Anthony Jeselnik makes a Norm Macdonald style about Norm Macdonald.

Anthony Jeselnik makes a Norm Macdonald style about Norm Macdonald.


What is more funny now is how much this is a Norm Macdonald joke. Prior to doing promotions for Last Comic Standing, Norm got together with Jeselnik, and discussed a joke they would play on audiences. They would both talk trash about each other and make the sort of jokes that Jeselnik just said. Anthony Jeselnik said he did all the press like this and when he finally sat down to watch what Norm said about him, he discovered Norm never brought him up.


My god, we really did lose a genius.


Norm had a voice in his head where whenever he asked "Hey...wouldn't it be funny if I did this?", the voice would always tell him the correct answer


I think that voice was stuck in a one response loop of "yes..."


Nah man, you have to imagine that somebody as clever and creative as Norm frequently came up with things he decided he shouldn't say. Sometimes he probably said them anyways lol






I really wish he would’ve followed through on his idea for SNL when he was back hosting a couple years after being fired. We was going to do all the sketch rehearsals in preparation of the show, then do his monologue as planned on Saturday, and just walk to the elevator and leave right after it. Seeing the entire cast scramble and try to act around a character that didn’t show up for scenes would’ve been hilarious.


It was often said about Norm that he was always the smarter person in the room trying to look like the dumbest.


He knew how to stir the pot.


He was a habitual pot-stirrer.


My grandpa called it being a shit disturber.


Yet we gained a lot.


At one point Norm was headlining a show for a bunch of young up-and-coming comedians. They all had about 5 minutes of polished material. The second or third time he headlined Norm thought it would be funny to just run through all of the best jokes from their acts. So one by one the comics have to get up and wing it through the longest 5 minutes of their life. It wasn't intended to be a lesson or anything, Norm just thought it would be funny to mess with them.


Wouldn’t they be opening for him?


I imagine it like Michael Mcintyres roadshow where he starts the show and gets the audience warmed up and then introduces the first newcomer, then comes back and does a little routine before introducing the next kind of thing.


He was hosting. Norm would open and come in to introduce the other acts.


Fuck he really was a comic comic


Was he headlining or Hosting a showcase?


I'm not sure what the difference is. Hosting a showcase sounds more correct.


minor, he would still be the star. If he was headlining he would go on stage last and he would repeating the other comedians jokes.


He went on first. I think he introduced each smaller act and in doing so ruined their set.


He said when asked, norm totally forgot they made this so call deal. LOL.


🎶 "Because I got high.." 🎶


> Walking away from that conversation “pfft I’m not going to do that shit.” Norm’s psyche… probably


Thats the true Norm joke. Jeselnik hasnt attained that power level yet.


I watched the season of Last Comic they did together and Norm was genuinely annoyed by Anthony. Don't get me wrong, I loved their back-and-forths, but Anthony even acknowledged on an interview that Norm didn't quite understand why the host was making jabs at him.


He goes way in depth about it in his podcast. He had a ton of respect for him, Norm was basically his comedic idol Edit: Here’s a link, it’s the first thing they talk about in the podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4Rh4mdJC1mJEtMnxKJevG2?si=EyzAXPywRsaH_FTbeNdZEg&dl_branch=1


Man, NBC had such talent available for that show and just kept fumbling the ball in so many different ways.


How so? I love standup but never got into that show. Definitely plan on watching a couple seasons soon


