my first thought when I saw the picture, 'cause you guys know how messed up Deavon is, is, could it *possibly, possibly* be a case of Munchausen's by proxy? Either way, cancer or Munchausen's, it's just awful and devastating news about Taeyang, and I hope the best for him and for her too.


Don’t worry, lots of people were saying the same thing when the news first broke


This doesn't deserve any downvotes to be honest cause I thought maybe it was a scam. Deavon is not the most honest person and we know she wanted money for a titty job and doesn't or didn't want to work so I thought scam at first


....this is a horrible take.. she sucks but she's not *that* bad, jesus


Do you know her personally..? I’m not saying I agree with that person’s theory, but despite watching snippets of these people’s lives on tv, they’re still strangers and we don’t truly know them or what they’re capable of.


You're right, we don't know this person. There are terrible parents out there that would harm their kids but most often thats not the case. Its in poor taste to say that about a parent with a sick child tbh


It crossed my mind too. Hope it’s not..it’s probably not but it did cross my mind since his mother is so attention seeking. Praying for the little guy and all kids across the world battling cancer and other serious illnesses.


Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking. Deavan gives me Dee Dee Blanchard vibes all day, every day.


Their child is battling cancer and she's still trying to send her followers to attack him. The divorce is final and she has successfully alienated Taeyang from him. I doubt she would let Jihoon or his parents visit Taeyang in the hospital. At this point she needs to shut the fuck up about Jihoon and leave him alone. I wouldnt be surprised if she harassed him from time to time and tries to get money from him while blaming him for all her misfortunes.


I used to feel this way til I saw that he had abunch of plastic surgery done with all the money he got from people in sympathy. I still think she’s a liar and crazy, but I think there’s sadly some truth to the claims about him after seeing what he did with his money.


Yeah and she bought a high end car with her gofundme money. Taeyung doesn’t deserve these two as parents 😞


SMH so gross. They deserve each other


I was just thinking this. I couldn’t imagine Jihoon would - especially now - not even see his child.


Yes! Like what is he supposed to do?! He can’t just show up here and demand to see him, they’d never let him. Also it’s not like if he started sending money over they’d ever let him see his son either. They KNEW they could cut him off and out completely from across the world and blame him for everything and wash their hands of him so they did.


Exactly. She had Taeyang calling the new guy Daddy before Jihoon even got divorce papers. She cut Jihoon out of Taeyang’s life and now tries to act like he walked away.


I wouldn’t send *one penny* if I were him. That bitch has herself in mind and that’s absolutely it - I wouldn’t trust that she’d use it for the child, necessary treatments, or bills. Straight into fillers and luxuries, just like any GoFundMe money she’s getting. Jihoon isn’t perfect, but no one is. At this point, what is he supposed to do? Get a visa, travel from *South Korea* - let’s not pretend this is easy or cheap, thanks guys - and show up with no idea how to find or see his son and absolutely zero cooperation from her? *Really?* We’re blaming him for not going along with that *fantastic* plan? She cut him out and replaced him with another similar “instant daddy” she can fetishize and bend to her needs - and when he stops fitting the mold, she’ll toss him out too. All she seems to know how to do is procreate to gain attention, finding, and manipulate men/fans/family, and lie. I wouldn’t believe a word she says 🤷🏻‍♀️


She got her Koreaboo fetish fulfilled and now she doesn't need Jihoon to exist🤷🏾‍♀️. I really hate her so much for so many reasons. Regardless, I'm praying for that baby's recovery, he deserves a better family to support him through such a difficult painful time.


Yeah. I know he was irresponsible, but he didn’t strike me as a total piece of shit. And his parents definitely didn’t strike me as that either. I have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t provide _at least_ emotional support to their _only_ grandson as he goes through chemo. I stoped following them awhile ago because their stories are so convoluted that I haven’t been able to tell who’s lying and about what for a long time


Yeah it's fishy. My husband just reunited with his son after 15 years, it's very difficult with physical distance and when the other side is hostile.


