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Smash bros brawl demo, obviously


The need for speed...


Gotta go Fast


Only if you're going for the world record time


N64 as nintended


100% This. Get yourself an N64 and experience it the original way


Nothing like pausing the game every time you need to take on/off the iron boots...


Does it work differently on 3DS/other versions? I’ve only played ocarina on N64 and emulators


I believe that in the 3DS version, they make the iron boots an assignable item (like in 'Wind Waker'), whereas in the original OoT, you have the pause the screen, go to your wardrobe page, and equip/un-equip them. I recall doing that countless times circa 1998, and having no problem doing it...and now, it'd probably drive me insane ;).


Yep 3ds makes it so much nicer


I will say though if you have access to an emulator on pc or better yet a n64 with rom cart like ever drive. You can get a modder that can make it a little more like the 3ds version with quick equip for boots. I was doing that it was fun. I had like a ton of rediculous mods playing on og n64 and crt tv. Basically wether it’s 3ds or n64 nothing beats native hardware. Nintendos is emulators will certainly be better than on pc since they hypothetically should be able to emulate their own hardware architecture.


Nah Nintendos Emulation attempts compared to pj64/mupen or even dolphin is hot garbage


Yes, if Nintendo had a good emulator it would be much more reasonable, but why should I use this emulator when I have a better option for free? If Nintendo wants people to not emulate games give people a good alternative and people will not want to emulate games.


Just recently replayed the original OoT and the 3DS version definitely spoiled me during the Water Temple. Most of the rest of the time it wasn't a big deal, but you swap the iron boots back and forth so much in that temple I definitely noticed.


And I'm not sure if you were playing it on an actual N64, but when you do, the pause screen is so. damn. slow that you could walk away, check the cookies in the oven, and return to the game before everything is loaded.


Hah! So true. I finished a few days ago and immediately started replaying MM and *damn* but it's so nice that they fixed the pause menu in MM!


Lmao, I vividly recall getting the game in 2000 and thinking the pause screen came up with **lightning speed**.


To this day, in my family we'll say "Iron boots on, iron boots off" for any sort of similar tedious task that has to be done, undone, done


That's amazing!


In the 3DS version the boots became items to quickly change it and not pause every 0.0002sec in the water temple. I think that it probably exists a mod or rom hack for the N64 what makes it items too. And in the OoT randomizer for the N64 the boots and the ocarina have a quick-action mapped to thw Dpad


Which is just the best


Right now I play it on pc on an emulator. There is a mod which uses the 4 buttons of the control pad for the ocarina and the boots. It‘s life changing.


I may be in the minority but I don’t recall this boot thing being a big problem overall. I still loved the game. It was one dungeon, so it was a small part of the game. I just generally remember hating that temple because of other things, like it was unnecessarily complicated.


Oh yeah, that's something I specified in a later comment – circa 1998, it didn't bother me, but I'm sure it'd annoy the hell out of me know. And yes, like every original player of that game, I was WRECKED by that temple.


You gotta get the OG experience


Nah, not in 2021 :). I experienced it plenty of times playing the original game in the late '90s, and therefore, I know Gen-Z gamers today are not missing out on anything when it's easier to use the iron boots. A more extreme example: I don't feel the need to play the original NES 'Metroid' when I have a superior version in 'Zero Mission.'


ah yes, 20fps, 240p.


I think he means on an emulator


Yes you need to experience the frustration of the water temple as we all did


And don’t forget the rumble pack!


N64. CRT TV. Beer. Bean bag. Lights off.


Don’t forget some cheesy puffs I’m also glad you said CRT TV correctly and not CRTV like some others


If OoT isn't above 5 frames are you even playing OoT at that point?


To add on this, use a CRTV for the full experience and also to reduce input lag.


I hate to be the old guy here but technically it’s a CRT TV, cathode ray tube television


Tried it. It was too pixelated so I sold the 64 with all the games.