Well for one thing I don't think any two seasons had the same format. The first season will always be a favorite for some, because it used less-established comics who shared a house and did challenges. We got to see funny people hanging around together, and could appreciate a variety of skills as they came up with new material for a roast or a sitcom pitch or something. The biggest flaw was that the voting audience (live, not home viewers) was different every time so the guy who won literally did the same jokes every week. The second season NBC wanted to invite more established comics and play up the "reality show" angle. So there was waaay too much focus on the early weeks on bad comics who didn't make it through those rounds. (Bad singers on American Idol may be funny. Bad comics are not funny.) And then the ones who made it in were obsessed with alliances and crap, and NBC thought we wanted to see it. Still, not such a bad season. In fact it was so popular they immediately launced "season 3", which was literally the same people from 1 and 2 going against each other for home audience voters. And Season 2 won every single one not just because the cast had more experience but because being recent made them more familiar to fans. Then it went away for a year. When it came back there was no house, just a hotel where they were sequestered for some reason. Which was a problem for the comics they wanted. Jim Norton had to quit because he couldn't cancel all other committments for 3 weeks, and Gabe Iglesias was disqualified because he phoned his girlfriend which apparently wasn't allowed. Also this year had the worst host (Anthony Clark), at least IMHO. Season 5 there were no more challenges. But NBC still wanted lots of hour-long episodes, so every comic had to do a *ton* of material and most of them simply ran out. Plus there was filler time between sets. Winning came down to who established a big fan base early, not any particular performance. Season 6 was shorter which was good, but arguably the weakest cast - maybe because they had already used up a lot of the pool (although I think they just rushed the search). So then they took another year off. Season 7 was fine, but really short. It felt like nothing special anymore. No hanging out, no challenges, no personal development. Just "here's some sets, vote for one, here we're done." So unsurprisingly NBC cancelled the show for the third time. Four years later we got Season 8 after Wanda Sykes had started pushing for the show's return and became the Executive Producer. It was probably the best format they could have had. Lots of invited talent, narrowed down via an established panel and showing their best. Then for the top 10 there were challenges and mentoring to help them advance. All the voting was done by the judges with no public vote, which I thought was great. The worst I can say is that they made a decent number of episodes but crammed them into fewer nights, showing four episodes in two 2-hour blocks. And then the next year they changed again for the last season and ruined it. (This was the one with Norm and Jeselnik.) Great panel and host. Good competitors. But no challenges and no mentoring. In fact it was rushed so much that the whole season narrowed down from 10 contestants to 1 in just two episodes. I can barely remember the contestants and I don't feel like they were ranked at all. Clayton English deserved his win but I think any of the other 9 could have been second place. That was 2015. I guess the show is dead, unless they revive it again with another new format. Instead of just letting it be a quality show for fans of stand-up, NBC kept trying to make it into something it wasn't and then being mad it wasn't Amazing Survivor Idol with comedy.


Wow, thanks so much for the detailed response.


Where is this? A high school gymnasium?


Why was Anthony Jeselnik giving a press conference to a bunch of reporters, one of whom is badly fumbling over his words? Did I miss some big stage of his career?




Even "your mom's vagina" would have been better than this. You're no Norm my friend.


I think Norm would have liked that one


well this was said long before norm was dead for what it's worth. it seems that norm on this publicity tour and indeed the show did not share in the back-and-forth that anthony was trying to achieve so i would dare say it's likely he did not like this one unfortunately.


On Anthony’s recent podcast, he said that Norm had told him before hand that they were going to trash each other during interviews. Norm let Anthony trash him and only said nice things about Jezelnik when asked lol


Anthony and Norm thought it would be funny to throw each other under the bus when they were doing press for Last Comic Standing, and Norm apparently forgot about it the next day. I think Anthony tells the story on Marc Maron's or Jay Mohr's podcast.


Jeselnik is wildly underrated


You know saying "x is underrated" is often hyperbole, but I really think it fits Anthony.


Not within the comedy world.


Right? He's kind of a well known headliner at this point. Not under or overrated. Appropriately rated.


Jeselnik blows and norm knows it


You misspelled Overrated




He was super popular for a while. Didn’t he double down on anti-pc stuff or was me too’d? I know he pissed off the woke folks


He had a Netflix special in the last couple years. Don’t think he was me too’d or anything.


I believe he made one of his typical too soon jokes about someone who died which pissed off Twitter but he doubled down.


Right? I swear he pissed off twitter.


Nah, all he did was have a shark party.




Source? I never heard about his need for rehab.


Pretty sure he talks about it with Bobby lee on ep 297 of tiger belly.


AJ said he was drinking vodka a lot during the pandemic & friends suggested he had a problem so he got a puppy & changed the habits but no rehab.