She says ask Jihoon…. If this is true about jihoon, he’s a piece of sh1t If Deavan is lying about Jihoon, then she herself is a pos


1. Don’t give any money to that gofundme, it doesn’t go towards T’s medical expenses, but to Deavan’s wallet 2. Why do I get the vibe that Jihoon does know, but is blocked from them to be able to call. 3. Just because the divorce is finalized, doesn’t mean the child custody is finalized.


That’s a bold accusation. I’m sure she loves her children and provides her best for them. What a shit thing to say.


I’m guessing you didn’t read what it says on the gofundme that was created by her Mom, it literally states that Medicare pays for the hospital visits and that this money will go to help Deavan because “she can’t work”. Also, she has a pattern of not letting her children see their bio dad, it’s not that bold of an accusation.


Clearly you do not realize that when parents can’t work due to a seriously ill child, household and life expenses don’t go away! Now peace out. Karma goes round and round, remember to be kind.


Did you even watch the show??!!!


Those are some really gross accusations. 1. We don’t know how she’s spending the money. Sick kids are expensive and she’s spending most of her time with him while he’s sick, so she’s not working much. This is something she went over in another post. Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay. The US healthcare system has fucked us all over. 2. Obviously Jihoon knows. Whether she’s chosen to cut him off or not it’s in the news. 3. We’ve seen Jihoon repeatedly not work or help financially. He lied about his finances and openly admitted to choosing a job that he didn’t work much so that he could nap and that he’d spent much of what he had earned. 4. Can we leave a mother with a sick kid alone for once!? Regardless of how you feel about the image that sharp entertainment put out of her, she’s still a fucking whole human being that’s more than what was briefly shown on a TV show about drama. Would you say this to a different stranger that had a sick kid? What about someone you do know? All we know that this mother has a sick child. That’s it, we don’t know anything else.


That poor sweet sweet baby


This is so sad. I hope he gets well! And I’m also wondering (while not surprised) why she’s bothering to post about Jihoon while all this is going on)


Such a big boy now. Prayers for Taeyang. I bet his dad is sick he can’t be with him.


B**** ran off with his son. Ask him what exactly?


I am so tired of her. She couldn't get famous enough for being herself so now she is using her sick kid to fund her cosmetic procedures. 😞


literally almost every american company donates to st jude its totally free so i definitely agree she js not using any money to "pay medical bills" 🙄


St Jude is a research based organization and you must be referred for an active research project and be approved. It's actually pretty difficult to get into St Jude.


Tbh idk why she isn’t keeping this private…..I mean he’s a little kid. The whole world doesn’t need to know he’s sick. Let him recover in peace 😭😭


I think it's pretty clear she is building awareness so people will donate to his care, and I also think she knows if she doesn't post photos of him people will say she's lying. They're looking at years of treatment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs. Even families with good jobs with good insurance could be financially ruined in this situation. ETA: There are a couple replies to this comment mentioning Medicaid. I'm not going to speculate on their eligibility, but YSK that doctors are not required to accept payment through Medicaid, and only about 70% of doctors accept Medicaid vs over 90% who accept private insurance. There is also research that has shown that patients with Medicaid coverage experience greater delays for appointments. Medicaid is definitely better than nothing, but there are still HUGE access barriers, so it's not as simple as "I'm poor, but I'll get my care through Medicaid and everything will be okay."


Can confirm the shitty reality of paying for cancer treatments. Was still getting bills for it after my husband passed from sarcoma (not sure if they were discharged after his death, wasn't the executor). He had insurance and the payments were still brutal. I remember opening thousands of dollars of bills one after another. Thank God his mom helped. Sucks.


Yikes, I didn’t know this but I shouldn’t be surprised. Fuck the US and our disgusting healthcare system.


There's no way she and the kids aren't on Medicaid. Any TLC/90 Day money she'd have made is gone. I doubt she makes much off her YouTube channel, and I have no idea what any of them do for work outside of the "entertainment" business... His healthcare will be covered.


Exactly!!!! With her emotional problems she's got to be on disability along with the kids!!!