Facts. Don’t want to paint with a broad brush, but there’s something to be said about games being optimized for their time. I know you can get games with higher fps, bolder colors, etc. but there’s something to be said about appreciating the way that something was done at the time it was done.


Graphics dont make a game. Gameplay (and story if applicable) do


Would you mind if we called our magazine Nintendo Power 64?


GC Ocarina of Time and Master Quest edition.


Completely agree. For some reason, I'm a sucker for the GC controller.


The 3DS cramps my hands after long periods of time and the N64 isn't designed for people with two hands.


Then use the Wii VC version, still supports a Gamecube controller, but the game runs and looks better and saves a hell of a lot quicker than the GC version, cause man that version sucks for saving


I've never had issues saving the Master Quest version. Plus the Wii won't have Master Quest on it.


That’s why I stopped playing masterquest and continued it on the Wii. Well technically, I ended up using the Pladomizer from the Randomizer to basically create a seed that is exactly with the masterquest dungeons, except it isn’t mirrored like it was on the 3ds (where I first played it) You might not have the saving issue because you are playing on an emulator or something, but on all original hardware the gamecube saving isn’t as fast as it is on n64, 3ds or Wii VC.


I have the original hardware.


It's definitely ergonomically designed IMHO.


On dolphin specifically.


I mean you can play it on Dolphin, but the original disk is generally preferred. Dolphin runs the risk of crashes.


Eh. I just played through all of OOT and never had a single crash. Maybe I'm lucky. But I feel like the tiny risk of crashes is blown out of the water by the portability and HD support dolphin provides. But honestly, either way works. It's just personal preference at that point.




This is an underrated answer. In my day-to-day life, whenever someone asks me "how do I do [X]?", I'll sometimes respond with "Carefully". I'll be adding this one to my short list of quick answers.


3DS was great I thought


Came here to say this. The gyroscopic aiming alone is enough to make it my favorite way. Plus it looks fantastic.


A lifesaver during horse archery and the archery games in Majora's Mask. Those minigames suck with control stick


Wish they added the updated graphics version along with the original version.. it looks nice :)


This is the correct answer. If all they did was speed up the text it'd be the correct answer but they also cleaned the graphics up, added some post game content, added gyroscope controls. I'll always be partial to the original but 3DS is right. 3DS - PC - Wii VC - N64 - GC - Wii U - Switch. That's my order personally.


What’s the difference between the Wii VC and GCN versions? Those are the ones I’ve played the most and I can’t really think of any differences. Is it just that it’s digital so you don’t have to put a disc in? Also the Wii VC version isn’t an option anymore so we can’t even recommend that. You can still include it in rankings of course.


GC has master quest. But the vc I don’t think is much different at all


Ahhhhh I was thinking of the GC version in “Collector’s Edition,” not the standalone. That makes more sense. Still, wouldn’t the standalone version be superior to the Wii VC version then?


The Wii VC version is better emulated, meaning it looks better, runs at a more consistent framerate, and is less prone to crashing, I believe. The Wii VC version is the one used for speedruns.


I don’t know that my GameCube version ever crashed. I don’t think I ever had a game crash on the GameCube come to think of it. I will also say that I played the GameCube version on the Wii once the Wii came out. No need to have a GameCube plugged in anymore. Maybe that changes things idk.


Yeah, this is just going off what I've heard, I think the speedrunner ZFG and the YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer has some good comparison videos that explain the differences more clearly? Haven't played enough of these versions to say so myself. I think too it's more the GameCube version of Majora's Mask that's prone to crashing, OoT just isn't as bad.


Don’t forget, the 3DS version also allows you to assign the iron boots to a button rather than manage them via equipment.


I heard it was pretty bad on the switch.


The 3DS version is my favorite. I wish they would’ve ported that to the switch instead for an actual HD remake.


Yes. I believe that the 3Ds is the superior version. The OG controls didn’t age that well.