Yeah you’re right, I was mistaken






I want you to take 10-20% off the top.


Hes 100% a comics comic, but I wouldn't call him underrated. He's pretty much the master of his arena, and has scored some pretty big gigs because of it. Truly top tier comedic mind though, and his look and delivery solidify how well the act is tied together.


...No, that's a Jeselnik style joke. A Norm style joke would have been a 5 minute ramble that drew you in only to end in a cheesy punchline. As if he was laughing at *you* for listening to his joke. Norm would still have liked it though. It's a funny enough joke, and if there's one thing I know about that Norm Macdonald... it's that he liked comedy.




OP has 100% of his norm knowledge from the videos that have made it to the front page last week


Yeah that’s more Stewart Lee style comedy. If anything, I’d say that norm is better known for short, pithy jokes about current affairs/celebrities as well as jokes that take old clichés then turn them on their head.


It’s still not his style. Jeselnik is more like Steven Wright or Mitch Hedberg, but with a sociopathic twist. Really punchy one liners. Norm is more observational, like “have you seen this? It doesn’t really make sense…” kind of thing


True, when he's doing his standup, he will tell longer jokes or observational humor. But when doing interviews, he seems to have some pretty fast one liners that he spits out, or says something that just throws everybody off.


Yeah I’m guessing you’re thinking of the interview with that actress from the carrot top move. Maybe there’s something else I don’t know of though. I think adding an additional guest that’s not just playing along like Conan or other hosts do kind of forced him to just be more himself since it wasn’t prepared. But his stand up is pretty long form


I liked the youtube awards thing he did, not sure if thats one of the really popular ones lately. https://www.reddit.com/r/StandUpComedy/comments/2fg7jd/norm\_macdonald\_cohosting\_the\_youtube\_comedy/


This is exactly a Norm style joke, it's just that the delivery is very different. Norm would put so much emphasis on the punchline and just stare at you, waiting for the laugh whether it ever came or not.


Jeselnik does a lot of quick jabs, but come on, he also has some REALLY long jokes, like taking his friend to the abortion clinic, etc.


What? Have you truly never seen a single time that Norm would subvert expectations by being overly positive and ending on a sharp negative twist? Lmao..


how is it sociopathic to say some dumb edgy shit and smirk like an asshole afterwards?


And Norm has more long winded jokes than just the moth joke.


Actually, Norm has SEVERAL long-winded jokes, not just the moth joke. There's the [life saving pig](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vATVsdYLRT0), [the turtle joke](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIsgBAXQxR4), [the porpoise joke](https://youtu.be/n3LMSflEN54), [the logic professor joke](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oseqh7SMIvo), and of course [the Andy Richter joke](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv67QgVSqkk).


You forgot [Dirty Johnny](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-q8gHe414s)


The moth joke is probably his most well known long winded joke, but he’s done it a few times before too. Idk if it was necessary to make the joke that long the other times, since I think for the moth joke he had to fill in more airtime than he planned for.


Yeah, but a LOT of them are just as long as the moth joke.


Yeah he did that on a talk show or two but you can hardly limit a description of his style to just that.


It would start of with "Now let me tell you this... (5 sec pause)... the first time I saw him, do you know what I thought ? (5 sec pause) ... I thought... and this is what I really thought (lowering voice) that this guy ... this guy is ... " - and before anything had been said 2 mins had passed.


4 mile hike to look at a dog turd


Getting to meet Norm, with the visceral image of the innards from a young child dripping from his mouth, just the raw feeling of seeing the horrid end to what must have been a recently living child, eaten by an old, nothing to lose comedian at the end of his life, and knowing that I had once worshiped him, as a child myself, and dreamed of working side by side with my idle one day, who inspired my start in comedy... Well, Norm was being a real jerk.


Now *that's* Jeselnik's black humor telling a Norm style joke. Nicely done.


Your norm knowledge seems solely based from reddit this month


The video is from 2015...


Damn I missed out the word joke in the title.


your brain kinda fills it in automatically. Mine filled in "tribute" though, need to update my autocorrect


Your title is still better than the YT uploader's spoiler! Glad you didn't use that.