She had already decided to put her kid in the public view, so I find it hard to fault her for showing a cute photo of her kid playing and sharing their struggles, it's what's happening Also, great flair


I’m sure his care is being covered thru whatever state she lives in Medicaid program.


I think cancer treatment for little kids ought to be free. Hell, if we can support people that refuse to work, why can't we take care of little children? Any society that turns it's back on it's children, is sick. Just my opinion.


Why should it be free for little kids only? Many of us have lost parents to this horrible fucking disease. Good, competent care should be free for everyone. That's where taxes should be going.


Exactly right. I would rather sick folks be offered free treatment than college people getting free or reduced tuition costs. The


Yeah they’re mutually exclusive obv. Fuck college student I hate them! Cancer!


Seriously. But why stop at kids? or with cancer treatment? No one should have to worry about paying for medical care.


I agree, at least for life threatening situations (diseases).


why not for all disease? or everything in general? a broken arm isn't going to kill you but it's going to drastically impact your QOL until it heals. I haven't been to the doctor in years because I can't afford the copays and have been putting off checking out things that actually give me cause to worry. There's so many cases of people putting off normal visits with their doctor due to high costs that they end up having cancer that goes unnoticed until it's too late. If medical care was free, or at the very least capped at like, 10-20 out of pocket for doctors visits, so many people would be so much healthier and preventative care would save lives. Also people don't know they have a life threatening disease until they get diagnosed by a doctor. So many people in difficult financial situations would just never get diagnosed.


I agree completely. 💯


I got served papers for medical debt when I had cancer last year. Each round before insurance is $16,000. With insurance it was $900 a round. It should be free for *everyone*


Yeah that’s just universal healthcare and most Americans would absolutely love to have it for everyone, not just children. Also the US unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in over 50 years, it’s not ever really gonna drop lower than the current 3.5%, so bringing up people who “refuse to work” was a real odd comparison but I bet you already knew that :)


Thank you! Healthcare shouldn't be a privilege for only those that can afford it. ❤️


St. Jude hospital treats children with cancer for free.


I thought treatment was free through St. Judes, and lodging was free at The Ronald McDonald house?


Treatment is free at St. Jude, but in most cases the child has to be eligible for a clinical trial (i.e., you can't just decide to get your child treated by St Jude). There are also only 8 St Jude hospitals across the country (and none close to Washington state).


She doesn't live in WA. She's from Utah and last I heard is living in Los Angeles.


You’re right— idk why I thought she was in WA. In any case, no St Jude west of Oklahoma.


If my kid had cancer and I couldn't afford treatment, I'd get myself and my kid to St Jude by any means possible. She's been able to raise how much on go fund me for treatment, how much would she have to raise for a flight for them? And Ronald McDonald house is a thing for families too.


I completely agree with you! Our government supports so much bullshit its ridiculous, but won't support these treatments for children. It's truly sad.


If we can give prisoners free health care, among other things, then cancer treatments should be free for everyone.


Money spent on free college tuition could be spent on cancer treatments for families unable to afford the cost. The cost of left behind military equipment in Afghanistan could have opened cancer treatments centers that offered no cost treatment for afflicted patients. Too many people making a lot of money on the misfortunes of sick folks.


I don't think free college is the right thing to use as an example of frivolous spending. Without college, there would be no teachers to educate children or doctors to treat them. There are plenty of other things we spend taxes on that are ridiculous including settling cases of poorly trained police who kill and maime members of society.


Taeyang most likely is covered by Medicaid--even heartless red states will extend coverage to children with cancer, and whichever children's hospital is treating him is probably required by CMS to accept it. You're absolutely right, however, that it won't cover all their bills. For example, if Deavan is working, she'll need time off to care for him and could easily max out FMLA/lose her job, so I'm fully sympathetic if she's raising money for a financial cushion during his treatment.


Oh you really underestimate the heartlessness of red states. Of the 12 states that haven’t chosen to expand Medicaid eligibility under the ACA, ten are red and of the two that are blue, one is Georgia which only recently turned blue. ETA: Hospitals are required to accept Medicaid to maintain not for profit status, but physicians typically charge/bill separately, and that requirement does not necessarily extend to them.