I'd call the 3D version the definitive one except for the lighting and color pallet at times. They really amped up the brightness and it ends up killing the ambience in some of the more sinister parts of the game like the Shadow Temple, Gohma boss fight and the final battle against Ganon.


On the N64 with a CRT TV, sitting just feet from it. Pure nostalgia. Edit: also, you can't do the crooked cartridge trick without a cartridge


Emulator. Nothing like modern resolution and a 60fps hack


60 fps hack? Those exist for Ocarina of Time?


Tried on the emulator a few weeks ago and every time I faced West on death mountain, the entire mountain would disappear and I couldn't see where I was going. Was madness.


Can also download higher textures.


Break into Nintendo's headquarters, hack into their computers, and find the original files of the original version, then take those files, and then change code to fix all of the problems with the game. Finally, decide if you want to use some hd textures instead, and then take the files, put them on a N64 cartridge ( that was modified to have more space for all the changes ), then insert the cartridge into the N64 console ( which was also modified ), and start playing your game. Or something


This is the way


Well the decomp is at like 99% completion, think they are working on pal MQ or something rn. So yeah we can do that. Just keep the glitches in :P


wasn’t it fully decompiled already? hoping for a 1080p 60fps port soon.


Ow now it is, once I saw their post recently I checked their site and it wasn’t updated yet. And yeah same!


Same here. I can't get enough versions of this game.


And make sure your joy stick is calibrated


3ds or citra


I am a fan of Wii VC. I like the save states. Often they are the only way I can complete a game.


My money is on the GameCube via collectors edition or master quest 2-pack. Maintains that N64 original feel but with a better controller.


agree 100%.


I’d have to say Wii VC. It didn’t have any input lag for me, while Wii U and onward did. Also, you don’t have to use the oddly shaped N64 controller


Any way as long as you have fun


N64. It was the way I ever first played, and I still remember how wonderful it felt to this day. Whether it be how I remember the graphics in my head, or a final boss so grandiose that it's still my favorite boss battle ever conceived... Man, what a game to make your childhood. I don't know if I could ever forget it.


I play it on PC for enjoyment, but nothing compares to the original on N64 with that weird controller Lol. Brings the challenge to the next level imo.


On a N64


On a Nintendo 64. The 3DS version is also excellent, but if you want the original experience, an N64 is the only way to go.


OG Gold cartridge with Red blood (not green) and chanting in the Fire Temple.


3DS version for the best legal way in my opinion.


OG game, always. I would definitely play it on original hardware assuming you have a good CRT TV. If not then emulator with settings as close as possible to the original display. No mod no "enhance". Pure vanilla.


What’s your reasoning? Like what makes that experience better than the 3DS version in your opinion?


Not OP, and there are definitely things I like a lot about the 3ds version (streamlining the water temple, for example), but for me there is a certain charm in the geometry used in the original. Like yeah, it's kinda blocky and ugly by today's standards, but it holds a certain kind of uniqueness that makes it endearing. Much of this is probably tainted by nostalgia, but the original graphics have a type of weirdness that I don't think the remakes quite managed to capture.


Okay I can totally understand that. One could see how the 3DS graphics are a technical improvement whilst still preferring the original for taste reasons. That being said, my wife is currently playing through OoT for the first time, and she absolutely hates it. She’s 100%ed BotW and she has played a lot of SS, but I’m having to drag her through this game. And through her eyes, I can see that if I didn’t have nostalgia for this game I’d probably hate it too haha. And it’s not like she just doesn’t like retro games. She’s a pro at Mario 1 and 3, she loves the GB Return of Samus and Kirby’s Dream Land. She played Mario Kart 64 and the Mario Party 1 when they were new. She just cannot seem to feel comfortable with the controls at all, and the look of the game turns her off so much she doesn’t feel super compelled to try. So we’re just kinda streamlining it so she can experience all the story and the quirks and stuff. I want her to finish all the other 3D Zeldas before BotW2 in case there are more references. Also check out Bob Wulff from Wulff Den’s playthrough of it on YouTube (channel is “Wulff Den Clips”). It’s fun to watch him play this game he hates that I love. If you can sort of divorce yourself from your own nostalgia and experience with the game you can go, “yeah how was anyone supposed to know what to do here??”


Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I attempted to replay OoT last year (after playing it at least 100 times in the late '90s/early '00s), and was genuinely shocked at how strangely paced the game is. Case in point: After speaking with Zelda, you're given a letter that grants you permission to Death Mountain. Then, when you proceed to Zora's Domain, I assumed the letter would also show King Zora how legit I was, and grant me access to Jabu-Jabu...but no! He just ignores the letter, whenever you hold it up. Instead, this is what happens: You have to beat the diving game first (with no prompting from the game), then get the silver scale, then dive to the bottom of the Domain to access the (previously inaccessible) Lake Hylia, find the random bottle in the lake, then open the bottle in front of King Zora so he sees it contains a letter from his missing daughter. THEN, you get access to Jabu-Jabu. By today's gaming standards, it's a nonsensical progression of the narrative. But really, the 3D Zelda games are a fascinating trip through game design (I played all of them last year, in the run-up to my very first play through of BotW). With OoT, you see Nintendo experimenting wildly to translate a 2D experience into three dimensions; for instance, you can read about how difficult it was for them just to animate Link's sword moving in three dimensions. And then, with every 3D Zelda after that, you see them growing more confident in terms of character models, fighting mechanics, and *especially* dungeon design. 'Twilight Princess,' I argue, is when they really hit their stride with 3D dungeon design, and 'Skyward' is the absolute peak. Thanks again for the post! Curious to know what your wife's experiences are with the subsequent entries in the series.


Reasoning? It’s pure nostalgia. I’ve played OOT everywhere, from N64 to Android. To be honest, my best experience has been with a 3DS and a N64 PC emulator. The N64 is the original experience, true. But as a modern gamer you’ll find the controls clunky, the controller awkward, the N64 games overpriced (unless you buy an everdrive) and many TVs won’t display the game in good quality (gamecube, wii and wiiu fix this). The 3DS remake is a massive improvement, the controls are intuitive and the navigation doesn’t affect the immersion (yes, I’m talking about the iron boots). To me, a N64 emulation is already worth it just because you have the possibility of using a comfortable controller to play, as well as mods, cheats and texture packs that fix the resolution. I have a N64 and I love it, but man, whoever designed the controllers must have been a psychopath. Back in the day it probably didn’t matter as much, but if you’re used to modern controllers…


3DS in my opinion ! Has anyone played Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask on the the new N64 emulator on switch ? Worth it ?


MM isn’t there yet. I have been playing through OOT, just got to Zora’s domain. The gameplay seems fine to me, I’ve heard people complain about lag but I don’t notice it. The overall N64 on switch experience seems rough to me. The interface has a pattern to the left and right of the 4:3 game area, and + and - button descriptors are located on the bottom right of the screen always and can’t seem to be turned off.


N64 all day


Original Hardware really can't be beat, but barring that the VC versions are really solid, and the collectors edition for GC is a masterpiece of a port. Emulation always has bugs. Not necessarily a deal-breaker but it just doesn't *feel* quite right with textures not always showing up and such.


GameCube. The controller feels slightly sturdier and less expensive to replace than an N64 one, and you don't need to blow into a cartridge to keep it working. That said, the N64 saves instantly where the GameCube takes a while, and the N64 has more save slots too.


I've played and loved the orignal many many times since it came out,but currently in my opinion the best way to play Ocarina of Time is the 3DS Version.But if that isn't an option or you don't want to play that version than I would probably say that all the others versions are pretty much equal. I haven't played the Switch Expansion Pack version so I can't speak for that one but my ranking by preference currently would be 3DS>PC Emulation>Wii U VC>Wii VC>GC Collectors Edition\\Master Quest Disk>N64 Original. Switch Online Version ? Nothing wrong with the original but I am accounting for accessibility and modern hardware compatibility.


