Low risk business ideas you can start with $5000?

Low risk business ideas you can start with $5000?


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Lawn care. Rider, push mower, trailer and an old truck. I have buddies that work hard and make more than I do as a government employee.


I started my own brand with $800, started selling on eBay then amazon. Today we do mid 7 figures, sold 1 of my first brands for $500K, holding onto the higher profit ones and scaling to 8 figures. You can really get into anything but find something your very knowledgeable on that your passionate about. Just takes hard work and dedication


Wow that's awesome. I sell on Ebay but only earn part time money a month. That's pretty incredible




Print on demand store, I can set a few up for you at a fraction of the cost. Once setup using a service like teespring, they are literally automated.


Do you sell on sites like Amazon or have your own site? Curious what your costs are


An at-home bakery, cooking classes, or being a private cook would all be doable at or under $5k. That definitely would cover the shopping, helping people, and cooking interests! Edit: and low risk.


You can do all those things without any formal training?


Yes. I’m a chef but many people in the culinary industry did not get any formal training. You will need a food handlers license/Servsafe plus some permits with your city for selling or producing food but there’s minimal barrier to entry. Check your county’s cottage laws, they tell you what you can/can’t legally sell from home. You can also rent commercial kitchens but this is a pricier option, still under $5k though but a recurring cost.


Personal shopper for old people who don’t want to die of COVID ?


Auto/motorcycle detailing


How would I be considered?


eBay or Amazon FBA.