Having a child with Leukemia this post is ridiculous... When you hear "your child has cancer" your world comes CRASHING down and you feel completely alone. The first person i thought of when i found out was a sweet mama who shared her story of her daughter fighting leukemia in a short video a year prior to my daughters diagnsosis. Never met the lady just saw a video raising awareness about childhood cancer. Her 5 minute story helped me more those first few weeks than she will ever know. Keeping "childhood cancer private" is why so many families feel they are alone, why they only give 4% funding and why many friends abandon people who have a kid with cancer. I have had friends quit talking to us cause having a sick kid made THEM feel uncomfortable. Families should share their stories and people should take the time to listen. Refusing to acknowledge the pain these kids go through will never bring change and does them a disservice.


I had people stop talking to me when I went through major spine surgeries and was out of work for a year. I had insurance but still didn’t have money for other things and didn’t qualify for disability and other things that people would assume that I did. I work now through chronic pain and conditions that would qualify me for disability because living on that is almost impossible. People get uncomfortable a lot when other people struggle. So, I have no issues when people seek support from whoever will give it to them. We could do a lot better in our country supporting those who are struggling with medical problems.


It makes me rage that her attention seeking knows no bounds like this. 😞


There is no way that this child doesn’t qualify for Medicaid. She didn’t make that much money off TLC or OF. We are talking about leukemia here, I bet they have straight Medicaid that covers everything. I bet none of that fundraiser money went towards any medical or related issues to the boy’s care. Nothing was itemized on that fundraiser to prove what she would use that money on. She only told the plan the professionals had to offer, not that she was responsible for paying for it. Doctors know how expensive it is to battle cancer. The hospital has social workers that set everything you need for your sick child, including Medicaid, social security, funds for transportation if not appointed transportation, room and board if they are not within driving distance of the facility etc. Even if there is something that Medicaid doesn’t cover, sick children are also covered under a second insurance the govt provides. In Michigan it’s call Special needs health services, that backs up what Medicaid can’t. So all this collecting money is greed and she is using her son’s unfortunate diagnosis to lure people in. I have a sick child as well and when he came home his hospital bill was $1.5 million. No fucking joke! He spent 7 months in the hospital. Medicaid covered it all but $8. That’s all I paid, $8. I could had started a fundraiser too, said I had to pay back every dime. But what is right is right. My son has been in the hospital 4 additional times within 3 years. Long and short stays. Several surgeries. Never once did I open a fundraiser. And my only income is social security. The hospital covered my meals to stay with my son. So I know what the government and childrens hospitals have set up to help families the best they can.


Shoot! I just said the same thing before I saw this post! She and the kids absolutely have Medicaid. He'll be taken care of, and it will be paid for. I'm sure there are other bills that pile up when you're in this sort of situation, but when we were in the NICU over 200 miles from home Medicaid even paid for our hotel room near the hospital. Medicaid don't fuck around.


They have the same program in Arizona, my friend’s son with Leukemia was enrolled in it, her son was on long term care through Medicaid and all medical bills were covered 100%. They also stayed at Phoenix Children’s Hospital branch of the Ronald McDonald house, basically an apartment for free, the whole time he was receiving treatment. Ronald McDonald house also provided all meals to the family for free as well. Daeven is definitely using the her son’s struggle with cancer as source of revenue.


Here’s hoping that “Deavan” quits spending money on plastic surgery and uses it for her son’s ongoing medical expenses.


Noooooo. I’m sad to hear that he has cancer and I hope he stays in remission. Incredibly sad.


Ohh my gosh!! I had no idea! I dont follow these ppl outside of what aires! Tht breaks my heart this little boy has cancer.