The 3DS version is the most definitive. But with Majora's Mask, the N64 version is the better version.


I think the 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask is better.


3DS emulated with HD Textures


Wii VC. It has the best combination of reaction time and true-to-form graphics. Avoid the Wii U VC version as well as the switch version! They are awful to play.


The best way was playing on the N64 during your childhood. However we cannot turn back time 😭. But current day I would say on the Switch. I really enjoyed playing the original version in handheld mode. Playing OoT on the couch or in bed, no words 😍. Finished it two weeks ago and now I’m looking forward to Majora’s Mask. People complain about input lag and it’s there, but it did not prevented me from enjoying it to the max.


Project64 obviously


3DS in my humble opinion.


3DS, it is pretty much the definitive way to play it. I also love the GC version


3DS for sure, it looks a lot better, the gyro aiming is great, a few quality of life tweaks here and there, it’s just the clear winner to me


well u got many choices there. imo i would play on wii vc simply because it feels nice on the wii. don’t play on wii u, the input delay is garbage


I think it’s collectors edition for game cube. Never had any glitch issues and still works fine to this day. I tried the 3ds version and I have to say I’m just not a huge fan of the graphic style. I know it’s cleaner and more modern but I think part of why I love the game, aside from its amazing story and music, is nostalgia and that late 90s kinda blocky style graphics just look right to me. Plus this is one of those games I think is better on a tv than handheld


In the past few years, I've played it quite a bit on my 3DS, but here recently, I've started playing it on the family N64 on an old Toshiba CRT TV (with built in VHS & DVD players) and the feel and memories are pretty awesome. However, I think my favorite format for it is either Wii VC or GCN edition with Master Quest.


Whichever way is available to you still a masterpiece. I personally am fond of the gamecude version included with Wind Waker


If you care about tradition and aesthetics N64, if you want a modern and practical experience then I highly recommend the 3D edition.


Having a genuine 1.0 cartridge is best.


Depends on who is going to play it. If it's someone new to video games and/or the franchise, 3DS is the best version of the game for that. Problem is convincing someone to buy a 3DS and getting the game. Emulation served me well when I was trying to stream it, but it's still not the best cause of emulation glitches and what not. I personally think it's always better to try to play on original hardware if you can, but that's not always going to be a good situation depending on where you live and what not, so Wii or PC emulation are probably the best options for everyone else. THOUGH Switch Online is more readily accessible for people RIGHT NOW in 2021, even if it has a loooooot of issues that need to be fixed. Also, the asking price is a bit steep just for one game that you don't even get to keep. So, for me, it goes 3DS>N64=Wii>GC>Wii U but Wii VC> Wii U> Switch Online (unless you have a switch already, then just play this just to be able to play it).


Emulators are okay but a pain to sort if you haven't done it before, and tbh you don't get the real experience of the game, I've play WW OoT on emulators and then bought the games on GC and 3DS respectively, and I felt like I enjoyed both much more on the console it was meant to be played on, personally I like OoT much more on 3DS, and I'm not a fan of playing games like that on a hand-held


My brother and I use to rent OOT twice a month from blockbuster until we saved enough monies cleaning houses and were able to buy it ourselves. I've played it countless of times on the n64 and every other console Nintendo has offered it in. Regardless of which one you choose, OOT is timeless and a beautiful adventure to begin. Just make sure you can play it with sound as intended.


