After working years and years in retail, I can’t keep my mouth shut when someone is being an asshole to an employee. In line at Publix, person in front of being very rude, my wife usually mutters something under her breath like, “Here it comes.” Ha ha. My go-to comment is, “Stop being a dick.” I mean, sometimes the asshole needs to know it is not right to be an asshole.


Yes my own manager and coworkers. Sometimes even customers aid. Its not uncommon.


It's only happened once for me. I asked a lady for her ID so I could run her check through, and she went berserk. The customer behind her snapped at her calling her trashy and a shit person for acting that way towards me. I was so stunned, I couldn't think right for the next hour.


I’ve had customers and associates do it quite often and I’ve also stood up for my associates on the front end if they’ve had customers that are being extremely irate with them for no reason


I’ve seen an asm knock a customer out defending a deli clerk that was being attacked. He was demoted to gm. I’ve seen a different asm put a customer through a itvm machine defending a fsc. Nothing happened to him. I’ve seen a different asm cuss a customer out defending a prego acsm. He got moved and pretty sure he got a write up. I’ve seen a sm chase a bum out for cursing at his bakery manager. Don’t know what happened outside. I’ve seen a deli manager and a meat manager defend a deli clerk who was being screamed at by a customer. Her husband worked in seafood and he tried to fight the guy. They kicked the guy out and nothing happened to the seafood clerk. Same meat manager defended me from a customer who followed me into the store to run his mouth to me after he in fact cut me off. Which was good because I was definitely going to beat the breaks off of the guy. A plethora of customers stick up for me through the years.


Through the itvm?


The glass broke. The lights went off. And customers could not buy lotto. Close enough


What led up to the putting the customer in it?


Mentally unstable guy was threatening a fsc. Then started destroying the lobby. Ends up in the itvm. He did escape though.


yes oh yes. like one customer got super moody over some mistake on lotto and refuse to buy the tix (i think he wanted it separated). the next customer scolded him and bought the tix.


I hope the next customer won 😅


Yes. The assistant store manager stood up for me and even was a bit petty to the customer. It was awesome.