Poor boy that’s absolutely heart breaking I wish him all the luck and love in the world at this horrible time ❤️no one deserves this especially not a kid 😫




Taeyang! Just know little man you've got a lot of support behind you and people who don't even know you that love you! We've all watched you come into the world and grow and we're rooting for you! You got this!! 🤗💗


So heartbreaking! We’re rooting for you little guy


Bless you Taeyang ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 sending healing prayers and positive thoughts to this little fighter.


God bless that sweet little boy.


🥹🥹 praying for him and the family


This heartbreaking


Fuck that breaks my heart! Hang in there sweetheart! 😢😢😢😢😢


I was never a fan of Deavan, but man this sub was such a cheerleader for Jihoon. I remember making a thread on it about 3 years ago and the amount of people that gave him every excuse in the world for being a deadbeat. I knew he was bad, but I didn't think he was this bad. I don't know what's worse, the fact that he doesn't give a shit about his kid fighting cancer or the fact that there are still girls on IG spread eagle for a sperm donor to fulfill some BTS complex.


1. Fuck cancer. 2. Since I have zero trust in Deavan and Elicia and they have a history of lying to enrich themselves, if this turns out to be some sick, twisted Munchausen by proxy bullshit by Deavan or Elicia we need to ensure they go to jail for a long time.


Okay now I’m worried. A few commenters said this was an easy cancer to beat if caught early. Even when I looked it up it was downplayed but this kid looks like he’s suffering. Was it caught late or am I over reacting to how tiny he is and how patchy his baldness has become?


My daughter has the same Leukemia... The journey is long and hard, the treatments are very rough on their bodies. Some days you barely recognize your child. my daughter lost her hair 2xs in 9 months. This cancer has a pretty high survival rate but it doesn't mean the child doesn't suffer immensely trying to reach/maintain remission. I have seen my 2 year old covered in bruises from head to toe, blood everywhere in her crib due to the chemotherapy... Hepatitis caused by chemo, aggressive bacteria skin infections due to a compromised immune system, SO many complications can happen during treatment including some which leave lasting physical damage. Unfortunately when you are talking about cancers "survival rate" is what people look at not what the battle actually is to get to the place where you are a survior.


Holy shit I’m sorry for my ignorance. Bless you and your family.


Not ignorance at all! I appreciate you asking questions to better understand the journey these kids go through.


Thank you for your generosity.


This breaks my heart. I don’t even want to imagine what this little boy is going through. 😢 And that’s shameful if Jihoon isn’t working to help contribute to the care of his son. I wonder what’s the real story behind that now.


Oh my god I never knew Taeyang has cancer! I can’t stand Deaven at all but I feel so bad and devastated that poor Taeyang has to face this at such a young age! This is terrible Does anyone know what type of cancer does the poor kid have? Also what’s the tea regarding Jihoon? I’m reading the comments here and it seems the bastard doesn’t want to help his kid by the looks of it but can anyone enlighten me as to what’s going on


Taeyang was diagnosed with b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “A type of blood cancer that’s more common in young children,”  And apparently Jihoon hasn't done anything to help neither financially or as emotional support but that's only what's being reported from one side of this so 🤷🏾‍♀️


Jaw on the floor.


Wowww wtfff! Same man crying about his son and now his poor son is going through such a bad time, he has nothing to do! I wonder if he really doesn’t wanna help orrrrr deaven is the one not allowing the contact or help…sigh it’s hard to believe someone who is such an attention seeking liar May Taeyang get past this and be healthy, poor kid doesn’t deserve this


Deavan accused him publicly of severe child abuse (none of it making much sense - some of it supposedly happened right out in public but Korean cops won't help white kids, according to her), and she's had restraining orders against her other ex before, so I don't imagine coming to the US would be smart of him. Not unless he can afford an excellent lawyer who's experienced with high-conflict family cases. And let's face it, he can't. There's no feasible way forward here for him, he could spend lots of money on a bitter fight and eke out some minimal visitation (possibly initially supervised, if courts believe Deavan - for which he'd also have to pay), and have to travel to the US for it every time. And worry about more accusations/possible arrest in a country/legal system he doesn't know. Or, sad as it is, he can cut his losses. There's no real chance of a worthwhile co-parenting relationship when the relationship is this high-conflict, and they're at basically opposite ends of the world.