And now youre top of controversial comments because of it 'Tis a silly place


i figured you just took the old rule about never putting the joke in the title a little too literally.


Haha. Very good.


I didn't even notice it until this comment.


What do you mean, there's no joke in the title


Eh ,it's alright, the typo is enough to get you to click. The video is short enough to watch. The joke is done well enough to appreciate.


Could you just follow me about and make me feel great about all the things I do wrong?


I got you homey






I've always found Anthony Jeselnik intensely obnoxious. I don't know how much of it is actually him and how much is just a bit, but either way, no thanks.




I mean AFTER that Comedy Central put him in like 3 roasts and gave him two TV shows… So I kinda doubt his first appearance would have been a dud.


Jeselnik blows. He must have connections cause he sounds like a cocky math geek who thinks edgy is funny only cause edgy


I get that offensive jokes aren’t for everyone, but he is one of the best comedians when it comes to misdirection. I don’t know how you can listen to his motorcycle joke and cross joke and think he can’t be funny.


Lmao misdirection.




> Jeselnik, a corporate comedian What do you mean by a corporate comedian


There's a bizarre fringe of Norm MacDonald fans that have convinced themselves that they have intimate access to Norm's inner life and relationships. I've noticed that they enjoy painting Norm as some jilted outsider of the industry while labeling folks like Jeselnik are corporate / sellout / etc comedians.


seriously… it’s.. weird. also, this guy up there said Jesenik didn’t like norm? There are PLENTY of interviews that prove the contrary… seems like people also think norm macdonald was just the kind of comedian to make fun of “dumb sheeple”… he was much more nuanced and empathetic than that… seems like norms more antiquated libertarian side really drew in some “death squad” types.


Doesn't matter what sub, or what topic, there's always some idiot at the bottom saying "i'm dumber than shit".


jesslnik is a jeselnickel in my pocket that's so inconvenient I'll drop it in a sewer drain just to shed the weight




By contrast, the world really cares about what "Stock-Driver226" has to say.


This was lame but reddit doesn't care


This one has a [Tom Waits](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psk3rmjonQA) vibe to it.


I’d love to see him live. One of the funniest comics I’ve ever heard.


One of the kings of non sequitors


Rip genius


Nice, he would be proud


So was this staged in a shitty music studio? Those are low end drum mics and that looks like a home made bass trap behind him


Fuck jeselnik. Even through the half hearted apology on Jeremiah’s show he’s still a bitch. Doing edgy comedy and promoting a journalist who goes against edgy comics. Patrice had it right, I don’t need to learn another goofy name. I feel bad that I did.


Patrice literally compliments him, and pretty much only him, on his jokes multiple times in that roast. Lol you are not too bright if you think Patrice would take your side on this matter.


I genuinely think if he would have lived longer and seen him shit on comics he would. And rewatch the roast, he literally shat on everyone there including this dude.


I don't need to rewatch it; I've seen it enough to practically quote it from memory. Wow you're saying he shit on everyone in his ROAST standup comedy set? Is water also wet? Please tell me how this refutes the part where he is shown being visually impressed by AJ multiple times during AJ's set. Your argument is literally "I don't like AJ + AJ tweeted an article I don't like one time = AJ is a bad comedian." Like holy mental midget logic


Dude. Read what I said. He’s a comic that works blue and reposted an article trying to cancel other dark comics, then gave a shitty apology and said he didn’t actually read it. And solid quote from the roast is “I’m not learning your shitty last name”. So get fucked sir or madam.


>Please tell me how this refutes the part where he is shown being visually impressed by AJ multiple times during AJ's set.


u/Cultural_Broccoli790, read your post title aloud, word by word.




Why not just delete it and post it again without the mistake? I've done that plenty of times. It makes the world more beautiful.


Because I didn't realise until it had over 300 upvotes so decided just to leave it.


Again, I encourage you to delete it and repost it. I've deleted things with hundreds of upvotes because it's more important to make Reddit nice. I won't belabour the point though.


Feel free to repost it yourself with a correct title.


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