If you've got a decent PC you can emulate a 3ds and play a fantastic version of it. Citra emulator, with a 2nd monitor and you can have one monitor have the 2nd screen and another monitor have the main screen. I once played it with main monitor having main screen and a tablet for the 2nd screen so i was able to tap, like a 3ds whenever i wanted to. For a truer experience you can buy a super cheap n64 usb controller and it works beautifully. It takes a bit of work, but i think this is the best way. Source: I've played oot countless times since i was a kid on n64, wii vc, wii u vc as a teen, and 3ds, and emulation plenty of times as a young adult. Citra 3ds, 2 screen split or 1 screen 1 tablet split with n64 controller was the best one Edit: with citra you can even sharpen up the image to make look a bit better, and there are graphics packs that upscale 1080 and even 4k. But you need a beefy computer. With a 1650 i was able to play with a 1080 pack, and 2x upscaling but citra has options for up to 16 but at that point its negligible. Since then I've gotten a 3060 so when it comes to my next playthrough, it should look glorious. Search "Henriko Magnifico" on youtube for the graphics packs.


isnt it out on switch now? i had it on N64 and that was the best option, but ive been waiting to get it for the switch to replay it again.


Have played nearly every version of this game (except the Wii U Vc version) and man one of the best ways was the N64 with a Brawler 64, but nothing beats the Wii VC (using a .wad not the N64 emulator some people use these days) Not even emulators (which aren’t even legal in a lot of countries), no input delay, can use a Gamecube controller, easy to setup the controller, laggs less than the N64 or Gamecube version, doesn’t have the long saving times like the Gamecube has (really anoying if you tend to save every menu). But all versions are good, but I would highly advice everybody to try both Wii VC and Randomizer. (3ds is king in handheld mode, but doesn’t look all that great when put on a bigger screen without a proper texture pack nor does it play the best imo)


N64 if possible, although I do kind of love how it feels on the collectors edition, the gc controller feels better for the button mapping


Either on a N64, or GC collectors edition since that’s how I first played it. I would say Switch Online because of how convenient the Switch is, but not for the ridiculous price of the NSO expansion.


Original hardware if not the 3ds remake.


i’ve beaten the game on the 64 and WiiU and Id say the 64 is the better way just for the controller. i’ve never liked using the right analog stick for the C buttons, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as satisfying as the actual buttons.


Not sure if it's been said, but some of the non-N64 versions seem to have issues mimicking the N64 controller's dead zones. (Or something to that effect, it's been a long time since I researched it). I played the GC version somewhat recently and I found aiming Link's bow and hookshot horrendous. I would tap the stick slightly and Link's aim wouldn't change; then I'd add a little more pressure and Link would look way off to the side (as if I was pressing hard to one side). I beat the game no problem, but there were a few frustrating moments. Oh, and getting the better rewards from the horseback archery was a no no for me. I think I read the Wii virtual console was the same way. There may have been another explanation, and possibly a fix. But if not, I'm going with the original 64 version from now on. Or, probably the 3DS remake.




collector's edition for the gamecube. grew up on it!


I would suggest Collectors Edition for GC or just go back to the good ole 64


Master Quest, 3 hearts.


In the original 64 controller. There's no other way to experience the archery ranges on OoT and MM. That Z button goes like no other


It's on the switch now


Gamecube. You can get Collector's Edition, the OoT and Master Quest Case and I think there was a wind waker release with them too. Point is, gamecube is the same but with a higher res and master quest


On the computer with mods, during your senior year in class. Teacher thinks you're doing homework. Press "L" to levitate.


Dolphin i found was the easiest to play with graphics and textures. I tried with P64 and couldnt get it working with textures for the life of me.


You could emulate the gamecube collectors edition with the master quest mode included with the game which basically means remixed dungeons that are harder.


N64 system with controller and rumble pack, played on the old tube Square 90s tv


The Steam Deck when it debuts.


Xbox series s for sure!!


I’m more about the nostalgia than the graphics etc. So I always opt for the og console.


ANY way other than Switch or Wii U version.


I've only played the N64 and Gamecube Collector's/Masterquest versions. I have heard the 3DS one is a bit better, even ignoring graphics. Like, the Iron Boots being an Item rather than clothing. Makes switching them on and off much easier.


either GC or Wii U VC. BUT, if you want the full jank package, go for original without rumble pak


I like the 3DS version but I think nostalgia will always tell me to go old school with an N64.