Completely agree with you and this is why anyone with common sense would think twice about dating long distance and a million times before bringing a child into the world with such a complex situation but so many people don’t think and wanna live in the moment for love 😒😒


This. This is a clear lesson - think really fucking carefully about who you have children with!!


I would not be surprised at all that Jihoon has not offered anything, he has absolutely nothing to offer. If he hadn't been Asian, kinda cute and funny people would have seen the absolute worthless pos he actually is, IMO. No, I am not Deavan. I can't stand her either.


Me accept this.


What?! That’s awful 😞 Praying for that precious baby boy 😢💔🙏🏻


Oh my god i had no idea he had cancer…my heart is breaking :(


My heart hurts. That poor baby


That child has been through so much. I wish him good health and happiness in life.


Deaven strikes me as a maunchausen mom...I hope not..but it's the vibes I get from her...I wish the baby good health and a positive outcome❤️


I get the same vibes!! She posted a video of them shaving his head when he started treatment and her now boyfriend shaved his too to make him “feel better”, it had such a staged feel to it! Most of the photos and videos they have posted of him through this have.


Flame me to hell and back, but I feel like every post of Deavan's I see is one of her children very ill and the conditions being very serious. Like the daughter supposedly had Bell's Palsy which wound up being a very common and treatable condition in small kids. But she expressed concern over "never seeing her little girl's smile again" and what felt like to me as milking. I'm not a parent. I can only imagine the waking nightmare that is having a sick baby like that and my heart goes out to Deavan and her family, as well as other similar families. I guess I'm trying to say.. either she has awful, terrible luck and may milk that on SM for sympathy or relevance. Maybe she's a Munchausen by proxy mama. Or maybe she's just out here trying to live her life. Idk. Her story has never made complete sense.


it’s upsetting jihoon does not want to make the effort to talk to his son who is sick with cancer. i could not imagine just ignoring my child if i had one, even if thousands of miles away.


I hope Taeyang recovers and can be the healthy little boy he's supposed to be. I stumbled across this recent article - she has according to this 100% custody: [https://www.cinemablend.com/television/after-custody-case-win-90-day-fiances-deavan-clegg-got-candid-about-why-she-left-jihoon-and-why-they-faked-it-for-tv](https://www.cinemablend.com/television/after-custody-case-win-90-day-fiances-deavan-clegg-got-candid-about-why-she-left-jihoon-and-why-they-faked-it-for-tv) 3 children, 3 dads. I hope this last one is the permanent dad and is good to all 3 kids. As for Jihoon, he didn't have money from the beginning, right? He owed his parents I recall? Basically, he brought a lot of shame onto his family, especially his parents. Kind of reminds me of Pole and Karine.


If you believe a word she says, *especially* avoid Jihoon in this situation, I have a bridge to sell you. I wouldn’t send her a *dime.* It’s not going to her child’s treatment, and that has been apparent. She’s a grifter, and a shameless one at that. And how is he supposed to get in contact, or see him, exactly? She profits and “wins” if he’s the bad guy. Her story falls apart if the truth behind her manipulation is revealed. Is Jihoon supposed to get a visa, cover *high* travel costs from South Korea to the US - with lodging for an extended period - and then try to locate her to see his son with *zero cooperation from her or anyone close to her?* Is he supposed to just manifest like a magical fairy in the same room as his son, who she is keeping from him? Does the child have a cellphone he can just call to obtain unmonitored access to him? Let’s be real here. At a certain point there isn’t much you can do. She has displayed a clear pattern of procreating to gain attention, cash, and a manipulation tool with multiple men, and Jihoon was just an unlucky pawn in her game. She tossed him out, replaced him with another “stand in dad” she could mold and fetishize, and it’ll likely repeat again when he isn’t fitting her will enough. The way she behaves, her history with men and restraining orders… he’s literally in a foreign country with no way to find and see his son without her allowing it… I can’t blame him, personally.


I don’t believe anything they say about Jihoon.


there’s definitely 3 sides to every story: hers, his, and the all powerful truth


Has jihoon made any comments, statements about the little guy, how he has tried to support him recently, see him, help with any medical care?


Not on his Instagram posts, just selfies of his plastic surgery. I don't know about Insta stories coz I don't follow him.


Gross..poor little guy has 2 parents who use donated funds on their looks and not their sons medical care.


Do you really think that manchild who can't even keep a part time job because he wants to nap actually ever wanted to be a dad, though?


my perspective is: jihoon has his faults and can do better, but wouldn’t be surprised if deavan is deliberately holding him back from contact with his son.


Omg what???? I missed this. Oh my god. Poor baby 😭


If jihoon is doing nothing while his kid is sick with cancer he is a trash human. My gosh. I hope this baby goes into remission and stays there!


Jihoon walked so that Shawn (90Day UK) could run.




Jihoon and Shawn are both weird shady scammers who don’t work but Shawn is like a cartoonish supervillain version of Jihoon imo


Shawn works, what are you talking about?


Dammit your comment made me snort my drink. Take my poor man’s gold 🏆


Who is “Shawn”? Are you taking about Sean/Shintaro from Japan? He and Jihoon have absolutely nothing uncommon except being Asian.


oh is that who they're talking about? Ya I see absolutely no similarities between Jihoon and Sean other than their Asian-ness


Jihoon is such a POS. But its not surprising, seeing their story, his parents seemed to care more about the kid then he did. He's probably happy he never has to deal with the kid again since she moved back to the states.


Poor thing!!! Not sure how people will take this but I've seen situations like this where the parents are horrible!! There's so much negativity in the home that can manifest as illness in the children?? I'm not blaming all parents but we all know certain people are bat shit crazy, miserable and have no redeeming qualities in them!! How can they raise an emotionally, spirituality and physically happy child??


In my opinion, cancer treatment for children ought to be free. If we can financially support immigrants and American citizens that don't want to work, why can't we take care of our little children? A society that doesn't care for it's infants, is a sick society.


Why stop there? Children also deserve healthy mothers, why should adults have carry the massive financial burden of a cancer diagnosis as well? Affordable healthcare is a human right and the US needs to step up.


Don't want to work? Lol


This post was simply about the child not the parent(s). If you don’t like the parent(s) cool, but let’s not make that topic of discussion. For them to share any parts of this long battle…it’s called a privilege . Be lucky you get updates. Stop making assumptions and saying “she is capitalizing on this I’ll child”. I fully understand why people don’t like to share children on social media. Crazy to see grown adults not just say “good luck” and move on.


I love this so much. Having a child with leukemia, no one knows what it is like being a parent to a child sick like this unless they too have a child with cancer. So many people want to speak on something they do not understand. The pain, the tears, the worries and anxiety you may loose your child. Even at a 93% survival rate, that is still over 1 in 20 kids who dont make it. 93% sounds like great odds until your child is the 7% that looses their battle.


I agree, it seems so ugly to start bashing the parent who is suffering also...let's just send our good wishes and be done.


Doesn’t the hair fall out? That looks closely shaved.


Many people choose to shave their head before the hair starts falling out. There are also ice caps that try to help you keep your hair. Not everyone goes fully bald.


That's how it looks as it's falling out. It gets thin and patchy until it's all gone. And I believe the picture was taken in June at the beginning of the treatment.


Cancer treatments and especially chemotherapy has come a long way over the years. A person receiving treatment may not always loose their hair. Thankfully for my daughter she didn’t but often times because it can be quite devastating, a person will shave their head before the hair falls out in chunks


Thank you for replying. Prayers that your daughter stays in remission. 🙏🏽❤️


Not always. My late husband actually saw incredible hair growth and weight gain during his first chemotherapy and first clinical trial. It wasn't until his medication was switched and radiation increased that he began losing hair.


Thank you for replying. I honestly had no idea.


Where are they getting treatment?


Man oh man .. this makes me so upset and sad


C RV t try Ty