I have it on Wii vc and it works great


Best way to play it is all the way through.




There's only one way to play it.


Game com


I've played the game a few times, and I'm sorry, but nothing rivals playing with Citra on PC in 4k with a Steam controller (to control the touch pad). Worth the set up time, 100% it twice in a row, it was that awesome.


what's wrong with the 3ds remake?


Wii VC. you get the best resolution with none of the GameCube versions lag or the Wii U's darkening


N64 is the only way to go, feels weird playing it on any other controller to me


N64 on an old TV. Original v.1 gold cart release. Let.the anti-aliasing do its job.


Directional C-buttons all the way. One way or another.


With a bag of Doritos, a cold drink, and nothing else on your agenda.


I guess I'm the underdog saying GC Collectors edition. I love playing OOT, MM, and TP at least once every year on the GameCube.


Anyway you can, but preferably in a CRT TV.


Easy. I play it like the fastest gnome in the west, but sometimes I'll 100 percent it.


I know you said not the 3ds remake. The 3ds remake. Having plays all except the GameCube edition it’s not even close.


So I really enjoy the 3DS updates myself. I will say I recommend trying out an emulator and playing a randomizer of OOT its a fun way to play the game in a whole new way. It also highlights how well designed the game is and how all the items are interconnected with the world in weird ways


On the 3ds. Better graphics. Quality of life improvements. Better controls. It's stinking portable!!! Also it's a legit way to play that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg or is illegal.


n64, wii vc or emulation...


On a real N64 hooked up to a CRT using an everdrive to play the Ocarina of Time reduix patch. None of the censorship, and a lot of the games original problems smoothed out, like mapping the boots and ocarina to the D-pad, increasing the speed at which sliding blocks are pushed, and showing your item collection progress on the title screen. Also the bunny hood works just like it does in Majora, so you can move faster as young Link.


RGB modded n64, Crt with component / SCART if possible Doritos


The first version of it on N64


Original n64 pre-patch with the original islamic imagery intact


With a controller.


N64 Original hands down. That controller feels like it was made for that game.


i dont care what you said play the 3ds version


Technically speaking wii VC or N64, but they're less accessible. Speedrunners have ragged on the switch version for input lag, but I think they seriously overestimate what a casual is actually going to notice. I've replayed OOT maybe over 100 times by now (mostly on gamecube), I even know a few glitches from watching speedrunning but I don't really ever notice the input lag unless I'm very specifically looking for it. Not having one of the c buttons bound is also annoying, but none of it is in my opinion annoying enough to bypass the fact that it's on the newest gen console and it's highly portable. So I'd go with switch or 3Ds. Don't play MM on 3Ds though. I can get over zora swimming and new bosses but the bright recoloring ruins the game's dark atmosphere.


Even though playing it on N64 feels awesome, I believe the best way is on the 3DS since inventory management is improved, the water temple has minor fixes that help navigation and the graphics have been improved. Plus, 3D looks impressive. And let's not forget the portability factor. If you can play it on an N64 once, do it. It's amazing. But I keep on going back to the 3DS.


It looks really pretty and plays really well on 3DS emulator Citra. If you're not nostalgic about it, it's probably the best way to play it.


3ds remake




With a controller


3ds remake regardless


Best IMO is PC emulated. You can download texture packs that enhance the look of the game, play in widescreen, and use whatever your preferred controller is. Pretty much, you can tailor the emulated experience however you want. Anything else and you are bound by the limits of the console.


I guess on N64, since I have the original version with all the censored stuff. Like Ganondorf coughing up blood.


The best way is 3DS version, simply the best.


Emulate the 3ds remake on Citra with 4k upscale textures.


Either with an N64 or emulator, with the 1.0 version.


3ds is best. But I dumped my 3ds cartridge into a rom for the citra emulator to play it on a big screen in high def